Serial Killer Round 46: Burn the Witch! Cycle 3: Waiting on witch and physician

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War Penguin:

Yeah, I did have to work pretty hard for it.

But... not to question your ways, it's a rather thankless job, is it not?

I guess. But at the end of the day, when I look into the mirror and see my Genderless self staring back. It all seems worth the effort.

I love not having a gender!

..That's what you were referring to, right?

I step away from the internets for a moment and this is what I come back to?

@Schizzy: I warned you about gender neutrality bro. I told you dog.

@Sky: Oh right. That. Kinda forgot about that. xD

I step away from the internets for a moment and this is what I come back to?

Yes. This is what you come back to. You come back to this place, time and time again. You don't know why, neither of us do. But you know you must return at any time you can. You can't explain that desire, but you don't need to. You give in to the chaos. You feed on it, and it feeds on you. Everyday, winding down to the darkest hour, you wish to wallow in the mayhem that many others do along side you. You ask no questions, accept anything that it gives you as truth. Because you love the chaos.

And you want to know something?

The chaos loves you too.

Mortis_Nuncius is the Witch's chosen victim. He messaged me to say he'd be late with the death post and to carry on. All that said, it's time to get the mob started again.

Mortis Nuncius has been killed, please send your votes.

@razer: You don't have to, but would you mind updating the roster? (or sky)
Also, vote casted.

@WarP: *Opens mouth to make a counterpoint*

*Has no idea what just happened.*

*Closes mouth*

@Schizzy: I was wondering if someone was gonna make a comment about that sooner or later. :P

@War: You got problems, bro. I'm telling you dog.

@RaNDM G: And I never denied those claims! I just didn't want to do anything about it! :P

@zero_ctrl ill do it right after I get home from work

Looks like the killer's victim is still walking around, not realising he/she is supposed to be dead.

How else to explain the deathless lull even after the killer has peeled out his/her skin and all that witchery that witches do?

@Zero: I've updated the list.

Anyhow, I'm off to find a new avatar.

I'm still alive btw. Not that anyone really cares. :P

@Red: For now...
*attaches burning torch to pitchfork*

Guys, catching a witch is really simple. Everyone knows that witches are made of wood and that wood floats.

So let's just start throwing everyone in the river. If they drown, then they were innocent. If they float then we lock them up until they dry and burn them at the stake.

Seems simple enough to me. >.>

@Link: Couldn't we just use a set of large scales and a duck to test?

@Trilby: No.

This is Serial Killer. We must use the way that causes the maximum collateral damage.

@Link: I'll get the dynamite and gasoline.

@Link: I can make a pit of spikes using old rakes and pitchforks!

@Sky: And I've got a whole basket of pit snakes to go with your pit, if you ever dig one up.

Also, nice going on the achievements.

@Schizzy: ...What achievements? o_o

@sky: The ones that spell FEAR. :)

The mob has chosen a new victim. It was a tight contest and the mobs victim lost out by only one vote.

The mob has chosen. Check your inbox.

Hurrah, no PM for me. =)

I too remain unscathed... For now.

@Schizzy: Ohhhhh, thanks =P

Also not dead!


@Sky: How the fuck did you do that and how the fuck can I get it to happen for me?! :O

@WP: Google Gizoogle.
Click 'Website Tranzizzle'.
Put in whatever URL you want tranzizzled.
Enjoy. Izzle.

@TrilbyWill: This... this is the greatest thing that I have ever laid eyes upon. My god. Where has this been all of my life?

Also, my speech earlier near the top of the page is all the more hilarious translated. xD

"Yes yes y'all. This is what tha fuck you come back to. Yo ass come back ta dis place, time n' time again. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Yo ass don't give a fuck why, neither of our asses do. But you know you must return at any time you can. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Yo ass can't explain dat desire yo, but you don't need to. Yo ass give up in ta tha chaos. Yo ass feed on it, n' it feedz on yo thugged-out ass. Everyday, windin down ta tha darkest hour, you wish ta wallow up in tha mayhem dat nuff others do along side yo thugged-out ass. Yo ass ask no thangs, accept anythang dat it gives you as truth. Because you ludd tha chaos.

And you wanna know somethang?

Da chaos loves you too."

Also also, Battle Penguin. :P

The mob has chosen to string up RaNDM_G. However, he can't write an execution post at the moment, so if anyone wants to do it for him, let me know.

The mob has chosen RaNDM_G, but he was innocent

Okay, it's time to reveal myself. *tears off mask*

Yes! I am the Spy!

After squandering my 2nd question on a bad hunch, I still have 4 suspects for the villagers to descend upon.

War Penguin

NeoAC has proclaimed his innocence to me, and as I'm not dead yet, either the Medic is doing me a favour, or he isn't the killer either. But I haven't completely ruled him out based on the questions I have asked thus far.

The questions were:

1. Does the killer have a 'Neo' badge currently on display? Yes

2. Does the killer have Skype on their profile? No

@sky: See, this is why you don't ask spy questions based entirely on the accusations of the first person murdered. :P

@Link: I haven't been the spy in a while.... And he had a good point. :I

@sky: I can see how you thought it possible. It just kind of dives into "is the killer really stupid enough to attack such an obvious target" territory. A lot of times, they aren't that dumb. But sometimes...

And no worries, a list of four is still handing us the killer on a silver platter. :D

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