We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica mumbled a vague affirmative to what Loki said reflexively before nodding off to sleep curled up next to Ness, far too exhausted and just generally feeling awful to go through the channels required to get everyone more comfortable sleeping arrangements than the ground.

OOC: I'm gonna go to sleepy-town too. G'night!

Rita fell asleep.

OoC: Okay... @Nail: I've got a few questions about this post:


As the MPs neared, three of them were knocked out by the psionic wave Tophat emitted. The remaining 47 unleased a barrage of lightning bolts at it, each MP firing four bolts from their hands.

1: I got the impression that this was a fairly large prison, how did the guards supposedly surrounding it get to one side of it all at the same time?
2: This is in a city, correct? Can all of them even find room to fire at the same time?
3: Am I right in thinking they're basically shooting at each other, since they logically would be on both sides of Tophat?

Rita woke up to find that, much to her displeasure, she was still deaf. Ugh, where's a healer when you need one...

Ness was up and about, hackysacking with a small light ball to pass the time. Rita might notice a trail of bullet shells, suggesting she'd been practicing. Well, I never thought that things would be so clear after that... This feels weird... but good.

Jessica was sitting off by herself in one corner of the temple courtyard. She was snapping the fingers of her left hand in front of her face in a slow rhythm and wearing a dour expression on her face. I probably deserve this...

OoC: @Dot, would Ness know she's been mind controlled? I think rather than feeling like she's been mind controlled shes supposed to feel like a great revelation or something has been revealed to her.

Rita picked up a bullet shell and inspected it out of mild curiosity.

@Furi: K. Edited. And I wouldn't know(didn't watch Avengers). She had knowledge of it before it happened, so maybe.

The shell would be blue with a small battery-like object within it. The shell also had Vanessa's last name imprinted in script and text denoting it was a Grade S shock-type pistol bullet.

Ness began to walk over toward Jess and waved a bit toward her as she crouched down next to her.
I've got nothing for helping to cure deafness... Maybe if I got some more tech to work with...

Rita tried to inspect the battery-like object.

Having the energy he needed to cast spells drained, and having been fatigued in general by the previous day's events, Loki had slept up to this point. Only now, he began to awaken, still feeling rather worse for wear. Opening his eyes, Loki brought a hand infront of it to shield it from the light with a groan. Whatever sorcery they worked, it has been annoyingly effective... Rising to his feet, Loki took a moment to look around to see where his subjects were, given that he now couldn't hear any of then.

The battery has a small blinking light on it, showing that it had mostly run out of power. Being a mage, Rita might be able to recognize some stronger electric-type magic on the object, despite being discharged.

Jessica looked up as she noticed Ness walking over. She waved back and smiled to her for a single moment before her expression became sad again and she went back to what she was doing before, not seeing much point in trying to talk.

Nybeth was back to working on his experiments, hardly even seeming to have been slowed down any by the previous day's events.

Ness noticed her sad look and knew what it was for. In an effort to gesture, Ness took her fedora off and tapped her forehead, trying to signal to her about the mental link.

Rita pocketed the shell, deciding to ask Ness about it later since she couldn't currently hear a response. Ok, first we should find a healer... communicated Rita to everyone who had a communicator.

After taking note of where his subjects were in the temple, Loki reached for his pendant and telepathically spoke to Jessica. I assume all of us have been deafened by that band of abominations. This is minor a problem, for between us, we only have but three pendants. If you would lend your pendant to your acquintance, I have a task for her. 'Hearing' Rita's message, Loki switched mental channels, and telepathically answered, Should we return to Shaintaio now, it would arise great suspision, as we had been seen leaving. We will have to make due with telepathic comunication until today's deed is done. After which, we can see our hearing tended to without question.

@Furioso: Nybeth doesn't have a communicator necklace either.

Jessica noticed Ness' gesture in the corner of her vision, so she turned to look at her. She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow, giving Ness a confused look as she didn't quite understand what she meant. Hearing Loki speak to her mind, she reached down the collar of her shirt and pulled out her necklace. She gave Loki a quick "Yes sir." before taking it off and holding it out to Ness in an offer for her to take it.

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Ness sighed a bit to herself as she took the pendant in her hands, rubbing it a little curiously.

Seeing Jessica hand over her pendant to Ness, Loki attempted to contacted her, the first few tries resulting in him 'hearing' white noise. On the third try, he successfully managed to telepathically speak to her. As you have undoubtebly noticed, most if not all of us have been deafened, leaving telepathy the only feasibly means of comunication. The problem that this presents is that between us, we have only three pendants. So, the task I have for you is this--Make your way for Shaintaio and purchase two more pendants. One for yourself, the other for Nybeth. If you have need of gold to pay for this, ask Rita.

Rita was pretty unhappy with Loki's response, but couldn't raise protest. Alright. was all she replied.

Ness shook her head a bit in response to Loki. "There's no need for that, I'll be able to pay for the pendants on my own. And unlike you all, I can still hear well enough to be able to barter. Excuse me, I'll be back as soon as possible."

With that, she handed the pendant back to Jess before teleporting herself to the outside city walls of Shaintaio, remembering it from her tailing Loki. She proceeded to enter the city, hands in pockets.

As common as telepathic jewelery was in Xiphatia, Ness would find that a great many stores sold them, the items in question ranging from rings, wristbands, earrings, chokers, pendants, amulets and necklaces. Of all these, the rings were generally the least expensive, but also had the least range, while the pendants were generally most expensive, and had full range.

While he waited for Ness to return, Loki telepathically said to Jessica, Are you feeling well enough to continue with the plans?

Still having a descent amount of gold, Ness decided on buying a choker for herself and a necklace for Nybeth. After gaining the trinkets, she snapped on her own choker and teleported back into the temple. As she did, she walked up to Nybeth, the only person who she didn't remember from before, and handed him the necklace out to him.

Rita waited around.

Jessica put her necklace back on after Ness gave it back to her. "I still can't hear anything, but other than that I feel fine. Luckily my powers aren't dependant on my ability to hear, so I should be good to move forward." She telepathically replied to Loki, standing up from her sitting position.

Nybeth was still off working on experiments when Ness came over. She'd be able to see that at the moment he seemed to be performing some manner of experiment on what looked to be a human brain floating in a jar of chemical preservatives. When he noticed Ness handing him a necklace, he took it without a word, holding it up in front of his face to examine it as he pulled his attention away from what he was doing before.

Ness had a look of disgust on her face as she saw the human brain, but her instinct to fill both Nybeth and all his zombies full of holes was stopped due to knowing he was part of the team. She simply turned away and clicked on her choker, pressing it a bit. ...Well, can anyone hear me...? Ness thought like she did with Jess, hoping someone else picked up on her.

Excellent. Then we can at long last advance. Re-open the portal. Loki telepathically said to Jessica, walking over to the incomplete chalk circle. Once there, he telepathically said to Rita, In the time that we are gone, incinerate those two corpses, would you. It is best no trace of them remains, rather then someone finding them at a later date, even as this is unlikely. Hearing Ness' telepathic message, Loki took a moment to attempt to reply to her specifically, again taking several tries. That I can.

Ok responded Rita as she launched fireballs at the corpses.

Jessica looked over at where Loki was standing and nodded to him. She walked over to her nearly finished chalk circle and filled in the bit that Loki had cleaned off last night. After taking a few moments to foucs, she reopened the portal once again, setting it to the same destination as she had twice prior.

Nybeth wasn't paying much attention to Ness any longer, so he didn't notice her look of disgust. Hearing Ness' voice in his head, he was initially surprised, but quickly caught on to what was happening. "I am capable of hearing you now." He telepathically replied to Ness, though he wasn't sure how to focus his thoughts quite yet, so it was transmitted to everyone within a short distance.

Ness tried a few times before managing to reply back to both Loki and Nybeth. "Great. So could someone fill me in on what needs to be done once we enter that portal? Unless you just want me to stay here, of course."

Once Jessica had reactivated the portal, Loki shrouded himself and her, this taking him slightly more effert then usual, then stepped through. Once Jessica did the same, he began following Estella's instruction on how to reach the gallery. As he did, he reached for his pendant and telepathically answered Ness. For now, you are to stay put while I take Jessica to a place where she can find an image of where we need be next. Upon our return, however, we shall begin a assault to topple this nation, so that I can claim it as my own. Judging by your preformance yesterday, I think it would be best if you acted as long range support. Would I be correct in this assumption?

Fast forward. Loki and Jessica arived at the galery, where upon Loki walked towards the back and searched for the painting Estella mentioned, looking at the name plates undearneath the painting. Finding it, he telepathically mentioned this to Jessica.

The bodies sufficiently burned, Rita waited around, still mad that she couldn't hear anything.

"Yes. I can be most effective from around a mile away or closer, if the situation demands it. If you're planning to take this nation... then you're killing off the other nobles, correct?"

She gave a curious look toward Rita being angry as she telegraphed.

Jessica followed Loki through the portal, and kept close behind him as they went around the palace. She split up from him once they reached the gallery to look for the painting more quickly. Hearing that Loki had found it, she made her way to where he was. Seeing the painting that he found, she started closely examining it, trying to commit every detail she noticed to heart. Let's hope they don't like moving the furniture around...

Nybeth went back to his work as he waited for further instructions. At the moment, he seemed to simply be poking at the brain-in-the-jar, as if trying to elicit some sort of response.

Nobles? No. They are of little concern to me, and should any prove to become a nuisance at a later date, then can be disposed of then. No, I mean to end the lives of those with royal blood, save for the queen. I need her to rule this land in my stead, at least in the early days. Loki telepathically explained to Ness. As for what your position in the upcoming battle will be, you are to stay in the rear and aid the thralls in disposing of the palace guards while Rita and myself will engage the royals. Having said that, he looked towards Jessica, and telepathically asked, Are you finished?

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