Serial Killer Round 47: It's Over!

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So yeah didn't last long, but looks like i set a record

Observation: I doubt you will have set any records. Neo will be the judge of that, however, being the record keeper and all.

@Krimson: Well... as newcomers go, and ESPECIALLY since you're the only one this round, you lasted the longest on your first game.

Announcement: Yes, the killer strikes again and KrimsonNekros is the latest victim. Who do you think it is?
What do you mean you don't know?! Whatever, just vote anyway...

@Krimson: Yeah, lots of Newbies have died in the first round, so you're hardly a record breaker. *goes back to feasting on JIB nachos*

@ThreadTitle: Yes, I pay attention :)

Vote sent, btw.

@Deaths: I like how you guys are making an effort to keep the deaths connected. I like these thematic ideas; it adds to more interesting stories, I believe.

Well times to send in my vote.

Vote has been sent. Is this my first post in this thread? I think it might be,.

Statement:Get the bugger that murdered me this time!

Commentary: My, I'm not used to being a GM. I feel the need to vote even though doing would be absolutely useless! Oh, the petty woes of a top of the line assassination droid...

Oversight can be lethal. Perhaps not joining the group earlier was part of the reason for my early demise. Still, the problem has now been rectified and I'm in the group officially now.

Announcement: All of the votes have been received. Tremble as you check your inboxes!


This is the space where I would put other witty remarks and comments.

Oh, I'm not dead.

Thanks spy for clearing my name. :)

Statement: I have had no messages from the Spy...

Conjecture: It would seem that that makes me a possible suspect. Targeting me is an unwise course.


Maaaybe I should've voted someone else.

My bad.

@Kittyman .. you will die.

Unnecessary Confirmation: Yes, Lizmichi has been executed. Your last hope is gone. Where is your god now?

I hope for all of your sakes that the Medic will do his/her job well.

@schizzy I suggest you run. There is little i can do to stop her when she really gets her dander up.

@Liz: I'm sure I will sometime. But it won't be because of you anymore :D /insensitivepig

@Krimson: I'm gonna die. You gonna die... oh wait, you already did.

The point is, we're all gonna die. But it's not gonna be me today.


@Schizzy Don't make me come out of the graveya.... wait i don't have a flashback DAMMIT!

@Krimson Meh just let me cast Past in Flames.

@Everyone: Aww...dead spy. Good one guys. >.<

@Link: Don't blame me, I didn't know who the spy was.

@Link: Don't blame me, I didn't vote for anyone important. Probably. You're not important, right?

Anyway, if the celebrity, arbiter, or medic are in that pool of suspects, I suggest sending a PM with proof of innocence to those of us from the U.S. You know how we can get when we're on a manhunt.

Fun fact: I actually have spent this entire week watching Adventure Time 3 times in a row...

Announcement: The organic known as Jak23 has been killed. It is time for all of you meatbags to vote.

@Twinkies: You Americans and your manhunts. Try to leave some of my country's infrastructure standing if you decide to come for me. :P

@schizzy Manhunts are fun they have a high tendency to lead to riots, and you know wht they say about riots.

"A riot is an ugly thing, and its about time we had one!"

@Krimson: Right on, disembodied spirit man!

Who wants to go on a riot? I promise there'll be lots of looting and pillaging involved!

@Schizzy: It's a cryin' shame. This is on you, I hope you know. You should have listened to me. If only there was a vigilante bent on bringing righteousness and swift justice to the people. You were too caught up in being a father, though. You were busy creating a person when you could have created a legend.

But it's too late for all that. Nothing will save you now.

As far as the riot goes, just remember rule number one: Pillage...then burn.

Wait it's pillage then burn?

*looks at a burning orphanage and then whistles innocently while shuffling off.*

@Twinkies: If a legend includes my daughter wearing body gloves, the world's gonna have to wait a little longer. If it's the revealing type, the world can burn for all I care :P

And who cares what happens to an old man anyways.

@PillageBurn: That's why you carry a pitchfork in your right hand, and a torch on your left (vice versa for lefties).

*comes back from beyond*

I think I fell into a time warp. What year is this?

that's my excuse for the lack of death anyway

@Sky: It's the year 1798 and we're in the midst of the French Revolution doncha know? Something about cutting up potatoes into little sticks and frying them, I'm told.

Lots of people dying over it, I hear.

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