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Murphy grabbed one of the beams running across the ceiling and pulled himself up, swinging back and forth.

"Now there's a ghost." He said, grinning.

He dropped down and flopped back down in the bed.

"Looks like we'll be docking soonish to, so yay? I guess?"

"I guess it's a good thing. Keeps up from being sitting ducks. I do wish Jastis would let me do my job, but I'll let him have his fun this go-round."

Sarah was pretty cute outside of her armor.

"No armor, huh? Makes me wish I had ditched my cammies when I had the chance."

Half distracted by the data he was scanning, Erik barely noticed that the briefing had ended. When he finally did notice, he gave Jastis a nod then made his way back to the armoury. Once there he placed both his pistol and rifle on a workbench, and began breaking them down and cleaning them. Weapons maintenance was as natural as breathing to Erik and as a result his hand were on autopilot, performing the needed task without thought, allowing him to concentrate more on the data that was still streaming to his helmet.

Hmmm....Krogan...big, tough, very aggressive...will try to close to CQB....biotics uncommon but powerful. Batarian...cultural dislike of humans, confrontational and aggressive..huh? Not much here about biotics...should ask Luna. Turians...militaristic culture, but straight up pluggers, they seem to prefer long range fights...these guys could be a pain. Salarians...prefer first strike tactics, heavy use of autonomous systems. Asari...daamn they ALL look like that? Focus man! Okay....Physically similar to us, but heavy reliance on biotics. Vorcha...fuck they're ugly. Physically adaptable, prefer massed assaults to overwhelm.

Sarah giggled as Murphy hopped up a danged from a beam, then hopped down a flopped on the bed.

"I guess it's a good thing. Keeps up from being sitting ducks. I do wish Jastis would let me do my job, but I'll let him have his fun this go-round."

"I suppose, feels kinda like we're going from sitting ducks to fish in a barrel from the sound of the Omega place though, but we'll see." Sarah said as she noticed Murphy was looking at her, not so much staring but seeming to 'admire her', which made her smile a little.

"No armor, huh? Makes me wish I had ditched my cammies when I had the chance."

"you still could" she said with a wink "I don't have any dollar bills to shove in your waist band but I can whistle" giggling a little "But yeah, I ditched it after the meeting, it started to feel 'heavy', well more so then usual, , besides, if your going to make a move toward getting in my pants I figured the attemp should not be hampered by a lack of readily available power tools and an engine lift" she followed with a knowing grin and a lean forward so he kinda had a view down her shirt.

Luna looked at Voh and tau. "Listen, this little fella could talk aria into selling him omega for a pack of vorcha. Trust me, he's well worth picking up."she said and radioed the blade. "Here, I'm sending two tugs out to pull you into this dock." She said and gave co-ordinates for the dry dock across the street. "Don't shoot them out." The Asari added.

Turning back to the other three, she announ Ed their plans. "Ok, I'm going to finalize the paperwork and keep the high little fella with me. One of you guard the dry dock across the street and the other work the computer to get this warehouse. Cleaned up." The Asari ordered then disappeared into the office with the volus.

Amaya chimed into Erik privately after seeing what he was looking at. "Yeah, a few fun facts, the krogans all has four balls much like our own brutes and the Asari can reproduce with any race. It's amazing how some of the traits from their father's genetics are chosen by the mother and passed down to better the Asari race. Have to be amazing in the sack." She said, just commenting.

besides, if your going to make a move toward getting in my pants I figured the attemp should not be hampered by a lack of readily available power tools and an engine lift"

"Hmm... Already talking about getting in your pants, huh? You most fast, then again, in this business the slow are dead."

Murphy was a little taken aback that a Spartan was being so forwards. They typically were sticks in the mud. But Sarah was different, and Murphy liked that.

"Well, there's some free room on the bed if that chair is too uncomfortable for you."

"Yeah, a few fun facts, the krogans all has four balls much like our own brutes and the Asari can reproduce with any race. It's amazing how some of the traits from their father's genetics are chosen by the mother and passed down to better the Asari race." Working methodically through his pistol Erik was kind of tuning the A.I. out, as she wasn't telling him anything he hadn't already read. "Have to be amazing in the sack." That last comment on the other hand caught him off guard.

Suprised by what he heard, his hands faltered, and a little misapplied pressusre at the wrong moment caused the recoil spring of the weapon to ping off the barrel and on to the floor. "And just how would you know something like that, little girl?" He asked as he searched for the missing part.

"Move your hand a bit more to your left and you should find it." She commented as to the location of the part. "I calculated when my hormones would be hitting my body if I were still alive in it, and it'd be right about now." Amaya explained to Eric, having that sort of need to explain everything that A.I.'s had.

"You can look at it two ways though, statistically, it would be on a level of pleasure never experienced by anyone from our universe before. That is, on account of the direct connection of each partners nervousystem when they meld with you. And from a logical point of view. Even with all of their grace and propperness, the Asari are the living breathing sex symbols of this universe." She told Erik rather calmly. " I've been browsing the intranet in this universe for a while now, and the millions of videos, stories, sites and such are really hard to discredit."

Sarah walked over and sat next to Murphy "You trying to tell me you weren't planning on it?" she said as she mentally debated on kissing him, before scooting closer and kissing him, less like a random stranger and more like a lover "Well doesn't really matter, if you want me you can have me" she said after breaking the kiss, a much more seductive air about her as she both sat and spoke.

Picking up the spring as Amaya pointed it out; Erik slid it home and began to re-assemble the pistol. As the A.I. rambled on he tuned her out again, catching the gist of what she was saying with really hearing the words. A few moments later the pistol was complete, and on the bench beside the rifle. "Sex symbols huh? Well good for them....I'll stick with human chicks, keep it in the species." He said finally.

His weapons done, he made his way over to his archway, and keyed it up. As he stepped into position, manipulators extended from various points, detaching sections of his outer armour and storing them for later use. Once he was down to the bodysuit, he headed over to a corner of the Armoury where a SPARTAN approved heavy bag was hanging. After a brief warm up he began 'sparring' with the bag.

Voh growl as he waited around "Blah I'll be on guard. You can work on the computer machine." he said as he headed to were Luna told him to go. With his Carbine out as he was ready for any surprise attacks. As he waits, he let his mind wonder about back home. How will the Sangheili fair now? Would the UNSC and the Arbiter be able to crush the rebels? Would more join their cause? He didn't know, nor did he like how everything was going.

He then fully realize he was the last of his kind here. He was the only Sanghili that was chosen for this mission. He would not see his homeworld, never see if any of his children would grow up to be warriors like himself. He knew he has some, though he never met them. Sangheili tradition states that children with swordman's fathers must be raise by a another. To make sure not one child is above another and must prove themselves.

He takes a deep breath and calms down. 'I shall deal with this..another time. I must keep my wits about me.' Focusing back on guard duty, he would not disappoint his teammates. Though in the back of his minds, his dark thoughts about his future stay.

"Erik?" Amaya asked him, knowing he was training, but he was really the only one she felt open to talk to. "What is it like to touch and feel? to be able to move around freely? What is it like to have a body? i don't remember..." she asked him, a tone in her voice, a unique one. It was a mixture of sadness and depression.

Amaya in response to Jastis, sounded perfectly normal and fine, even happy. "Sure sir, i'll compose a comparison chart and supply it to you as soon as I can." she said and pulled up a number of weapons designs. "The weapons seems to compact a bit here. As in fold up and make more room when not in use. This is based on things called "mass effect fields" to essentially create hand held MAC cannons firing tiny projectiles at massive speeds. This technology is used for barriers, their weapons to ship weapons as well. a very versatile technology i suggest investing research into once we get the time."

The two tugs appeared on radar and people were already on eva with the cables.

"And sir, Luna has secured a drydock and and has sent two tugs to bring us in." she reported.

As his fists landed heavy blows on the bag, Erik worked over Amaya's questions. Eventually he let out a deep sigh and placed a hand on the bag, stopping it from swinging about. "I wish I could give you an answer Sparky..." He answered with the nickname he used on most of the A.I.'s he'd met. "I know it sounds so cliché, but how would you describe colour to somebody without eyes? Those sensations are such an intrinsic part of our selves that they just are...I'm sorry I can't give you anything better then that."

"Well doesn't really matter, if you want me you can have me"

Sarah's kiss had seemed electric. Murphy wondered if it had anything to do with genetic enhancements. He ran his hand around her waist, pulling her in, kissing her.

"If you insist"

He said, pulling away slightly. Murphy ran his hand down Sarah's back, fingers tracing the way gently to her hips.

Sarah offered no resistance to Murphy's advances, she was however some what distracted. Not by memories of a past lover, but by the huge gap in hers and Murphy's physical ability.

Sarah had to maintain focus on how tightly she wrapped around him, to keep from crushing him, so she ended up not enjoying it as much as she would have.

Once Voh walked off, Tau went over to the computer controls for the warehouse, starting his "clean up" routine by activating the cranes on the ceiling. After using their cameras to get a scope of the labyrinth the warehouse's former occupants made, Tau started making his own configuration with them.

Using an attached catalog of what each crate stored, Tau rearranged the storage units to create a base of sorts. With high walls and large "rooms" to be used for a variety of purposes, the warehouse was redesigned from a maze of medium-height walls of storage crates to a makeshift fortress and base of operations.


He would indeed need to look into this technology and make advances in where they were superior to their own. Jastis nodded, "Did she now? Alright, XO Smith. I will let you handle this. I think I will actually take our first pelican ride down there."

Smith stood up, "I shall," he spoke as he left the room, he didn't complain. He knew his Captain, being a Spartan was more in tune with up close in personal and combat then working with things like this.

"Amaya, one last thing. Get Spartan Erik and tell him to meet me in the hanger. He will pilot and come with me to get a first-hand look at this dry dock."

Murphy noticed that Sarah wasn't seeming to enjoy herself fully. He stopped, concerned.

"Is everything okay? Am I...?" He trailed off, a bit unsure of where to go from here. His fear was that he had done something wrong, and now Sarah wanted to leave.

Sarah shook her head "No, I just remembered I can bench press a Volvo" she said as she grabbed Murphy and roll them over so she was on top "So lets try this way, less likely of me hurting you and more likely to be better for both of us" Sarah then leaned in and kissed Murphy on the lips before they resumed love making.

----Some time later----

Sarah lay next to Murphy a contented smile on her face and an arm draped over him. "So, was it better?" she asked, curling around him a bit "More importantly, where did you want this go? friends with benefits or something else?" Sarah was interested to know what he had in mind before she jumped him.

With seemingly effortless grace, Erik swung the Pelican around, and backed it tail first into the hanger that Voh, the blue chick, and the tin can had secured as part of their new set up. With a muted thunk the dropship touched down as he pulled the engines back to idle, and powered them down. "We're down sir, opening the hatch now." He said into his helmet, as the ramp at the back of the ship lowered.

Snatching his rifle from where he'd set it for the short flight, he briskly passed Jastis in the cargo bay, before exiting the ship, he rifle in an easy ready grip. As the hanger began to repressurize he could see bit of the interior of the station through some windows. "Fuck...what a shit hole." He muttered to himself.

"More importantly, where did you want this go? friends with benefits or something else?"

Murphy thought about the question for a moment. So many things were changing at once. He had never really settled down in years - there hadn't been an opportunity. But the new circumstances that they found themselves in could afford him that chance.

"Fuck it" he said, grabbing her hand, "Let's go steady."

There was a moment's pause, then he broke out laughing.

"That sounded really junior high."

Murphy laughed but she could tell he was serous behind it, which cause Sarah's cheeks to flush a little. She hadn't really expected that. So while he laughed and made another dumb, but amusing joke, she thought about it.

"Sure, why not." she said as she roll Murphy over so he was on top of her "We'll need to figure something out so I don't accidentally break your, everything, when we go at it though, casts are kind of a mood killer ya know" the display on her watch catching her eye "Though I guess I should go and actually 'be ready' in case something happens, we never did get an order to stand down after all"

Amaya was watching throuygh Jastis's helmet cam at the dry dock. "Yes, this should work well. And on a more personal note sir..." she said and was about to ask, but after a long pause, the A.I. virtually shook her head. "Nevermind... it's a stupid though for me to think..."

Luna came out to a rather good looking improv base. "Nice job Tau. You have a hang for this sort of thing, don't you?" she complimented him, throwing in the sarcastic remark at the end. Ofcourse she knew he would be fine with working the computers. She began to make her way through the crates, appreciating the placements and such. It would hold well.

Meanwhile with voh
A group of rather good looking asari were standing not too far away from him, giggling and glancing over. Not sizing him up, but more or less checking him out. They made their way over to him, giggling and elbowing one another.

"I-" the first one said, but was cut off. "Scram." A female demanded. The girls all turned around, like the person who just interrupted their leader was about to be in for it. That all changed when they saw it was Luna.

"Sorry!" they said in unison, like Japanese school girls and ran off with their metaphorical "tails" between their legs.

"Damn rodents. Wanna talk about pests, those harpys are the worst... atleast they know who to respect." she said, the volus emerging from the door shortly afterwards. He was a bit more sober and held himself with a bit of pride now. "Ah, *breathe in* where is the ship. *breath in* that i'm supposed to help rebuild." he quizzed.

He seen the small group of asari heading towards him. Sighing as he wonders what else could happen. He was no mood to scare them off. Though it seem fate was now going easy on him as he saw Luna heading towards them. Yelling out for them to scram as he chuckle lightly.

"I do find it odd, that I did not frighten them. I must be getting to old for that." Trying to cheer himself up a bit. He stands fully up. "The ship will be here shortly vermin." He insults the volus. He didn't like him all that well. Though his thoughts turn to those other asari. "I must ask, who were those other asari Luna. You seem to have known them."


Jastis got into the pelican and Erik flew it down to Omega where Voh and co had secured the dry dock. Soon enough the Blade would be in its grasp. They landed in the area and Jastis followed the Spartan-IV out of the back. "Let's find 'Tohai and let's get this moving."

They moved through the area, it was clear there had been battle but also clear that it was over. As they got close to where Voh was, they saw a group of Asari scramming from the area and Jastis and Erik just passed them by. After that they met up with Voh, Luna, and Tau. "Good work everyone in getting the place secure. 'Tohai, from your experience, how does the scum of Omega stand up to us?"

"Though I guess I should go and actually 'be ready' in case something happens, we never did get an order to stand down after all"

"Aww..." Murphy responded, grabbing her arm playfully. But he knew that Sarah was right.

"I guess I should find my clothes, wherever the hell you through them."

Murphy started looking around the compartment for his clothes, finding them scattered.

"A sock on the ceiling. That's a first."

Sarah smiled and kissed Murphy on the cheek.

"A sock on the ceiling. That's a first."

She's giggled and hopped up after it, pulling it down for him "Yeah, that's a new one for me to" she said, turning to a console pressed a button "Amya, did we lose the showers or do we still have them?" she said as she put her clothes back on, "And where the hell is my shirt?"

While Jastis talked with the others Erik made a sweep of their new set up to get a feel for the place; easily leaping up the crates Tau had set up, he surveyed the layout, making mental notes as he went. As he went along, he caught movement below him, out of the corner of his eye. Crouching and walking as softly as he could, he moved along the tops of the crates looking, and listening.

In short order he found the source of the intrusion, a group of those blue all female aliens....Asari, yeah that was it. They were doing their best to stay in some shadows, while at the same time get a good look at Jastis and the others. Erik positioned himself right above them, and tried to listen in on their conversations, to no avail; his armour lacked any relevant translator, but from watching their gestures he was able to surmise something that was highly amusing...they appeared to be interested in Voh. Damn, not on the station an hour and he's got a fan club. Too funny. He thought, chuckling inside his helmet.

Voh's fangirls or not though, they were inside the perimeter, and they needed to go. Dropping the external output of his suits PA, he stepped off the crate he was on and landed behind them with a loud crash. "LEAVE. NOW!" He barked as he landed less than five feet away from the group. Almost in unison, they let out a series of terrified shrikes, and bolted for the doors at an impressive speed. The decking in front of Erik showed that at least two of them had lost bladder control when he landed.

"Your shirt would be stuck in the door. Not sure how you managed it, but you did. As for the showers, we have enough for one with hot water. Might i suggest sharing one with your... "close friend" to allow you each to wash off without being distinctly smelling of the acts you just committed." The A.I. commented to them.

The ship was now being towed into dock, almost half way there from its original starting position.

"I call them the Harpies. They frequent afterlife and are harmless from what i've gathered on them." she said before Jastis showed up.

"Ah, Jastis, this is the Volus i have come into ownership of, by his own freewill as well.
Viel Petunk. He can sell anything and manage finances better than anyone in citadel space could dream of." The asari said.

the little volus nodded his thanks to Voh, taking a cue from his stance to move along. "Greetings Earth Clan. I am Veil Petunk." The volus said approaching Jastis.

Tau, busy at working the warehouse's computer, ignored the several attempts to communicate with him up until now. However, once he was done with whatever he had been doing, Tau set the computer to standby and approached the gathered group of Voh, Jastis, Veil, and Luna. "Greetings, Captain Jastis." The Geth gave a bow of acknowledgement to the spartan before continuing. "I apologize for intruding, but this unit has identified matters that should be tended to as soon as possible."

"Might i suggest sharing one with your... "close friend" to allow you each to wash off without being distinctly smelling of the acts you just committed."

"First of all, boundaries." Murphy said, putting his shirt on. "This is private, and is not something that a ten year-old should be watching at all."

Murphy pulled out both his shower kit and toolkit. "Secondly, there are security protocols which you blatantly ignored. You know full and well that you are not allowed to access this room without authorization. And I did not grant authorization."

Murphy's tone was that of a father's reprimanding a child." So I am cutting the hard line to this room." He held up a pair of wire cutters. "You are grounded, young lady."

Sarah collected her shirt, she was silent but truth be told it bothered her some one had watched them, even if it was an AI "Look, I know this ship is in effect your body, but really, don't watch us again, it's creepy" she said as she waited for Murphy to finish what he was doing before they headed to the shower.

"Please don't play this game with me Murphy. I only accessed this room after I was summoned, you can check the logs. And the fact that I managed to overhear it from the hallway is well within my operating procedures. Plus, the evidence around you two was more than enough to suggest things." The A.I. Said, rather hurt from the incident. "Just because most movies display a.I.s as the bad ones doesn't mean I'm out to peek on you two. Have a little trust." She said and immitated the nose like a phone had been hung up.

Voh nods at what Luna said as he turn his focus on Jastis "I have indeed Demon. Though I must say that I just face the Vorcha on this battle. They are not nothing to worry about with our skills though they are troublesome in numbers. Which they always come in. The recording should be able to give you a idea on their weapons and tactics if you choose to watch it."

After Jastis had dismissed everyone from the debriefing, Gideon headed back to the armoury, wanting to be out of his armour for a while, as he had been in almost since he was out of the Cryo Pod Chamber. As Gideon stowed the last bit of his armour, he yawned, and decided to head to the bunk beds to try and get some shut eye, as moving about that ship from the Cryo Pod Hallway to the Hangar earlier on had taken it out of him. He soon arrived and found the place relatively empty, there were a couple of other people, but they were sound asleep, and probably wouldn't mind another one. He soon found an spare bunk bed, and fell backwards onto it, falling asleep almost instantly.

Twenty Five Minutes Later

Gideon woke up with another yawn. Looking around he could see a couple more people were asleep, and that the nearby clock had moved almost half an hour from when he went to sleep. Feeling refreshed, Gideon realized that he hadn't practiced his shooting skills for a while, and he didn't know where the shooting range was, since he'd been only given a brief run down of the ship before being stuck in a tube.

"Perhaps Amaya knows where it is." Gideon thought to himself, as he patched in his communication link through to the A.I in question.

"Hey, Amaya, you wouldn't happen to know where I can find the shooting range? Its just given how similar all these corridors on the ship look, I think I might get a little bit lost." Gideon asked politely.

It took Amaya a bit longer to respond than usual. "I guess..." she said rather depressed, soon she changed to color of the brightness of the lights to something a bit more depressing, darker tone.

"Just followed the dim lights... *sniffle*" she said, letting abit of the sadness escape her.

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