We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: K, I'll keep the stormcloud though

The lava from the pool would rise up and fly towards Jessica's position as Rita climbed out, focusing a bit of energy as she climbed out causing storm clouds to appear overhead, outside of the dome.

Once Jessica had finished bandaging up her wounds, she noticed a wave of lava flying towards her. She teleported out of the dome and into the cover she had first taken before the battle had started. Dammit!...What the hell does it take to kill that evil little bitch?... She thought to herself as she sat down, too worn out to do much else for the moment.

Hearing the shot and it impacting where he stood, Loki looked towards the bullet hole, but couldn't determine the trajectory of the shot without inspecting the bullet hole closer up, which he wasn't about to do. A annoying hiding game this is. Knowing he would have little chance of spotting Ness from the ground level he stood at, Loki went to seek higher ground. He slowly walked towards the airship, having learned from his previous mistake, and when close enough, warped ontop of it. From here, he began looking around. He noted the storm clouds, but paid them no mind, knowing well enough what caused them.

Rita sighed as Jessica teleported out. I will NOT let a ghost get the last laugh! she thought as she charged more power. Loki, if you can, tell me where any of them are. I can find them through my magic in the air, but it will take time to blindly look. The clouds grew thicker overhead.

Seeing Jessica suddenly teleport back into cover from where she was, Ness felt a small bit relieved that her friend was alive. With that small boost of courage, she took a deep breath. ...It's all or nothing now... But at least.. if I die, I can slow them down a little more.

She swung out of cover and fired an RPG toward the middle of the airship. Afterward, she'd teleport back into another piece of cover, the small flash of white light of her appearing probably visible to Loki where he stood.

Hearing Rita, Loki reached for his pendant. I last saw the fe-- He cut the message short when he saw the RPG coming towards him. Placing the end of the staff firmly on the roof airship, Loki used it as a pole vault to launch himself off it, landing a short distance infront of the airship in crouching position. When the RPG missile hit the airship, it blew a large hole it in, the airship having little in the way of armour. Even as his ears rang, Loki touched his pendant to pick up contact again. As I was saying, I last saw the feline to the south-west of where the airship landed. The other one would possibly be to the north of the ship.

Jessica continued to sit in cover, her breathing becoming rather haggard. We need some help on this one...went into it a little unprepared... She took a deep breath and mentally contacted Ness. "I'm gonna see about getting us some back-up...it's all I can really do right now...keep it up...but be careful..." With that, she teleported off to outside the city limits of Fourside. She messed with a dull-silver bracelet she had until she was covered in a sheath of light. When the light dispersed, she was wearing a HAZMAT suit. Knew this thing would come in handy eventually... She entered the city limits and started looking around for Legaian military personnel, somewhat dragging herself along as simply walking was strenuous for her at the moment.

Got it, I can only target one though. replied Rita as used her magic in the air to search where Loki had directed. Ness might notice some sparks popping up in various places around her.

"I'll try to hold up here... Don't push yourself... and thanks for everything..." Ness telegraphed back, sighing to herself as she saw Jess disappear.

At least you won't see me like this... Letting her mind project images of her friends and associates getting hurt and maimed and imagining the many dead in Fourside, Ness slowly started to grow angry with herself and her eyes turned to a blood red color. The girl's gun seemed to resonate with her as she cracked her knuckles. Noticing the sparks around her, she quickly spun out of cover again and fired three RPGs in quick succession toward Rita's rock dome. She once again teleported herself behind cover and away from the sparkles, moving much faster than usual.

The feline has just fled the scene. The sniper remains in roughly the same place she has been. Finish her off, then we make our escape. Loki telepathically said to Rita after seeing the flash of silver light, indicating Jessica had teleported away, soon after followed by the smoke trails Ness' RPGs left behind. Letting go of the pendant, Loki began walking towards the mountain path leading towards what was once Rockbyrd.

Jessica would find the military pressence working alongside other emergency services as they worked on getting those who were exposed to the toxic gas and survived to hospitals. Others worked on retrieving the many, many died. Hundreds of corpses were lining the sidewalks, some covered by a white sheet, but others exposed. The final expression of many being one of panic and fear. Frothing at the mouth was also a common sight.

Jessica slowly approached the military personnel she saw, assuming they didn't notice her first. She waved her arm in the air to get their attention. "Excuse me! I need to speak with someone from the military! I have some very important information to give!"

The RPG's shattered the dome, but mattered little as Rita reformed the dome, making it thicker. She searched the area for Ness.

@Furi: She didn't vanish, she just teleported again.

Seeing that the dome still stood, Ness sighed to herself before teleporting behind the rocks compared to where she had fired before and fired off another two rockets toward it. If she managed to make a hole in it, she'd jump inside.

A few steps up the path towards Rockbyrd, Loki turned around. Now again on higher ground, he saw Ness teleport to her position, and relayed this to Rita.

Seeing and hearing Jessica's attempt to call someone over, one of the soldiers walked over to her with a quick pace after he laid a body down. "What is it?" he asked urgently.

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Rita allowed Ness to make a hole in the dome, instead building herself some cover inside the dome instead of repairing the outer shell. The wind picked up outside as sparks popped around Ness.

@Furi: Night, dude.

Ness quickly moved inside the dome, not wanting to chance staying outside with the sparks. Seeing the second wall in front of her, she calmly and quietly moved strafed around the inner shell, looking for any holes or weakpoints with her eyes.

Jessica breathed a sigh of relief as she caught the attention of one of the soldiers. "I know who's responsible for...well...this." She replied, gesturing around at the scene of all the people sickened and left dying by the toxic clouds. The fact that her heart was still racing and her body was still pumping adrenaline through her was the only thing keeping her from getting sick at the sight for the moment. "They're up there in the mountains, right now still!" She declared, easily being able to point out the location of the battle due to Rita's creation of an odd localization of storm clouds. She then gave a description of Loki and Rita's appearance, to make sure Ness and the Rookie wouldn't be implicated along with them.

Loki sighed when Ness entered through the hole. He contemplated cutting his losses and run, but decided walk towards the dome instead, meaning to catch Ness by suprise. As he walked, he reached for his pendant to contact Estella, requesting the fasted airship available be send to Holadino, explaining the previous airship had been destroyed.

"Thank you for the information, ma'am." The soldier remarked after Jessica was done giving Rita and Loki's descrptions. Turning away, he reached for his earpiece and walked away from Jessica.

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Ness would find that the inner dome was about 10 feet tall. Towards the bottom part of the shell, about 3 feet up, appeared to be cracks in the shell, though an attempt to use her RPG would likely end up in catching herself in the blast. As she searched around the top of the outer dome, weakened by her RPG blasts, crumbled away, the chunks not falling towards Ness. Outside Ness would be able to see the storm, now much worse, and might be able to see sparks inside the outer dome and around the vague area.

Ness rubbed her hand on her chin in thought as she paced around, keeping as far away from the small sparks as she could. ...Sooooo. One weakpoint... and there's probably no way to exploit it as it stands now, with me being so close. ...Oh, wait. We can fix that...

With a small smirk, she opened a portal, angled toward the cracks in the inner dome, that led back outside. She stepped through it and swung around after getting a bit of distance. With a wild smile, the girl charged her rocket with light magic and fired it into the portal, sending it toward the cracks of the dome. Once the rocket was teleported, she closed the portal, ran back up to cover and watched the dome expectantly.

The charged rocket wouldn't be that much more explosive than a normal RPG (still effing explosive though), but it would cause another disorienting flash and ear-grating sounds once it went boom.

Still shrouded, Loki walked up to the dome. Once he heard ness fire an RPG, however, he stopped and stood still, not risking approaching the weakened dome in case the explosion would send debris his way.

Tophat's mind was taking a hell of a beating as it displayed Loki's position to Jessica, Ness & the Rookie through the mind-link. It was able to do so because part of its mind was trapped with Loki.
(To Jessica, Ness & the Rookie: Priority target marked. Alert: Suffering breakdown on all centres. Five minutes until total collapse.) - It sent, it's mental voice as cold and monotone as a machine.

The Rookie groaned, and got up. He was then temporarily stunned by the sound and light from Ness's rocket, though his helmet eased it considerably.

OoC: @Dot, is that the same cover she's been using for most of the fight?

Jessica smiled a little to herself as she heard the soldier's response. Well...that's all I've got for now... She fell to her knees in the middle of the street and started breathing more haggardly again. "Could I get some help too?...Not doing so hot over here..."

@Furi: She's been switching around cover for most of the fight. I'll say she's in the same general area.

OoC: @Dot, k

The rocket would blow a hole in the cracks, but it lead to solid rock. Rita was in the upper half. Ness would notice that once again sparks were sparking all around her, though now there were far more and she would feel slower, as if for her time was slowing down. Rookie would notice sparks start to pop up around him.

Loki rubbed his temple with his left hand once the explosion resounded, his sensitive hearing meaning that even as he wasn't standing close to the blast, the noise still affected him. She could not posibly have been within that thing without being caught up in the explosion... Which means she has gone elsewhere again. Irritating. Knowing the chances of getting the drop on Ness were slim at best with her near constant teleporting, Loki instead turned his attention to Rookie, who he had seen getting up from his periphal vision. Aiming the staff at the Rookie, Loki fired a single explosive plasma bolt towards his center of mass, strafed to the side.

The soldier who Jessica had spoken to previously was already out of earshot, but another saw her falling to her knees after leaving a building and dropping of a corpse. He rushed over to Jessica and examined her, seeing that her being injured.. "Hold on, ma'am, we'll get you some help. Can you walk?"

Given that she had been given herself a speed boost by going bloody-eyed, Ness' movement was now slightly faster than her normal without the eyes. Sighing at the sparks surrounding her, taking that as a note that her rocket hadn't killed the girl, she teleported back inside the dome and switched her RPG out for her black magnum. Noting the cracks near the bottom leading to solid rock, she aimed closer toward the top of the inner dome before unloading her clip and calmly reloading.

She made her way to move around the dome again to check if her bullets had actually pierced anything. So Loki's still here and this girl doesn't feel like coming out to play. ....Such a pain.

The Rookie rolled to the side to avoid the plasma bolt, then noticed the sparks. Since he did not know where Rita was, he decided to attack Loki instead. He ran low against Loki, firing off a shotgun blast before dropping down on one knee and firing off another three in quick succession.

(To the Rookie, Jessica and Ness: Alert: Four minutes until total collapse. Primary target will not be marked after collapse.)

Ness would now feel even slower, likely below the levels of human speed at this stage. She would notice that one or two of her bullets had pierced the dome, but it was hard to tell if they had had any effect, especially due to the angle that the bullets had to have been fired at.

Rookie would begin to feel his movement being slowed as the sparks increased in number around him, but not nearly as much as Ness had been slowed.

"I think I may have lost enough blood to make that not a good idea anymore." Jessica replied to the solider who came over to help her in a strained sounding voice. The extent of Jessica's wounds weren't immediately obvious through her HAZMAT suit, though it was obvious that she was pretty badly injured from the stab wounds Rita had dealt her.
"Oh dammit...what's happening now?..." Jessica projected to Tophat, not being aware of the situation as she had left the scene.

Minding the sparks and feeling a bit sluggish, Ness growled under her breath before trying to teleport on top of the dome. A small warming message noting a mandatory cooldown appeared in her head and she calmly began to try and climb the dome the fastest she could. If she could, she'd continue to climb up onto the top, charging her magnum with light magic as she made her way up.

The disntance between himself and Rookie, plus Loki's body density meant the shotgun rounds did minimal damage, the damage being the rough equivalent of scraping past a brick wall. Loki briefly wondered how Rookie knew where he was, but didn't think much of it. Loki ran towards the Rookie, and as he neared, slamed the end of the staff onto the ground, using it as a pole vault to leap over him. Landing behind Rookie, Loki attempted to sweep Rookie's legs out form under him.

The soldier nodded in acknoledgement and touched his earpiece, requesing imediate medical assitance. "Alright... We'll need you to get that suit off." He explained, then went to help Jessica get the hazmat suit off.

The Rookie twisted around as Loki swept his legs out. He landed on his back facing Loki, and fired a couple of shotgun shells in chest level, slower than before. However, when he tried to fire a third shell, it clicked. He rolled to the side and scrambled towards the dome, at running speed even though he was sprinting.

(To Jessica, Ness & the Rookie: All mind centres failing. 3 minutes until total collapse. Preparing memory centre for emergency transfer.)

Jessica nodded to the soldier and started trying to get her suit off. With only one arm and being injured, there wasn't much she could do apart from taking off the hood of the suit. She did her best to cooperate with the soldier and aid in getting her suit off faster. Once it was off, he'd see that she had several shallow stab wounds across her back that had been rather hastily bandaged up.
Damn it all... Jessica frustrated-ly thought to herself as she heard Tophat's announcement. "Can you tell me what they're going to do about those nasty people in the mountains that attacked the city?"

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