Serial Killer Round 47: It's Over!

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@Schizzy: Watches as gravity brings the fishes down back onto your head.
Wooo JIB.

I was executed.
I'll have a death up by the weekend, assuming the game hasn't ended by then.

Yep. That happened.

Killer, can you go all the way? Let's find out!

Prediction: Killer dies next round of executions.

Prediction: Killer is dead.

@Nouw: @Zero: If that doesn't happen, I'm gonna be so goddam pissed at you guys...

@Killer: C'mon! I need a kill from you!

EDIT: Thank you...

So, um... I figured he would have at least announced it by now but maybe he's busy. It's been two days so I figure I'd just move the game along since we're right up to the end:

RanDM G has been killed!

I guess vote... If you don't figure out who it is, I'm gonna be pissed.

Could it be? Could someone finally de-throne Neo as King of SK and end the gloating and showboating we've endured for so long?

Three left... either it'll be two to one, or all three will vote for someone different. This is where the game ends.

Whether the killer wins or not, I dunno if I'll come back for the next round. Gonna be honest here, I'm a little tired of participating. Might not say no to hosting a round though (it's a maybe at this stage).

Umm who's the only non American left?

The sad part about this whole thing is that the killer could have won so easily if she had literally just started paying attention.

Seriously, she killed three non-Americans in a row even after someone sort of foolishly revealed that Americans were innocent in the thread. She could have assassinated all of us and then stayed under the radar among the ocean of the rest of the world. I mean, the reason we didn't go after her is because she had the power of near anonymity on her side. Had that happened, the choice wouldn't have been so obvious right now.

Blah metagaming. Either I need to get better at it or I need to stop doing it entirely and just enjoy the ride. :/

Edit: Oh...god. The basement door has followed me. o.o

@Link: That took me way longer than it should have to understand >.>.

I kinda wish the players left had roles. Kinda like *that* round. You know which one :P.

@Nouw: Hehe...sorry about being maybe confusing. Cohesiveness is kinda failing me at the moment. I blame lack of sleep. <.>

It's funny, it's almost been a year since that particular round ended. The fact that we finished it with two spies and the killer was sort of the cherry on top of the two months of insomnia spent pondering kill orders and figuring out how to work the vote without arousing suspicion. It really was a perfect alignment of lucky breaks, pointless obsession, and having good will to cash in on. I always meant to write up the story but it never really seemed like anyone cared.

Plus, post rush dance off. Clearly it was a better age.

@Link: A better age indeed. Man... that was an awesome round. Same round that I had the honour of writing SK's first successful use of the priest role since its introduction.

And I only just realised the number of typos and mis-punctuation I wrote for my death. The horror!

@Link: Oh no it was a knock at me not you :P.

Yeah, it really was a better age. We haven't even hit 10 pages this round >.>. In the wise words of Ozymandias, "We can save this world."

I guess I missed the golden age of the game. <.>

@Link: I must have missed that conversation. I was deliberately careful to keep any game-changing information like that hidden.

I think I spoke too soon about the thematic deaths. Seriously, were there many other "police-themed" deaths after I said that?

This one's a nail-biter, ain't it?

@RaN: *twitch*

So you know that death that had been floating around in the back of my head? Now I can't do it because you just used the crux elements from it (ominous conversation with the killer revealing own dark nature, dying by fire, the second to last line!!).

Good death. Now get out of my brain. >.<

@Voting: Oh my god this shouldn't be taking so long. :/

@Link: What can I say? Great minds think alike.

@Voting: Oh my god this shouldn't be taking so long. :/

Sorry! Midterms/papers! D:

Yes, that's a no brainer, but Terratina. was the killer and she is now dead. The game is over. You can now arise from your graves.

Could it be? Could someone finally de-throne Neo as King of SK and end the gloating and showboating we've endured for so long?

Oh, you'll never be able to end the showboating. NEVAR!

Also, I live!

Oh...well that was somehow both protracted and sudden. x.x

I think I might try to start writing something tomorrow. If any of the final three want to play around with it, let me know. If not, well, I'll just take liberties. :P

Someone gave me life again!


Just so I can squander it once more...


@Redlin5: Alas, that is the nature of SK.

What is dead may never die, until it comes back to life again only to be lynched >.>.

*yawn* about time.

@Neo: Teh horrors!

@Liz: I guess this isn't what you imagined when you decided to make a comeback.

Yeeeaaahhh... Not gonna lie, I was seriously hoping that the killer would have at least made an announcement of her death, or at least acknowledge that she'd be the new GM, which is why I've been keeping my mouth shut and giving her time to do it herself.

But that doesn't seem to be case.

So... considering how I did a craptacular job this round, should we decide who should be the next GM if she doesn't want to do it?

@War Penguin: Yeah, I'm rather not do it. A deathy death of death will be here probably by tomorrow.

@Terratina.: Alright, then. That's a clear and definitive answer if I've ever seen one. :P

So... who wants to be new GM? Huh? Anyone?

I don't even know if I'll be around next round. <.<

If need be I guess I can go again. Would mean I actually pay attention instead of going blissfully unaware as the first kill.

Deciding if I want to take up the responsibility of GM. Don't wanna muss it up, but wanna hone my skills managing a game.

I'll leave the choice up to you guys. I'm also mulling over whether or not I should join the next round. Or the round after that either. Round 50, I'll definitely be in, though. But it's probably best that I'm not in the next two...

Heck, I'll do it. Would be a nice change of pace.

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