Elder Scrolls Roleplay: Interregnum (recruitment thread)

2nd Era, 572
The RP takes place just before Elder Scrolls online, there's some additional info here:

There is no Emperor and the Imperials become desperate enough to use their own dead as thralls for an army to retake Tamriel.however, 3 factions have already rose up to stop them and they plan on conquering Tamriel themselves:
The Aldmeri Dominion: made up of Altmer, Bosmer and Khajiit from the Summerset Isle, Valenwood & Elsweyr.
The Ebonheart Pact: made up of Nords, Dunmer and Argonians from Skyrim, Morrowind & Black Marsh(Argonia).
The Daggerfall Covenant: made up of Bretons, Redguards and Orcs from High Rock, Hammerfell & Orsinium.

However, as war breaks out, a small group is charged with escorting (now 3) Elder Scrolls to safety to ensure they don't fall into the hands of any faction. (though the only that know this are those currently in the group, at first for you it's just a package that needs delivery.)

The group has journeyed to the Elsweyri city of Corinthe, located in the southern scrublands, overlooking the vast desert directly north.
A city now bustling with refugees from the north and others pouring in from the countryside for safety.
The group will start there, and only existing members will know what relics we're carrying at the start- Elder Scrolls.

The character sheet will be as follows:
Name & Gender: , Male/Female


Age (optional):



Personal history:

Alright, here are the existing members of the team:

I'll be picking roughly half a dozen people to join the existing RP (which has been put on hold for now) though more may be picked depending on the amount of submissions.

I will NOT be accepting unfinished sheets though, so if you post an unfinished one be sure to fill it in later.

The RP is currently is progress BUT it's been made very easily accessible by 2 things:
1) There really isn't a plot at the moment aside from 'Deliver package to an undisclosed location' &
2) Most of the original characters are gone, so there only are 4 already in the group that you'll have to know about (along with whoever else is picked)

Here is my submission.

Probably going to be completely rewritten later, maybe. We'll see if I stop being lazy and write out a new character. :|

Hello all, If anyone is wondering (and I doubt anyone is) Dro'Araaj is my character so you I look forward to seeing you all in the rp.

(Shameless bump)

Hello all, If anyone is wondering (and I doubt anyone is) Dro'Araaj is my character so you I look forward to seeing you all in the rp.

(Shameless bump)

Thanks for posting.

I've edited the first post. I'd like to note that even though the roleplay has been started already it has been made very accessible.
For example there are currently only a handful of users already in the group, meaning that having to learn about many different characters shouldn't be an issue.

EDIT: double post.


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