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"I'm staying with the ship and you guys." She said to him and stood up straight, putting on her best look of pride and confidence to go. "Ok, well... I... try to stay away from my emotions in combat, because it's generally led to what i've told you about. However, unless the facts direct me the complete 180, i'll mostly trust my gut in decision making." she explained to him.

Voh nods as they start to see the ship ahead of them. "A wise thing to do at times. Even if it will lead to bad outcomes, at least you didn't stand around doing nothing. Leaving someone else to take the blame who might not be able to deal with the outcome." He brace himself for any yelling or down talk from his commander. For if he was with his Sangheili comrades, he would expect such a thing.

Luna walked with Voh confidently as she entered the hangar with him, coming into sight of the group. "Well, i dragged you off and i'm not going to let you take the fall for something involuntary. I know you have your honor to uphold, but this was all me and my fault, not that we even did anything wrong." she said, taking a firm stance on the subject.

"It does not matter if you drag me out. I follow willingly. So the fault is both of us." he states as he stands beside her, wondering what will the Demon and the rest of the crew will think. "And I did run off without asking to leave. Though it did help me clear my mind of clouded judgement as well release some pent up stress."

"Tau, may I inquire as to what you brought?"

Tau acknowledged Jastis' question and pressed a button on the side of one of the crates, causing it to unhinge. Inside, one could several squid-looking devices, with most of their length in their tendrils, which were just as long as the crate. "These are Geth construction drones. I labor under the assumption that the equipment your crew works with would difficult to interface with, and the equipment on this station would be too inefficient. With these drones, this unit should be able the replicate the work of several teams of engineers."

Following directions from various members of the crew, Erik was finally able to track down the volus as he continued to take stock of the Blade. Helmet off, he stopped short of the round alien, and raised a hand. "Excuse me sir." He said, with a bit of a sigh. "I would like to apologize for my actions earlier. The way I acted was inexcusable, and unbecoming, of a member of the UNSC, or the SPARTAN program. I hope you will not hold my actions against the rest of the crew."

"Hold you actions against you or the ship? why would i?" He said, rather surprised that the large human was apologizing. "Earth clan, do you know nothing of the art of trade? Bartering and trading are far more screaming and debating and hate and anger forming than anything you or the crew could throw at me." The fat little alien said to him.

"I appreciate the offer earth clan, but if i were to hold grudges and anger, i would have been out of business and out of the trade industry so long ago. There is no grudge between us, so no need to worry." he said in a rather light and cheeful tone.

Erik couldn't help but laugh at the little alien's reply. "Well that's good to know. I that case I'll let you get on with what you're doing." With that he left Viel to his tasks, and made his way back to the warehouse. Upon seeing the drones that Tau was unpacking, and despite the S-IIs notorious lack of a sense of humour, he just had to say something. "Well I've seen enough Japanese porn to know where this is going....we gonna warn Sarah and Luna first, or let it be a surprise?"


Jastis nodded pleased, "Good, I will inform my crew of them so they don't get frightened. I think we might be taking a break. Tomorrow we will most likely be out in the field, best not to run the crew dry."

He opened up the COM to Smith, "Smith, it's Sierra-015, Tau has brought some Geth construction drones to help us. Inform the Engineer teams of their presence."

There was a wait but then the XO responded, "Affirmative, I will tell them. Anything else?"

"No, Spartan out," he finished the call and then looked back at Tau, "work with our engineers and everything should move smoothly. Is there anything you need or are you good?"

Tau paused as he thought for a moment, looking at the gathered engineers further down the deck, and then to the Blade. "This unit requires no other material. However, I do have a query regarding the plans for Amaya. There is a high probability that the repairs to the Blade will temporarily sacrifice her ability to inhabit the ship's systems. An external platform may be required."

Amaya had been listening in through Jastis's comms and had used them to open a private relay between her and tau. "Tau, it's Amaya... I'm not very open to the idea of using a geth body, but I might be able to open up. Do you mind if I asked you a few more questions about it and you?" The computer girl asked the fellow A.I.

Tau replied that the message rather quickly. "I have made no assertion that you should be stored in a Geth platform, Amaya. However, if you have queries, they can be answered at a more convenient time."

With this new input, Tau decided to add more to his conversation with Jastis. "If you would allow, this unit can inspect the Blade's network and can predict with more certainty whether or not Amaya will need to be removed."

"One of the other crew members suggested the idea. Sorry for bothering you..." The female said and ended the conversation there. The ai went back to aimlessly browsing the extranet for information and entertainment, still listening in on the comms when she could.

"I don't suppose you brought marshmallows?"

Murphy laughed. He liked this girl.

"No, but I think there are some in the ship left over from the last century."

He worked quickly, throwing the bodies into the tub. A young sailor had arrived with ammonia, and Murphy set him to work scrubbing the blood from the walls and the floor. The young man seemed ashen-faced at first, but soon got into the swing of it, and was cleaning as fast as Murphy and Sarah. They soon had the bodies ready for disposal. Murphy waved Sarah over and gestured towards the young sailor, who was now humming as he cleaned blood splatter from a crate.

"This kid'll come in handy. Not everybody has guts like that." He paused, noting that there were, in fact, guts beside the sailor. "He even got someone else's."

He laughed, that made her smile under her helm.

After the bodys where piled the three of them, a greener sailor then her arrived to help, for a little awhile she wondered if he was gonna lose it all over the deck, but he turned out to be quick to adapt was soon keeping pace with her and Murphy."This kid'll come in handy. Not everybody has guts like that."Murphy began motioning to the sailor, "He even got someone else's." Sarah looked at Murphy then the ground around the sailor and laughed.

A short time later the trio, finished, and Tony, the sailor that had been helping them went to clean up and resume his other duty's


"If Amaya needs to be transported," Jastis began and then pointed at the back of his helmet, "Myself or one of the other Spartans can place her into our AI slots and transport here around like that. No need to get complicated being in a foreign body when she could work with our armor which is more akin to the ship's systems, not exactly the same but similar."

And then he answers the question Tau proposed if she needed to be moved, "One of our Huragok's can do that. They're more adept with our technology and probably can make a better assessment, no offense."

The panels on Tau's head pushed forward, expressing intrigue. "Technicians from your own universe would have a higher probability of finding infrastructure flaws. However, what is a 'Huragok'? I can find no reference of the word in my stored data of human languages."


So Huragok's don't exist here, not surprising since they say the Forerunners made them.

"I can't divulge all of the details but to give the short version, a Huragok is a biological super computer, they're capable of taking anything part, and enhancing it within seconds. Even with technology they have never seen before. They're also quite peaceful, not much of a fighter species," he told the Geth.

Gideon had been quiet after the conversation with Jastis, sensing that no matter what was said, the stony faced Spartan wasn't going to have it. In a way though it made some manner of sense, as he overheard some rumours regarding the supposed creation of the SPARTAN-II's, which meant they probably never had time to develop emotions on a similar level to everyone else; which actually made the Helljumper feel a bit sorry for them.

"I can't divulge all of the details but to give the short version... They're also quite peaceful, not much of a fighter species." Jastis said as he responded to the Geth who asked what the Huragok were. Gideon was keeping an eye out for any signs of trouble that may be hiding in the dock. Sensing that all was well for the time being, he decided to throw in his two cents worth of info.

"Yeah the Huragok, or Engineers as some people like to call them are pacifists in every sense of the word, when they get shot, they just curl up and float away to some place safe; actually your construction drones remind me of them. You may want to keep your distance from the Engineers though, seeing as how your a walking talking piece of new technology to them, they might try and improve you somehow." Gideon then looked towards Jastis.

"Sorry sir for the interruption, didn't know whether you were going to cover that bit or not. Thought I'd give Tau here a bit of friendly bit of advice."


He then noticed two new dots on his radar; he turned and saw Luna and 'Tohai. "We will continue this conversation later," stated Jastis as he walked over to the Asari and Sangheili. He didn't speak for a moment and just looked at the two of them.

"Earlier this day," he began, "I gave you explicit orders to simply follow my orders and don't do anything unauthorized and yet without asking for permission or having shore leave in act, you ran off. I will only give you this one warning, the next time you break orders, you will not get off so lightly. Now I order you to help with the ship and stay in sight of anyone, for the time being. That doesn't include Luna, in fact until enough time has passed; you're not allowed to be alone with her."

Voh watch as the Demon walk over, staring at them before in a clam fashion to tell them off. Though mostlty towards him which hurt his pride a bit. He nods and comments. "I offer my regret demon. It was very unlike me to do so and I shall pay whatever it takes to get your trust back." He spoke, though he was a little tick off that he couldn't spend time with luna by herself but wanting to work back his trust.

"Now..what do you need help with at the moment?" He offer his help as he looks around. Spying Sarah again with a Sangheili sword as he held his tongue. Not wanting to risk another encounter with her yet as he looks back at Jastis.

"With all due respect, go fuck yourself jastis. Depite how much they fucked up your head and ruined your life when you were younger, doesn't give just reason for you to be an asshole. Orders or not, sometimes personal needs are more important." The Asari said then spun around and began to walk away.

"You have an hour to come down off your high horse before i begin briefing for the first mission. Prep the teams for a..." she said and check her omni tool, stopping for a minute. "Sweep and clean. Is that understood?" she asked, her entire tone changing to serious and somewhat hate filled.

Voh was surprise himself that she acted like that. Knowing she harbors some angry towards the Demon but didn't think this much. Keeping quiet as he watch her go off. Not sure what to do, as he has his duty as a soldier to follow his commander though wanted to make sure she was alright.

Huffing out a sigh, he knew if he was back with his brothers in combat they would find this very unsangheili. Though feeling something towards Luna. Looking back at Jastis as he wonders what he was thinking as he stay put like a good soldier.


Jastis looked at Luna and he didn't change his tone, "I think I should go back to Aria and see if she can find someone else. I will not work with someone who has no regard for order. fought in a war of extermination for TWENTY-SEVEN years straight, no breaks, just war. If you honestly think I give a shit about what people have going on their head, then your mistaken. You also seem to have gotten your personal life mixed into the matters. I will go see Aria myself if I have to get something else, and I bet she will. She wants what she wants and if you are hampering it then, well, I doubt she would have a problem with removing you."

Luna stopped walking and took a deep breath then sighed. Turning around with a more controlled voice than before, she spoke again.

"Battles can be won and lost by what's going on in someone's head. I'm fairly sure you should know this by now, because you were in that war for that long, you must have seen some soldiers be re-inspired by your presence, do things that they never would have if you were not there. Moral is one of the largest factors in a large scale battle, and that has all to do whats within a person's head. So i'd suggest taking an interest in it before it's too late to Jastis." She said with a rather sad look in her eyes.

Sarah just watched the Captain and this blue chick argue and shook her head, and opened a com line to Amaya, cause she had a question for her "While our Captain and the blue chick have there little lovers spat" she said, really kinda unimpressed but how the both of them where acting. "What do you know about Plasma Blade weaponry?"

Amaya sort of sprung up when sarah spoke to her. "Yeah, I hate their fighting... Jastis could use a bit more care and luna could cool her top a bit..." she said to the spartan.

"Oh! Plasma weapons are fun!" she said and all over sarah's heads up display, weapon diagrams popped up. Acess to the mass effect field technology has given me the ability to design lots of plasma weapons. We understood how the plasma was created, but not shaped and controled. This new technology allows us a way around that shortcoming." Amaya finished and as she did, all of the pop-ups finished appearing. At this point, sarah couldn't see.


He stayed silent for a moment and mentally cooled his head, "I will tolerate you for now," he spoke in hopes of ending the argument, "I will get a team together, we will meet you in ten minutes near the exit."

He turned and walked towards everyone else, "Kerrigan, Hamman, Bradford, Murphy, and 'Tohai, we got a mission. Ready up and in ten minutes meet up at the entrance."

Sarah jumped slightly at all the diagrams suddenly popping up, "Holy crap .... " She said off offhandedly, as she started to sort through them "How long would it take you to make something a bit more 'sword' like and less 'katar' like?" She asked not finding a design she liked just yet but figuring it was there.

"Kerrigan, Hamman, Bradford, Murphy, and 'Tohai, we got a mission. Ready up and in ten minutes meet up at the entrance." The Captain said, Sarah then shoving all that stuff Amaya pulled up off to the side "I'm ready now Captain" she said, approaching the S-II.

As Sarah stood there waiting for every one else to get ready and line up, she kept sorting through designs, and she found one she liked "Oh I like this one" she said high lighting it for her "That's a sword with some authority to it" she commented

"Yeah, nice choice." Amaya commented to sarah and brough the blueprint out, expanding it for Sarah to see. "Won't be able to make it currently, but in time i should be able to craft such a weapon." The A.I. announced to the spartan.

Luna turned and walked towards the door again. "Ok, Just have em ready."she said to him, then walked over and leaned against the door frame entrance.

"Kerrigan, Hamman, Bradford, Murphy, and 'Tohai, we got a mission. Ready up and in ten minutes meet up at the entrance." Jastis said to the group after finishing his arguement over ethics and morality with Luna. Underneath his helmet, Gideon finally gave a smile, relieved to be doing something other than just sitting around. He quickly began loading up his weapons with fresh magazines, making sure they were still functional after the jump.

"Alright, finally some action boss, I mean sir. I'm ready and willing, time to see what this universe is made of." Gideon said as he caught a pistol magazine that he tossed up into the air, then loaded it in, all in a single fluid motion.

"Kerrigan, Hamman, Bradford, Murphy, and 'Tohai, we got a mission. Ready up and in ten minutes meet up at the entrance."

"Yessir, already there." Erik replied, doing a quick once over of his weapons. Looking over he saw Gideon's little display, and let out a bit of a sigh. Save that flash for Hollywood, Sergeant...you know better. Stopping in front of the Capitan, he dropped into a Stand Easy posture and opened a message channel to the Asari. After dictating the message to his armour's on-board computer, he sent it, and then waited for his orders.

Sarah Squee of delight at Amaya saying she could build the sword was almost audible outside the helm, and would have gone unnoticed, if she hadn't done 'hands folded together in fronts of her and leg lift' move along with it. Sarah quickly remembered where she was and reigned it in quickly, going into a ridged attention stance, while thanking god for full face helms, cause she'd turned a lovely shade of red under her helm "Anyway, Lemme know when you start on it or if you need anything to get to start, I'll keep an eye out" she said to Amaya.

Voh nod as he said "I am already ready Demon." He didn't spend to much on his ammo for his carbine. Mostly relaying on his sword to cut down his foes. Saying nothing else as he walks over to Luna and stood beside her. Finding more comfort in a friend then being with the humans.

He hopes they don't see this as a negative, since he still feels some bad feelings towards each other due to the recent war, as well as the new uprising of Sangheili who still believe in the old ways. Looking over at Luna as he wonders what she was thinking about now.

Tau, now left to his own devices, started running tests on his drones, making sure that the equipment had not stiffened from its time in storage. However, a small portion of his processing went into the possibilities of these "Huragok". If they were as capable as the Humans suggested, then Tau would need to collect data regarding them for a thorough study.

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