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Erik yawned inside his helmet, before removing it to scratch his face. "Well this is a lovely start.." He muttered, as the Capitan and the Spook argued. After a moment he lent forward and spoke up. "I know this'll do wonders for the mood right now sir, but I got to say my piece. Unlike the spook over there..." He said with a dismissive flick of his hand. "I still have a sense of morality. I'll work with Aria's goons if you order me to, but if she...or you...try to make me do something that I find objectionable I will stand by my convictions."

Running a gauntleted hand over his shaved head, he sighed. "I am sorry if that sounded a bit confrontational sir, but I felt it had to be said."

"Unlike the spook over there..." He said with a dismissive flick of his hand. "I still have a sense of morality.

"Hey" Murphy responded, puffing out his chest slightly, "Just because I'll kill, steal, and destroy on a biblical level doesn't mean that I don't morals." He ran his hand across his pecs and puckered his lips, "If you want to get me into bed bed, you have treat me like a lady."

Leaning back, Murphy looked over at Sarah, seeing her boredom. He slipped out his data pad and sent her an image of a dancing Spartan.

He turned his attention back to the task at hand.

"May I suggest that we not enter this facility in twos and threes, wearing civilian clothes? We've already attracted enough attention as it is, and walking in looking like the full-on military outfit that we are is bound to perk up the wrong people."

Murphy knew from experience that if you were able to slip into a place, the easier it would be to do your job.

"Just have everyone stay on comms, pack some heat in concealed carry holsters, and we'll be golden."

Sarah snickered at the animated image.

"Just have everyone stay on comms, pack some heat in concealed carry holsters, and we'll be golden."

"And sharp things, knives would probably be a good idea to. It's a station after all, close quarters combat would be the most likely thing to expect should it come to blows" Sarah chimed in.

"If you want to get me into bed, you have treat me like a lady."

Erik had to admit, that was pretty funny. "You couldn't get me drunk enough to make THAT seem like a good idea." He shot back. Murphy's next comment about going in, in civvies, made him shake his head in disagreement. "If the word of that blue chick is to be trusted, this 'Omega' sounds like a space-based version of Detroit. You go in there looking like they can take you; I guarantee a bunch of motherfuckers are going to try their hand. However if you go in looking like you can tear said motherfuckers in half...only the really stupid ones will try."

Scratching the bridge of his nose, he nodded to the Capitan. "Unless you order me sir, I don't plan on stepping one foot on that station with anything less than my full kit."

Amaya decided it was time for her to step in. She brought up[ the schematics of the craft she was creating.
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"Ok, Jastis may be the captain of the ship and i respect his word, but i am essentially the mother of the ship. I feel it's my duty to help and maintain the safety of the crew, which is why i'm having these two drones created to provide fire-support on the missions. And i'm going to have to refuse the notion of going in wearing civies. That is suicide from what i've read on the station. Being mugged once a day at gun point is part of life here. Anyone heading to omega must have a full loadout on them." She said, her voice confirming the firm order.

The Vorcha brought up the omni blade to stop the energy sword and manage to force them to press against one another. The omniblade however, managed to fail and the vorcha was then decapitated, his head rolling across the floor.

The group was silent for a minute before letting out a loud cheer for a minute. Afterwards, they took a knee in a bow to Voh. "PRAISE OUR NEW LEADER!" one shouted and another cheer was let out.

Luna looked at Tau, then motioned upwards. "Tau, try and recover the dead krogans body, i'll cover. It'll help us figure out who we're dealing with." she said to him. "I can figure out a better plan than slaughter all infront of us. You ok with that?" she asked him, knowing that they had cover and the Luxury of talking like this.

Voh was a bit surprise by the reaction. He been killing their allies and possible friends and now they were going to listen to him? He didn't know which was worst. These Vorcha for betraying their old leader to live, or the Unggoy who run away when a leader dies.

"Tell all other...Vorcha" he said with disdain "To stop shooting on my allies. I wish to also know how many they are still alive and to have all survivors meet in the middle" Trying to think what to do with them. Since he was in control of them now he would use their skills to some use. Hoping Luna will give him some details of what to do with these things.

"Anyone heading to omega must have a full loadout on them."

Murphy bristled slightly at Amaya's "order", but made his voice gentle as he responded.

"Amaya, I understand that you want to make sure that we're safe, I really appreciate that. But indigenous insertion is probably the safest I'll be. Out of the whole group, I wear the least armor, and probably pack the least heat. Blending in and getting to a spot is what I'm trained to do."

"What if you mess up Murphy? I've read allot of ONI files that I shouldn't have and know more than they thought I did. We're in a new universe and you want to blend into it with training that was designed for our universe with the covenant and rebels." She said rather firmly and maybe even a bit harshly.
"I'm putting my foot down for once. Until we're acclimated here, full load outs are needed. A.I. or not, I'm the most reliable and trustable source of info we have here in this universe. Once you learn about where we are, and I'll be more than happy to help you with that, you can go and do your spook thing. That too unreasonable?"

Gideon had sat back in his chair with his eyes closed whilst everyone else was busy talking, but he was still paying attention to everything that was being said. It appeared as though Murphy was raising even more tension amongst the group, and given their current, that probably wasn't a good idea. As he spoke, Gideon was busy staring up at the ceiling, not that anyone would have noticed underneath his helmet.

"Listen Murphy, I can understand the need for some good reconnaissance, especially in such an alien climate such as where we are right now; but its for that reason why Amaya and a few of the others are airing on the side of caution with regards to what we should be outfitting ourselves with. Once we've become a bit more acclimatized to these new surroundings of ours, perhaps we can take some of the safeties off and be a little more rambunctious."

"Now then, whilst I know I'm not in any position of authority to dictate our actions; how about instead of arguing on whether or not we go in full gear, perhaps we could decide on where to go next. Should some of us go and meet up with the Elite, Luna, and Tau to see if we have a functional base of operations yet? Should we go visit this 'Geth/Quarian Alliance' and see what they want? Or perhaps we do a little bit of both? There is my two cents on the matter, take it or leave it for what its worth."

"Look, I'm not in the mood to get into a pissing contest." Murphy said, folding his arms and leaning against the wall. "Let's just get to where we're headed, make sure the ship is securely docked, and move on from there."

He leaned his head back, his neck popping from years of strain placed on it.

"And Amaya, next time you go snooping around ONI files, don't tell me about it, okay? And run a full virus scan when you get a moment, there are a lot of hidden trojans."

Tau, now deciding against adding unnecessary friction between himself and Luna, simply nodded to confirm before he grabbed one of his drones to get a quick lift to the top crates again. In short order, he grabbed the Krogan and dragged back to the edge of the stack, just a few feet behind Luna. "Alert, releasing Krogan."

After giving the Asari a second to prepare, Tau kicked the Krogan off the stack and let him land with a loud thud. Tau jumped off after the hulking alien fell and landed nearby.

All the Vorcha nodded at Voh's order and a number of them spread out. Within two minutes, about a hundred vorcha were circled around the Elite. "What isss your name sssir?" one asked, stepping forwards and taking a knee.

Amaya had been listening to Voh's conflict and brought up the video of recent events from his helmet camera on the holo projector. "Well... it seems that Voh is now the leader of a gang of... whatever those things are, vorcha if i read correctly." she said informing jastis of his current situation. "Would you like me to connect him to you sir?" she asked him.

Luna looked through the krogan's pouches and found nothing, however, she hacked into his omni-tool quickly and looked through it, she saw who was leading this little setup. Luna's eye began to twitch. "Him? HE is leading this?!? damn imbecile... goddess have mercy on those who we took today..." she said standing up.
"Thank you Tau. This engagement is over now that i know who hired these mercs..." she said and gestured for him to follow her through the corridors.

Voh growl, that speech is going to get very old quickly he thought. "My name is Voh'Tohai." He simple states. Looking at all of them as he had a small army. Though he was never one of the Sangheili to lead others into battle. He was a Spec-Ops, fighting behind the shadows. He hope Luna would have some idea to get rid of these Vorcha as he really didn't want them to follow him around.

Though he held his tongue as to not start anything. Their were tons of them, and only one of him. So for now he kept quiet and waits for Luna to come down to help him out.


He stood there and looked at the schematics that Amaya had shown. Jastis nodded in approval, he liked what he saw. But before he could speak to the AI, he had to respond to the spook, ODST, and Spartans. "It depends on where we enter in from. Until we have an exact location of where the Blade will be placed we can't say how we will enter. Most of us will dock while still in the ship. So that shouldn't be that big of a problem. However those of us that have to go in, I would suggest full armor."

He then continued to explain, "Us Spartans will stand out far too much without our armor, were still taller and buffer than most average humans I saw in the station. Thugs would try to mess with us and without any armor or shielding we would find ourselves at a disadvantage."

Once more he turned himself to the AI, "Yes, connect me directly to 'Tohai."

"Ofcourse sir." She said and brought up a communications channel between Voh and Jastis. "Voh, The captain is on the line for you." she said connecting them.

"You're both on." she said and went back to browsing the intranet off of signals from the station.


Jastis spoke to the Elite, "'Tohai this is the Captain speaking, how is the progress going on finding a dry dock to place the Blade in? You're not supposed to be there taking over gangs. You're a Sangheili aren't you? You shouldn't waste your time with those vermin."

"Alright put me through." He said as he waits for her to do so. Once done he growls at one of the Vorcha nearby that was getting a bit to close to him.

"Demon it was not my idea of taking over this gang. I kill the leader to see if I could make them run like Unggoy. Though it seem to have a undesirable effect. I will see with Luna in how to get rid of them once this is done. Also the progress seem to be going well. We clear this base so far. All that remains are the vile Vorcha."


Jastis listened to the Sangheili and then responded, "Alright, just get rid of the vermin and give the base one last check over and make sure no one is hanging around the dock. Then send me another report and based on that we will come on in."

Murphy watched as Jastis radioed in to Voh.

"Alright, if we're done here, I'm going get my shit ready to travel."

He left the room, headed to his compartment. As he went, he sent a beacon to Sarah, marking the compartment location. It was accompanied by the message

"If you want to hang out."

Erik mostly tuned out the arguing around him, as it severed no purpose for him, but when the AI brought up Voh's helmet feed his lips curled into an involuntary snarl. They remind me of Jackals. He thought, looking at the holo. Disgusting things, glad the Capitan doesn't want to keep'em.

Putting his helmet back on he tied into Amaya's database, and began running data on these 'vorcha', and any other aliens that they were likely to meet. One could never be too prepared.

"Charming critters, anyway, we done here?" Sarah asked, feeling the meeting was more or less over at this point.

"Listen all of you runts. Get out of my sight before I grow tired of your presence." He growls, waiting to see if they start to move away. Seeing either their not moving fast enough or not at all he lets out a Sangheili roar to scare them away.

His assault pack already loaded down, Murphy just crammed a few extra magazines and some MRE's into the carry pouch, then proceeded to prep his travel crates. It was mostly just moving stuff around, making sure any sensitive equipment was tightly packed into the protective foam. He had few personal affects, mostly clothes and the occasional trinket from home. Once such trinket was a baseball. It was a fly ball, hit into the stands at a Colorado Rockies game. Murphy had gone with his dad when he was seven years old; it was his first major-league game.

Murphy's fingers wrapped around the ball, remembering how scared he had been to see the ball coming straight towards him, growing bigger and bigger. Then his gloved hand of his father had blocked out the world, and all Murphy heard was the smack of the ball into the glove. Then his father had taken the ball out and handed it to him, telling him "now it's your lucky ball".

And it had been lucky. Murphy had carried it with him since. He knew every inch of that baseball, from the tiny fray on the stitching, to the scar where the bat had made its impact. That lucky ball had gone with him everywhere, and for just this moment, Murphy sat thinking about all the places they had been.


1930 Hours

Jastis looked around and noticed Murphy had left, "Well without further ado, the mission is adjourned," and then he put his attention to Amaya bringing back up the discussion of the project that she and Staff Sargent Kerrigan had been working on, "So do we have most of the materials to make these and what would be the estimated time of completion on these if we bring some engineers in on this."

"Still need help with the ships you that all dealt with?" Sarah asked Gideon, a little annoyed she wasn't informed of the goings on.

"Well without further ado, the mission is adjourned." Jastis said as he looked around saw that Murphy had left the meeting room already. He then turned his attention over to Amaya, and began asking about the status for the support craft that she had designed. Meanwhile, Gideon, somewhat glad that the meeting was over, stood up from his seat and began stretching his arms when Sarah came over to him.

"Still need help with the ships you that all dealt with?"

"Afraid not ma'am, myself and Erik managed to move the ships over to the maintenance lift over in the Hangar, where they are currently in storage waiting to be converted to the plans that Amaya has cooked up. Though I guess you could help with the modifications, that is if you wanted to."

All of the vorcha scattered when voh roared, save for one. This one thankfully didn't have a lisp. "Sir, i'll serve you." this vorcha said, rather dignified actually.

That's when Luna chirped in on his radio. "Voh, the operation is over. i know who it is calling the shots." she said to him before cutting the line. Walking out, there were a bunch of krogans, their guns trained on her. "Hey, Listen." she began, holding her hands up.

"I know he hasn't paid you guys yet, so please, just tell me what he owes you and i'll pay you guys to just leave." she said to them.

A few of the krogans looked back and forth between one another and eventually nodded. "Ok, three thousand a pop." the "Lead" one said. Luna nodded and slowly moved to her omni tool and transfered the funds. After looking at the funds, the krogans nodded and left.

Luna looked back at Tau and the now present Voh before calling out to the office.


out of the office stumbled a volus, shrouded in a biotic cloak. "L-L-Luna! My B-B-Biotic G-G-Goddess! I Sh-Sh-Shall defeat Y-Y-You!" he said and fell over.

Luna simply facepalmed herself and grabbed a hold of the Volus's suit. "Damnit Petunk, you couldn't handle a raspberry schnapps, much less red sand." she said pulling him to his feet.

"You still owe me all that money and those contracts you signed, allow me to take my collateral if i don't get a payment within a month. So i'm pulling that card now." the asari said to him.

The volus looked up at her. "Curses, my plans foiled by my bad bartering skills while i'm high..." he said then looked at the ground. "Why did i use myself as collateral."

Luna looked back at the other two. "This here is Viel Petunk, a volus who owes me a large amount of money. He offered himself up as collateral, so i'm claiming it. He's an ok biotic and one hell of a trader when he's sober. However, whenever he's high, he tries to seduce me." she said as the volus hugged her leg and made happy sighing sounds.

"Point in concept..." she said sighing.

"Ok, we should have them up in a day, using parts from the crashed xeno ship and the pelican. That's if we put all resources to them." she said and commented on them. "They're valuable assets we could have if they're completed.Far more firepower in the field if we need it."

Voh growls as he push the Vorcha out of the way. "Get out of here flith. I have no time for you." Walking by the Vorcha as he goes up to the Viel. Grabbing him and pulling him away from Luna leg. "Do not soil her leg wretched thing or I shall use you as targeting practice. Dropping him as he looks at Luna. "Now, where to?" He was eager to get more done.

Though he was in a bit of a bad mood. First the one Vorcha refuse to leave his services after he order them all to run. Now the group pick up this....thing. Voh was in no mood to come up with a insult towards the Volus. Sangheili never has useless curs such as drug users who get high for pleasure. Now he was going to have one on his team? Disgusting. Though if Luna said he was worth it then very well. Though he sure the Demon will not like the sound of this.

Tau found himself momentarily trapped processing the chain of events that had just transpired. On top of that, Tau was uncertain of the potential of the Volus in the field of Biotics. While never researching their actual capability, he always ventured on the assumption that their species were rather impaired in that aspect.

However, a Volus could be useful to the rag-tag group he found himself in. So, to break the loop his was stuck in, Tau moved on to another thought. "Luna, what are the chances that this Volus' services can be rendered? Our...compatriots would benefit from his assistance in the aspects of finance."

"Afraid not ma'am, myself and Erik managed to move the ships over to the maintenance lift over in the Hangar, where they are currently in storage waiting to be converted to the plans that Amaya has cooked up. Though I guess you could help with the modifications, that is if you wanted to."

Sarah frowned behind her helm, but nodded "Oh, well ok then" she said 'Should a stayed in cryo, be about as useful' she thought as she to turned to exit the room, deciding to take Murphy up on his offer, but first a trip to the armory to get out of the armor, it felt extra heavy for some reason and just wanted out of it.

Murphy the baseball in his pocket, he would tuck it into his pack later.

He returned to arranging everything for travel. Once he was finished, he unbuckled his chest rig and hung it on the wall. Still in uniform, but not ready to go into combat. He hoped that soon he would be able to go back to his normal attire of shorts and sandals. He sat on his bed and stretched out as best he could. Taking the ball back out, he tossed it up and down rhythmically, passing the time.

Sarah arrived at the armory and the armor came off, when she mentioned it felt 'heavier' then normal, a few test where ran just to make sure there weren't an defects in her enhancements. The results of which where no, nothing was wrong with her it was just in her head, probably stress related.

Sarah left the armory, and headed for Murphy's room, dress in just pants and a tank top really, and before long was knocking at his door.


He listened to the AI speak and explain how long it would take, needless to say he was impressed at the sheer speed of how fast they got on top of this, "Good, I can't wait to see them completed. Also when you're given the chance could you send me a report on the comparison between our tech and this dimension technology? I learned a bit from Luna's mind melding but there is still a bit that is unclear."

Murphy heard the knock on his door, and sprang up. He slipped the ball into his pocket, and opened the hatch. He saw Sarah on the other side.

"Come on in" He said, motioning for her to make herself at home. "Welcome to the Spook House."

He was a little embarrassed by his accommodations, they were sparse to say the least.

Sarah smiled and walked into his quarters "I am disappoint" she said after a quick glance around the room "No ghost hanging from the ceiling" Sarah joked as she turned to face Murphy while pointing at the ceiling, grin on her face an all.

"Looks like we'll be docking soonish to, so yay? I guess?" Sarah said with a shrug as she sat down in his chair.

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