The New Blades [Skyrim RP/ Closed for now]

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"That wasn't a joke, you imbecile. I fought - briefly - for the Thalmor during the Great War before secretly joining the Blades. That was about twenty-five years ago, since then I've been doing what I can to funnel information out of the Summerset Isles to Blades operatives elsewhere in Tamriel and sabotage Thalmor activities across Nirn. But while I am loyal to the Blades, I -am- Thalmor. And I know more about their methods and more importantly their goals than any of you, I suspect."

She put her hands on the table and leaned forward. "The Thalmor have little concern for rabble-rousing and trouble-making. They're heavily focused on the larger picture. That gives us an advantage, but don't mistake that for weakness on their part. The Dominion isn't as powerful as it presents itself to be, yes, but the Thalmor did not annihilate the majority of this organization, take two provinces from the Empire, and force the Empire to turn against Talos because they were weak or fools. Underestimate them and you will be the next to die."

"Wake up, Orsimer. The Empire is dying. Black Marsh and Hammerfell have seceded. Valenwood and Elsweyr have been conquered. Morrowind is mostly destroyed. Skyrim, High Rock and Cyrodiil are all they have left. The defeats have left the Empire's morale broken, and the Civil War is draining resources from what little is left of the Empire. Thalmor agents walk the length and breadth of the Empire unimpeded. You scoff at an enemy who has claimed all but absolute victory."

Umbra leaned back in his chair before removing his glasses and producing a cloth with which to clean them. Upon a dozen or so clicking noises signifying that all of the lenses were in place, he took a refreshing sip of water and began.

"First, I would like to clarify my tone previously used, as I feel like it would clear some things up. I believe you. I have no doubts in my mind as to your occupation before, during, or after this ceremony; I just trust my superiors to keep their heads. As an addendum, I would like to kindly tell you to not refer to me as an imbecile unless I refer to myself that way or do something worthy of the label first. Bad things always happen unexpectedly.

Secondly, you said that the Thalmor habit of focusing on the grand scheme is hardly a weakness. In my experience, again, they are glossing over crucial details that show either their lack of planning, idiocy, or simple incompetence. If you don't mind me asking, Miss Thalmor, why is there a shrine to Talos right in the middle of Markarth? Have the Thalmor reached out a diplomatic hand to the Forsworn? And why, in the bloody name of Trinimac, are we using the Septim"

Umbra produced a Imperial coin from a pocket, paused for effect, and let the gold clatter onto the table. "as a national currency? Sure, the Aldmeri Dominion can deflower Titus Mede to some random maiden whore, but from my end, I'm seeing a bunch of holes that need to be properly plugged if this ship wants to hit the ocean.

I'm Umbra Rimph, by the way."

Umbra set down his freshly cleaned glasses and helped himself to the water that was getting better by the minute. Having refreshed his throat, Umbra lifted his knife and continued cutting into the slightly cold but still tasty pig roast.

The night continued, arguments and minor fights were had, and one by one the Blades went to bed, the veterans preparing themselves for the next day. Cleanup would begin, then basic training with their gear for all but Jo and Mira. It wouldn't take long, at least.

The following week

Laerus gathered the recruits from their barracks, shuffling them to the dimly lit great hall. Esbern stood, staring at Alduin's Wall once again. He seemed to do that everyday...
Avik coughed to get his attention, Esbern turned around quickly.

"Good morning, recruits. We have two reports of dragons, one in Windhelm and one in Whiterun. This will be your first fight against the dragons, and as thus, we will give you everything we can to give you an edge. Idreon." Esbern nodded towards the Argonian, who nodded in return, working his way down the line handing an odd potion to the recruits, except Mira and Jo.
"C'mon, kiddos, I'll be leading the Windhelm expedition. The following people report to your barracks and gather all you need." Hanhar cleared his throat, and pulled out a scroll,
Group 1
"Belkin Ebenum- Cor.
Orric Guldensen.
Kerl Telvanestra Sabreslayer.
All of the following, gather any supplies you wish to take with you and report to the stables."
Group 2
"That means the rest of you, prepare your things and report to me in 1 hour." A breton piped in, after Hanhar left to the stables. Laerus stopped Mira and Jo, however, bringing them to Esbern directly.
Group 3
"You two will have a more.... Difficult mission ahead of you. One of our members were captured, by the Thalmor of course, I believe you two know Barymar, a Bosmer? He was out sick most of last week, but we sent him to spy on some Thalmor, but he was caught. I believe this job is your specialty, correct Mira? Jo will be sent with you, as she is one of our more... Inconspicuous members." Esbern smiled at the cat.
"We don't know where he is being held, but we can only assume it is in their Embassy. We would like you two to find out more. You will head out immediately."

Jo looked up at Mira, she was dressed like a Thalmor, a spy on their side then? Interesting. She was still feeling a bit lethargic from how much she had eaten last night. She felt a bit disappointed that she wouldn't get to see any dragons on this task, but she supposed she was well suited to this task. It would be fun to make fools out of the Thalmor she supposed.

She nodded at Esbern, and looked up at Mira, waiting for the elf to say something. She supposed the elf would have to carry her, something she normally relied on summoned creatures for.

Kerl, as was his custom, already had everything he needed with him, his eating equipment he had in the bag slung over his shoulder, his Blades' gear he'd left behind, he'd be better off without it anyways, it'd only slow him down. And if they were fighting a dragon, he would be better suited to either firing off magicka or jumping on the back of it and riding it as he beat it and shot fire at it.

As a result, he was around while the Thalmor mission was laid out. He was more than a bit upset over the fact that the Altmer and housecat were being allowed to deal with them, while he had to go and fight dragons. A complete waste of his talents and passion, at least in his opinion.

As the rest of the party arrived back from their quarters, all too settled for his tastes, with all their stuff in packs and armor hanging off the back, all quite limiting, and hard to run through Skyrim's wilderness with it on. He'd stick to his Sabre Cat Pelt tunic and studded leggings, they'd worked for him so far, and he had no intention of giving them up for the armor they'd given him here.

All gathered again, Kerl started for the stables, it'd been ages since he'd ridden a horse that hadn't been a Thalmor's beforehand, he wondered if these would behave differently?

After listening to the instruction, Vireveryl nodded and went to gather her potions and supplies.
To be named under the group of "Others" made her feel her role to be quite unimportant, but it was of course, only to give command faster.
Her armor given was nice, but she could not think to carry it on a long journey, she did not have the strength of a Nord. Instead she wore her usual robes and steel dagger, placing some health and magika potions on her person, including the odd potion from the Argonian, and some poison in a more secure location.
She could inspect the potion further, knowing a bit about alchemy, but there was not enough time before she needed to meet with the Breton, and so decided against it.
In her pouch she gathered some dry foods and water. Her skills never did rely on heavy arnement.
After some time packing and focus, she reported to the Breton as asked, a smile on her face, excited for whatever was to come.

"Find Barymar, learn what we can, and get him out of there alive?" Mira began making her preparations, shedding her Blades armor and putting the outer layer of her Thalmor robes back on and belting her sword and dagger around her waist. "Simple enough in theory."

Already Mira's mind was making plans. getting someone out of the Thalmor embassy would require stealth, skill, or guile, and the prospect of carving her way through the Thalmor was not an appealing one. Besides which if they left any survivors Mira's cover could be blown, so violence was not an ideal solution - even as much as she hated what they stood for the thought of slaughtering dozens of her fellow Altmer was something she would prefer to avoid.

" do you plan on traveling?" Alfiq Khajiit - she'd never seen one before, and as far as she knew they didn't ever leave Elsweyr, but obviously that wasn't entirely true.

" do you plan on traveling?"

Jo considered this briefly, before casting a simple levitate spell, she floated into the air, soon reaching head height with Mira, before hovering over and settling onto the elf's shoulder. It was easy enough to adjust herself such that she sat mainly in the hood of the robe, her head and front paws currently rested on the elf's shoulder however. She considered that this might not be comfortable for Mira, and began to cast a spell.

Unlike how she had communicated before this spell was more complex than a dot of light, more difficult too but seeing as she wasn't eating or concentrating on anything else it did not prove taxing. In a flowing script a series of words formed in the air a few feet away from Mira "Can cast to weigh less, also walk sometimes", the sentences were fairly broken grammatically, but they ought to get the point across, besides she didn't want to use more magicka than she had to, especially if she would be expected to levitate the whole way in order to weigh less.

Talib griped the handles of his swords in worry. Whiterun had proved itself capable of dealing with dragons before, but that was only with alot of help from the Dragonborn. Without him the city would have nothing but a few guards (most of whom seemed to sport old knee injuries) and the greatly weakened companions.

Looking to Esburn, Talib tried, and did a very poor job of keeping the worry and fear for his home into his voice.

"The rest of us are going to Whiterun right? I live in Whiterun and I'm not letting some thrice damned abomination hurt my neighbors without cutting a slice off it."

Orric returned to his quarters and grabbed all the gear he'd need. He'd be getting good use out of his armor soon enough. As he tested the weight of his sword one more time, he remembered his need for another one. Now was as good a time as any to ask about getting one, so with all his gear either donned or packed up, he set off for the Quatermaster.

He knocked at the entrance to the Quatermaster's chambers. "Idreon, are you in there? I'd like to discuss something with you."

Belkin returned to where his stuff was, placing various ingots into his pack so he could repair and improve his allies gear as he saw fit. Included with them were two ingots with a special v-groove down the middle, crafted solely for sharpening weapons on the move. After that, he grabbed his sword and shield, placed a few more odds and ends into his pack and made his way towards the stables. He hadn't had much horseback training from his time with his family, but he at least knew how to ride one at the very least.

He checked and rechecked the straps on his armor, checking for any looseness or imperfections that would need redoing once he came back. Satisfied with the check, he entered the stables and waited.

"The rest of us are going to Whiterun right? I live in Whiterun and I'm not letting some thrice damned abomination hurt my neighbors without cutting a slice off it."

Esbern turned to look at him, slightly startled.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm surprised they even need our help, considering." He turned back to the wall. Whiterun had been jointly ruled by Balgruff and the Dovahkiin for years, the sudden welcome back for the Blades was odd.

"Please, if you wish to help your town, get ready and get moving." Laerus piped in.
"Idreon, are you in there? I'd like to discuss something with you."

"Behind you, actually." Came the unmistakable rasp of an Argonian. He patted Orric's shoulder, "If you'd be so kind as to move so I can get in...?" He obliged, and Idreon opened the creaky door quickly. Inside were neat rows of katanas, Dai-katanas, and bows. Some armor stood on stands near the back, in front of a large map of Skyrim.

"Now, was there something you needed?"

"Now, was there something you needed?"

Orric peered into the room, carefully looking over each and ever weapon before speaking again. "Yes, actually. I have a request. The blade I have is fine and all, but I'd like a second one to use with it." He shrugged. "I could bring another of my own, but it seems to be part of the uniform, and I've taken a liking to the way they look. Besides, it'd be strange not to match."

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