We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Following up on his plan on bringing down Legaia by targeting its citizens, Loki continued doing just that. After Fourside, Granite Pass and Port Letosh were hit, the mines and docks of the respective places also doing destroyed in an effort to cripple Legaia. These tactics were met with outrage in Xiphatia. Loki responded to this outrage by mind controling whatever prominent figure voiced said outrage, and have the famalies of other threatened until they complied. After bringing the body count up to unheard of levels, Loki, via Amalia, gave Legaia an ultimatum--Complete, unconditional surrender, or the utter anihilation of Legaia cities on the mainland. Having no choice but to accept, the Prime Minister of Legaia, Sebastion Buche, met with Amalia behind closed doors to sign the new treaty, which heavily favoured Xiphatia. Loki was, of course, present during this, masquerading as a mediator. During the signing of the treaty, Sebastion too was mind controled.

After meeting with both Amalia and Sebastion, Loki learned of two artifacts that the leaders of both nations kept in secret. According to some ancient legends by bringing both together, that person would be granted ultimate power. Something that Loki couldn't pass up.

Upon bringing both a small blue, triangular crystal from Xiphatia, and a necklace made of platinum. When brought together, these seemingly every objects revealed greater secrets. The now complete necklace began to hum, and soon, opened a portal to places unknown.

By entering, Loki found himself far above Alnilam, which strangely looked far larger than he suspected. In fact, there were several other continents, each seemingly divided by storms, however.

Further still he would find a tall white haired man who introduced himself as Orion. Asking for the man's story, hoping to take a chance to use his staff to mind control the man, Loki learned that Orion was Anilam's near-omniscient overseer, abandoned by his race after he tried to teach the inferior races of the planet how to use magic and technology. They left him stranded as punishment. However, he found a source of entertainment. That by giving the people of the world opposing magics and technologies, he could encourage conflict between the people. And that helped him to pass the time, watching the conflicts erupt.

Sensing an opportunity, Loki tried to touch Orion's chest only to discover that the giant was protected by an invisible armor. Indeed, Loki's efforts had long amused Orion, and he felt that there was an opportunity to be taken advantage of. Orion promised to free Loki of his shackles and grant him dominion over as many worlds as he could imagine. Together they would conquer the galaxy and Orion would find and get revenge against his former people.

This was hardly a chance Loki could pass up, even if he was rather forced into it. And together the two would use their combined might and forces to subjugate several worlds. Starting with Anilam itself.
Legaia, Xiphatia, and slowly but surely, the rest of the world was united under one banner, forming the Kingdon of Ragnarök. The induviduality of the nations were erased, various types of currency were replaced with a single one, crests were taken down and replaced with the crest of Ragnarök, nations were renamed, national anthems were banned, as were hollidays meant to celebrate a nation's tradition. The pasts of the various nations were removed fom history books and other archives. Any mention of a nation's individuality became punnishable by five years inprisonment. Even the year was reset.
Other nations of course resisted the Ragnarökian invasion, but by utilising the same dirty tactics he used on Legaia, which now included releasing Xenomorphs and sending out Orion's magic-powered machines, few could stand up to the kingdom for more then a few weeks. The heads of the conquered nations kept their positions, but their power was severely limited, being only alowed to deal with the duties Loki himself didn't want to bother with.

With the war over, Amalia made it known that her husband, son and son and daughter-n-law had died "warding off terrorists that had plagued the nation".

True to his word, Loki formed the Order of the Sorcerers of the Court, which was the highest position that any mage could achieve. They would have almost absolute freedom, being answerable only to Loki himself. Rita was made the head of this order.

Making himself above the rest literally as well as figuratively, Loki had the citizens of Solaris moved out of the city, and back into Fourside. The city was flattened, and instead would hold Loki's palace, which was planned to be such a size that it put the palace of Shaintaio to shame. Estates for the few member of the Sorcerers of the Court were also build on the floating platform.

Seeing no more need for them, Loki had the military bases on the Wild Lands closed and demolished. During this time, he came to learn about the slavers of Devil's Pit. Seeing use for them, Loki had a mega prison complex built on the Wild Lands, putting the slavers in charge of it.

Thinking their exclusion from just about everything to be a gross waste of manpower, Loki decreed that beastkin be given the same oppertunities as everyone else, thus taking the first step towards seeing beastkin treated as people, rather then second-rate citizens at best. Even if he didn't care to make verbal discrimination punishable.

This allowed Paprika and her family a much more open existence. While this did hurt their business at first, in time they actually managaed to have a much more successful business and even drew the attention of some since their daughter, Mint, was a rarity. Felina herself no longer had to fear any harm befalling her daughter and eventually even reunited with her other dauhghter, Rosetta, who had escaped to the Wild Lands long ago. Rosetta even proved a subject of interest as she actually possed the ability to use Light Blood Line magic, which many in the Sorcerers of the Court were interested in.

The mines of Granite Pass were quickly made operational again, it taking only a little more then a month to clear out the shaft. Getting Rockbyrd, however, was deemed a lost cause. Instead, a new mining site was established in the north of the mountains.

Ino eventually awakened from her coma, but having been smashed in the head by a mechanical fist, folled by being hit with a stone tile, had sustained major brain damage, leaving her paralyzed and unable to talk, thus her desire to die, rather then live on in the pitiable state she was in was known to none but her.

While in theory the world was unified, relationship were far from smooth, especially with the nations that were once Legaia and Xiphatia. Former Xiphatia was still sour over the destruction of Nightshire, and partial "unwarrented attack" on Everwood, and former Legaia was scornful of the tactics Loki used to force them to surrender. Every so often, there would be threat of a civil war, but Orion always spotted this, where upon Loki would the instigators either arrested to the newly built mega prison, or simply killed. Very much the same would be the case then any attempts to fight Loki's tyanny.
There were times when former Xiphatia and Legaia worked as one, but these were only occasions were Loki a team be formed to further increase Ragnarök's already formidable military. Such projects included getting scholars from former Xiphatia to brainstorm with Soto on how to improve his super soldier, first adding Xiphatian DNA into the mix, creating GRUNTS and ANTS that can utilise magic, and going as far as capturing dragons to add their DNA. The also brainstormed with weapon manufacturers from former Legaia in attempts to improve on Orion's magical machines. Weapon engineers from former Legaia were also tasked with working on improving golems, creating a fusion of golem and droid. The most grand of the projects was to build an amplifier for Loki's scepter, making its influence spread across the globe. This was proved to be possible, as a working prototype was made, but this had only a range of two meters, and already was eating immense amount of power. It would be generations before the technology to create a feasibly power a world-wide amplifier.

The various research done was costly, and to continue funding it, Loki increased the tax on just about everything by ten percent.
Loki had several plans in mind to get Orion out of the picture, but he didn't see fit to act out any of them, as the aliance was nothing but beneficial for him.

While Ragnarök was still working on conquering the rest of Anilam, Loki eventually left for Earth alongside a collection of Orion's magical machine to finally honour his deal with the Chitauri and retrieve the Tessaract. The resistance he found included a paticularly tenacious group known as the Avengers, but with the aid of those Loki placed under his control, the magical machines, and later the Chitauri themselves, would soon fall. Once the resistance was dealt with, Loki handed the Tessaract over to the lord of the Chitauri, this act dooming a great number of dimensions. For his part in the retrieval of the Tessaract, the headaches that had been paining Loki for weeks stopped, and the scepter was modified to be able to create a portal to whereever Loki wished. Now with no ties to the Chitauri, Loki returned to Anilam to oversee his kingdom.

Orion himself benefited from the alliance as well. He soon began to build his own fleet of ships modified from the files he had stolen from the Predator ship, using workers from the world below. He added to his own forces the use of lightsabers and, having long observed those who he had brought to the planet, portals and modified T-1000 machines that were enhanced by magic to be even more powerful were added to his arsenal. A few people from the various continents of the world were allowed to join his own personal guard and forces.

Savranth was one such person. Though, he agreed to work for Orion under the condition that his parents would be allowed to live together in peace. This was allowed and while, the newly reunited couple did have a rocky start (due to the assumed crimes of each nation) they soon found some peace together.

In time, he began to seek out his former race and hunt them across all the galaxy. Wherever he found them, he would raze the world, sometimes even catching other races in the crossfire. At times, he would enslave those he found or even send them to serve Loki. Getting revenge on those who had betrayed him consumed his every waking moment, but he always kept tabs on Loki. He even considered plans to destroy his ally. Though, he never acted on it as Alnilam served as a good base of operations for his fleet.

However, he did entertain the idea of warring with Loki after finding all his former people, from time to time. He always considered it to be something that could prove entertaining...

In the land of Skyrim, a portal to another dimension opened up in front of Erica's house in Solitude. From the portal, Jessica emerged, carrying a tophat in her left hand. She was wearing an outfit similar to the one she had first arrived on Alnilam in. Her hair was slightly longer, now down slightly past her shoulders, with most of it being the purple color she had dyed it for her disguise and showing the roots of her natural color near the top of her head. She sighed as she nervously adjusted her clothing and approached the door to Erica's home as the portal behind her closed. Really haven't been looking forward to this... She stopped in front of Erica's door and knocked on it thrice, then stood by and waited for a response.

After Jessica knocked on the Erica's door, the voices of her and Valentine could be heard through the door, that of Valentine being further away. After a few seconds, the sound of locks being open were heard. When Erica did open the door, she first looked towards Jessica somewhat blankly, recognising her only barely. Seeing Tophat being carried, however, Erica's expression swiftly became one of horror, it being brought to her door confirming the dreadful feeling she had some time ago. Erica opened her mouth, as to try and speak, but no words came out.

Seeing Erica's expression after opening the door, Jessica sadly sighed and looked at the ground for a moment or two before looking back up at Erica. "Hello Miss Erica. Really sorry to be meeting again under these circumstances. I came here because I have to deliver some...unpleasant news. It looks like you can already tell what I need to say. ...May I come in?"

Erica feebly nodded in responce to Jessica's question, then stepped aside to alow Jessica to enter. Once she did, Erica closed the door, walked over to a wooden chair and sat down with a thud. She rested had hands on her knees and looked down at the floor, biting her lip, it taking every ounce of her self-control to not lose herself in grief. Eventually, she looked up towards Jessica with teary eyes, asking, "H-How? How did he die?"

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Better get some ointment, 'cause that's a nasty burn.

Jessica nodded back to Erica and walked inside her home. When Erica sat down, Jessica followed suit and sat in another chair in the room facing Erica. She stayed silent and held Tophat in her lap until she heard Erica speak up again. When she heard Erica ask her something, she took in a deep breath and released it, then looked over at Erica. "Tophat, myself, and a few others were attempting to assassinate a tyrannical dictator. Things didn't go well. As far as I can tell, his consciousness just...broke down." Jessica was clearly having a hard time keeping an even tone while she was speaking.

Valentine, who had been upset for the time being. walked down the stairs quietly. "Miss Erica did you he-" she paused midsentance when she saw Erica going Teary eyed and Jessica sitting down. she walked down from the stairs. "What's happened?" she asked, clearly concertinaed.

Listening to Jessica's explaination, Erica moved her left fist infront of her mouth, while clutching the frabric of her trousers with her right. Eventually, Erica's attempts to refrain keep herself from breaking down failed. What had been whimpering became crying out loud. As Valentine walked down the stairs and entered the living room, Erica feebly pointed towards Tophat laying on Jessica's lap. "T-Tophat... He-He's gone...!"

Jessica sighed and looked down at the floor once Erica began to outright cry. She sat in silence, not saying anything and just letting the woman have a moment to herself for the time being. As she did, she slowly reached into her coat and pulled out a necklace with a grey-colored jewel hung on a small pendant. She simply held the necklace in her hand as she balled it up and placed it in her lap for the time being.

Valentine gasped a little bit and sat next to Erica, then hugged her. patting her back slightly. "I...I'm...so sorry..." she said to Erica, not really sure how to comment on the news.

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Persephone was having Echo over to play with Holly. She opened her door when she heard the shouting and the knocking.

"Hey there auntie." Echo said as she barged into Persephone's place. "Where's Holly?" she asked as she walked away.

"Oh, take your shoes off, would you dear?" Persey said as she glided behind her niece.

Once Valentine hugged her, Erica returned the embrace lightly, clutching the facric of Valentine's shirt while resting her forehead against Valentine's collar bone. "Gone... My family's gone! I'm the one left...!" It was difficult to tell what Erica was aying between her cries, doubly so as she occasionally ran out of breath. On such occasions, she gasped deeply before continuing crying.

Jessica continued to sit in silence, feeling like there wasn't anything she could say that would be appropriate for the moment.

Valentine just continued to be at Erica's side, lightly patting her back. "I truly...truly am sorry..." she said to Erica, wiping a small tear away from her eye.

Holly hugged Echo's arm. "I'm here Sssilly!"

"What an awful thing to call your sister!" Echo said with mock anger as she hugged Holly and lifted her off the ground. "Oh, and our other sister says hi." she added.

"Settle you two. Now, gather around and I'll tell you a surprise." Persepone said to the two.

OOC: @Hatchy: The other sister is Echo's biological sister. Just roll with it.

OoC: Just keep rolling, rolling rolling!

Holly hugged Echo in return and smiled. "Tell I sssaid Hi back and ssshe sssilly too!" she said to Echo, then look over at Persephone. "Sssurprissse?" she asked.

Eventually, Erica stopped crying. Not because she was calming down, but because she had tired herself out. She let go of Valentine and slumped over on her chair, her arms dangling besides her. She looked back to Tophat, now with thoroughly bloodshot eyes. "Have those at the college been informed?" she weakly asked Jessica.

Jessica slowly looked back up and over at Erica when she heard her speaking again. She gave Erica a short shake of her head and answered, "Not yet. You're the first person I came to inform."

"Oh you're an awful sister, you know that? Just terrible!" Echo continued to tease Holly. She then carried her over to Persey.

"I have a very, very big surprise for you two. We are going...to visit...Miss. Vanessa." Persepone said, trying to get the two girls excited.

Erica retrieved a hankerchief from her pocket and began drying her eyes. As she did, she asked, "Did... Did he have any last wishes?" Erica still spoke with a trembling voice, but by now, it was easier to understand her.

"Really? Yay!" Holly said to Persephone. "I wasss only joking!" she added to Echo, frowning a little.

Valentine put her arms to her side and bowed her head a little. whispering very quietly a small prey for Tophat.

"Really?!?! That's great! I can't wait to talk to her again!" Echo said excitedly.

"I know, I know. I was kidding too." she replied to Holly with a giggle.

"Now now you two. I don't know where we're end up exactly when we travel, so stay close to me and don't leave my sight, understood?" Persephone asked the two girls as she opened a smoky portal.

"I think Tophat wanted you to have it's...remains." Jessica replied to Erica, struggling to find the right word. She stood up and walked over to where Erica was sitting and held out the now-inert hat in one hand, and the necklace she had taken out of her coat with the other. "When I went back home the doctors found Tophat's long-term memories in my head...somehow. They moved them into this gemstone so I could give them to you, as per Tophat's wishes."

When Jessica presented Tophat's remains and the necklace, Erica took hold of them, holding them both in a seperate hand. She moved Tophat's remains closer to her mouth and whispered, "Rest well, old friend..." Setting Tophat's remains down on her lap, Erica looked at the necklace, gently rubbing the gem set within. "The funeral... Will you stay to attend to it?" she asked Jessica, still looking at the gem.

Jessica crossed her hands in front of her after Erica accepted what she was holding. Seeing as how it's my fault Tophat's dead... "Well, it would be terrible of me not to. ...Should I go inform someone at the college about what has happened? Or would you prefer to?"

"I would prefer to..." Erica answered. Standing up, she placed Tophat's remains on a dresser behind her, laying the necklace next to it. She then crouched down, searching for something in the dresser. Eventually, Erica retrieved a black cloth, and used this to cover up Tophat's remains. "I... I believe we have met... But I can't place it. Could you remind me, please?" she asked Jessica, resting her arms on the dresser as she looked down at the ground.

Jessica solemnly nodded to Erica. Her memory really is bad...I should remember to try and help her again...at a more appropriate time... "My name's Jessica. Jessica Broca. We met back in another dimension back...well it's been nearly a year for a me, not sure how long it's been for you."

"It's been... a little over two months, I think. I can't say for certain." Erica answered as she turned around and walked back to the chair. She sat down and sighed heavily as she looked to the Rune on her still shakey left hand.

Jessica awkwardly rubbed her hands together as she thought of what next to say. "Well, unless there's anything else you need from me I should get going." Really shouldn't overstay my welcome here. She decided on.

"Do you have a way for me to contact you so that I can notify you of when the funeral will be?" Erica asked lightly holding her left hand with her right and looking back up to Jessica.

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