Serial Killer Round 47: It's Over!

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@Schizzy: Lights, monsters. Is this a Kanye reference? Or am I just going crazy?

@Schizzy: See, that's why I stick to Monster for my energy drink needs. Just as poisonous as Red Bull without any of the pretense of flying.

@Nouw: Just a little verbal diarrhea. I had no ideas for a story for the past 5 days. And you ARE crazy.

@Link: I don't have Monster here :(

Also, my daily Red Bull did a number on my liver, I believe. My latest blood test told me I had liver damage. Avoiding it like the plague now.

Confirmation: CounterAttack has been murdered and it is now time for you all to vote.

@Pm0n3y: Agitated Query: Where the bloody hell have you been?

@Schizzy: Wrote @Nouw at first >.>. Yup, I am indeed crazy.

An exceptionally long wait later...

@RaNDM G: Statement: I have received the necessary amount of votes and the executed has been notified. Give it one more day and I'm certain that we will get an announcement from the victim.

@War: Can do. I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat for this.

Any chance that something will happen before I get too old to type on the keyboard? :|

@Schizzy: the next 10 minutes? Probably not. :O


@Link: Commentary: You commented on the age of the organic well. You may be one of the few meatbags that I like.

@Schizzy: Statement: It's been two days since I last contacted the victim. I suppose it's time to announce his death.

Announcement: razer17 has been executed. And you guessed it, he was not the killer. Now for the REAL killer to strike!

@Link: *Fills blunderbuss with gravel from the walkway to his home.*

Run, young punk. Run.

@TehOldCat: Ooooh! A battle!

*pulls out crossbow with dynamite arrows*

Things have been so boring around here. Let's spice it up. ^_^

*Fires blunderbuss at Link*

@YoungPup: Eat rocks, whippersnapper!


How do you think you'll hurt him with ghost gravel?

@RaNDM: What made you think I loaded ghost gravel into my ghost blunderbuss? ;)

*Falls down dead*

Looks like I was murdered


I'll have a death up later.

@MortifiedPenguin: Commentary: Well... it's an announcement, I will give you that.

Confirmation: That's right, MortifiedPenguin has been murdered! So now it's time to vote! And get it right this time!

*is scattergunned by ghost gravel*

@FossilFeline: Well played, dead one. But I know the weakness of the old.

*fires dynamite, blows up Schizzy's lawn*


@MongrelThing: My lawn! My beautiful, beautiful, weed flower patch!

*Loads blunderbuss with rabid penguins*

*Fires blunderbuss, which throws Schizzy flat on his back*

*Floats about awaiting the next round only to get blasted by rabid penguins.*

What the heck Schizzy!?

@Krimson: You know what they say... don't get in the way of rabid penguins.

@Krimson: He's right. I remember that one time I spent a month in the deep South.


They mistook their own young for squid. So much death...

On the bright side, it's really gonna kick-start my directing slash screenwriting career.

I'm writing and directing a drama called Red Down based on the horrific events of the Mass-Antarctic-cre of 2013.

The hardest part is trying to squeeze George Clooney into an infant's penguin costume. The baby oil just isn't enough...

@Schizzy: Why would a ghost need a ghost blunderbuss to begin with?

@Mortis: I hear the Jivaroans are real friendly to celebrity philanthropists. I'm sure they'll be happy to help Mr. Clooney fit the part.

Seems like you have a hit on your hands. What did you plan on calling the sequel? The Thin Flippered Line?

@RaNDM: Why WOULDN'T a ghost need a ghost blunderbuss?

@Schizzy: Well, this ain't 1850 for one.

@RaN: Hmm...I'll have my agent fly in to Peru and get in touch with them, perhaps adopt their kids to replace the crew members in exchange for old Gameboys they'll worship for a while 'til the batteries die out. Then they'll revolt, likely break into civil war before ultimately being violently taken over by a rival tribe. It'll be great!

Also, I've thought about it, but I'm having a hard time convincing a couple of the actors to do a very touching father/son scene that involves one regurgitating fishy mush into the other's mouth. Sean Penn is fine being on the receiving end, the difficulty is that Adrien Brody really doesn't like giving up his fish...

@Mortis: It's very simple. Give Brody a few hits of LSD, convince him that Penn is a very attractive female Emperor and the fish mush is a swig of Stella.

@RaNDM: You have NO IDEA how old I am, do you?

@Mortis: Does your mother know you're directing this?

@Schizzy: You are 33 years old...

or 396 months old
or 1,724 weeks old
or 12,069 days old
or 289,668 hours old
or 17,380,110 minutes old
or 1,042,806,645 seconds old

That's counting all the time you spent dead playing this game.

@RaNDM: You forgot to add age modifiers for being married and having two kids :P

@Scizzhy: Nope. Couples with kids live longer. Fact.

If anything, I should be docking off five years.

Okay! I'm sorry for taking as long as I did. Shit in the real world happened, and now I'm sick and I only just remembered to update this! So I got all the votes and I will notify to victim immediately. Sorry for the delay.

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