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"I just finished one of the Drones Eon, one of the smaller ones." Amaya said, then there was suddenly silence. A few moments later, Gideon could feel the Blade come to a sudden stop, followed by an faint shuddering sound as the metal reverberated. Then as the noise died down, he could hear a faint humming sound, but it was slowly getting louder, until a floating metal box appeared in front of him.

At first, Gideon breathed a sigh of relief, then a light came on at the front, and the drones armaments began to appear from within the drone; this caused him to be a little nervous as the guns started to spin up. "How do I look?" Amaya then asked. Gideon stepped up to the drone to give it a better look, and gazed directly into what he presumed was the drone's 'eye'.

"Honestly Amaya? I think this looks pretty damn awesome." Gideon said as he walked around the drone, wanting to get a better look at it; but the drone tracked his movements perfectly as it followed him.

"It certainly has that ominous appearance when you first see it; certainly give folks a run for their money. You thought of a name for it yet? Something like this deserves a nickname of some sort."

As Erik waited for the A.I. to respond, he made his way over to an external window, just in time to see the Blade dock. "Scratch my last transmission, Amaya." He commed again; Switching to a secondary channel, he tagged Sarah, Gideon, and the spook on a group channel. "Just a heads up all, the boss want you over here riky-tik."

Sarah shrugged in reply to Amaya correcting her about this Council. "All that means to me is they're only less likely to shoot at me on sight" she said as she ship shook, signalling they where docking.

"Just a heads up all, the boss want you over here riky-tik." Erik said over the coms

"Well, guess it's time to actually do something" Sarah said, turned, Kissed Murphy on the lips "Come on, lets go see whats up" she said as she grabbed her weapons and helm and headed out of the room, then out of the ship thanks to some stairs some one put up to one of the hatches. "Reporting as Ordered" Sarah said as she walked up to the Captain, Luna and Voh, saluting when she got closer to them, helm under her arm "Wha cha got for us?"

"Time to make a list!" the Volus said excitedly and sped off towars the stairs, being up them and inside the ship in a surprisingly small amount of time, considering he was roughly as wide as he was tall.

Luna stood there surprised. "Wow... that's the fastest i've ever seen him move..." she said sort of awestruck. And, anticipating somebody's first concern as to what he was doing. "He's going to take a stock of aproximatly all the materials on the ship. Don't worry." The asari said, still trying to believe he moved that quick. "How in the world..." she mumbled then shook her head clean of the thoughts.

Amaya was observant of the little fella running around with his omni tool. She opened a line to jastis. "Ummm.... Sir? there's a volus running around the ship counting things..."

Voh was standing by himself in the back. Not wanting to take part in the talk at the moment as he watch the group make their way to each other. As he spies each of of the crew, he starts to notice something from the female spartan. On her back was a energy sword hilt. Growling as it seem she was wearing it with pride or something else to mock the Sangheili. Walking back to the group as he stares down Sarah.

"That sword. Where did you get it" He ask in a simple tone. Though from his body tone, anyone could tell he was a bit piss from the sight. Waiting for her answer as he thinks of what to do about it. He knew he couldn't be truly angry at her. Unless she took the sword without being worthy of earning it.

Sarah turn back toward the Sangheili "Voh right? I took it from it's previous owner, and killed him with it, and decided to keep it since it's a more effective melee weapon then the standard issue combat knife, why?" Sarah replied, wondering why it was clearly bothering him so much.

Voh growl, he really did not like how she talk to him. Though trying to keep his angry in check. "That blade is a honor among my kind..human" he spat out the last part as if trying to insult her. "You may have earn it but show it respect as it deserve." He didn't know how much humans knew about Sangheili culture but still didn't matter as she held one of the energy blades.


He was pleased that the Blade was now settled in and things were finally moving. Less talk and more action was in order. Although he wasn't so pleased with the idea of the Volus running around the ship, "Amaya, send one of the Huragok's to watch over the Volus. I still don't trust him completely," he spoke to the AI over the COM channel.

Although just after realizing 'Tohai's anger rising, Jastis got involved. "Tohai, she most likely picked it off from the ground during a battle. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't picked up one and used it myself."

Sarah was getting confused "Whats the problem exactly? Where I'm keeping it? It's a good spot, easy to reach with ether hand, and lends the draw motion naturally to a 'upward slash'" She said now fully facing him and ignoring the insult.

Voh look like he was about to attack. Though starts to walk away to cool off and clear his head. "Damn humans and their ignorant ways." Not listening to them if they call out to him to come back. He didn't want to do something he would regret. As well as he was suppose to be a true Sangheili warrior. Someone in control of his thoughts and feelings. Not letting personal things get in the way of his goal.

Sarah shrugged as Voh stomped off, turned and gave her Captain an annoyed look for the dismissive tone he'd used of her ability's, she didn't 'pick it up' she took it from her enemy by breaking his arm before cutting him in two with his own weapon, then just waited for what ever the mission was, she'd assumed there was one, other wise there was no reason to call every one out.

Luna saw the exchange and watched voh head off. "Voh! wait a minute!" she called out but he kept walking away. The Asari looked at the others, understanding why Voh was as upset as he was. She ran after him, catching up not too long after. "Voh, please talk to me." The asari said, putting a hand on his arm.
"I can understand why you're upset. and i don't think they'll ever understand. It's not an environment that they grew up in and can't share memories like the asari can. they'll never get it." she said walking with him.

"I'll keep a watch on him. I have a surprise if he decides to mess with anything." she commented.
Meanwhile, she was still speaking with Eon.
"Well, i have a model name for it. B4-D4-55. i guess that looks like a word a bit. So why not "The Bad Ass"?" the ai asked him.

He was barely listening to her at first. Still to piss off at Sarah and her little understanding of honor and how much it meant to the Sangheili. Though soon he stops and sighs, punching a nearby wall in angry, leaving a very small dent in it. "It not just that. True the human ignorant ways are annoying though the true reason I am angry is because." he sigh. "I am the only Sangheili here."

He lets it sink in a bit. "I have no homeworld to look to. My brethren are all gone. No lovers to go back to or children to at least watch grow to become great warriors as their father should be. Even if I couldn't raise them." He said as he looks down at the ground. Wanting to kill something and hoping someone was dumb enough to try something.

Tau could see that his request for advisement went unheeded. So, taking the initiative, he entered the Blade and made his way to the hangar, back to his own shuttle. "Amaya..." Tau broadcast from his shuttle on a frequency he knew the ship had been using. "...this unit requires additional equipment in order to assist in the Blade's repairs. Required equipment is on board the Tashya, I will return shortly."

After warming up the engines, taking the ship out of the Blade's hangar and into the Omega hangar proper, Tau added something to his transmission. "If Captain Jastis, or Assistant Luna express displeasure upon my temporary departure, please remind them that this unit prompted them for directions before leaving."

With that, Tau accelerated and left the hangar, heading for the Tashya, which still orbited the station a safe distance away.

Luna closed her eyes. she knew the feeling of loneliness, a bit too well. "Voh, i sort of understand how you feel. I've killed everyone around me twice, and twice was i left alone after each time, of my own actions and there's been no one around me for hundreds if not thousands of miles." She said and of all things hugged him, her strong demeanor breaking down as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"I killed the entire academy i was at when i was younger. Something snapped in me... everyone was dead... blood everywhere... then it happened to me again when i was a merc. I killed everyone on the job, both my friends and the targets... left drifting alone in space..." she said and buried her head into his large chest. It was clear this was something that deeply hurt and disturbed her.

Murphy had stayed out of the altercation between Sarah and Voh. He wasn't a big fan of "trophies of war", but he generally left the topic alone. He looked at Jastis.

"So, looks like it's just me and you. What's the plan?"

Voh was a bit surprise in how Luna acted towards him. Hardly anyone ever touch a Sangheili in a soft way. Unless it was another Sangheili. Not sure how to fully act towards the woman. He never had any cry on his chest before, though he didn't want to push her away.

Though he did sense she was a warrior in need of help. Placing his hands on her back as he holds her. Not really saying much as he let her cry out her sorrows. Wondering what to say to provide her comfort. Though decide to stay quite for a moment and let her have a moment of silence for fallen friends.

the asari cried for a minute, but then began to slow and eventually stop. "Thanks." she said and looked up at Voh. "i needed that." the asari finished, whiping the tears away from her eyes. "I'm sorry for putting you in this situation. It's just... it still hurts and i haven't been able to forgive myself..." she said and hugged him again. "You're the first friend i've ha in a long... long time..." Luna commented, resting her head on his chest again.

"It is no worries Luna." he said as he watch her rest her self against him once more. He thought it over about what she said about friend. He wonder if she was his true friend as well. At least a non-sangheili friend. "Though I do not know the details of what happen to you that made you do those deeds. I do not think it was all of your fault. Though you take it out of yourself to roughly, at least you admit what you did was wrong and you ask for forgiveness. Not many do."

"I to have done deeds I regret. Like the genocide of the humans. My kind hunted them down as if they were vermin. Never fully questioning why our leaders wanted them dead. We were to happy to do so to prove our worth to our false gods." He sighs as he recounts battles against the humans. Slaughtering them for a lie the prophets have made to deceive them.

"I wish to thank you Luna. You are a true friend worthy of a Sangheili."

"Thanks Voh." was all she could manage to say to him. She listened to his heartbeat through the plate on his chest, it was strong and full of life. That and the rising and lowering of his chest left her calm and somewhat happy. "Voh? did you have a wife and family? i tried staying away from family memories during melding." she said, not looking up, but closing her eyes once again.

He stay quite for a bit before answering. "Yes...and no. We Sangheili do have families. Though I was given a swordsmen genes and title. Which means I could mate with any female, married or not of my choosing. Though I will not be able to see my children grow up. To make sure every child grows equally and not have their egos grow to large due to their forefathers name."

"I did have a lover back home. Though I do know she did give birth to a child, but I do not know of its fate or how it is growing up." He simply states and saying nothing more on the subject.

"Dear Goddess... that's horrible. Such a militated lifestyle... A father not being able to teach their child life experiences, that's unthinkable." she said, rather surprised and looked up at him. "I need to show you how to live. To give ou something nice in life other than war or fighting for honor and codes of respect." She said and pulled off of him, grabbing his hand and tugging him along to the street outside the hangar.

She began to lead him down the street, to somewhere she thought he might have fun.

He was quickly surprise in how she acted. At one moment she felt sorry for him and how he couldn't truely see his family. The next moment she talking about showing him a good time beside fighting and honor. Which he has no idea what else there was. "I need nothing else" he try to tell her but she pull him away from the hanger.

He wonders where she was taking him, and having a bad feeling for it. He could easily pull out of her grip and to cloka and sneak away, though deciding against that. He sigh and toughen up, thinking he could deal with whatever Luna wants to show him.

"Listen, i need to help you cheer up and get better at a life outside of war. learn to let yourself go and just have fun. Then i can sit down and have you learn to be a family man." she said.

Soon, the duo arrived at a strip club. Walking inside, there were a large number of females, both asari and human dancing with little clothing covering them, a few even topless. She made a beeline for the bar, dragging voh the entire way. Finally reaching it, she let go of Voh. "Barkeep, give me two of the strongest shots of liquor on the station." while he was tending to the drinks, she spun around and looked out over the place.

"Ya know. I don't care what others identify my species as. Asari and human females look just as good as the males of other species." The blue woman commented and turned to voh. "And alcohol, not my escape, but my lubricant to get away. i never abuse it, but a shot or two will let me become invincible."

He starts to think about Luna's plan to make him live a happy life outside of fighting and let him be a true "family man." He has no idea about the life outside of fighting and didn't like the sound of it. Though before he could say something he was being pull into the club.

As he was drag into the strip club, a few things pop into his head. One he hates clubs, the loud music and the large crowds he was out of his comfort zone. Two being the largest being there got a lot of eyes sizing him up and getting looks of checking him out. Hearing murmurs of the club goers trying to think of what race he is as he the first Sangheili they ever saw.

As he eyes around the club, he would spy the dancers around the club. Wondering why such a race would be display like this though as he watch some of the he start to slowly understand.

He takes off his helmet and set it down on the counter. Keep a close eye on it as he didn't want to lose it. Speaking in Sangheili to her since he didn't have his helmet on to translate himself. "Why must you bring me here? This is no place for a warrior." he slightly complain, though seeing the look in her eyes he sigh. "Fine..one drink."

Erik saw the others disembark the ship, Sarah having some sort of altercation with Voh, Voh leaving with the Asari, he saw it all, but only registerd a small bit of it. Mostly he was thinking. What the hell man...what the fuck is your problem? He thought, the incident with the Volus running through his head. That, that was something a street thug would do, not a Spartan. You're better than that. Taking his helmet off, he set it on a crate, and ran his hands over his face. Get it together.

"Good." The Asari said back to him in sangheili. The bartender came back with two shot glasses full of neon blue liquid. "Well, down the hatch." She said picking up her glass and downing it in one gulp. She seemed like a pro at it, giving her head a shake after a minute. "Whoo. your turn big boy." she said, sort of half smiling at him.

Voh look down at his drink and grumples. He grab his drink and drowns it all. A bit hard to due to his jaw structures but he manage to do so. "That...wasn't so bad." he said. He never like to admit defeat before lightly smiling at her. "So..what sort of fun did you have in mind to bring me here?"

"Well, it's in the back silly. You think i would bring you here to stare at chics? we're here to HAVE FUN!" she said with a spin and grabbed his hand again. Tugging him this time, though a number of back rooms and down a few flights of stairs.

They eventually reached a door with loud bass thumping from behind it. Opening the door, there was a massive cheer as something out of sight happened. She led Voh in, in through the crowd to the railing. Down below, there was a dance floor, but it was clear save for a few people. and they seemed to be... of all things.. fighting. and having fun doing so with no holds barred.

"Told you." she said and led him downstairs. "The rules are melee only. No weapons." she said as they reached the edge of the crowd cheering. "Stay here for a minute, so you can watch me win a fight and show you how it's done." she said and walked out onto the floor the challenge the current winner.

The two looked at eachother with stupid smiles on their faces. There was a nod and the match was on. Luna bounced with the beat of the music and seemed to be almost dancing as the first punch came in from the barterian opposition. She spun and with a dance like move, dodged the attack and let a punch into the guys gut, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to double over.

A knee upwars into his four eyes and her was standing straight up again. On the way back down, her right hand was engulfed in biotic aura and it came down with a sickening crunch into the guy's face. He crumpled immediately and the entire club went silent.

Luna took a breath and looked around. "WHOOOOOO! YEEEAAAAHHH!" she shouted, throwing her arms up in victory and celebration. Then the entire club errupted into a cheer along with her.

"Well, I have a model name for it. 'B4-D4-55'. I guess that looks like a word a bit. So why not 'The Bad Ass'?" Amaya asked.

"Hmm, not a bad name for it, it at least fits the purpose in which it was made for. Jastis will probably refer to it by the model name, but I'll certainly call it 'The Bad Ass'." Gideon said, he was about to continue when a message came over his comm link, this time it was from Erik.

"Just a heads up all, the boss want you over here riky-tik."

"Well, it looks like I'll have to take a rain check on that target practice. Better get suited up, again." Gideon said with an annoyed huff as he turned around to head back to the armoury, this time getting suited up and armed to the teeth. Within minutes he was out of the ship and walking towards the others that had assembled; having just caught a glimpse of Luna and Voh walking off somewhere.

"Apologies for being a bit late sir, I was at the other end of the ship down by the shooting range when I got the message, and I had to return to the armoury to get geared up."

Voh grab his helmet when she was dragging him away again. Putting it on as he follows her out through the back. As they get closer to the door the loud bass was heard he was having little doubt he would have fun. Though it turns out it was a fighting area. Chuckling as he change his mind, he might have some fun after all.

Listening to luna as she explain and then took off to the fighting ring. Not worry that she might get hurt as she able to handle herself. Watching her take on the four eye being and easily able to take him down. As the cheer erupted, he would just clap to her. Smiling a bit as he watch her in her happy mood in winning.

Luna was happier now that she had let go. She pulled Voh into the ring and got into a fighting stance with her back against his. "Come on! your turn to have fun with me!" she shouted over the music and crowd.

Out of the crowd stepped an asari to face luna. "This one should be fun. How about you?" she asked.

Out of the crowd stepped a massive krogan. He was only a tiny bit smaller than Voh, but none the less, gigantically built. A crack of his knuckles was heard over the crowd and music, then the same with his neck. "Don't know who or what you are, but i'm gunna take you down." The krogan said to Voh and got into a mainly defensive stance.

The drone had floded back up and looked innocent enough again as it headed off the ship and proceeded to join the group. "Hello." Amaya's voice came from the drone.

"Oh joy" he said in a sarcastic tone, which was lost due to the crowd cheering. As he spies his opponent he size him up. Believing he could take him on, though he never fought a krogan before. Doing a few streches before the fight as he chuckles. "Doesn't look to tough." he whisper back to her before responding to the Korgan. "My name is Voh'Tohai. And tonight you shall feel a Sangheili's might pest." He threw in a small insult. He gets into his own defensive stance, keeping a eye on his opponent and waits for him to attack first.

The krogan charged forward, appearing to aim to try and flatten voh, but at the last minute, stopped his mass and tried to leg sweep the Sangheili. if it was successful, he would try to uppercut the falling sangheili.

Luna and the other asari were each clearly military trained, hell they might have even gone to the same school. But that didn't matter now as they were fairly evenly matched. they threw punches into one another's fists, kicks crunching into kicks, arms locking in a melee frenzy.

"Hey Amaya" Sarah said as the drone floated up "So this is one of the drones you mentioned eh? Nice" she added once she'd taken a good look at the drone.

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