Serial Killer Round 47: It's Over!

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Confirmation: Yes, it appears that the organic known as sky14kemea has been murdered. It is time for everyone to vote.

@sky: Commentary: I have conflicted feelings whether I want to see your death first or an update to your comic. :P

@WarP: I know, right? I'll see what I can do.

It'd be nice if you commented more on my comics, I never know who's keeping up with it. :<

@WarP: Ummmm, yeah, I totally gave you the power for notifications an what-not.

@Neo: Observation: Oh. That you did. Forgive my ignorance, for I was unaware of this event. I will use this power... responsibly.

@Sky: Statement: Very well! Though I am not well versed in the art of comment making, I shall comment more on your comic, in hope to encourage you to focus on it even more.

Survival: Still status green. Sending vote in. Beep Boop.

My vote for this bullet has been cast. We shall soon see who has stayed too long.

@Nekros: I'd just like to say, you are totally not acting suspicious at all.

Seriously. There is no possible way you could be the killer this round. Nope, not at all.
You freaking scare me.

Wow that was fast.

@RaNDM: I like him!

@Sky Watch him he's crazy.

@Michi There's the pot calling the kettle black.

@Krimson Now that's just racist.

@Michi We're all guilty of a little racism now and again. Innocence is the greatest illusion of life.

Announcement: All of the votes have been received! Do check your inboxes to see if you have been executed!


@sky: Eh. It was alright.

Statement: I am pleased to have survived the first round.

Oh maaaaan. What happened to the time-honoured tradition of lynching the new guy?

Not my best work, but eh. I've been snowbound. What can you do?

Sorry Neo. I voted for you for the lulz.

Isn't killing Neo a precaution against him having a second victory?

Also I feel like a bum, going around looking for free posts. <.<

Unnecessary Announcement: Yes, NeoAC has been wrongly executed and the killer still walks among you all. Time for the killer and the medic to do their work!

@WarP: Gonna be honest, when I read the Group news post, I thought it said "sexually violent mob".

This is why I haven't written a death yet. That and I'm just too gosh darn lazy.

@Redlin: Well geez, then we better target anybody else who has won the game.

@Zero: Thanks for that nice target you just hung on my back. >.<

@RealTalk: You guys can murder/execute me if it makes you feel better. It'll be a waste of a turn for you guys but I've had a half-formed death bouncing around my head for the past couple of months so it won't be a total loss for me. Just know that writing is kinda low on my priority list at the moment and it'll probably take me a while to get it posted.

So...uh...your guys' move?

I received a special request to decorate the thread with 2 gallons of scarlet paint. I honored that request, just not in the anticipated manner. I suspect the client did not expect to be the target.

@Sky: That's the worst kind of mob!
Not by much, though. Normal mobs still, y'know, kill you.
@Link: Not sure if serious... or overly complex and fairly stupid bluff...

@Krimson: I...wait...what? O_o

@Trilby: Well, the only way that you will know for sure is to call me on it. But consider the source. If this were a bluff, don't you think that I of all people would at least put the slightest grain of effort into not making it so flimsy?

I sincerely have no stake on if I live or die this round. I already know that I will probably be killed because of this little exchange and I'm fine with that. I've just laid my cards on the table so that I can say I told you so later. ^_^

@Link: You seem like the sort of person make bad bluffs.
I think.
I don't know you, or your bluffing habits, that well.

@Trilby: Well then by the end of this you will know me just a little bit better. ^_^

@Link: It will enrich my life forever, I'm sure.

@Trilby: Well of course. I cannot imagine anything more fulfilling than learning minor character details about people on the internet that you will probably never interact with in person.

Truly there has never been anything better in the history of ever.

@Zero: Thanks for that nice target you just hung on my back. >.<

With pleasure :)

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