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Voh was caught off guard at the sudden stop of the Krogan. Feeling his legs go out from under him, though moving his body in the right way to dodge the punch. As he roll his body the other way, he would soon get back on his feet and charge. As he did, he would see the Krogan getting ready to attack with a right hook. Blocking it as he then upper cuts the krogan.

Making the fellow warrior stagger back before coming back to his senses. Voh was studying his oppenant, trying to figure out a weakness to him so he could take him down quickly. He does a quick look at Luna to see how she was doing before refocusing on the Krogan. Charging again, though doing a frontal kick with his giant hoof like foot against the Krogan chest.

The krogan braced himself for a charge, watching the foot come flying in, He felt the impact on his chest and slid back, not falling over. Letting The sangheili pick himself up and ready once more, he charged and unleashed a fury of punches, surprisingly quick for the massive size.

Luna and the other asari were fighting, still punch for punch. That's when luna broke the pattern. She slapped the other asari across the face with a loud crack.

The other asari, still trying to figure out what had happened, wasn't ready for her next action either. Luna pulled her head back and with all her might, slammed it forward into the other asari's forehead, enough to make it bleed. Taking advantage of her putting off the asari, Luna charged forward with a flurry of punches and kicks, each striking their target and forcing her opponent backwards.

"Thanks." Amaya said and unfolded all of the weapons, spinning up the guns and letting the missiles atop be seen. It looked like she could clear out a room, or building. Well, lets just leave it at she could clear a lot of the building standing in it.

"You know how to use those?" Sarah asked as Amaya unfolded the drones weapons. "Impressive as it all is you do know how to use all that effectively right?

Voh could block some of the punches but not all. Feeling the massive warrior hitting him against his helmet and chest. Though he quickly dodge the last attack and counter attack. Unleashing a blizzard of strikes against the Krogan. Being a more agile opponent he able to land more blows in quicker session. His last attack he does a uppdercut to the Krogan lower jaw.

Voh wasn't paying attention much to luna as his whole focus was on the Krogan in front of him. Though he would have to thank her later for bringing him here to let off some steam.


"First thing we need to do is have some semblance of order around here. It seems like everyone is just doing their own things. 'Tohai and Luna have run off like school children and I lost track of them. We need to get them back here and begin getting everything ready. Lastly I need to get into contact with Aria to see what our first mission is..." the large man sighed, "Damn this is turning out to be most annoying. Wonder if we really should have just gone with Tau and his alliance. I don't like all of these variables we have barely any control over."

He brought up the COMs and spoke to "'Tohai, what the fuck are you doing? I did not order or give you permission to go out on your own with Luna. We haven't even fully set up base yet. I order you to get back here."

Lunar Templar:
"You know how to use those?" Sarah asked as Amaya unfolded the drones weapons. "Impressive as it all is you do know how to use all that effectively right?

"Ofcourse, a couple of thousand battle simiulations have led me to great accuracy. witht these guns and missiles." she commented to them. "And the technology of this universe lets me have near infinite magazine capacity. i might need to insert new blocks of metal once a year, but so long as i moniter fire and keep the heat down, i should be good."

With the loud music pumping through the fight club, and the sheer amount of people gathered, Jastis's voice was coming through prettymuch as static. and that could easily be interperted as interference from the sheer amount of omni toolsa in the area.

The uppercut was enough to nail out the krogan as he fell to the floor with a bit of blood from his mouth, most likely a tongue that was bitten in half. Luna had the other asari up against a pole and let loose a punch into her stomach that cracked the pole behind her. the other asari just crumpled to the ground and the two incapacitated were dragged off.

"GOOD JOB!" she shoute to him.

Voh was still in a battle stance, ready for more though once he seen the krogan lay there he ease up a bit. Having a small headache from the punches and the loud music as he barely heard anything. Though the loud shouting of Luna close to him was heard as he turn to face her. Nodding as he walks over and spoke loudly so she can hear.

"I wish to thank you Luna. For understanding and letting me have of my stress release in a fighting match." He then remembers the others as he sighs. "though I must cut this night short. I should have not let my feelings get the better of me and storm off from my commander." He said as he thought about leaving and returning back to the Demon. Not wanting to ruin the mood, but he was a soldier, a warrior and he should act like one.

"Yeah, we should be getting back. But we should get something to eat first." Luna responded, beggining to walk with the sangheili. They walked out into the long series of passage ways that led back to the strip club. As they walked along, things were a bit quiet, luna's only things to show for the fight was a sratch or two on her gauntlets. "Well..." she said rather embarrassedly, the adrenaline having forced the alcohol through her system quickly and making her not tipsy, but a bit buzzed.

As soon as they left he try to com Jastis. "Demon, this is Voh do you hear me?" he simple ask. Though as he wait for a responds he heard Luna say something. Turning to face her as he thinks about something to eat. "I do not know about that. I should contact my leader before we make any plans. "

He tries again to COM Jastis to let him know he is alright and he was heading back soon.

Sarah Gave the drone Amaya was in a funny look "Near infinite ... what? Hows that even possible?" She hadn't had the time to get that far into her research before they docked but then she really had no one to blame for that but her self.

"Damn this is turning out to be most annoying. Wonder if we really should have just gone with Tau and his alliance. I don't like all of these variables we have barely any control over."

Murphy had to chuckle a bit as Jastis said this.

"Well, you're in the shit now, so plug your nose and walk through it, big guy."

Jastis made an angry call over the radio, telling Voh to return. Murphy wasn't a big fan of flat out orders from officers. In his experience, brass rarely knew shit from Shinola, especially. But Jastis had a good point that Voh had just run off, which was more than a little dangerous if current intelligence was to be believed.

Murphy looked around at the building, there were still bodies laying from the firefight.

"Alright, I'm going to start cleaning up your little mess and get this place sanitary. Do me a favor and get one of the other guys to grab some ammonia from the ship and start scrubbing the blood."


Jastis was pissed now, had the Elite ignored him? "'Tohai, I had given no order nor gave you permission to run off with Luna, I order you to come back this instant. Or else you're forcing me to take direct action."

Luna had been listening in over the comms and jastis didn't seem happy. "HEY!" she shouted over the comms. "You had an angry sangheili and i just helped him calm down. I would appreciate a bit of thanks or some form of a less pissed off you. We'll get back to the base soon enough. So just calm down, alright?" she said then turned off her communications. "Damn him..." she said and punched a wall, hard enough to dent it.

Amaya happily responded. "It works because the weapons fire very small shavings from a chunk of metal, using these "mass effect fields". The only real issues is that the guns are prone to overheating if overly used."

Voh was about to respond when Luna starts yelling over it. Telling the Demon what happen and such. He then watch her punch at the wall and put a dent in it. Slightly chuckling as he put a hand on her shoulder. "Do not worry about him. The Demon is having a rough time here." He said as he put on the COM "I will be back very soon demon. I needed to...what do you human say? Cool off?"

He never understood human sayings. They should just say the damn thing without resorting to phrases all the time.


Jastis frowned, "Luna, you take my subordinate and run off doing whatever the hell you're doing without my permission and your surprised I am angry. 'Tohai is a Sangheili; he should be trained to suppress his emotions, more so in a situation like this. If I let my comrades simply run off and down their own things, then there is no order and I fail as their Captain and a Spartan."

He then responded to the Elite, "To cool off?" Jastis was flabbergasted, 'Tohai was acting very un-Sangheili, "I didn't declare shore leave, now get back shortly, this isn't the time to be running off on your own with some... Alien. This isn't our dimension. Now come back or else."

Luna gritted her teeth at the emotions comment and opened her comm channel again. "Supressing emotions? The last two times i did that i slaughtered everyone around me. Mind you the second time was after 30+ years of commando training. I've learned that if you keepp everything inside, one day you're going to snap, and snap bad. So do NOT speak to me about emotions." she said and raised her voice to a commanding tone.
"I'm doing what was needed, not wanted. You need to wind down yourself before you go off and kill the people around you. All you are now is just a machine without it's programming, become human again, like you were born." she said to him.

Voh listen to both Jastis and Luna argument as he turn on the COM again. "I said I was heading back now Demon. There is no need to threaten me." He spat out the last part. True he did leave without permission, but he needed to get away before he said or did something he regretted. He wasn't thinking fully as everything was just overwhelming him in the past moments.

Though he still trouble by everything, he now at least have someone to talk to and understand him. He didn't fully trust the humans to know his secret depression. In their eyes, a Sangheili seem something above petite emotions, though it just the Sangheili were able to keep it bottle up very well. At least until it becomes overwhealming to them like any normal being.

He would need to at least speak with jastis about this later. Not really looking forward to it but he would need to let his commander know of his well being mentally. Deciding to talk to him about it later in private then right now when the commander was upset with him as he should be for leaving without permission.


Jastis ended the call and sighed and looked at who was around him, "Sorry for that display. I overreacted; I hope no one lost respect for me..." That was the last thing he needed, to be not trusted by his comrades.

He watched the workers exit the ship and begin to set up shop and then looked back at the others, "I know everyone is a bit on edge, when Smith explained to the crew over the ships speakers, the reactions were less than enthusiastic, although that was to be expected... I just hope we can all get through this and get back to our dimension."

Gideon had been sitting on a nearby crate after he arrived, with his sniper rifle leaning next to him whilst listening to the three way arguement between Jastis, Voh and Luna. Whilst he did find it a little amusing at first seeing a Spartan act like that, it eventually got a bit annoying, though he could kind of see where Jastis was coming from. After all, a part of the team did just leave without permission.

"Sorry for that display. I overreacted; I hope no one lost respect for me..." Jastis said with a profound sigh as he looked towards the remainder of the group.

"Well sir, even though I can kind of sort of understand the reasoning the behind your actions, being that Voh basically up and left without telling anyone; you did look like you just worked a stick the size of you out your ass, and proceed to beat Voh with it. Then again, I think Voh kind of has a good reason as well, being that he is the only one of his kind out here, probably going under a lot of stress as well because of that."


Jastis looked at Gideon, "If we had been here for months, I would understand. But considering it has been less than a day, there is no excuse. It makes me worried if he would have acted like this even in our dimension considering he was the only one on our ship who is a Sangheili, maybe we should have gotten someone else. For a soldier to break down so quickly doesn't bode well."

He then went on to answer Murphy's question, "Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you. I will call over someone to get the ammonia."

Jastis yelled out, "You, come here."

A worker from the ship walked over and saluted, "Captain."

Jastis respectfully saluted back, "Can you please get some ammonia from the ship and bring it to Murphy?"

"Yes Sir!" The worker spoke as he ran off to get the ammonia.

"If we had been here for months, I would understand. But considering it has been less than a day, there is no excuse. It makes me worried if he would have acted like this even in our dimension considering he was the only one on our ship who is a Sangheili, maybe we should have gotten someone else. For a soldier to break down so quickly doesn't bode well." Jastis said, to which Gideon could only respond at first with a sigh, eventually he thought about what he wanted to say.

"But sir, at least in our dimension, everything is a darn sight more recognisable to him. Think of it this way sir, compared to us; Voh has got nothing that feels familiar here, what he has seen here is quite a stark contrast to what he known throughout his life. Regardless of him being a Sangheili, there is some emotions to be felt. How do you think someone is going to react when everything is taken from them?"

Sarah was listening mostly to Amaya's explanation, since once again, she was being ignored when she heard Gideon say something in regards to Voh she felt she need to chime in on.

"How do you think someone is going to react when everything is taken from them?"

"The Answer ranges from 'not well' to 'catastrophic', should be thankful he had the wisdom to separate him self before he did something, orders or not" Sara added to Gideon's comment.


Jastis just didn't agree, "He still has been out of line. In a situation you need to act professional, however this behavior was anything but. This is an army, we need order. If everyone begins to act solely on the emotion. Am I going to have to keep an eye on him? I don't know how long we're going to be here, but if he lost his shit the first day, I fear for the days to come. I rather not have his blood on my hands, because if he does something that puts this crew in danger, he will pay the ultimate price."

Sarah sighed and shook her head, he didn't get it "If you don't have anything for me I'm gonna go help Murphy" she said, putting her helm on

Erik had finally managed to get his head clear. Ever since he'd first seen the station, and realized that he may never see 'home' again, a whole lot of stuff had begun to boil up until it care to a head with the Volus. Now with a few moments to himself, he'd managed to do what he always did in this situation; force them back until he could truly vent at a later date.

Helmet in hand he rejoined the group, in time to catch the last of the conversation. "Speaking of respect sir." He said, saluting Jastis. "I owe you a profound apology. The way I acted was unprofessional, and with your permission sir, I'd like to go offer an apology to our guest as well."


Jastis turned towards Erik, "Permission granted, and apology accepted," he responded back to the Spartan-IV.

Suddenly, the loud noise of a shuttle filled the hangar, as Tau had returned from the Tashya, deciding to land in the Omega hangar the Blade was stored in, rather than the Blade's hanger.

Once the shuttle had landed on the deck, the door opened, and out came Tau, unloading several crates.

Sarah walked over to Murphy "Hey, what do need done to speed the clean up along?"

Luna leaned against the wall. She let out a long depressed sigh. Sitting there quiet for a while, she finally looked up at Voh, confliction clearly visible in her eyes. "Voh? should i show him what i did? the memories... I know they hurt, but sometimes things need to hurt to know they're alive and to know what happiness is... you know what i mean, right?" she asked him.

The asari hated being conflicted in her emotions, she usually knows what to do and how to handle her emotions. This time though, she felt as if she was spiraling out of control towards another crash, a hard one at that.

Voh sigh as he watch her struggle as he listen to her plan. "I believe so, and to answer your question no. I do not think you should. He might not let you get another chance to show him your memories. At least not at this moment. The Demon may sound cold though I do believe he understand a sense of loss. Though I believe he is merely able to hide it very well. At least from my understanding of his kind."

"As of now, he does not show the qualities of a captain or leader. He is only working off of percise calculated choices, that won't always work. I don't know if you know human history at all, but there was this one battle between two groups of humans, one side was the greeks and the other was the Persians." she began and looked down at the ground. "There was only around 1400 greeks defending this pass against roughly 2 million persians. Anyone with a brain would have ran and retreated because the numbers showed certain death. But the greeks... those greeks... they stood their ground for a few days against the waves of men running at them. Each one of them fought to the death to buy as much time as possible and to defend their country." she explained then looked up at him again.

"sometimes emotions are all you have left to run on. Once he starts to show them and recognize the power held within them, i'll gladly show him respect and follow orders." she finished.


Jastis noticed a ship arrive in the hanger and saw Tau step out and begin to unload various crates, wondering what he was doing Jastis decided to investigate. Walking over to the Geth the Spartan asked standing just a bit away, "Tau, may I inquire as to what you brought?"


Same time - Aboard the Citadel

The city that never sleeps, on Earth, New York City was called and to this day still is. However while many other cities to could also share the never sleeping part, the Citadel takes the cake.

So it was no surprise when the news had broken out at what happened at Omega. A strange ship cut in half had mysteriously appeared just outside. There was no live footage but images of the ship had been leaked to the media and were being shown on various large screens in the Citadel.

There had been a news update that it was now docked into Omega and apparently rumors were floating around about the beings inside the ship, again another rumors stating them to be human and one unknown alien, about how they were working with the crime lord Aria, and even possibly having something going on with the Quarian-Geth alliance. However with so many rumors, a bunch of more far-fetch rumors were coming out.

Talks about the Citadel Council having a meeting and going to contact the alliance to see what was going on were also floating around. But what was getting some attention was the Systems Alliance. Since images had shown the ship to have English on it, and the apparent occupation of Humans, they were wondering if this ship was part of the Alliance.

Officials from the Alliance quickly shot them down and stated that it was just as confused as the public as to where this came from and who it belong to.

Genrix was intrigued by this, an unknown ship working with two polar opposite factions was something unusual. Truthfully the five years since the end of the Reaper War had been boring. Not much had gone on and life was peaceful to an extent.

However it seems things are going to be shaken up.

As people walked around the presidium, they shot Genrix a look. He was a Geth but an uncommon one. Unlike most Geth which had the simple light bulb head, he wore a more sharply looking human helmet that projected on a small screen various images that showed various emotions. Also unlike a lot of Geth, shortly after gaining free will he began to go the extremes with it. Really learning how to project a very organic behavior.

So when he talked, he talked like a Human, although the first two years of trying to get this right was very strange and many laughed at his attempts. "I wonder if I can get a ride to Omega at this time..." he spoke to himself with a modified voice that was also made to sound more organic rather than synthetic.

Overall because of all the modifications he got, he was also looked down by some Geth who looked at him as an anomaly and almost a betrayal of the Geth ways. They all had free will but they still acted very Geth-like, but Genrix acted very-Human like and quite eccentric.

Anyway after taking a look at the images of the unknown ship, the Geth turned and left the commons in an attempt to find a ship.

"Hey, what do need done to speed the clean up along?"

Murphy looked up to Sarah standing beside him. He had been dragging a large metal basin across the floor. It was heavy, and though Murphy was strong as an ox, he was struggling a bit.

"Well, the idea is to get this to where it's not near anything, put all the dead fuckers in, toss in some magnesium or phosphorus, light it up, then have a bastard barbecue."

Sarah nodded and grabbed the basin, and finished pulling it to the place he had in mind for the disposal, afterward she began collecting body's "I don't suppose you brought marshmallows?" she joked as she tossed a few corpses in, she knew it was in horridly bad taste, but she didn't care, she figured he laugh

Voh thought it over as he looks at her. Some what understanding though, his own race was almost raise the same way by his people. Put emotions second and logic first. Even though he hasn't been following his own advice, he puts it on stress from the civil war and now being the only member of his species alive. He use to fight for his own people and for honor. Now all he has left is his honor.

Sighing as he was so confuse in this universe. It was to different from the norm. "I do not know Luna." He reply. "We Sangheili were raise the same way. Though thinking it logically, emotion can either help or hold you back depending where the source comes from."

He remain quite for a bit as he then ask "Not to change topic but where will you be staying?" Curious about it since he wasn't so sure if the Demon will let her and her little pet stay on the ship for now. Not fully trusting them yet.

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