We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"No, it was some mental surge that exhausted me so... most likely the work of that living hat. It matters little, however... We have all but crushed the opposition here. A pity Nybeth had to die in the process, but from time to time, sacrifices must be made in order to progress." Loki remarked.
An small Xiphatian airship broke away from the battle and made its way over to the location Loki had indicated. Stopping near Loki and Rita, it descended up a height where they could jump in, but not quite landing. With some minor difficulty, Loki climbed aboard and took a seat.

Rita climbed aboard and took a seat "Yea... but it looks like we got three of them. The ghost of Jessica is still an issue though... Here, try this, not sure if it will work but worth a shot." said Rita, handing Loki an orange flavored gummy candy.

OoC: It heals MP in game, 30% of it, your call for if it'll work.

Once both Rita and Loki had entered the airship, the entrance hatch closed and the airship ascended, after which it set out towards Shaintaio as fast as it was able. Eating the candy, Loki felt the strain on his mind being aleviated by some degree. "What are these preculiar sugary things made of that they can heal wounds and restore energy as they do? And what do you mean by ghost?"

With the airship carrying Loki and Rita heading back to the capital, the Xiphatian ships began disengaging and falling back also. A few ships were taken down in the process.

"They're a common item mass produced where I come from, I'm not sure how they work, but they're useful with how widespread monsters are. I don't think the flavor has anything to do with that though, I think that's just added for taste. And I accidentally killed both Ness and Jess shortly after I escape from them. I'm sure I killed them, so they must have been ghosts. I wonder if ghosts turn scary only after they've been ghosts for a long time... hmmm..."

"Are you certain the people we faced this day were indeed the defectors? Afterall, they looked nothing alike." Loki asked, reverting back to his regular attire and crossing his arms.

Rita nodded "They may have changed in death, but their abilities were exactly the same."

Jessica woke up from her restless nap and groaned in annoyance. Wait a sec... She glanced around her bed to see if the privacy curtains that had been drawn were still in place.

"Odd, but ultimately irrelevant. The majority of those interlopers have been dispatched, and this single one that remains is no threat to us." Loki remarked. Uncrossing his arms, he leaned closer to her with a smirk. "The world is ours..." Once the airship reached Shaintaio, Loki stepped out and entered the castle. With the connection Loki made, none of the guards so much as batted an eyelash as Loki and Rita made their way towards a balcony. There, Loki placed his hands behind his back and watched the sun set over the horizon. "Nothing can stop us now. The Ragnarök Empire shall soon rise, and you, my good servant, shall have a most favourable position in it." With that said, Loki grinned in anticipation as he pondered the many plans he had for the world, and even other worlds. He held out his left arm infront of him, with the thumb and index finger curled toward eachother, as if holding the sun between them.

Seeeing that they were still drawn, Jessica teleported out of the hospital and out to the battlefield where she and the others had fought Loki and his slaves. Seeing no sign of anyone at all, she slowly crept around and examined the area. She eventually came upon her arm, which had been brought back to a functional level by its self-repair protocol, and was covered in a layer of cooled lava. Slotting the arm back into its joint, she flexed her arm and broke apart the rock covering. Still got this at least.
Taking another few looks around the area, she concluded that Loki and Rita had fled the scene. She sighed and sat down where she could, still in a decent amount of pain. She leaned her head back and summoned a set of holographic blue glyphs around her head.

The glyphs around Jessica's head disappeared as she let out a defeated sigh. Intending to return to Fourside for the time being and not wanting to raise any awkward questions, she found an inconspicuous spot a decent distance from the battlefield to stash her mechanical arm for a few days and left it there. She assumed her escape from the hospital had been noticed by now, so she teleported near Fourside and walked back to the hospital to readmit herself and retrieve her possessions.

Rita looked out to where Loki was looking and smiled. "Good. We should probably take care of Legaia first."

"And that, we shall..." Loki curtly answered as he lowered his arm and nodded slowly. His grin increased as he imagined the smoke rising from the various placed he intended to target.

OoC: Off to bed, @Nailik, if you need Rita for anything feel free to use her

The Rookie woke up a few hours later, almost delirious from blood lost and pain. He jammed another combat stim in his leg, then started limping back towards Fourside. He collapsed every so often, sometimes falling unconscious for a few hours.

OoC: @Kirke, alright, so you retconned him jumping into the hole then?

OoC: @Furi: Yeah, I need him to give Jessica or Erica Tophat's "Body". In any case, the thread is just about over.

The Rookie limped back into Fourside, and eventually found Jessica after quite a lot of trouble. His injuries were looked after hastily, partly due to the state of emergency and partly due to the Rookie's unwillingness to waste much time.

After having properly rested her wounds in the hospital, Jessica was discharged a few days later. She was currently sitting outside some un-noteworthy restaurant with a bored look on her face as she listened to a news report coming from a nearby television. When she noticed the Rookie coming up to her, she hastily stood up and walked over to him. "Is that you James?" She said, sounding concerned by his injuries.

The Rookie nodded as he came closer. He no longer had his shotgun, but had been given a crutch at the hospital. When he came close to Jessica, he stopped and leaned on this.

Jessica sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose with her left hand. "Damn...sorry for everything that happened. I just assumed that you were..." She paused for a moment to sigh deeply once again. "That you were dead...Just like everyone else I roped into helping me..." She shook her head as she looked back up at the Rookie. "Well, I assume you just want to go back where you came from now, right? Just follow me and I'll get you out of this terrible hell-hole." She started walking off towards the nearest alleyway, motioning for the man to follow her.

The Rookie gently put a hand on Jessica's shoulder, then removed it and reached over to grab something in his rucksack. He groaned due to the pain this created, and eventually pulled out what used to be Tophat.

Jessica turned back as she felt Rookie's hand rest on her shoulder. Looking at Tophat, she grit her teeth and said, "I get it. I screwed everyone over with my stupid, selfish goal. You mind at least not rubbing it in my damn face?" She was practically growling at the Rookie by the end of her speech.

The Rookie shook its head, sighing as he struggled to get his meaning across. He sat down against the wall and looked up at the sky, putting Tophat down beside him. He eventually took out his datapad and showed a picture of Erica taken from his mission recorder. He pointed to Tophat, then Erica.

Jessica hummed to herself as she felt initially confused by the point Rookie was trying to get across. After finally getting it, she said, "Sorry. I get what you mean now....I'll make sure she gets it." Once she was certain that no one else would pass by the alleyway and spot them, she conjured up the holographic glyphs around her head once again. Shortly after, a portal opened up next to her. "Again, really sorry about everything that happened. Just head on through and you'll never have to worry about any of this crap or me ever again." She said, motioning to the portal.

OoC: @Drak: Sorry for disappearing.
The Rookie stood up withh a grunt, grabbing Tophat on the way. He motioned in such a way that indicated that he wanted to be there when Tophat was given back to Erica.

Jessica tilted her head curiously as the Rookie's odd gesture. After having to ask him to repeat it several times, she finally had a vague understanding of what he was trying to convey. "You sure about that?" She asked him. "I honestly don't know how much time I'm going to have to spend in this dimension. You wait around on me to give that to Miss Erica, there's no telling how much time is going to end up passing."

The Rookie sighed, and finally decided to show something his mission recorder had showed. He tapped a bit on his datapad before turning it around so Jessica could see.

The Rookie pulled back and paused at the orb, them glanced over at Jessica.

Jessica watched the recording, her expression merely growing perplexed as it progressed. "Uh huh..." She hummed to herself as Rookie ended the recording by pausing it on a specific spot. "And the significance of this is...what exactly?"

The Rookie eventually found another recording, this one showing when he and Tophat had been attacked by two wizards and four knights, who had teleported in, similar to the ones in the previous recording. The attack had been east of Lakewest. The fight had lasted quite a while, and most of it was the Rookie trying to keep in cover and hold the knights away. The Rookie fast-forwarded past this, and after that Erica arrived together with Valentine. After a lenghty battle, the enemies were killed.

The Rookie looked at Jessica, and then nodded towards Tophat.

"So you think that if I give Miss Erica Tophat's...I dunno, body, I guess you would call it? Anyway, you think if I give Miss Erica that," Jessica paused to nod at Tophat at well. "Then these people are going to try and kill her?" She finished, pointing towards the Rookie's recording device. "If that's the case, then I'm not giving it to her. I've already gotten enough people I care about killed." She finished, crossing her arms and leaning against the wall of the alleyway.

The Rookie shook his head, and returned to the still picture of the orb. He nodded again to Tophat.

"So they aren't any sort of threat? Then what's the big deal? Why bother bringing it to my attention?" Jessica asked the Rookie, clearly not understanding whatever he was trying to communicate to her. She sighed and started rubbing the bridge of her nose with her left hand again. And now I'm stuck dealing with a pushy mute.

The Rookie pointed again to Tophat, then to the orb, indicating that they were probably connected. He sighed in frustration as he couldn't make his point clear, then sat down against the wall.

Noticing that the Rookie seemed just as frustrated as she was, Jessica sighed and looked back over to him. "Alright, let's try and make this simple. Do you want to go back to your home dimension right now? Yes or no?" She asked, glancing over at the portal that was still active and making her nervous from having to keep it open.

The Rookie stood up with a grunt, then unwillingly nodded. He gave Jessica Tophat and the datapad to give to Erica, so at least she'd know the full picture of what had happened. He then drew his SMG as he walked to the portal, glancing back at Jessica one last time before heading through.
OoC: For a psychic, Jessica sure isn't good at reading what people want.

"Good luck James." Jessica called through the portal before it closed. Going through the portal, Rookie would find himself back in the same ruined alleyway from when he, Jessica, and Ness went to his dimension's Earth.

Jessica sighed and took Tophat's corpse and the Rookie's datapad, holding them each in separate hands. Well maybe Erica will be able to make better sense of this stuff....Back to just sitting around and waiting for me though. After closing up the portal and dismissing her glyphs, Jessica returned to the restaurant she was sitting at before, setting down the datapad and hat and resuming her idle listening to the news.

before anyone says anything it's me Woon anyway, well better give her a proper sendoff, play her out John Williams

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