We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Once Nybeth arived at Loki's location, he lead him towards the airship on which the bombs were loaded and got on. The person assigned to detonate the bombs was already aboard. once Nybeth got on also, it took of and began flying towards Rockbyrd.

As she continued to work with her guns, Ness looked over toward Jess and sighed a bit as she noticed her looking unrested. "Good morning, Jess. Sorry I woke you up."

Rita continued to practice, she was focused on it.

Nybeth resumed his human form after landing next to Loki. Having been physically active during his entire journey, he seemed worn out, having to take deep breaths and occasionally wiping sweat from his brow. Feeling tired and not wishing to follow along with the airship by flying hiself, he climbed into it shortly behind Loki.

"Naw...you didn't wake me up." Jessica replied to Ness. She yawned and stretched as she climbed out of bed. "Good morning to you too." She nodded to the Rookie as she noticed him sitting nearby, then went over and sat down next to Ness.

The Rookie looked up and nodded to Jess 'n Ness, holding the shotgun by the barrel, facing up.
(To Jessica, Ness & the Rookie: Big day today. I hope you are ready to face whatever may come.)

Ness looked over toward Jess and gave her a little smile before clicking in the last SD card into her sniper and clicking back the lever, to preload a shot. Afterward, she digitized it and nodded toward Tophat's message. "We're as ready as we'll ever be, I suppose. It's a matter of waiting for him to make his move now."

She began to subconsciously move her left leg up and down as she sat.

Having been looking out of the window of the airship as it flew, Loki spotted the display of magic when it passed over the mountain. Recognising it as Rita's training spot, he started to wonder if it was indeed her, and if so, why she wasn't with Jessica and Ness. He tried to contact her, but obviously, since she had left her pendant, this was to no avail. Once the airship landed, Loki and the Xiphatian that had accompanied him and Nybeth got out. Loki ordered the pilot to keep the airship on the ground, then looked towards Nybeth. "Rest for a while if you need it, then fill the bombs. I wish to investigate something. I will return shortly." Having said that, Loki headed west over the mountain trails, towards Rita's training spot.

After the loading bay was opened, the Xiphatian soldier went to place a charger on each of the bombs.

Loki would find Rita slowly blowing apart a chunk of the mountain with a variety of spells.

"Yep. Really only one thing I can do to get any more ready." Jessica replied to Tophat. She stood up and walked over to the bed in the room. Leaning over it, she rolled up her shirt sleeve, then pulled on the release latch on her shoulder, holding her breath to keep herself from yelping. Her right arm detached itself and fell onto the bed with a thud. After releasing her breath and taking a few more moments to breath, she took her tool-set out of her messenger back and started prying open hatches on her arm.

Nybeth nodded to Loki and took a breather while the Xiphatian soldier attached a charger to each of the bombs. Once the soldier was done, Nybeth cast his Poison Cloud spell on each of the chargers. While they did their works, Nybeth went back to sitting down and resting his body.

Seeing the person he saw from above was indeed Rita, Loki approached further. Best be cautious. This may well be an ambush waiting to happen. He shrouded himself while creating a projection. The projection approached the crater, while Loki himself stayed further back. "You are alone out here?" he asked, speaking through the projection.

(To Jessica, Ness & the Rookie: I will attempt to locate Loki, it may take a while. When you are able Jessica, could you create a mental link? It could prove quite useful.)
Tophat began pushing its senses out, slowly expanding the radius in which it could sense souls. This was far more difficult that simply focusing on a single soul, but Tophat did not know Loki's soul well enough to do that.

Seeing as she had nothing else to do, Ness watched idly as Jess did maintenance on her arm. She looked a bit concerned as she noticed Jess hold her breath as she released it. "You okay, Jess?"

Rita gasped and turned. "Loki... I knew you'd come back here, and I'm alone. I know that really isn't you either..."

"I suppose I could try and make a mental link with more than one person...it'd be kinda hard for me to keep it going though." Jessica replied to Tophat through her thoughts. She looked up from her work as she heard Ness speak to her. "Yeah, I'm fine now. It just kinda stings when I take my arm off."

(To Jessica: Never... mind... I'll..... do.. it.)
Tophat's voice was strained, as it expanded its vision to the borders of Fourside.

"What ever would make you think that?" Loki asked, the projection spreading the arms to the side slightly in a theatrical fashion. Soon after this, however, Loki's expression grew more serious, that of the projection along with it. "Whether what you see is or is not truly me is irrelevant. What is not, however, is how you escaped from your abductors."

Given that he had just shrouded himself, Tophat wouldn't sense Loki's soul.

Once the chargers had dispersed the magical energies to all the crystals, the soldier removed the charger and unloaded the three bombs. They were tied to a frame that hovered above the ground using wind magic, making moving them fairly easy.

Rita nodded and looked at the ground. "I... I don't know what they did... but it's been nothing but misery since they took me... I-I can't keep going like this, please let me join you again!"

Ness nodded a bit in response before going back to observing Jess' work.

Unexpected, but most favourable. Loki thought, grinning. Lifting his shroud and dispelling the projection. "I can understand why you ask this; You have been subjected to the truth of things, and were better off for it. Thrown back into an addled state by rebellious minds, it is like poison for you." he remarked, then paused. "Come then. Rejoin the cause, so that all soon might see the true way of things."

Rita nodded and slowly made her way over to Loki. "When I left they were all in Fourside by the way... not sure where they are now."

"Well, that is most fortunate, as this is the place we will be attacking now." Loki remarked. Not going to risk Rita turning on him, he touched her chest with the scepter, doing to her what he did before. When done, he began walking back towards the airship, motioning for Rita to follow.
Ariving at the airship, Loki was in time to see the soldier place the runes on the bombs. He shrouded one of them, making it so that those he considddered allies could still see it, then turned to Nybeth. "The time is now. Summon two of the thralls, and have them move the bomb on the left into the area I designated."
Once Nybeth would summon the zombies, Loki would shroud them too, and after they moved the bomb to the designated area, would lift the shroud of it and place it on another one, repeating the process until all three of the bombs were in place.

Tophat finally spotted Loki & co, and grunted as it stopped searching.
(To Jess, Ness & the Rookie: He is towards the mountains, and things have gone from bad to worse. Rita is once more under his control. This time, we will not take prisoners. Do not doubt, and kill those who are a threat.) - As it said this, Tophat created a mind-link between Itself, Jessica, Ness and the Rookie, who's thoughts were only emotions and wishes, no real words.

Rita gave a sigh of relief as all of her troubles washed away with Loki's enlightenment. She then followed Loki.

Nybeth nodded to Loki and chanted, "Denizens of the abyss! From ink of blackest night, I summon you! Darkness to me!" He summoned two Legaian zombies and ordered them to move the bombs into the city, then had them move the other bombs as well. The zombies weren't terribly discrete, simply taking the fastest way from point A to point B, and would likely bump into people on the way there. Taking hold of his pendant, Nybeth discretely asked Loki, "Do we require that one to be alive?" He gestured to the Xiphatian soldier by moving his eyes between him and Loki.

Jessica sighed as she heard Tophat's message. "She knows all about what Loki does, there's no way she'd get blindsided by him. We gave her a chance and she utterly blew it. I'm giving her no mercy if I see her again." She said, no small amount of spite in her voice. She closed up the hatches on her arm and worked to reattach it to herself.

Hearing Nybeth's telepathic question, Loki stepped outside the soldier's range of vision and reached for his pendant to answer. We need him to detonate the bombs. After this, no. We will not have any further use for him.
Given how clumsy the zombies did their work, the bombs they set in place were quickly discovered, where upon a city-wide alarm went off. Loki frowned at hearing this, knowing it meant things weren't going exactly according to plan. "Do it." he said to the soldier, who then retrieved a runed black board from his rucksack and moved his hand over it, making the various runes glow. A minute after, just when Legaian forces began moving the bombs, they went off. The three clouds of toxic gas were quickly becoming visible from the mountainside.

Rita had nothing to add.

"We're not going to have a choice in showing mercy. ...It's kill or be killed." Ness said coldly as she stood up with the sound of the alarm blaring. Even though her contacts weren't in, her irises had the same blood red color as if they were on. "Everyone, get ready. It's time to end this.."

Ness, if she still wore her commbead, would hear a whisper. "Hey Ness, you there? We just need to check in with you. See if we can get some help on a job."

Ness pressed the commbead in, hearably annoyed. "If it's more important than stopping an interdimensional tyrant in the making, I'm listening."

Jessica reattached her arm after closing up all the hatches, flinching a bit as she did so. She flexed all her joints to make sure everything was working properly. She turned on her voice modifier and said, "We should try and get the drop on them. We have the advantage that we know where they are and that they can't say the same." Hearing that Ness was seemingly talking to herself, she asked, "Something up?"

there was a pause. "Well that's a no then. Want us to help out with that tyrant? Me and Xy have been really itching for a straight up fight."

Ness blinked a bit before shaking her head, her eyes back to normal and her voice becoming more soothing as usual. "Sure... We're in Fourside right now and it looks like some sort of bomb went off. Try getting here as soon as you can."

Turning to Jess, she shook her head. "It's nothing..."

Jessica gave Ness a shrug. "Alright. We should really get moving now. I don't like the sounds of those alarms." She quickly grabbed a piece of chalk and started to draw a circle on one of the walls of the hotel room.

Ness nodded along with Jess as she waited. "Right... but we should try to stay close to the city. If he's using bombs to kill everyone... he'll probably try to sweep through to finish the job."

"Copy. Be there... Soon. We'll keep an ear open for possible radical declarations, in case some fourth party decided to start a merry little war here." Marcus and Xyleena began marching to Fourside, takind side roads and avoiding roads altogether when they could.

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