Serial Killer Round 46: Burn the Witch! Cycle 3: Waiting on witch and physician

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Serial Killer Round 46

Burn the Witch

Salem may be the most famous, but it was not the most bloody or disturbing of the witch hunts. No, that honour goes to a small English village of Murderville. A place that had always been filled with mysterious occurrences, lately it had become much worse. The cows had stopped giving milk, the hens didn't lay eggs, the wheat did not grow in the field. Then people started dying. The townsfolk were frightened, hysteria spread through the town like wild fire.

"It must be the work of a witch, an agent sent by the devil to destroy this town!"

No one was above being a suspect. Hushed whispers in the night spread malicious rumours quickly. "The butchers wife is the witch! She's punishing him for adultery" or "It must be the baker. How does he keep baking without wheat?". Some have even blamed the candlestick maker.

People are starting to drop like flies, and you need to find the witch. Before they find you.


Mortis Nuncius Killed, Cycle 2
War Penguin


Mortified Penguin
xTwinkiesX Killed, Cycle 1.
Venom 3135 Executed, Cycle 1.

Awwwh sweet! This is the perfect excuse to put my suspenders on again. :D

Sending number now!

Get the duck ready for the weighing!

Also, number sent.

*fires comically oversized catapult*
Number incoming.
Watch your head.

Alrighty. I shall find my dice and turn out a new number.

Number on its way.
ETA: Erm...soon?

Number sent! The Emperor is pleased with this round's theme.

Excellent. The roles are back. :)

*sends number in some clever fashion*

Alright, hope I don't die in the first round this time.

I guess I'll give an SK I'm not use to a spin. Number sent in.

9 down, hopefully 20ish to go.

Also, I'm a regular now. Well, I would be if I wasn't GM.

The escapist ate my clever and witty comment :(

Well, my number has been sent, see you all soon for some witch hunting.

Normality is back! And so is a kickass theme!

Number sent and awaiting response.

Say, theoretically speaking, 2 pairs of people pick the same number, or 2 numbers are equally distant from my number, who gets the role?

Say, theoretically speaking, 2 pairs of people pick the same number, or 2 numbers are equally distant from my number, who gets the role?

Flip a coin?

Say, theoretically speaking, 2 pairs of people pick the same number, or 2 numbers are equally distant from my number, who gets the role?

Flip a coin/random number generator?

Or if you're feeling particularly nice and have the knowledge, whoever hasn't had a role the longest?

Say, theoretically speaking, 2 pairs of people pick the same number, or 2 numbers are equally distant from my number, who gets the role?

'First in first served' is the way I've always done it.

Number sent.

I'll need my blunderbuss if we're doing this skit.

I think I'll go with first come first served. Seems fairer to give it to those who are quickest off the mark.

So, when are we starting guys? O:

No user group notification? You know, before I got involved in the RPs I'm in now, I would have totally missed this. <.>

Sending number now.

@Sky: There's still only 14 entrants, so it might be a little while yet.

@Red: I just made a news post in the thread there. If anyone viewing this thread hasn't joined it yet...

Nice! I can have an easier time keeping track now! :P

Seriously though, while I'm glad we're not doing a total RP game, it was worth the experimentation, regardless if it was a little difficult to keep track of. And if it wasn't the route Skye intended. :P

Sending number!

Rad! The setting works pretty well, IMO.

Alright, sent my number...And I've pretty much only woken up, so no smart comment from me.

Alright, we're up to 19 participants. I'd like at least 6 more, then I'll get the game underway.

@Razer: That might be wishful thinking. Just give it another day and see if we get a few more.

Btw, aren't there meant to be an even number of participants when the Entwined are included? I forget. :I

@sky: Nope, if the entwined are involved then it has to be an odd number to keep things balanced. :P

@Link: Shit, my bad.

I'm really tired this week. o_o

Number sent! Do we not do Regulars anymore?
I'm sure some of you have noticed, as of recently I have been very absent due to my computer being broken. However this is all about to change as I have decided to build my first gaming computer! Needless to say I am very excited about all of the possibilities that will soon open up to me when the final part arrives Monday.

@Jak23: Yep, there's still a regulars list. They're at the top of the list, I just forgot to put a divider in. And cool on the gaming PC thing. I have an empty PC case in it's box under my bed, waiting till pay day so I can buy some components. Sadly I won't have everything till at least end of February, if not March. At least I still have a laptop though.

Also, I am going to wait till about 11pm GMT tomorrow for anymore numbers, and then I will give out roles and start the game. Only one regular has yet to send in a number, so I will message them to see if they want in.

@razer: Cool, well for future reference I'm a regular.
I'm not sure if it's still there , but there was a killer deal on Amazon, Bioshock 1&2 and Spec Ops: The Line Steam codes for only $10 you might want to pick up ahead of time. Just checked, it's not there anymore.

@razer: Wait a second, I'm not on the list of players.
I sent in my number, right? I didn't forget to click 'send'? I remember clicking send.
*starts having mental breakdown*
What is real any more?

@Trilby: Oops, there was a small, err, clerical error. I've had my assistant killed for the mistake.

Wait, no. I meant reassigned. My assistant has been re-assigned, not killed. Honest.

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