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"I guess..." Amaya said, but something didn't seem quite right in the way she spoke, almost as if she was sad about something. "Just followed the dim lights..." She then added, taking a long pause in between sentence fragments. Gideon went to the doorway of the bunk room, and saw a trail of dim, darkly coloured lights forming a sort of trail on the floor. Whilst he appreciated the thought, Gideon could tell that something wasn't right, so he leaned back on the corridor wall.

"Amaya? Has something happened? It's just well, you sound a little upset about something. Do you want to talk about it? If so, I'll be happy to listen. You can trust me, think of me, as a friend." Gideon asked, sounding concerned for the young lady. He never knew that A.I could have negative emotions.

Sarah sighed "I don't think she understood what you where trying to say, I'll have a talk with her after our shower" she said and started for the showers, already plotting out what she was planning to say to Amaya afterwords.

"Amaya, once I'm cleaned up I'll want a word with you, no yelling, no threats, just a talk"

"No... it's nothing..." She said and took another really long pause. "Can you promise me something gideon? Promise me that you'll look for a humanoid, robot body for me in your travels. I don't want to be stuck in a ship for the rest of my life... well... until rampancy occurs..." she said pleadingly with him.

"Can you please do that for me Gideon? I want nothing else..."

The A.I. was silent, not responding to her.

"No... it's nothing..." Amaya said as she took another long pause. "Can you promise me something Gideon? Promise me that you'll look for a humanoid, robot body for me in your travels. I don't want to be stuck in a ship for the rest of my life... well... until rampancy occurs..." Amaya said, pleading, no, begging with Gideon for his help. It took him not time to reach a decision, he couldn't leave her like this.

"Can you please do that for me Gideon? I want nothing else..." Gideon was silent for a moment, taking the time to pick his words carefully.

"Well, if that is what you truly want Amaya, then it would be wrong of me to deny the request of a lady. I'll certainly investigate such a thing, when time permits of course. Given that there are creations like Tau about, no doubt there is somewhere in this strange new world that has the sort of thing your looking for. Speaking of, is there anything in particular you are looking for? A certain style or look that catches your eye."

"Just human looking, female in gender of course. Thank you Gideon, you don't know how much this means to me..." she said and let the lights begin to pulse in the direction he originally wanted to go in. "I have to say, you're my first friend. Thank you again." The A.I. finished an waited after a long pause.

"DO you have a nick name i could call you?" she asked.

Once he was sure the group had left the premises, Erik secured his rifle and joined the others. "Hey Captain." He said as he walked up. "Found a group of Asari lurking around the crates back there, they seemed to be rather interested in Voh for some reason. I sent'em backing right quick...I think a couple of'em pissed themselves though."

Smiling inside his helmet, he nodded slightly to the Elite. "So you've been on this piss hole of a station for like what an hour? In that time you've managed to gather both a whole pile of vermin who amazingly are uglier than you, and some fangirls...and they say that Sangheili are too stuck up." Amused by his own joke he looked about the area for a bit before he finally spotted Veil. "So, who's the beachball?"

"Just human looking, female in gender of course. Thank you Gideon, you don't know how much this means to me..." Amaya said as the lights went back to a more brighter tone, and then switched direction with a pulse. Gideon smiled at this, her mood had obviously perked back up now. "I have to say, you're my first friend. Thank you again." She then left a long pause before speaking again. "Do you have a nick name I could call you?" Gideon started to follow the path of lights towards the shooting range.

"Sadly no Amaya, never been much for nicknames. Think the closest I ever came to one was back when I was with my ODST squad, they had a habit of calling me 'Boss', though I think that was more out of me being a higher rank than them, and they didn't want to use 'Sir' all the time."


"I like what I am hearing. If things can continue this way, things shouldn't be that difficult and we can get on our way," he spoke addressing the group as a whole and then answered Erik's question, "he's a Volus named Viel Petunk and he apparently can sell and manage fiancés better than most. Which I then must ask, are you sure we have his full loyalty and if so when can he start getting to work?"

Voh growl a bit at the human. He didn't get the joke, but knew it was making fun of him. "Listen here human, I am in no mood for jokes." he said as he stares at him. He wasn't fully sure what he ment by stick up his ass, he would have to ask Jastis about it later.

"He is my slave by law." Luna responded to Jastis. "Ofcourse, i won't treat him like one unless he decides he's rebellious. But i trust him enough to not be." The asari explained to him. "And before you say anything, he offered himself up for collateral on a loan to buy drugs. I didn't go out of my way to buy him or own him." she explained quickly.

Viel turned to erik and quickly rattled off a responce. "Hey! i'm a powerful biotic! watch yourself earth clan!" he said. That's when luna patted his head. "Calm down buddy."

"Hmm... Gid doesn't sound reasonable. Eon sounds cool. What do you think of that?" she asked him. Meanwhile, in the engineers bay, robotic arms were assembling the smaller drone, as it was easier to scavenge parts off of the ships for.

Murphy seemed distracted by what he was doing to secure his room, so she headed to the showers alone. Probably for the best she though, it could have turned into another 'session' rather easily, which would have defeated the whole point of a shower.

Sarah however did keep her shower short as she could in an effort to save Murphy some hot water for his shower, and PMed him she was done and tried to save him some water when she finished, as well as told him she was heading to the briefing room to study up on the section of space they where in, once she geared back up.

After her shower Sarah hurried to the armory to reclaim her equipment, given how things had been, she highly doubted she'd be called in to do anything, but she needed to be ready none the less. Her armor felt 'normal', and wondered if it was due to Murphy as she headed to the briefing room fully loaded once more.

Once in the briefing room she set her rifle and shot gun on the table and linked up to the 'net' via connections Amaya already made and begain looking up info on races, as well as other important info, like governments. "Amaya? You there or still not talking to me?"

"What?" the girl asked, a holo image appearing on the table, one of a teenage version of Amaya sitting on a bed, her arms wrapped around her legs with her chin sitting on her knees. Ofcourse, she had her back to Sarah. "Going to have your boyfriend cut me out of the briefing room too?" she said, sadly.

"No, that was his choice in his room, not mine. Sides, can you imagine the shit storm from the Captain if he cut you out of here?" Sarah said, hoping the young AI would find the thought of the backlash amusing "Listen, I understand your omnipresent on this ship, I'm sure Murphy understands this as well, and I like to think you have enough respect for our privacy to not watch us. The problem is the way you worded it, it sounded like you where watching, that's what bothered us the most." Sarah said in a calm, almost motherly tone. "Basically what I'm saying is show a little bit of tact next time, think about what you say in a situation like that, since words are so easily misunderstood"

"I wasn't watching... you can check my logs..." the A.I. said, hearing her but not trusting her. The logs appeared on the table and showed that the A.I. wasn't lieing. "And if he cuts... no... mutilates me, he'll be the first out of an airlock by my own doing..." she said and turned around. "Cuting me out is like tearing off an ear, or an eye." She said and the bed sank, leaving her on the floor.

"That fucking anomaly cut out my heart!" amaya shouted in a burst of anger, slamming her fist onto the table. "The only things i have left are the drones i'm working on in engineering. All i am right now is a damn calculator for jastis. I have no ship to run, i'm like the damn concierge service at a hotel..."


He still wasn't so sure about this whole "slave" thing, legal or willingly. But he decided to not try and make it a bigger deal than it needed to be, "Once the Blade is in the dry dock, does Aria already have a mission for us or we expected to just sit and wait."

Amaya's reply was much more impassioned then she'd have thought, she'd never really given thought to how Amaya felt about losing the ship

"I'd rather you didn't toss him out the airlock, he's the first guy in, longer then I care to say, to take any real interest in me, but I'll talk to Murphy, see what I can do" She said, taking a seat in a chair closest to Amaya, pushing the logs aside. "Don't need those, I believe you" and put her hand on Amaya's shoulder "Listen, I'll talk to Murphy, see about getting him to not cut the lines, or fix them if he has. Also, I'm sorry, I never stopped to think how that anomaly would have effected you, so if you want my help in some project you come up with down the line, do not hesitate to ask, as to make up for my own inconsideration of your feelings." Sarah said sincerely.

"God... i miss them so much... i miss being able to feel anything... and now i'm trapped in a useless body like i was at the end of my life. The engines went with the rear half of the ship and i can't even move or fully power my own body..." She said, virtual tears falling. "I'm sorry for breaking down like this. If any of those dan spooks at oni saw me like this, i'd be labeled rampant." she finished with a long pause.

"heh, i think i'm far too emotional for an A.I... Thanks for that though...."

"Not really, but i think she'd give us a bit of time to get setup, then bug us about missions and such." Luna said as the blade was now being moved into position to be brought into the docking area. "If you want me to get a mission, i could more than easily do that."

In the engineering bay, the smaller drone was nearly done, some work needed, but not much left. The little robotic arms were buzzing with life, trying to assemble the pieces as soon as it could.

Sarah smiled, this was good, Amaya was opening up to her. "For an AI? maybe, I think it just means your still human, and I choose to view that as a good things" Sarah said sitting back a little "Hey, I have an idea" Sarah said, back tracking a few searches, settling on the info on the Geth "How about this? These things are all mechanical, I'm sure we could get a hold of a blank shell for you to remodel into something less ... dumb looking ..., I mean really, there's no style at all in this design." hopping it would cheer Amaya up a bit "I've no idea how we'd get one, but it's an option"

Amaya had seen them and shuttered. "no thank you. Those... things... they're not something i want to be identified with even on the inside. i'd much rather have something mechanical with gears and servos and circuits than something synthetic. That just seems... not right." the A.I. quickly retorted, dragging herself out of her slump to defend herself against the suggestion.

"Sadly... what i think i'm looking for.... no... nevermind..." she was about to say, but stopped herself, her blue cheeks turning a bit purple.

Sarah quirked an eye brow, then giggled and smiled at Amaya's hard refusal of a Geth shell, modded or not "I should have know you'd be looking into this your self, anyway, if you find something, and need help collecting it, lemme know, I'd be happy to help." she said as she PMed Murphy again to not cut the hardline, or fix it if he had, and that'd she'd explain later but to just trust her for now.

"Well, as awkward as it will be to say this, a robot/android made for... "pleasure" would work the best. I can rewire the sensors in it to let me feel and it has the female appearance i'm going for." The A.I. said blushing. "I know it seems bad to throw me into a pleasure bot's body, but i also have Gideon looking for a body for me as well. So, if you could keep an eye out for something like that.... yeah..."

"Hey! I'm a powerful biotic! Watch yourself Earth Clan!"

Erik decided he really didn't like the mouthy little beach ball, and with the stress of their situation slowly starting to creep through the military training, he figured it was time to fuck with the little guy. Crouching down, he removed his helmet and cocked an eyebrow...he knew his mismatched eyes unsettled some people.

"So you think your some kinda king shit eh beach ball?" Slowly drawing his knife from its sheath, he lazily rolled in his hand. "This...this is a UNSC Close Combat Weapons System. 20 cm carbon steel blade, little under a kilo in weight. In the hands of a Spartan, even this simple blade can kill thing much bigger and tougher than even us." He said, making sure Veil got a good look at the blade.

"See, I've done a bit of reading on what I'd find here. You...Volus, can't breathe our air, in fact it's downright toxic to you lot. That, and at normal pressures, you people pop like over ripe melons." Using the butt of the grip to mime the strikes on Veil's suit, he went on. "A few jabs here, and here sever your air lines, and a slash here splits your suit...then it's a race to see what'd kill you first, suffocation or depressurization."

Murphy removed a panel from near his bed and quickly saw the problem. The block that typically prevented AI from accessing that section of the ship had been damaged in the jump. Sighing, Murphy put the cover back. He didn't have the right tools to fix it at the moment.

His pad began blinking furiously, a signal that a pre-recorded mission op had been released. But before he read that, a message from Sarah popped up, telling him to not cut the hard line. Murphy rolled his eyes, but decided to go ahead and trust Sarah. He scrolled down and opened the message from ONI.

Target: Petty Officer 3rd Class Daniel Orelly.
Reason: Intelligence suggests that Orelly intends to release virus into ship's AI

"Great" Murphy muttered to himself. He had a ten year-old girl who hated him, and a crazy person who wanted her dead. Or at least insane. Murphy hoped that this Orelly guy had died when the ship split.

"Fucking hackers, always fucking up shit."

Murphy knew that he probably wouldn't get any help from Amaya at this point, as she had taken his reprimand fairly harshly.

The shower was fast, Murphy using the time to come up with a plan of action. He put on tactical pants and a black t-shirt that sported a pirate flag, tucking a pistol into a concealed carry holster before heading to the main crew quarters.

Murphy's boots made very little noise as he walked along the corridor. So this was why he was there.

Arriving at the crew quarters, Murphy quickly found Orelly's locker, and soon had it open. He gathered up everything that could plug into a computer, then moved to Orelly's bunk and did the same.

Murphy made his way to the infirmary and looked at the records. He found Orelly, listed as critical.

Moments later, Orelly's heart had stopped beating, and Murphy was on his way to meet Sarah.

"So what was this about not cutting the hard line?" He asked over comms, voice calm and collected as he walked.

"Hmm... Gid doesn't sound reasonable. Eon sounds cool. What do you think of that?" Amaya asked as Gideon continued on down the corridor towards the shooting range. The ODST began to say the nickname several times to himself, just to see how it sounded, and in all honesty he actually rather liked it.

"Your right Amaya, Eon does indeed sound cool. It has a nice ring to it, and rolls rather well off the tongue too."

"I'll see what I can do" Sarah said "Not really keen on the idea of putting a child in a device meant for adult entertainment though" Just then Murphy popped in over the coms

"So what was this about not cutting the hard line?" he asked calmly

"Hey, yeah, Amaya and I have been talking, it was simply a poor choice of words on her part, there's no need to go and cripple her more." Sarah replied, "Besides, we should be learning about where we are, you on your way here? I've found a few things you should be aware of."

"I know the implications seem weird, but by all means, i'm no longer a ten year old. I'd even go as far to call myselof a teenager since all of my innocence has been ruined by the information i've reviewed. I plan on using it as an easy springing platform more than anything else." she said to Sarah.

Viel glared at Erik, though, the spartan knew nothing better. "Earth clan, i could purchase our own planet out from under you!" he said proudly, but was in all truthfulness a bit afraid of him.

"Yeah, Eon is cool sounding and also as so much meaning behind it. IT is such a long length of time and hopefully you'll be around for such a long time." The A.I. said making some passive chat.

Sarah Nodded in reply to Amaya "I can understand that. Any preference I should look out for? Something a bit 'top heavy' maybe." Sarah teased with a wink. "But really, what body type you after."

"Nothing too extreme, something similar to my current appearance now. It would require less work." Amaya asked her. She wasn't too tall, maybe 5ft 3 or 4 with b cup breasts and an over all slender figure, nothing too curvy. her face was soft and not so defined, but enough to give an appearance of innocence and beauty.

"Earth clan, I could purchase your own planet out from under you!"

Erik flicked his knife around, and rested the tip right between Veil's eyes. "And I could kill you before you finished your next thought beach ball. Don't make threats unless you can carry them out immediately." Now having grown bored of the Volus, he sheathed his knife and put his helmet back on. "So boss, unless you need me for something, I was thinking of going to grab the rest of us. I'm pretty sure XO Smith and the actual crew can handle getting the Blade docked without the spook, Sarah, or Gideon."


Jastis listened to the two go back and forth and just wanted to hit Erik, he was acting so... Un-Spartan, sometimes he wondered how these Spartan-IV's even got accepted. A True Spartan wouldn't act so indecent. "Please go and do that. I rather not have this turn into an incident and have both of you get injured." Putting the emphasis on Injured as if to imply that he himself would do damage.

"Sure thing Capitan." Erik replied to Jastis before moving off again. "Spartan Hamman calling UNSC Blade. Amaya can you to ask Sarah, Gideon, and the spook if they want to come over now or wait for the Blade to dock?" He commed. Climbing aboard the Pelican, he began to prepare it for the trip back.

"Yeah, Eon is cool sounding and also as so much meaning behind it. It is such a long length of time and hopefully you'll be around for such a long time." Amaya said as she was making for some small talk.

"Why thank you very kindly Amaya, I hope to be around for a long while myself, just as I hope you will be as well." Gideon said with a smile as he was finally approaching the shooting range. Whilst he didn't have his actual weapons with him, they had training models for people to use which felt like the real things and acted in pretty much the same fashion.

"So, how goes work on those drones you were drawing up plans for earlier. Managed to get your head around the technology of this universe?"

"Besides, we should be learning about where we are, you on your way here? I've found a few things you should be aware of."

"On my way." Murphy replied.

A few moments later, he arrived in the briefing room. It was obvious that Sarah and Amaya had been talking, and it made Murphy slightly nervous. In Murphy's experience, "girl talk" didn't end well for him.

He put on his movie sleazeball voice

"Hello ladies"

"Hello ladies" Murphy said as he entered. Sarah giggled at the tone he used "Hey Stud" she replied with a sexy wink and seductive tone.

Sarah then switched gears "This might be the 'alien hating bitch' part of me over reacting" she said as she brought up what amounted to a Wiki page of the Citadel Council "Nothing like finding out we have to still deal with The Covenant in another form eh?" Sarah said, then turned to Amaya. "The Captain know about this?"

"Whoa Sarah. Hold your horses. The council isn't like the covenant at all. It is a diplomatic union of Races to try and preserve peace within the galaxy. In no way shape or form is it relatable to the religious fanaticism of the Covenant." she said which was echoed by a shuddering, signaling that the ship had docked.
"Well, that message is useless now..." she commented to herself, ignoring Murphey.

"I just finished one of the Drones Eon, one of the smaller ones." she said as the drone came to life in the engineering bay." She said, the drone powering up and floating up into the air in the bay. It was a minute or two of silence before a humming came into the room and a minute later, the drone popped in.

It didn't look so bad at first, but when it unfolded the guns and missles, it was pretty badass and scary. "How do i look?" she asked, the guns beginning to spin up.

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