We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Bryce nodded to Sinclair, his eyes shining red to indicate Caesar saw her. "Indeed they do. Echo here can echolocate, and can stun with a scream improved by ADAM consumption, acting like an auditory flashbang. You all might want to pull on some earplugs. High templar Silas here-" "I am skilled in detection of those in the shadows, through years of training with those of the dark templar sect. Additionally I can henerate psionic storms for area damage and cause internal detonation of a beings energy stores, causing fatigue and a loss of ability to cast powers for a short period. You may all call me Silas, if you truly feel need." bryce scowled at Silas, before nodding to Rex. "We ready to bring the fight to the enemy?"

The rocks surrounding Ness's limbs shattered outwards, leaving Ness unharmed apart from her previous attack. "Now that that's taken care of, now what?"

Tophat took out its large caliber pistol, and fired a total of 14 shots around the rim of one of the windows on the backside of the prison, using the high-caliber rounds to expand the window to auch a degree so it could just about squeeze through, when outside, it eliminated any guard who might be watching by knocking them out mentally.

Rex cracked his knuckles in response. "You already know how I work. The more I get hit, the more damage I do. That and I can still pull off those giant gun blasts if all else fails."

Skye nodded a bit. "Skye Nishida-Logan. I have numerous damaging magic abilities and the ability to act as a medic."

Rico just gave everyone a grin, his teeth looking almost sharklike. "Rico Nirvana. I like to punch and beat things into a pulp. It helps that I'm a goddamn juggernaut too!"

Rex simply nodded toward Bryce, slipping on his headphones. "Let's rock, cowboy."

Ness sighed a bit as her mind began to clear a bit. "I should warm you, that man, Bryce Logan, is more than likely coming back here to try and fight you again. I'll help to dispose of the people from my end... I honestly don't care much about his associates." Please... actually listen to me for once, guys...

The Rookie came closer to the mountains, following Tophat's lead towards the ruins.

"Now, we go do what we should have done already. Were it not for all these interuptions." Loki answered Rita, and upon hearing Ness, added, "More interuptions... I assume you can lay down a welcoming gift in the way of a trap?" Having said that, Loki looked to Jessica. "Open the portal."

With the second floor now set ablaze, the golems moved to the ground floor.

Hearing the gunshots, the fifty MPs stationed outside the prison made their way towards where the gunshots came from.

Bryce opened a portal, and Echo charged through. He closed it, and said "Let him do his screeching first, catch him by surprise. I'll give him 2 seconds." time finished, he opened the portal again, and ran through.

When Echo entered the temple, he was unsure of where he was, only knowing that his little one needed him to yell. And so he did yell, as loud as he could. His throat, reshaped by ADAM, would quadruple the sound of a normal screech, causing someone unprepared to have their eardrums burst, the equivalency of a bomb detonating in their midst. He continued this for about a second, deafening any who would hear. Abruptly as he started, he finished, just as Bryce and anyone who followed him would appear, including High Templar Silas, who now floated off the ground and readied a feedback loop to be placed. "shoot anyone who isn't Ness or Jess. Try not to kill the sorceress, she might be brainwashed as well." he called out for anyone to hear, if they could.

Nybeth simply waved over his shoulder in acknowledgement of Loki, returning to his experiments as he once again awaited further orders.

Jessica leaned back in equal measure to Loki's lean forward. She nodded almost frantically to him and said, "I understand. It won't happen again." She looked over at Ness momentarily, seeming to want to say something before Loki spoke to her again. She nodded to him again and went over to the portal she had previously set up. Taking barely a few seconds to pull out a piece of chalk and finish the circle again, she then focused on the same image she had previously and activated the portal.
Jessica had an incredibly negative reaction to the loud scream, her sensitive hearing causing its effect to be amplified for her. She became incredibly dizzy and unable to stand, falling to her knees next to the portal she had just finished before being intruded upon. She held herself up with one hand and clutched her face with the other as blood began dribbling down from her ears.

OoC: @Nail: these are 50. Cal bullets. They'd pulverise any ordinary stone wall.

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With a smirk on its face, Tophat set out into the city at great speed, changing the mind of anyone in its way.

Unaffected by Echo's screaming due to her tolerance for loud noises, Ness sighed as she saw the big daddy bellowing. In the second that it had been screaming, she'd activated her eyes and sent 6 armor piercing bullets into any weakpoint she saw on the thing. She looked over at Jess suffering and gritted her teeth, summoning an RPG that stayed on her back.

"I told you... not to come, dammit."

Rex and his crew managed to come through, listening to what Bryce had said, in time to see Ness fire off the clip into Echo. As soon as she saw them, Ness ripped open a portal and Rex, Skye, and Rico all fell through before the portal closed.

The fedora girl's green eyes seemed to be filled with a hate never before seen.

Rita's eardrums burst, rendering her effectively deaf as she fell back. Looking up from her position she saw Bryce's group emerge from the portal... and through the pain she smiled, and opened her book. Idiots, thanks for making me a choke point. Check mate.

As the book opened the energy was released, it was the spell she had been preparing ever since Bryce had first attacked. The ground beneath Bryce's group glowed purple as a strange power held them all in stasis. Beams of power erupted in a circle around them, further trapping them and slicing through anything they hit. Then came the coup-de-gras, as multiple magical lasers cris-crossed the entire area she had covered from top to bottom, left to right, side to side. Every angle was hit, turning everything in that area into swiss cheese. All of this happened within 3 seconds.


Loki having above average hearing was affected by the screech in a especially painful fashion. The screech had all but deafened him by popping his ear drums. Falling to his knees, Loki dropped the scepter and clutched his ears. The loud rining noise that filled his head left him too desorientated to even think straight, let alone take action.

As the MPs neared, three of them were knocked out by the psionic wave Tophat emitted. The remaining 47 unleased a barrage of lightning bolts at it, each MP firing four bolts from their hands.

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Nybeth was rendered incapacitated by the screech as well. His zombies however had little need of hearing, and reacting on instinct fired at the three new individuals they identified as intruders, firing on them with their fully-automatic rifles loaded with armor-piercing ammunition. Nybeth had brought ten zombies with him physically for the trip, the rest being stored elsewhere.

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Echo, under the combined fire of all the attackers, collapsed, now no more then a bag of paste and adam. Silas improved his shielding, draining him of all but his last reserves of energy but leaving him unharmed. Bryce was diced by Mystic diver, his body destroyed by all intents and purpose. But within seconds, he stood again, though now an apparent abomination. All that was left of him was the rags of his duster, his skeleton, and the muscles holding him up. "By the Khala, I can not hold any longer Logan! I must retreat!" "Hit that weird ass antelope with a feedback and return home Silas. They will now feel the wrath of Caesar." the skeleton said, throat bulging and bouncing as it spoke. Silas gasped at the sight of Bryce, before regaining his emotional shroud and doing as asked. After this he went through the same portal Rex and his group went through.
Loki would take damage equal to the amount of energy stored inside him. After that, any attempts at spell casting would be nearly impossible, as he would feel as if he'd already used all his stores of energy to cast his number of spells.
Caesar stepped forward, and stuck his right hand through Echo's armor. In an second, the biological matter in Echo, including the Adam, would be transfered into Caesar, who quickly grew back a normal body. His hands would morph to form his own weapons, which he fired at Rita. They were hundreds of slivers of bone, each holding a drop of sedative.

A small wave of power came forth from Rita, striking down the first few bone splinters as a rock wall rose up from the ground to block the rest. Now in overlimit mode, Rita needed no casting time for her spells. A lightning blade formed above Bryce, crashing down before bursting into a wave of electrical energy that spread across most of the room. The magic would not affect Rita's allies. Stay alive, and I'll finish him. Nybeth I'm gonna need your zombies to shield me though. she thought.

"Don't get cocky!"

Ness quickly switched out to her white sniper and fired twelve shots, each traveling at the speed of light and exploding as she looked toward Caesar's weakpoints. If he had none, she's just shoot him all over his body. She was surprised as she saw Rita's magic not effect her, but thought nothing of it as she fired, her eyes becoming red.

Rex and the others landed with a thump on the floor of the lab, surprised to see Silas there as well.
"...Fuck. How do we get this thing home?"
"...How else, you dunce?!"

Skye motioned for Silas to follow her to the teleportation room while Rex and Rico stayed back.
"...You saw her eyes right?"
"The Bloody-eyed Butterfly... She's really fuckin' scary when she's like that, man."
"Looks like she's actually serious about it..."
"Yeah... We ain't going back, are we?"
"Unless you've got a deathwish."

The white noise left by Echo's screech died down, leaving utter silence. Loki shakily rose bacl to his feet, but stood bended over, resting his left hand on his knee. I... I am deaf...? Slowly turning towards Caesar, Loki glared at it. "You will pay..." he growled.
Rising up to his full height, an orange glow surrounded Loki, and when this faded, his outfit had changed from his regular attire, to his combat armour, consisting of a golden helmet with two long horns on the forehead that curved backwards, three golden rectangular pouldrons that were on top of each other, with a green mantle attached to the outer ones. Rerebraces, and vambraces. Loki's coat had been reinforced with straps of golden armour also. All the pieces of the armour had intricate decorations, with the rerebraces bearing in which the relievo of lion's head. Loki's sceptre too, was changed, the sceptre having been elongated into a full staff, with the blades increasing in size along with it.
After this happened, Loki felt himself fatigued in a peculiar manner, as if he had greatly overexerted his magical abilities. He didn't think too much on this, however. Pointing the staff at Caesar, Loki fired two bolts of explosive energy from it.

Jessica continued to be incapacitated, as the high-pitched screech had a greater effect on her hearing than a human's. She lost all semblance of balance and toppled over onto one of her sides. Hearing nothing but an incredibly loud ringing sound that left her face in a constant cringe, and not being able to see much from the angle at which she fell, all she could do was think, What the hell was that?...

Nybeth was faring somewhat alright, though for the moment he braced himself up against a wall to stand up straight. Still not being able to hear very well, he couldn't do much for casting spells at the moment. Instead, he focused his efforts on directing his zombies, ordering them to continue firing at Bryce, in an effort to at least get him to back off. He also ordered them to spread out around the courtyard instead of bunching up near him at they had been previously positioned.

Caesar grinned at the fire, revealing quite the chesire smile, before teleporting on top of Loki. He waited only an instant to grab Loki by his over sized helmet, and teleported Loki and Caesar himself out of the temple. they sat only for an instant for Caesar to get his bearings, and teleported again, into the atmosphere. They would feel the air around them heat as they began to fell, before Caesar teleported them again- into the vacuum of space. As they drifted, Caesar gave a wordless grin at Loki, before a thin tendril of meat extended from himself to Loki, trying to touch him. Loki would notice that, aside from the hand holding him and half of Caesar's face, his body was mostly torso. His other arm and both legs had been blasted clean off of him, and he would be leaking blood, though not too much as his body cauterized the wounds inflicted.

OoC @FPS: They teleported into space...? You're kidding, right?

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@FPS: Not to mention avoiding light-speed stuff.

OoC @Nail nope. Not joking in the slightest.
@Furi yeah, it is ridiculously overpowered, bullshiterific, and otherwise stupid and insulting. But, considering the guy who just got snatched has 4 pretty powerful, arguably also OP levels of powerful mind controlled so that they obey his will and no one elses, including two people who can also teleport just as far as Bryce did, and can do it in one jump instead of the various jumps Bryce had to do. you know, considering that, I don't feel like its that OP, in the scheme of things. Plus, this thread has been filled with OP characters, including a guy who can do just what Caesar did, at all times, and not kill himself in doing it by just teleporting back.
@Dot sorry, missed the 'faster then light' bit, let me edit in his reaction to that.

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Loki looked over the steaming pile that had once been Echo and blew a exasperated sigh. I hope this deafness can be healed... He took a moment to regain his bearings, then stepped over to Jessica. Seeing the blood coming from her ears, it told him all he needed to know, but wasn't nearly as bothered by it as by his own deafness. Reaching for his pendant, Loki telepathically spoke to Jessica. Deafness not withstanding, are you well?

OoC: @FPS, Bryce is also able to regenerate completely and absorb earth, water, fire, shapeshift, and more on top of it all

@Nail fair enough.
Bryce was killed by the barrage of shots fired at him from angles, turned into a smear on the floor by the combined might of all the shooting.

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Ness looked at the Bryce puddle and sighed a bit, her eyes returning to normal as she reloaded her sniper. Well... there goes half my ammo... Seeing Jess in the state she was, she calmly walked over and began to heal her friend, white light washing over her.

Rita fell back with a sigh, holding her ears.

Jessica clumsily reached her hand up to her chest, and after a few clumsy swipes, managed to get her hand resting on her necklace pendant. "My head hurts like absolute hell and I'm pretty sure if I try anything more complicated than just sitting on the ground I'll just immediately fall over..." She telepathically replied to Loki. She sighed in relief as Ness' healing efforts managed to grant her some degree of relief from the pain she was feeling.

Nybeth ordered his zombies to start patrolling around the courtyard, then sat himself down on the ground and groaned, rubbing his ears for a while.

Ness would continue to heal Jess until she could stand comfortably. Afterward, she'd offer to act as a sniper for the upcoming plan.

OoC: Night.

As I suspected. Loki thought upon hearing Jessica's telepathic reply. Seeing the portal was still active, Loki crouched down desides it and erased a small portion of it, thus breaking the portal. With that done, he slumped over against a wall and reached for his pendant again, this time to address Jessica and Rita both. The plans are postponed. None of us are paticularly in good shape. He repeated this out loud, speaking with a slightly odd tone, now that he was no longer able to hear his own voice. Closing his eyes, Loki adjusted to the feeling of utter silence, glad that the telepathic pendants at least made comunication still posible.

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Rita just kind of nodded before slumping back again.

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