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Can you imagine what it's like to not taste? Any food you liked now lacking base, with only texture to remember, along with flavor.
Touch? Even harder, it's easy to forget what pain is, but pleasure from that measure is gone, leaving a heart aching.
Smelling isn't so bad, it might leave you a bit sad, longing for what you once had.
Hearing we've adapted to, though that it is hard to live through, is quite true.
Sight we depend on so much as such, from the whole bunch.

People around the world are affected, the victims random and uncertain, but in numbers unforeseen. Small as it is globally, panic and hysteria ensue, alongside the rates of suicides.
Some herald it as the end of the world, other divine justice, few say both, economists, ecologist, biologist, and the whole gist of it are baffled.

An unnatural recurrence, and as the media have taken to calling it Supernatural.
Will you journey in this world? To find truth? To find hope? To find an end?
This is an apocalyptic, mystery, modern horror, you play a character who has loss one of the given senses, what you do from there is up to you.

More information will be added as interest is seen, feel free to comment and question.

The year is 2013, and 3 months have past sense the affliction began to spread. With a few key political figures succumbing to it, as well as other vital members to governing bodies, riots and social disorder spread from the Middle East, to China, and even Japan. Central Europe is quickly falling towards military control to ensure some resemblance of order, and America is in conflicting disarray, with both Canada and Mexico fleeing towards it, and others from the States to them. As more and more people are losing both their senses and sanity, the UN and others attempt to rally together to find a solution.
Soon stories spread, of fanatics of all kinds committing acts both grievous and desperate, mysterious disappearances and media black outs, tales of paradise in sanctuaries secluded on islands and in the wild. No story the same, some with grains of truth harder to find then gold in a river, yet one still holds true.

The Cure?
Of all the rumors generated, this one is the most prevalent. People rise and fall introducing wonder cures, many are false and the seller rarely is seen again, alive or dead. The single exception is a drug called Seen (aka Scene, S.C, the Bean), the size and shape roughly of a kidney bean, with a soft almost rubbery texture, the color seems to differ to each beholder.
Though the effect is the same, it raises and restores all the senses, is extremely effective, lasts for roughly an hour (differs), and is addictive to the point of murderous intent.
If anyone has managed to find the source, replicate it, or generate a cure from it, no one has confirmed anything, but rumors persist.

Where Are You?/Sheet
In this entire world, you are but one who loses one of their senses (from the given, i.e you could already be deaf), which you lose is random, and how it affects you depends on your character within 3 months time.
You will lose many things, may gain many things, but surely die at the end of things, because no one is immortal. It doesn't matter where you come from, or where you are at the start of this, you'll all begin in the same location, whether you like it or not.

Please note, all of the information below should be about BEFORE the Affliction has occurred or become widespread.
Age:Ditto (any age acceptable, within reason)
AppearanceHeight, weight, physique in general, numbers help in this case, alongside typical style clothing wise.
Personality:These aren't set in stone, but their general stance and ideas/morality of themselves and towards others.
Background:From birth to just before the Affliction impacted (XX-XX-XXXX to 12-31-2012), this is your story/history/origins.
Notes:Anything that needs to be added to add further background, languages spoken, pets, family, skills, etc.


Ok you've got my attention, this sounds interesting

Intriguing...Well you certainly have piqued my interest.

More information would be welcomed.

Ignore This Post.

Intriguing...Well you certainly have piqued my interest.

More information would be welcomed.

Your wish has been granted, I know I've missed a lot so feel free to question anything that is missing.

Anti-American Eagle:
Ok you've got my attention, this sounds interesting

Or does it ?_?
Information has been updated, and feel free to question anything you think is missing.


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