Serial Killer Round 47: It's Over!

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@Schizzy: Why not give them cake and be done with it?

@RaNDM: I've never heard of a riot starting over cake before. We could try that.

My desperate appeal for sheets in Thugs failed completely. v.v

I have voted. Commence the shenanigans!

In case no one heard Redlin:



Yes, hmmm.



If you insist >:3

Announcement: The votes have been received! Check your inboxes!

@Sky: Emoticon: >:(

Threat: You have made an unwise choice to test the power of a top of the line assassination droid such as myself. Consider yourself lucky for I will deal with you later.

@War: You may be an HK-series assassin droid, buy you're no giant robot.

Chicks dig giant robots.

Just a quick blurt, seeing as I had no role whatsoever in this game. <.>

That's what you get for overcooking my steak.

Confirmation: Once again, and innocent meatbag, Redlin5, has been wrongly executed. I will never understand the habits of the average organic and its uncivilized thirst for bloodshed.

@RaNDM G: Chide: Oh please. The Megas unit lacks much of the finesse that even an Astromech series droid could accomplish. The Megas unit incorporates the most brutish and neanderthal of methods of executing a target. The HK series conversely, much like the unit you see before you, uses very complex and intricate planning to wipe out the target properly, wiping out all of it's surrounding protection to strike fear in to the target, then finally putting it out of its pitiful misery. All while merely using an Arotech Sniper Rifle with a tri-light scope. Doing more with less.



Go on about software all you want. You're not winning this argument.

@Link: Megas vs. Giant? I dunno man, close call.

@RaNDM G: I made it just as you asked! You just decided you wanted Medium Rare AFTER everything was made.


@Red: Not my fault you can't cook.

@RaNDM G: Go feed yourself next time.

@Red: Will do.

Conjecture: It's been two days since I last contacted the victim. I was hoping that this would be enough time to at least announce his death himself, but that does not seem to be the case. Perhaps he is what you meatbags call "AFK."

Conclusion: No matter, it is time I announce his death and let this game continue. The wait has gone far too long.

Announcement: xTwinkiesx has been killed. He was also the paranoid double voter this round. It is time for you all to vote.

@RaNDM G: Confeesion: As much as of a lesser unit that it is, that show was far more than spectacular. *Sigh* Oh, it was like Clerks and every Japanese monster movie rolled into one...

Well, that's one way to catch the killer.

I mean, who needs specialised roles. There's nothing a good ol' random lynching can't solve!

@Schizzy: Some people might consider multiple random lynchings to be a problem...

@WarP: No. It was not enough time. Between work and school and I've had fuck all time to do anything else. So yeah, 'AFK' is a pretty good way to put it. I'm working on a death post, but I have no promises on when it'll be complete.

@xTwinkiesx: Apology: Please forgive me. I was unaware of your schedule.

@WP: could you be expected to know his schedule? O_o

If he didn't announce it to the thread or specifically ask you for more time, then you did the right thing by advancing the game. No one should expect you to put the game that we are all playing on hold for the sake of one person that you haven't heard back from.

Of course not, that would be silly. War Penguin has no reason to apologize. Reading my post again, it sounds a lot more confrontational than I intended. I want to apologize for that. I just wanted to explain why I haven't had time to do anything about being dead yet. You're right, though. I could have said something, and for holding things up, I also apologize.

It's been so long that I can't remember whether I've voted.

ERROR: Unable to contribute to vote. Please consult your nearest physician or reinstall Redlin5.exe and try again.

Plea: Forgive me, but I was informed that the executed would have had his/her death up within the 24 hours that I had contacted him/her. It has been past that.

Query: Shall I just announce who was executed or do you wish to give him/her the benefit of the doubt and wait one more day?

Answer: I was of the mind that the deceased had forty-eight hours to post their death, rather than twenty-four. Thus I vote to give it another day.

@Schizzy: Know that feel bro. I've checked my sent box twice during this vote.

Sorry guys, but I won't be adventuring with you any longer. On account that you guys lynched me.

I was suppose to post two days ago, but the weekend jumped me. Not much of an excuse, but if it helps slake your rage, all my muscles ache from carrying an inconsolable and fidgety baby boy.

He lucky that he's just so darn cute.

P.S. I haven't a clue what I'll be doing for my death, but I'll have it up by today.

Confirmation: Before I forget, yes Schizzy has been executed and wrongly so. So now the Killer lives to kill again.

Now let's get on with this game!

Statement: Bother. I forgot that I actually had to write something for a change. It has been a considerable period of time since I was last deactivated.

A few hours later... yeah, I've got nothing. Haven't had to write a death post in so long that I completely lost the ability to do one. In short, blargh i am ded.

Whoa, only five pages, and little less than/about half of the meat has already been cooked? Geez, talk about your productive killer. *vanishes, continues awaiting the occurrence of the fabled 50th cycle*

@Pm0n3y: I still blame Redlin.

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