Serial Killer Round 47: It's Over!

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@RaNDM: Fine! Hmmmph! Take away my old credentials, why don't you? *sob*

I just really like my blunderbuss, okay? I can put anything into it for ammunition. Like solid shot misery.

*Load gun with solid misery and fires at RaNDM*

@Diablo: What a dirty death!

@Zero: The irony, it burns!

*Load gun with solid misery and fires at RaNDM*

Schizzy, I was handcrafted from pure narcissism. What makes you think that thing will hurt me?

@Zero: Wow. That sucks man.

So, anyone going to stop the killer? By the way, I'm still innocent.

Wait, the entwined don't know who their partner is anymore? O_o

@Nouw: I think you're thinking of regular clothing iron. Those can really burn you bad.

@RaNDM: Narcissism immunises against misery? Call the press!

@Redlin: You're guilty until proven innocent. Even when you're dead!

@Link: It was a troubled household, methinks.

@Schizzy: image

Disappointed by the lack of burning though. I'm sure there's a picture somewhere.

@Schizzy: I'm fairly certain a high level of narcissism shields against everything.

@Nouw: No man, just... No.

Yes, both Diablo and Zero are executed. Two in one!

Killer and Medic do stuff now.

I'm still sick, no HK 47 schtick.

@Nouw: Needs more iron.

@RaNDM: Including a severe case of bodily intrusive lead bullets?

@War: I'm sick of you being sick. Stop being sick before I sic my sick dog on your sick ass!

@Schizzy: Especially that.

@RaNDM: This thread needed more puns. Hell, it still needs more.


@Nouw are you begging to be punished?



*facepalm through my ethereal head*


@Puns: Just as punned.

@Nouw: You're a terrible influence, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

@Nouw: What are you? Tzeentch's lesser known younger brother? Or simply a Lord of Puns?

@Trilby, @Schizzy: They call me...the Punisher.

And not even I am invulnerable, for the killer took offense and decided to murder me. My death shall be the punniest there has ever been!

@Nouw: Wait, you were executed? How...we were waiting for the killer to go, right? #_#

The killer made the execution! PALPATINE'S BEHIND IT ALL!

Sssssh, none of you saw that ;).

EDIT 1: First draft finished. Will be up tomorrow!

@nouw you can't even bother being grave for this on e little moment?

@Krimson: I'd say it was pretty grave that people were willing to lynch him WITHOUT even suspecting him of murder.

But that could just be me.


I'd say that the Punisher just got... PUNished.

I crack me up.

@Nouw: You neglected to mention the best part: you were the Medic!

Yeah, that's right. Nouw is dead. I figured that would have clued you guys in to start voting already but I see that you need a reminder.


@Schizzy: But he was murdered. >_>

@Zero: Well... EXCUSE ME for being old and confused.

*Blasts Zero with blunderbuss filled with fish heads*

Even from the grave I'm causing a ruckus!

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