We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Rookie would find himself no longer slowed, in fact, all of the sparks outside of the dome were gone. Ness would once again find herself moving even slower, now to the point where she would barely be able to move. The entire ground in the area danced with electricity as purple waves began to radiate outwards from the inner dome as an intricate blue circle appeared that surrounded the dome. A loud humming could be heard that got louder and louder as if something was charging.

With the way Rookie was slowed down, and Loki possesing speed and agility far above an average person, Loki was able to move to the side when Rookie aimed at him. Still, the spread of the buckshot rounds mean that a few pallets struck him regardless. Up close, these did a good deal more damage. Grunting, Loki took aim at the Rookie when he ran and fired two explosive bolts, the second aimed slightly lower then the first.
Noting the electricity building up around the dome, Loki's scowled. I cannot stand lightning...

Not being able to do much until a medical team arived, the soldier applied preasure to the most severe punctire wound Jessica had sustained. "We'll try to take them alive, but there'll be a large enough force to make sure they can't escape." he answered.

Noting all the charging and the fact she was barely able to budge, Ness quickly aimed down from where she stood on top of the dome and fired a Titania Cannon with her magnum. With the amount of time it took for her to get on top due to the slow down, she had charged a good amount of magic into it. The explosion from the bullet would be massive once it hit something that couldn't be pierced.

Sweating a small bit, she then used her glove to summon wings and attempt to move herself toward the hole in the outer dome and off the electrified ground, the slowdown making it very difficult for her, despite the wings' assistance.

Xyleena and Marcus approached one of the entrances, unsure of how they'd join into the fight.

The Rookie heard Loki fire, and tossed himself sideways. He was not quick enough however, and the second bolt hit his armoured boot. It melted a bit, causing horrific burns. He screamed in pain, and rolled over on his back. He drew his SMG and fired at Loki, sending a stream of bullets at him. His armour isolated him from the electricity in the ground.

(To Jessica: Long-term memory sealed and ready for transfer. Transferring across mind-link. Stand by.)
Jessica would feel a migraine come up as Tophat transferred its long-term memory, sealed so that the memories wouldn't flood Jessica's mind.
(To Jessica, Ness & the Rookie: Alert: Two minutes until total collapse. Mind-link breaking in one minute. Preparing for containment of mental power.)
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Jessica cringing and groaned at the combined pain of having pressure applied to her wounds and having memories jammed into her head. "Well could you tell your guys to hurry?...I have some friends who were still fighting those bastards when I had to leave and get help." She explained to the soldier with as much urgency as her strained voice could muster.

The explosion destroyed Rita's dome, leaving her standing on top of the bottom half pillar surrounded by a purple shield, which had nullified the holy/light damage and reduced the explosion damage, but not enough to leave her unharmed. Her clothing was singed and burned, along with parts of her face, legs and hands. Struggling to keep her composure, she cast her spell. Since Ness had spent so much time within the zone now, she would be even slower than before, practically frozen in place. "I who stand in the full light of the Heavens, I call upon thee who openeth the gates of Hell, come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation!" As she said this rings of light extended from the ground into the sky, where an opening had formed in the clouds. A bright light shone in this opening, and as the rings extended towards it a bright beam of light formed in the center, extending from the ground, through Ness, and into this opening. The formation would hold for a second or two before a multitude of gargantuan bolts of lightning fired down from the sky, striking everything in, on, and above the dome time and time again, dealing cosmic amounts of damage to anything they would touch, barring Rita, who fell off of the pillar when the spell was cast and surrounded herself in rock.


Seeing Rookie roll onto his back, Loki began strafing to the side, then began zig-zaging. While not moving at full speed, Loki ran quickly enough that getting a bead on him was difficult. Occasionally, a few bullets struck hi, but these too wouldn't do much, giving Loki minor scrapes. As he ran, Loki fired three bolts at the Rookie, with a two second window between them to re-adjust his him. Being on the move with the speeds he was moving at, Loki's aim wasn't all that great, but Loki relied on the explosive nature of the bolts to make up for that.

"Forces are being rounded up as we speak. But this incident has left us rather understaffed." The soldier answered Jessica.

Soon after, a ambulance arived on the scene. The paramedics rolled up a gurney to Jessica, and one the count of three, lifted her onto it, then moved her into the ambulance. Once the gurney was secured, the ambulance set off towards the nearest hospital. On the way, the paramedics applied gauzes on her puncture wounds.

Marcus and Xyleena would find the city in mayhem, with various soldiers and emergency workers rushing back and forth to aid those that had survived exposure to the gas, and retrieving the bodies of those that didn't.

Ness squealed in pain before her wings broke and she fell to the ground in a bloody heap from the sheer amount of lightning that struck her. Her body ended up disintegrating, not even leaving a trace of her corpse.

From her shelter, Rita contacted Loki I think I took care of Ness's ghost... but I'm too injured to be of any more use at the moment, I've shielded myself in rock for now.

Marcus watched the mayhem for a moment, before wandering farther into the city, looking for the conflict. Marcus tapped his ear. "Ness, we're in the city. Where do you need us?"
Xyleena seemed cowed by the destruction and brutality the gas had caused, and stayed far away from the bodies.

The Rookie threw his spent SMG to the side and drew his legs towards him. He threw himself to the side just as the first bolt hit, making him fly two meters to the side and land with smoking armour.

(To Jessica: T-t-t-transfer comple-e-e-ete. Break-k-k-king m-m-m-mind-link.)
The mind-link broke, and then Tophat summoned the raw strenght of its soul. It struggled to contain it as it prepared its final attack. It launched itself into the mind-scape created by the Tessaract, holding itself together for a moment before exploding in a mental fire brighter than a hundred souls. The Rookie was spared the death that would have come to him if Tophat had remained in his rucksack, but was still hit with a mental shockwave strong enough to knock him out and make him lose the memories he had of the last hours, and give him a blinding headache that would not pass for at least a week. Jessica would see this mental light coming from the mountain, as would anyone within three kilometres of Loki. Anyone within a hundred meters would be affected by the shockwave.

Tophat's soul burned for ten seconds, then it smouldered out. Tophat was dead. It's long life finally brought to an end as in a bang bright enough to spread across dimensions. Everyone who had been close to Tophat suddenly and without doubt knew that it was no more.

Jessica's eyes went wide as she felt something wrong in her head. ...Dammit! Damn it all!... She thought to herself as tears started streaming down her face. From her left hand a set of claws emerged, which she started digging into the gurney she was laying on and tearing into it. ...Those worthless degenerates better hope those Legaians gun them down...Because I am not going to be anywhere near as quick or clean...I'm sorry Vanessa...Tophat...If I'd only resorted to that to being with...Dammit...

Seeing the Rookie being launched by one of the explosions, Loki grinned as he saw his target was now next to defenceless. He aimed his staff at the Rookie, about to finish him off when Tophat launched its final attack.

The mindscape the Tessaract had created and contained it in was oblitirated, with the remains of the shockwave traveling through Loki's mind, still powerful enough to incapacitate him. With a heavy pained grunt, Loki dropped his staff and fell over, hardly able to think, much less act as his mind burned. Loki breathed haggardly, his eye colour rapidly changing between the icy blue and green.

The paramedics saw Jessica crying, but chalked it up to her having lost her loved ones in the gas attack. The ambulance continued on towards the hospital.

Back in Skyrim, Erica stopped with what she was doing, freezing dead in her tracks. There was a horrified expression on her face as she got the feeling something was terribly wrong.

moved down

Not having anything else she could do, Jessica simply waited to arrive at the hospital. ...Slowly as I can manage...bastards deserve even worse than that...

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Being inside the remains of a rock dome and inside a second smaller rock dome Rita was spared from much of the blast, but it was enough to break her dome and knock her out again.

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The Tessaract re-eshtablishing control over Loki's mind, his eyes returning to the blue hue. Despite this, Loki himself wasn't faring nearly as well. Feebly reaching for the staff, Loki grabbed hold of it and began dragging himself along the ground towards the mountains at a snail's pace, dragging the staff along behind him. He tried to contact Rita it was time to go, but was to mentally strained to establish a connection.

Once the ambulance arived at the hospital, the gurney was rushed out of the ambulance, and into a operating room. Moved onto the operating table, a assistant surgeon held a facemask to her, which applied a anesthetic, while the surgeon prepared for the operation.

While a force was on standby to move out to the direction Jessica had indicated, Legaia was fearful of a larger Xiphatian attack, believing the gas attack to only be the prelude. This made them refrain from sending out a small force, instead waiting for back up from other cities to arive.

Marcus snarled and flicked off his commbead. "Cloak up. We've got Ness not responding, and a terrorist attack. Lets dig around and see if we can find the warzone." Xyleena's head bobbed, and she disappeared from sight, her cloaking field activating. They began moving through the city, looking for the warzone left over from the fight.

Loki would remember that Rita told him where she was. Her mental strength was significant enough for her to keep her memories intact.

Jessica forcibly tried to calm herself down as she was being put under for an operation. The sooner I can get this over with...the sooner I can get out of here... Despite still feeling riled up, it didn't take terribly long for the anesthetic to take effect.

Still too mentally strained to establish a connection, yet unwilling to leave Rita behind unless absolutely necessary, Loki changed course and instead moved towards the wreckage of the airship. Regaining a small portion of his strength, Loki went from dragging himself along the ground to crawling. Once he reached the airship, Loki propped himself up against it and waited to recuperate.

Once Jessica was under, the surgeon began the operation, first tending to the most pressing matter, stiching up the puncture wound on her back after first repairing torn muscles if there were any. With this done, her burns were tended to. A gel was applied on the burned areas that served both as a coolant, and would promote healing. Unless Jessica was burned to such an extend where the tissue had died off, the burns would be completely healed within a matter of days. With the gel applied, the burned areas were bandaged up, along with her back. When the operation was done, Jessica was moved to a ward that wasn't packed with patients, but still overly crowded.

Marcus and Xyleena would find that Fourside was in a poor state. Save for the norhten section, they'd find the same scene they saw upon entering the city.

With Fourside unable to spare the manpower to send out a decent sized force capable of fending off a Xiphatian attack, forces from Granite Pass and Port Letosh were being gathered.

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Marcus clicked his teeth, and sighed. "You head to the gas victims, look through them. I'll head to the hospital. Call me if you find Jess, Ness, or anyone you recognize." the invisible Xyleena hesitated, and then began moving through the dead and suffering. Marcus went to the nearest hospital, and looked for a receptionist.

Jessica eventually awoke after getting over the effects of the anesthesia in her system. She took a few moments to try and get herself together, then immediately tried to get out of bed. She cringed at the pain her treated, yet not fully healed, wounds gave her when she tried to move, but continued nonetheless.

Once Rita recovered from Tophats attack she took down the rock shield and stumbled her way out, heading towards the mountains.

The Rookie woke up with a groan, and took a combat stim from his belt. He jammed it in his leg, sighing as painkillers and adrenaline rushed into his blood. Getting up, the Rookie limped over towards Loki, grabbing his shotgun on the way.

Up towards the mountains, a blood red spiky portal began forming.

Having recuperated somewhat, Loki shakily stood up, using his staff as a walking stick. I know not what happened... But this marks the moment when it truly is time to take my leave. Slowly continuing towards the mountains, Loki spotted Rita going in the same direction from his periphal vision and feebly waved to her to get her attention.

At first, all of the staff on hand were too preoccupied with dealing with other patients to see Jessica attempt to leave, it taking over a minute before a nurse finally took notice. "Miss?" she said urgently as she strode over towards Jessica. "You shouldn't be out of bed."

With a decent sized force rounded up, a collection of fifteen airships made their way from Granite Pass and Port Letosh towards the area Jessica had indicated. A single airship from Fourside was also sent.

Entering one of the hospitals, Marcus would find three receptionists, all three struggling to efficiently deal with the flood of phone calls.

Marcus walked towards the nearest receptionist. "Excuse me, I'm looking for a friend of mine, might have gone missing during the attack. I don't suppose you could help me find her?" Marcus put on an air of worry, rubbing his hands unconsciously.

Jessica was cluching the general area of the wound on her back as she had managed to make it a short distance from her bed. If the nurse was standing directly in her way, she would make a weak attempt to try and push her off to the side. "I have something I need to do...It might already be too late." She protested.

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