Trueblades: Origins.

You are a member of one of three famous Guilds within the Captial of Oa. These three factions battle for power, wealth and social status in the city. You have been given the task to show up as one of several representatives to a party at the Royal Court, you bring your belongings and your most trusted companion(Animal, Weapon,Ring etc.) This party is everything but standard.

The Trueblades: Paladins/Warriors/Templars.

The Midnight Wings: Rogues/Theives/Burglars.

The Circle: Mages/Wizards/Warlocks.

Looking around the room, Zeventis felt like he was being eyed by several of the other factions. "I wonder where my clansmen are?", he thought to himself as he was looking around. This can turn ugly and alone I won't stand a chance. Slowly touching his silver rapier, he took a heavy breath and walked up the stairs to the second floor.


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