Serial Killer Round 46: Burn the Witch! Cycle 3: Waiting on witch and physician

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@Link: I might not even need my third question, if I stay alive to get it =P

@sky: Be nice to know if the killer was one of 'em peeps with titles and large avatars, if ya get my meanin' :p

Well it looks like this penguin is in the clear :D

@sky/Link: Holy Hell, I didn't think anyone was going to take me seriously. Sorry about that.

@Twinkies: No worries, dude xD It's my own fault. Besides, I couldn't think of anything else to ask anyway. (Most questions would've only removed one suspect.)

@Twinkies: Honestly, I thought it was Redlin after you said that. So yeah, just as thrown.

Since no-one has chosen to write an execution and I've been busy today, I shall move things along, and ask the witch and physician to send in their choices.

No one is safe! The witch stalks the night yet again.

So that's why I haven't been getting any updates from the Spy... Oh dear... <.<

@War Penguin: At least you got one :P. I was in the dark! Now I know why >.>.

@WarP: @Nouw: Next time I'm the Spy, I'll just send everyone the list, for giggles. That way no one gets left out. :D

@sky: I think that's chapter one of 'How To be Murdered as the Spy in Serial Killer'.

@Trilby: Chapter 2: PM the suspects you think are the killers and taunt them.

@Trilby: @Sky: Chapter 3: If you die next, you know who the killer is.

@WP: @sky: Chapter 4: Publicly announce you are the spy after your first question has been answered, regardless of how many suspects are removed.

@Trilby: @Sky: Chapter 5: If the mob doesn't execute at least one of the suspects, then reconsider who you're trying to protect here.

Also, these are some damn short chapters. :P

@WarP: They're not consecutive.

I'm sorry for the delay, folks, I hope to move this along as soon as possible.

Sorry that it's a little trope-y. Got tired of planning out a creative story and started writing off the bat.

@Schizzy: Yusss! Nice Arbiter move! :D


Laughter overwhelmed the sound of raindrops. The figure held the small bullet in front of his face, revealing himself as he approached Schizzy.

"You didn't think it would have been THAT easy, did you?" said Atticus.

Schizzy paused in horror, still holding the empty pistol in the air. He then responded with "No... but it was worth a shot."

"Cute..." Atticus smirked. "So. You figured out that it was me all along."

"Yes! Tonight is the night that I strike you down and rid this land of your evil, witch!"


"You have tainted us with your presence for too long! Too many have died at your hands! I will make sure justice is done, and send a message to all witches like you!"


"I have come to... uh... I'm sorry, what?"

"Ugh. You people really need to learn the differences between witches and warlocks. You uneducated townsfolk always lead yourselves into trouble with little mistakes like that. A whole bunch of other towns out here made that same one you did, and all of the WOMEN were executed! And you know what? It was a MALE like myself that committed all of those crimes! Sad really... Well, not really. It's actually kind of funny! Ha! Ha ha! Haa..."

"You monster..." Schizzy said in shock, drawing his great-sword.

"Oh please! You people are the real monsters! Executions with no trial, needless assumptions. You've killed more than I have! And to think, you thought you were doing the work of God. When all along you were doing the work of Satan. Oh, the irony! Heh heh heh..."

Schizzy growled in anger and charged Atticus! One fowl, vertical swing of his great-sword, Atticus stepped aside and laughed at Schizzy's failing.

"Oh, you'll have to do more than THAT to kill me!"

Another swing, horizontal this time. Atticus jumped in response. Another horizontal swing! Now he ducked. He then swiped Schizzy's leg and dropped him down. He got up and stood over him, standing on his stomach.

"Fool! Did you really think it would be that simple? My powers reach farther than you can ever imagine. Kill me and I can take your soul with me, back to the deepest fiery depths of Hell!"

"If that's what it takes to make sure you stay there..." Schizzy said, holding the wheellock pistol, "... So be it!" and pulled the trigger.

"Wait, what's th-" But before Atticus could finish, a large explosion interrupted. The burst of flames swallowed the two of them whole. The fire quickly died down from the rain, and all that was left were two bodies. Both were blanketed with burns and scars, to the point where they were unidentifiable. Whether or not Atticus really took his soul, no one knows. All that is known is that Schizzy had made and honorable sacrifice to protect the townspeople.

He was a true arbiter.

@WarP: Best death I've ever read! xD

Glad you finally got to be killer, sorry that I narrowed it down so fast! =P I'll tell Neo that you need the list on Skype.

@sky: Yeah, why did you have to be so good at your job? The amount of fun the killer has seems to be a direct inverse to the amount of fun the spy has. >.>

@War: I chuckled. Nice death. :P

@Link: I just got really lucky with my first question, is all. >.>

@WarP: A benchmark death to be sure! Well done old-timer, you made it count.

@Everyone Else: Told you it wasn't me!

@Razer: Want to send a list of the roles over for the Hall of Records?

@Neo: You came pretty close to being my target. I misunderstood sky's post about the suspect having the Neo achievement, and thought it was a hint to off you. :P

On another note, was my opening so bad that no one thought to give feedback on it :'(

@Schizzy: I liked it... <.<

@NeoAC: I believed you... <.<

@Sky: I got so goddam pissed when I saw you make your spy move. xD

Alright, folks. Hopefully I'll get the new thread up by tonight. Thank you to Link and Neo for sending me the GM guide and Regulars list. I'm just kinda torn on what theme to choose...

I was thinking either a heist, where after it's successful, someone wants the money for themselves and slowly kills each member one by one or sort of the classic SK theme, where each player is a cop or mafia member, all looking for the killer and finding out it's someone on the inside, resulting in an all out crime war between the two parties.

@WarP: Well to be fair, I don't think the themes are really necessary. I only did the racing one because I was slightly miffed about getting Round 43 instead of Round 42, and Zero not even having the decency to do the HGTTG joke.

@NeoAC: I will do so at some point tomorrow.

Yes, the Witch has been killed. Which is why you haven't heard from me in couple of days, whilst I let this arbitration play out.

@Neo: No, but they're still fun and already sets a tone for newbies writing their first deaths.

Though I don't know. I might not do one. What do all ya'll think? :P

Also, by any chance could I get admin status on the SK group? Gonna make it a habit of making announcements there too!

@WarP: GM's choice really. I think that's one of the things that makes this such a successful game, everyone gets a chnace to put their own spin on things.

@Mort: I...
That was...

@Tril: I was thinking, 'Hey, what better way to be killed by a witch than to be cursed into thinking my body was being invaded by an egg-laying creepy-crawler and forced to mutilate myself horribly in my attempts to remove it?'

There might have been some scotch involved in the writing process.

...and Xanax.

...and sour gummy worms.

...and the tiniest liter of absinthe.

I'm kidding, of course.

(I don't eat gummy worms...)

@Mortis: You are mixing scotch and absinthe?

I think the self mutilation will be nothing compared to how you're going to feel in the morning. >.>

@Mort: Oh, right.
That's actually a really good idea.

Now, I'm going to curl up in a ball in the corner.

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