We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Being at an angle where she would be able to see Rookie Rita raised a dome of rock around him, barely having the energy to do much more than that. "We need to go now!" Seeing the portal thing near the mountains she said "Can you contact Xiphatia? I don't know what that is but we need help getting out of here."

Seeing Rita point to the portal that was opening up, Loki grunted and reached for his pendant, requesting a whatever forces that could be spared be send to Fourside. With the strain on his mind, the transmission wasn't all that clear, but it got through regardless. With that done, Loki turned Rita and himself invisible, not having the energy to do much more then that. Even the invisibility spell was shoddily executed; flickering on and off at irregular intervals. "We will need to bide our time... Can you make us sink underground?" He asked Rita with a soft and strained voice.

The nurse was standing slightly to the side of Jessica, but still in a position that it barred Jessica's path. When Jessica tried to push the nurse out of the way, she gently grabbed Jessica's arm. "You're in no condition to do anything. Keep this up, and you'll risk opening up your wounds again."

"Name of the patient?" the receptionist curtly asked Marcus as she moved the horn of the phone away from her ear.

The Rookie smashed against the rock dome with the butt of his gun, then sank down as the pain from his wounds overtook him.

The portal opened, and four black knights accompanied by three robed figures, the first two wearing black, extravagant cloths. The final one was wearing a purple-black robe, which was sickeningly extravagant. The sort of thing a emperor with extremely high thoughts of himself would wear. The knights took up defensive positions around the robed figures, who looked around.
"This is the place."
"Without question. The traces are everywhere."
The first two said, paying Rita no mind. The third raised a black staff with a glass orb on the top, and streaks of gray mist was drawn towards it.

The Rookie would find that hitting the rock dome cracked it pretty badly. The layer of rock was thin.

"I can do that, but not much else." replied Rita as she opened a space in the ground beneath them, unceremoniously dropping them into it before closing off the top, sealing them inside a pitch black space underground.

"Well, one is named Jessica, and she is a beastkin with a mechanical right arm, I'm not sure she would have been in any shape to tell you her name, and then there's Miss Sinclair, she always insists on a fedora in her outfit, she has some gadgets on her belt, though she might have lost those." Marcus looked at the other receptionists, and muttered unintelligible words to himself.

The Rookie blew a hole in the rockdome with his shotgun, just in time to see Loki and Rita drop down in the ground, He was able to see them due to his VISR mode still being on. He sat leaned against the wall of the dome, clutching his shotgun tight as parts of the dome fell down around him.

Being in no shape to properly break his fall when the ground opened beneath him, Loki fell landed on his back with a grunt. Once the hole closed up, he grunted and dispelled the invisibility to conserve his energy. "How long will we be able to remain here until the oxygen runs out? Two minutes or so, I assume?" he asked weakly, after slumping down against the earthen wall.

The airships that were sent from Granite Pass nearing the site, they began spreading out to cover more ground.

"I'll be needing a last name, unless you're okay with waiting until someone is available to look for the people you described." the receptionist said to Marcus, more stating fact rather then being snarky.

Jessica tried to pull her arm free of the nurse's hold, but was still rather weak. "Let me go! I need to leave! I can't waste my time here!" She continued to protest as she struggled to get herself free.

"Jessica Brocha, and Vanessa Sinclair, I believe." Marcus rubbed his face, and looked back at the entrance to the hospital. "Please find them! I can't bear to think they're stuck out there, with all that horrible gas, maybe even..." Marcus bit his lip. "Well, hurt."

"It doesn't matter, if we need air I can open it back up, now let me just find something to restore my magic..." said Rita, rooting through her bag.

From Jessica a small amount of gray mist was drawn, quickly disappearing towards the battlezone, and she'd feel like it was likely related to Tophat.

The two lesser wizards created a pitch-black magical shield dome around themselves their position. The leading wizard eventually nodded, satisfied as the orb had turned into a shifting gray. He turned and walked back towards the portal, the others followibg shortly thereafter, dispelling the shield.

Not wishing to use up more oxygen then neccessary, Loki said nothing further. To help Rita with searching for whatever it was she needed, he moved his staff towards the direction he had heard her voice come from, the gem giving off a feint blue glow. It was about as strong as a small collection of fireflies.

"We can't alow you to leave." The nurse said more urgently, taking Jessica's arms, more firmly then before. Naturally, she held Jessica's arm in a place where there were no burns. "Just tell us what's going on, and we'll see if we can have someone look into it." she added in an attempt to calm Jessica down.

"One moment, sir." the receptionist said to Marcus after he stated the names of Jessica and Ness. Holding the horn of the phone between her head and right shoulder, she began searching through the names of those that were recently admitted to the hospital, this taking quite some time.

The forces from Port Letosh arived after the ones from Granite Pass, they too began to spread out more. One airship spotted the group of wizards and shone down a spotlight on them.

On Loki's orders, Xiphatian airships from Holadino moved towards Fourside. They now moved over the mountains, and would arive shortly.

"Thanks." said Rita, using the light to find what she needed. She pulled out an orange color gummy candy and ate it, which restored approximately 30% of her magical strength. "Ok, that should be good for now." she said as she began to open the ground in front of them to create a tunnel.

Marcus nodded and shifted from foot to foot, unsure of what he was waiting for.

"Much is missing. And its memories are destroyed."
"The memories are still intact. It knew we would come here. They are probably hidden with some ally it had."
The wizards then stepped through the portal together with the knights. However, the leader turned to look at the airship, and held out the staff. A thin firey line extended towards it. The airship would be engulfed in a large burning explosion. The wizard smirked before walking through the portal, which then closed with a loud bang leaving the ground scorched.

@Nailik: Jessica doesn't have her mechanical arm anymore.

"It's those bastards who attacked the city...I already told someone about it, but now I have to do it myself!" Jessica said to the nurse with a sense of urgency in her voice as she continued struggling unsuccessfully to break free. She noticed the mist and felt it related to Tophat, which spurned her to keep resisting and shout, "Let me go!" once again.

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"Need some help over here!" the nurse called out, realising trying to talk Jessica into staying wasn't going to work. After a few moments, another nurse walked up to Jessica. He and the nurse that had been with Jessica then began moving her to her bed, forcing her down on it, after which the male nurse held her down. The female nurse quickly walked away to get sedatives.

The airship having a fair amount of armour was only damaged by the fiery explosion. Just as it was about to open fire on the wizards, they disappeared. Believing them to be the enemies Jessica had mentioned, the airships began moving more towards the direction the wizards were. There, they spotted the Xiphatian forces that neared.

Loki reached for his pendant as he was updated on the situation. "The cavalry has arrived... Make this tunnel come out at the mountains, we shall be extracted there." he said to Rita once he acknowledged the report, holding the staff near her to give her some light.

Having searched through the files, the receptionist moved the phone horn away from her ear again and looked towards Marcus. "Sir? I'm afraid no one by the names you've given were admitted to this hospital."


"Could you check for the description then?" Marcus asked, looking fearful.

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Realizing that all her struggling was quickly getting her nowhere, Jessica sighed and stopped resisting as the nurses were dragging her towards her bed. "Okay...fine...I get it, I can't leave yet. When can I leave then?" She asked.

The Rookie would be able to break the ground after one or two jumps, causing him to be dropped about 10 feet down into the earth. Rita, hearing the ground cave way, turned and sealed the tunnel she and Loki were in, as well as sealing the hole the Rookie had broken through, making the ceiling thicker than when she had previously sealed it. The rock walls would begin to close in towards Rookie.

"Idiot... as if I wouldn't be ready for that." she said as she continued to make the tunnel towards where Loki directed.

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The Legaian airships engaged the Xiphatian ones. With the orders to create a diversion, the Xiphatian ships focused largely on evasive manoeuvres, rather then attempting to take down the Legaian vessels.

"I can ask if someone has the time, but this is unlikely, given how understaffed we are at the moment. If you would leave your number, I'll see to it you'll hear as soon as something comes up, if something comes up. You could also wait here, but there might be a chance the people you're looking for haven't even been admitted to this hospital" The receptionist said to Marcus.

The male nurse let go of Jessica once she calmed down and looked at her chart. "Two days." he answered.

Dammit!...That's way too long!...I'll have to think of another way out of here soon... Jessica let out a defeated sigh and said, "Alright, thank you." She closed her eyes and rubbed the bridge of her nose with her hand as she continued to lay in bed.

Marcus blushed. "I'm afraid I don't have a phone or communicator. How about I stop by tomorrow? Until then, I'll just check the other hospitals."

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Rita opened the tunnel in the mountain area, relatively close to the Xiphatian ships. "Alright, lets go." she said heading towards them.

Loki slowly walked out of the tunnel after Rita, looking up towards the sky. "We will need to move further out. At this distance, any landing ship is likely to be shot down the moment it tries to take to the skies again." he remarked, then began moving further into the mountains, still using his staff as a support.

The receptionist found it odd Marcus didn't have a phone, but didn't have the time to think on it. "Alright. Good luck with your search. I hope you'll find the people you're looking for soon." she said, then held the phone to her ear again, apologising for the interruption to whoever it was she spoke to.

"Just try and get some sleep, alright?" the nurse said to Jessica, then closed to curtains around her bed to give her some privacy. Seeing the situation had resolved itself, the nurse that had intercepted Jessica previously returned to other duties.

Rita nodded and headed that way. While she walked she rooted through her bag and pulling out a red gummy candy, handing it to Loki. "Eat this, it should give you back some energy." Eating it would make him feel approximately 30% better physically.

I should at least try and get some sleep...won't be terribly useful in this current state... Jessica thought to herself with a sigh as she let her arm drop back down to her side. She settled into her bed and fell asleep, uncomfortably tossing and turning the entire time.

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Loki took the candy handed to him and ate it as he moved along. While it did heal the scrapes and bruises he had sustained, and to a lesser extend, the few bullets wounds, it did nothing to ease his fatigue, this being the result of mental overexertion, rather then physical overexertion. "That did... little for me, I fear." he commented as he continued to move. Some distance away from where the battle took place now, Loki reached for his pendant to request extraction.

"Must not be physical exhaustion then." replied Rita as she waited for extraction.

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