We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica shrieked as spikes of Earth pierced through her body from behind. She yanked Rita closer to her so that the girl would stab herself if she tried that again. Feeling her grip on Rita's hair with her organic hand start to weaken as a pool of her blood spread across the ground, Jessica let go of the girl's arm for just a second and wrapped her mechanical arm around her neck. She applied more and more pressure to Rita's neck, attempting to choke her.
Jessica had been yanked to the ground, so there was no angle Loki could use to get behind her to stab at her from.

With Loki not being able to fully cloak himself, Ness' anti-cloak allowed her to see Loki warp behind Jess. In a flash, her eyes glinted red before she fired off another normal shot, aimed once again at Loki's eyes. Afterward, she took another shot toward Rita's whip hand, having found an angle to hit her and keep Jess out of the bullet's path, surely not wanting to risk the headshot with Jess choking the girl.

She calmly reloaded her sniper, making a small 'ka-chink' noise as she loaded in the clip.

Rookie's first bullet was deflected by the mythril lining, but the second one got through a space in it, hitting Rita in the arm. She shrieked as the bullet hit her, but was quickly cut off when Jessica grabbed her neck. In response the ground around the both of them rose up to enclose them, shielding them from outside forces, namely, Ness's sniper shot. Rock spikes also attempted to pierce Jessica's neck and head area while Rita struggled to fight against her metal arm.

Tophat turned all its focus on a single task: Causing pain to Loki. The pain was both hot and constant as a infected wound, and sharp like a stab to the chest. However, Tophat could not shield itself from this, and thus barely endured this horrible pain.
The Rookie noticed that Loki had disappeared, and put on his VISR mode, which outlined all invisible things with orange. He shifted his aim, and emptied a clip into his chest.

Movin' down

The pain Tophat caused Loki made him drop to his knees and groan in pain with a loud groan. Fortunately for Loki, this also had the effect of Ness' shot missing. Rookie's shots, already slowed down by the sturdy Asgardian fabric of his garments, failed to do any damage as they came into contact with his flesh. Seeing Rita and Jessica enveloped in the earth dome, and being nearly by the pain Tophat was causing him, Loki warped behind the airship forcover.

In his mind scape, Loki turned to the fading Tophat, looking enraged. "You...! Begone!" Loki focusing on ejecting Tophat, with the addition of the Tessatact pulling at it, and given that it had made no efforts to escape, meant that it was pulled from Loki's mind, into the pocket mindscape the Tessaract had created, this appearing as a blue void that stretched out into the infinite.


Tophat pulled itself away from the mindscape, leaving its emotional center as a decoy to ease this escape. When it had pulled out, it weakly marked Loki for The Rookie and Ness, then noticed Jessica was dead.
(To Loki: Ternination in progress)
Tophat launched another attack on Loki, ripping down in a systematical, cold manner.
OoC: @Furi: Did that break the stone shell?

OoC: @Kirke, lets say that it pushed it out, making it more of a large fishbowl shape with an open top

Ness stared blankly as the dome split apart, seeing Jessica dead through her scope. A whirling mix of panic, rage and regret welled up inside the girl, and soon enough, the girl's eyes turned blood red.

As had happened with Echo in the temple, she took aim at Rita with her sniper and unloaded six accurate shots all over the girl including one to the head, firing at a rate that was absurd.

The Rookie headed to intercept Loki, snatching his shotgun on the way.

OoC: @Dot, the dome isn't split, it's open at the very top. Think a fish bowl, but lets wait for if @Drak wants to retcon

Loki grunted and clutched his head as a piece of Tophat lingered within his mind. Knowing there was a sniper out there, and uncomfortable with the fact that he wasn't fully shrouded, he opted to let the Tessaract deal with the fragment also and warped inside the airship's loading bay.

There still being an invader in Loki's mind, the Tessaract began doing the same it had before. Creating another pocket mindscape, a blue sphere began surrounding the fragment of Tophat that lingered. In its early stages, the sphere was still semi transparant.

@Furi: K. Ignore that post for now. We got retcons.

Figuring Rita would try to use her earth spikes again, Jessica made herself disappear in a flash of silver-colored light, letting Rita fall to the ground. A few moments later, silver light would surround Rita as she laid on the ground, then Jessica would reappear, laying on top of Rita in the exact same position as she was before. Jessica threw her mechanical arm back, intending to smash into Rita's side with a powerful blow from her elbow as she laid on top of her.

OoC: Sorry guys, I have to sleep now. Feel free to control, knock out or possibly kill my characters.

As Jessica was about to strike Rita a powerful shockwave would toss Jessica up and into the top of the dome (lets say the dome is a bit bigger than an average sized room.) where Rita would attempt to pelt her with a fireball while she was in the air.

With the marking Tophat gave her and seeing that she couldn't do anything about breaking Rita's dome without potentially hurting Jess, she muttered a small prayer under her breath for Jess before heading toward the airship's loading bay, following the blip and keeping herself as concealed and behind cover as possible.

Please... let her be okay after all this...

After recieving another pain flare by Tophat, Loki focused on ejecting it form his mind afterall. This together witht the Tessaract pulling at it mean that this fragment too was moved to the pocket mindscape, and contained therein. Sighing a breath of relief as the pain faded, Loki stood up and shrouded himself. Now to crush this rebellion. Thinking none knew where he was due to no one having seen him enter the loading bay, Loki walked out.

Jessica projected a shimmering field of magenta colored energy around herself as she was tossed upwards, slowing her down so her impact against the roof of the dome wasn't painful. Glancing back and noticing Rita's fireball, she engulfed herself in silver light and disappeared, letting it strike against the roof of the dome. Whatever the results were of the fireball crashing into the dome's roof, Jessica reappeared several seconds later in mid-air in the same position. She plummeted down towards Rita, aiming to hit her with an elbow drop in the sternum with her heavy mechanical arm.

Seeing the blip disappear and assuming Loki was back to his full cloak again, Ness formulated a quick plan, leaving a small light ball to make Loki think she was behind there. If he stepped too close, the ball would explode into a blinding flash like in the hotel. She calmly waited at a vantage point she had found by the exit of the airship, aiming down the sights.

The top of the dome would be blackened by the fire. As Jessica plummeted towards her, Rita took a step back as the ground in Jessica's trajectory opened up and filled with lava.

As he walked out of the loading bay, Loki changed his regular attire into his combat armour, extending the staff into a staff along with it. Seeing the ball of light appear, Loki took aim with the staff, then lowered it again, knowing the explosive plasma bolt would give away his position. Instead, Loki pulled one of his daggers from his unseen inventory and threw this at the ball.

Jessica teleported in mid-air to readjust her trajectory as Rita moved and placed a hazard in her current path. Landing behind Rita and burying her arm in the ground, she shivered as a wave of pain radiated through her as teleporting did nothing to cancel her momentum. Still on the ground, she kicked Rita in the back as hard as she could.

Jessica's kick caused Rita to fall forward and into the lava which splashed up, threatening to engulf Jessica.

The dagger connected with the ball, causing it to disperse into a smaller flash. Seeing the dagger thrown out(unless it was shrouded too), she'd aim at where she had first seen it appear. If not, she would switch out to an RPG and fire toward the area the ball was in previously. After attacking, she'd teleport to another location, keeping behind cover and looking toward where she was previously.

Loki squinted his eyes and held a hand infront of them when the ball of light created a flash. Ugh... I knew it...
As the dagger wasn't shrouded, Ness' aim would bring her to the entrance of the loading bay, where she would see nothing. While Loki couldn't see very well, being half blinded by the flash, he knew staying put after it had gone off was a bad idea. Not being able to warp due to the said lack of sight, he sprinted out instead. Given that the area was a medow, there was nothing that he risked bumping in to, and thus utilised his full significant speed.

With Loki moving at superhuman speeds, Ness noticed the rush of wind even from the distance she was at as he sped off into the meadow. Sighing to herself and running small calculations in her head, she switched out to her RPG and fired in the general direction of Loki's running before teleporting back to her previous vantage point, back to her sniper and reloading it.

Jessica reflexively raised her mechanical arm in front of her as the lava came at, causing some to get on her arm before she teleported away near one of the walls of the dome. She cursed to herself as she detached her arm from her body as the lava slowly ate through the metal, the intense heat of the lava burning her before she could back away from her arm. She sat herself against the wall of the dome, sweating under the heat, but remaining inside as it was her only place of refuge as she worked on bandaging up her wounds with one arm.

Rita was not dead. Her magic had simply moved around her, and she was in a safe bubble inside the lava. Swimming her way out, she positioned herself inside the dome and began to charge her magic. Outside the dome, it would look like storm clouds were gathering quickly around the area.

Moving at too great a speed to effectively change directions when he heard the RPG missile coming his way, Loki was caught and thrown about by the explosion when it struck the ground some distance infront of him. Being as resillient as he was, and not taking the full brunt of the explosion, Loki sustained only minor injuries. With a pained groan, Loki stood up and used the dustcloud the explosion caused to his advantage, looking around for a moment. Seeing the Rookie, Loki fired a single bolt from the staff, this impacting with the Rookie's chestplate. While the armour protected Rookie from serious harm, the blast did knock the wind out of him.
Once the bolt struck, Loki warped several pases away from where he stood and looked around. Where are you?


Seeing the bolt fly at the Rookie, Ness cautiously aimed toward the spot she had seen it come from before firing a shot from her fingers at the spot and teleporting as usual, switching to another piece of cover a little closer to Loki's general position. ...This is getting way too close.

Noticing the storm clouds, the fedora girl got a little more nervous. ...Not good... I need to find him quick.

OoC: @Drak, oh I misread your earlier post, I thought Jessica was outside of the dome, may I retcon?

@Furioso: Sure thing, go ahead.

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