We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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@All: 'Tas playing a good round of monopoly... What's up?

"Didn't you see? Before he exploded from the bomb, the man's burn wounds disappeared without any treatment!" She said after firing one of his two rounds.

Steiner charged at one of the other soldiers bringing the sword above his head for a blow to the skull of the soldier

"Healing potions... he must've healed..." She mumbled, hands trembling. The lower half of her face, the only part visible beneath her visor, was ashen grey.

The man took the brunt of the explosion and shrapnel in his abdomen, keeping the others as safe as possible. He blinked a few times as his body began to heal rapidly.
At first, he merely grimaced, but then eventually let out a deafening roar of pain.

Of what Loki could see of the woman's face noticeably grew a bit pale. She shook her head slowly. "No those... things I want no part in them. They sound thunder, and the smell... I can't even describe." She said more softly. "What are those monsters!"

She winced as she heard the howl of pain from the 'healing factor man'.

The deafening cry of pain startled Cynane out of her growing shock, and she jumped, almost dropping her bowgun.
"By the wyvern spirits... he's alive! How..." Then as she regained her senses more she dropped to her knees and fumbled a small vial of pale orange liguid from a bandolier across her waist. Biting the cork from it she fed it to the man, and his pain was almost instantly dulled.

"It's unbelievable! How is he able to regenerate like that! It's almost unnatural!"

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Loki stopped rubbing his nose and looked at the woman with a dull face before smiling mischievously again upon noting her panic. How ignorant this woman is. "It is a war machine of some sort. A thing made of metal that fights battles for whoever it is controling it. Likely, the one doing so is elsewhere. It is no monster, as it is wholly man-made." he answered, sounding a bit more playful near the end. The ongoing battle seemed to bother him hardly, if at all.

Dal'Sheed managed to take down one soldier with gunfire.

Steiner crushed the head of another.

A soldier approached Cynane and placed his hands on her as they glowed with energy. "Relax, I can heal any small injuries you may have." He said as any small wounds she had closed.

Lyra's fire kept the Mech in place, as some of the new soldiers in blue approached it. One hit it with a wind funnel while larger of them moved in to grab it's legs.
The commander of the men brought up a slab of earth and seemed to throw it at the mech, crushing the pilot compartment.
"That should end it. Savranth! Where are you?"

The young man placed his sword on his back and knelt down to pick up the Commander's pistol. Seeing the holster on the belt he removed it, and placed the gun in it slinging it on over his back. "Right here! You took long enough, Volarian." He said approaching the man.

The man, now known as Volarian, frowned. "You took off like a Bat out of Hades. If you had stayed back and waited, there wouldn't have been a problem. I know your father-"

"Never mind that right now. We have these... people to worry about." The young man, Savranth said, indicating the group.

"Thanks for that." the man grunted.
He turned his head to face Dal'sheed.
"Well, it is. I couldn't believe it either. It's just one of those things, isn't it?" he chuckled.

@All: 'Tas playing a good round of monopoly... What's up?

Oh, yeah, we were fighting some guys, but I think they're all dead.

Lyra pulled herself up, keeping the rifle aimed at the mech as the soldiers grabbed it, moving closer. "watch yourselves, that thing could get back up easily. From my experiences, at least."

Cynane shook her head as the soldier laid his hands on her armour, his combat gloves protecting him from the razor sharp edges of her armour.
"Leave me, its fine. I'm not hurt. I'm... not hurt." She finished, then hung her head, ashamed. She had not fired a single shot on target in the whole battle, just stayed in cover. It was the first time she had ever lost her nerve in combat.

Stripe's alarmed honks slowly subsided, and as the gunfire was replaced by voices and the bustle of men tending to the wounded, he settled down and began to try and crop for grass as though nothing had happened.

"I suppose. But I'm not sure what to think..." He listened around. "Hey, the guns. They've stopped. We must've neutralized them." He got up. "Say... where did that Loki person go off to?"

Tao curiously peered out from her cover as the sounds of fighting seemed to stop.

Echo was too afraid to move yet.

Steiner stood his ground but sheathed his sword as nobody was shooting at him at the moment. He picked up one of the soldiers guns and looked at. It didn't seem to have any sort of technology he saw before

Vanessa slowly limps out of cover once the fighting subsides. She sighs a bit in relief before shoving her device in her pocket and looking around again.

"People made those things?" She said in disbelief, then started to realize that the battle had started to die down. She snuck another peak and let out a sigh of relief when she saw she was right.

'So that man's name is Savranth.' She thought to herself.

The man sighed as his limbs grew back. He quickly pushed himself to his feet, completely ignoring the fact that his clothes had been totally wrecked, and looked around.
"How's everyone doing?"

The healing complete the man stopped. "You're okay, now..."

Steiner would notice that the gun was simple yet advanced. Capable of Semi-automatic and Full-Auto fire.

Savranth eyed Vanessa. "We should take that woman in for questioning. She's probably a spy."
"Well, I suppose the General would want to see them. They certainly may know something of use to us."

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"That they did. It is hardly uncomon in the human world, I have seen. How do you not know this?" Loki asked, rising to his feet upon hearing the battle was won, although he kept his eyes on the woman for the time being, having little interest in who it was exactly that had prevailed. Ah, another instance of humanity slaughtering eachother over with. On to the next.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Cynane muttered, before getting to her feet and moving away from both the soldier and the wounded man, only half noticing that the man was basically naked with a few gore drenched rags still hanging from him. She skirted around them without another word and went to her cart, dumping the heavy green bowgun back inside the large wooden chest beneath the tarp. She yanked her helmet off, allowing her red hair to fall free down to the small of her back, then leaned with her back against the cart and her arms folded.
Can't believe I fucked up like that... hiding like a spirits-damned yellow coward.

Dal'Sheen removed his helmet now that the local conflict was over. He approached Savranth and Volarian in hopes that he would get some answers.

"Hello there. I would never have thought it that violence would break out soon after my arrival here. Who were those men that were after our heads?"

Unaware of the two soldiers talking about her, Ness sits down and starts messing with her PDA again. "It looks like... I forgot to upload healing items before I left. How idiotic of me." She sighed a bit in disapointment.

Lyra stood from afar, not sure who to join after that fight, her sense of time confused with her adrenaline ebbing. She began looking for a way to join the others.

Steiner didn't know how to work the thing or really what it did other than shoot little pieces of metal. He twirled it around for quite sometime before pointing it up and accidentally shooting a hole through his helmet. "Ah! Who would ever make such a horrible device" He said dropping the gun and stumbling backwards, tripping over the cover. He was trying to get up but his armour was quite heavy and it wouldn't let him get up "Could somebody help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Cynane glanced up as she heard the great clash of metal and saw the knight lying on his back. Sighing, she unfolded her arms and pushed off from the cart, walking over to him and offering a hand.

Saya then stepped threw a teleport which brought her to a place in the human world, she stopped and looked around the Mountain like settings before putting a hood over her skull hat. although the horns of the skull ripped threw the hood and poked out the top. "Must observe humans..." She muttered to herself as she lent against her staff, the demon girl walked over to a small bush and hid inside it, she poked her head slightly as she looked around interested.

"Uncommon?! Did you fall off a chair and hit your head as a babe! Those things don't exist in any realm of the imagination, let alone the 'human' world." She said as she air quoted human. "It's just called Earth, how you say it makes it sound like your not."

Savranth looked at Dal'Sheen. "And just who are you, anyway?"
"Perhaps we should gather them all up and move along to the base... We'd be wise to leave this spot should these men have been expecting anyone." Volarian suggested.
"Agreed." Savranth say moving to address the others. "Listen up, we're gonna get moving to a military base nearby. Follow us if you don't want to die in the wilderness." He then looks at Vanessa and adds. "You will certainly come with us."

One of the soldiers walked over to Steiner and took his hand,pulling him up fairly easily with one hand. "Up you go."

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Jessica continued to cower behind Cynane's cart. She was about to try peeking out again when the gunfire seemed to cease, but then she heard Steiner accidentally fire a gun and quickly ducked back down again. "Someone just tell me when it's over." She shouted as she remained in a crouch with her head held down.

I knew my anxiety would catch up to me. I forgot to introduce my own self in front of these strangers.
"Understood. I-I apologize. For future reference, I'm Dal'Sheen, a Maintainer." He moved on to help anyone else up.

Let's just hope I don't keel over sometime.

Lyra decided that was a good enough opening. She walked over to Jessica and sat on the cart. "It does look clear. Some idiot just shot himself, but the fight's over."

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