Serial Killer Round 47: It's Over!

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Serial Killer Round 47

Just Like the HK Unit!

Murderville. Of course that's not the town's real name, but it's what people call it. It's an urban legend, a small town in the middle of nowhere, famous for its absurd amount of killers and reported of deaths.

Each one of you works for the local police force. You've seen it all, from the simple back alley stabbings to the "Oh sweet Jesus! Is that his stomach?!" But now... it's different. One of your own men got killed. Maybe it was an outside source, but you suspect it was someone on the inside, someone in the force.

Fingers are pointing, arguments and denials are yelled. But no matter what, the killer is out there, and he's picking each one of you out, one by one. Fight all you want, but you all have one common goal:

Find the killer... before he finds you.

Be sure to join our Serial Killer Group if you wish to partake in future rounds!


1) sky14kemea Killed, Cycle 1
2) CounterAttack Killed, Cycle 5
3) NeoAC Executed, Cycle 1
4) Schizzy Executed, Cycle 4
5) Link_to_Future
6) Redlin5 Executed, Cycle 3
7) Zero_ctrl Entwined Executed, Cycle 6
8) Diablo1099 Entwined Entwined Death
9) Mortis Nuncius
10) RaNDM G Killed, Cycle 8
11) Nouw The Medic Killed, Cycle 7
12) razer17 Executed, Cycle 5
13) MortifiedPenguin Killed, Cycle 6

14) Terratina.
15) TrilbyWill Executed, Cycle 7
16) xTwinkiesx The Double Voter Killed, Cycle 4
17) Lizmichi The Spy Executed, Cycle 2
18) Jak23 Killed, Cycle 3
19) KrimsonNekros The Priest Killed, Cycle 2

The killer has been chosen! The game is now closed! You had your chance...

"Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target a hundred and twenty kilometres away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope."

Number shall be sent in shortly.

I'm in

Statement: Indeed, I am most eager to engage in some unadulterated violence. At your command of course, Master.

Let's just leave quotes here instead of playing the game. ^_^

Edit: Also, funny that you would bring up Hitman. I just got off of a two hour Blood Money binge to wash the taste of Absolution out of my mouth. :/

Number sent.

Ooooh....I'm a regular now, nice :)

Anyways, number sent.

What do you mean it has nothing to do with Hitman?! D:<

Uhmmm... I don't have any witty quotes. So...

I'll just send a number. :I

*eats a box of donuts*

@sky: I don't either....
*steals some donuts*


Number s-s-sent.

I am determined to having my name on the OP as a regular sometime. >:D

@Link: What can I say? I'm one hell of a police officer.

@Terra: I'm determined to NEVER be a regular, but still take part in as many rounds as possible.

@sky: When you say you ate the whole box... you're just referring to the donuts inside, right?

@Trilby: Don't underestimate my powers.

*chews the cardboard*

The HR department either clearly didn't see my track record or their physical requirements are rather lax. Either way, let's do this.

@sky: I'm not sure if that counts towards your five a day...

Number sent in.

Number sent! Sorry for not being very active last round. I recently discovered the Skyrim nexus...

NUmber Submitted

@Krimson Oh hey, new blood.

@Michi: Indeed. Welcome, Krimson. Think you'll find the decor to your name's liking. However, all new bloods must make a contribution themselves. A formality really.

So yeah, some scarlet paint would go great in the break room. Two gallons should do it.

@Neo Should I start with yours? I would say Michi, but there are... mitigating circumstances.

@Krimson Yea.. like me sitting next to you right now. You know I will hit you.

@Krimson: Well, I think it would be much easier to get it from Michi then in that case. Plus then you don't have to pay the dutyfree tax on it.

@Neo Hey you should be on my side on this. Besides he's a stick so I can pick him up with one arm. We call him stick man for a reason Neo.

@neo Well I can't just stick a knife into anyone here. Though should i use a Bowie or a Kabar... maybe a tanto would be better, ah decisions decisons. Leaning towards you atm since Michi does have the Fork of Horripilation.

@Krimson: Those things would've been useful when I got mugged last Thursday. But then again, 6 men jumped me, so I guess lucky me?

Ah, I get the HK-47 joke now.


@Schizz: :0

@Title: just got that one too. duurrnnamnnnbnbnt.

Observation: Huh. A lot less potential targets have joined than I expected. :/

I was hoping that I'd start the bloodshed by Monday, but I can see that there are still quite a few spaces open. Not to mention the lack of numbers from Mort, Redlin, and RaN.

Query: Would you all like to start without these people, playing with a smaller number than usual? Or perhaps we could wait a few more days, say... until Wednesday?

Yes, I'm going to format all of my posts like HK 47 and you can't stop me!

Answer: I shall be content regardless of how many people there are.

I can do it too! =P

I'm fine either way.

@CA: Observation: I'm surprised at the sheer lack of meatbags who wish to partake in our speaking. Perhaps they are unaware of the character of the great HK-47 himself. Pity...

@Schizzy: ... I'm gonna break character for the sake of respect, but holy shit! That really happened? Damn man... You're a tough one!

I can't help it but, this thread is filled with meatbags.

@WarP: Give it a couple more days. I think that has been a problem recently that we've been in such a rush to start the killings that we aren't giving people enough time to join in.

@Michi Don't stay in here too long then.

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