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When the message came Murphy smiled. He quickly scrubbed his hands and arms, then went and threw on his gear. Within minutes, he was seated on a crate near the entrance, waiting for the op briefing.


Jastis was pleased at everyone's quick reactions, but he did note he had left out Tau and once more walked over to the Geth, "Tau, we're heading out for our first mission with Aria, as our ally with the Alliance, do you want to take part in this? With you we will have eight and can form two teams."

Tau looked at Jastis, then back to his drones, back to their resting positions in the crates. "If you believe this unit is better serving with you than here, then this unit will accompany you." While it appeared that Tau left the decision in Jastis' hands, the Geth did take a step toward him, indicating that he was ready to follow.


Jastis smiled under his helmet, "The more the better, unlike 'Tohai, the rest of us still haven't fought anyone from this dimension, so it would be best if we had another person who could give advice and suggestions in combat, when you're ready go to the entrance. That is where we're all meeting."

He turned and then began to make his way to the entrance.

Tau was about to just follow Jastis to the base entrance, but stopped for a moment. The Geth looked back at his construction drones and calculated their relevance in combat. There had been a time when he was forced to use the very same drones when the Creators first tried to reclaim Rannoch. Tau found that, even though they lack conventional weapons, the drones were still quite useful.

To satisfy his curiosity, Tau activated one of them and had it follow him. While it might take some fire in combat, its frame was meant to take heavy punishment. Even if he lost it in battle, there were plenty where that came from. One loss wouldn't risk much, so long as it was properly disposed of.


Sarah followed Jastis and they arrived at the entrance, everyone was there, Luna, 'Tohai, Sarah, Erik, Murphy, Kerrigan, Tau, and now Jastis and Sarah. "Since we're all here, Luna will explain the mission, once she is done I will be making two teams and assigning a squad leader for the second."

"OK, listen up people." Luna said in a rather commanding tone. "We're doing a sweep and clean. There' smuggling activity that's going on that was not announced to any of Aria's men. If they're smuggling and they don't want her to know about it, she wants it. We have a location, we know they're not any of the station's normal gangs and that they're also heavily armed." She explained then pulled up a graphic of a ship and docking area.

"We've timed this so that the ship will be being resupplied and will take the longest to undo all of the piping and tubing and get the ship to undock. Two priorities here, Making sure the dock's doors to space do not open, then also, taking the ships bridge. After that, clearing out everyone and inspecting the cargo." she explained to them then broke down the analysis further.
"Those of you who are better in short range shall be coming in the ship, those longer ranged shall be outside, securing the dock's doors and covering the ship's team's entrance."

Sarah grinned under her helm, 'Finally, a party to attend' Sarah thought as she studied the dock and ship "So who all is with me in taking the ship? besides Voh." Sarah asked.

Amaya's drone had been hovering, forgotten as she was doing other things. Floating over to the group though, she had listened in through the comms. "Hey, Sir, may i come with the group? i do believe that the drone would be rather useful in the mission's objective.

"We're doing a sweep and clean. There is a smuggling activity that's going on that was not announced to any of Aria's men... We have a location, we know they're not any of the station's normal gangs and that they're also heavily armed." Luna said in a commanding presence as she brought up a holographic image of both the ship and the surrounding docking area.

"We've timed this so that the ship will be being resupplied and will take the longest to undo all of the piping and tubing and get the ship to undock... After that, clearing out everyone and inspecting the cargo." She then added, being more specific about the nature of the mission.

"Those of you who are better in short range shall be coming in the ship, those longer ranged shall be outside, securing the dock's doors and covering the ship's team's entrance." Gideon raised his hand up.

"Miss Luna, I'll be part of the long range team, it's where I do my best work, so long as I have a decent enough perch to get set up on."

Murphy listened to the briefing, arms folded as usual. He finally spoke, his demeanor different than his normal jokester mode.

"I'll go with Sarah and shoot shit, but I have a couple questions." He stayed on the wall, but his voice and presence projected across the room.

"First off, do we have any idea how many OPFOR there are going to be? Are we looking at a small crew, large crew, what? On that note, what kind of arms can we be expecting? You said they're heavily armed, does that mean we're going to see RPGs, body armor, that sort of thing?"

He took a slight pause, then continued.

"Secondly, can we get a schematic of the ship sent to our HUDs? Going in blind would be a bitch."

He looked over at Amaya's drone.

"An eye in the sky would help us out a lot, I think you should let the kid tag along."

Voh thought about it as he listens to the others. Then once everyone was done he put in his two cents "I can go whatever I am needed most. I prefer close range but my carbine would be fine with long. And I to would like to know what we are dealing with. Are more of these...Vorcha? going to be there? Any other races that we haven't dealt with yet?"

Luna listened to Murphey and Voh, nodding at Gideon.

"I'll be heading inside ship as my biotics are better close range. As to our enemies, i expect no vorcha, because these aren't your average smugglers. We've seen reports of a few Turians, one or two Salarians as well as a number of humans. Possibility of krogans and asari on board as well. Here are the schematics:"

"Now, there are bound to be a few surprises for us, so be prepared for anything. Be ready to take down anything, be it large or small. Body armor is something everyone who is involved with weapons wear, as well as shields ontop of them. Weapons similar to mine, be it rapid fire or shotguns, any number of different weapons. Biotics are a possibility as well if there are asari." she explained to them, sending everyone the schematics and brief race files on each mentioned.

Tau's light "blinked" as the Geth analyzed the docking bay and the freighter within. "Are the electronic systems for the bay and the ship physically connected? If this is a circumstance, then I may be able to provide greater assistance than this unit, or my drones can."


He listened to the mission briefing, and it seemed sound, "Alright, for this op there will be two teams of four. I will lead Alpha Squad, with 'Tohai, Kerrigan, and Bradford. Beta Squad will be led by Hamman, with Murphy, Luna, and Tau. Beta will be the squad that stays on the outside, while Alpha squad will be the one to head in."

"With all due respect jastis, i'm a close range fighter and leaving me to a ranged task would be a waste of rather valuable resources. I'm also going to need to requisition the strongest small scale explosives you have, incase we need to detonate the cargo contained on board the ship. They're going through a rather great deal of trouble to protect and hide this from Aria's eyes, so it could be valuable or a threat to the station." The Asari said to him, rather sincere about her concerns. "If you want to maximize effectiveness, then put me inside that ship."


"Fine, I will switch you out with Kerrigan, and we can get you those explosives," he spoke to her but then brought up the COM to the ship, "Amaya and Tau, your drones will support us, Tau your drones will support your team and Amaya, ours. Also Amaya please inform the armory that we need some C-7's brought out to us. Pronto."

"Right on it sir." Amaya said and relayed the message to the armor. Her drone flew off to the ship and that's when luna spoke up.
"Thanks." was all she said while waiting.

The drone arrived back, carrying the c-7 with it. "Here it is sir." she said to him.

Listening to the unit breakdown, a thought occurred to Murphy.

"Hey Jastis, here's a thought." He said, still staring at the schematic. "If everyone going inside has some kind of pressure suit, you could easily use gas to clear out the OPFOR."

He pointed to the entrance of the ship.

"Beta clears the way, Alpha breaches the ship, Beta seals up the hatch, then cracks open the can when the bad guys are dead." He took a slight pause to let them think about it. "The downside is that you're stuck in there, and if shit really hits the fan, Beta can't really go in and help, we can only watch, or blow the fucker apart."

Murphy looked at Jastis.

"Your call. I'm just giving you options."

"No, we do not know the contents of the ship. Gas is not an option." Luna said to Murphey. "If they're slaves, you've just killed a bunch of innocents on the ship. And they'd have valuable information with them if there are slaves." she explained to them.

"So I take it just punching a hole or two in the hull and spacing the pricks is out of the question then?" Erik asked with a laugh. Turning serious, he addressed Tau. "Once we're done here, we need to talk about your capabilities so I know how to best use you."


He took the C-7 and then handed them to Luna, "No, we will not be using gas. I agree with Luna, we don't know the full contents of the ship. Us going in their personally will ensure that all the contents will be secure and not soiled."

With that he turned to Luna again, "Well then, I believe we're all settled if no one has anymore interjections. Lead the way."

"Ok, their hangar is only a few blocks down the street. We'll head in by foot." the asari said and led the group out of the door and down the street. "Ok, outter team. You'll need to cover inner's assault into the ship. Everyone ready?"


2200 Hours

They arrived at the large hanger where the ship was located and many crates housed. It was visible as to where they would enter the ship but the outside was brimmed to the teeth with guards. Two Turians on the catwalk above with sniper rifles and some Turians down below making patrols around the cargo being lifted. Humans with less gear on then the Turians are carrying crates and some on machines doing the same thing, even though they have less gear they still do have guns.

Nearby the ship a hulking Elcor like he had seen outside Afterlife was stationed with armor and a hulking turret on its back. It reminded him almost of a Hunter. To which Jastis assumed that they would take it out roughly the same but that turret would provide an issue that Beta team would have to deal with. Lastly next to the Elcor is an Asari to which he no doubted would use their biotics on the Beta team.

"Hamman, you're up, let's see your team preforms. "

Murphy surveyed the situation, not really liking what he saw. He started looking for a way to reach the catwalk that kept him the shadows, and finally found his route.

He motioned to Hamman that he was headed to the catwalk, then took off, keeping low and out of sight. He screwed a suppressor onto his pistol as he moved. Murphy's footsteps were silent, his breathing even. He reached the wall quickly, climbing up to the catwalk.

"Hamman, Murphy." He said, keying his radio, "Ready to take down snipers on your go. Over."

Tau gave Erik a rough briefing of what his Geth platform could do as they traveled, along with the capabilities of his drones. The Geth also mentioned his ability to shed his synthetic platform and hack electronic systems, but that would leave his body vulnerable.

When Beta reached its position by the hangar, Tau noticed the Elcor/Asari pair by the ship. "Team Leader Erik, my construction drone has a load-bearing capacity greater than that of an average Elcor. Also, my side arm emits a charge that could incapacitate the biotic Asari. If this unit is provided cover in its attack, I will be able to open access to the ship for Alpha."

Erik was busy putting a plan together, and missed Murphy's departure, so when the spook's voice sounded in his helmet he jumped a bit. "What the fuck...?" He muttered, looking about. Finding Murphy with his IFF tag he swore to himself. Goddamned fucking spooks, can't fucking trust'em to work with a goddamn team... "Murphy hold position. Do not fucking engage unless I give you a direct order...I don't care if they're about to pull you apart with meat hooks, you do not open fire until I say so!" He snapped into his comm. Can't stand that fucking Lone Wolf bullshit...

"Team Leader Erik, my construction drone has a load-bearing capacity greater than that of an average Elcor. Also, my side arm emits a charge that could incapacitate the biotic Asari. If this unit is provided cover in its attack, I will be able to open access to the ship for Alpha."

"Understood Tau." He replied. Going squad wide, he dropped markers on all the hostiles in the hanger. "Gideon, I need you up on the catwalks here." He said, marking a point on everyone's HUD. "Since you have the heaviest weapon, on my signal I want you to engage the Elcor and provide support for Tau as he moves to secure the entrance. Tau, your only objective is to get that ship open as fast as you can. I'll provide close range cover, while Murphy deals with the snipers." He said, with still a bit of a edge in his voice.

"Murphy, once you have neutralized the snipers I need you to sweep the area for stragglers, and detain any civvies you find. If they don't raise the alarm it should buy us time before their backup arrives."

"Gideon, I need you up on the catwalks here." Erik said as he marked a point on everyone's HUD. "Since you have the heaviest weapon, on my signal I want you to engage the Elcor and provide support for Tau as he moves to secure the entrance." Gideon gave out a short whistle as he looked at the target.

"Damn, that is one big guy; they're kind of like the Hunters back home, only if they were quadrupeds or something. Probably going to take a few rounds to draw their fire, that armour looks thick." Gideon remarked as he looked through the scope of his rifle.

"That looks like a good place to perch sir, just give me a moment and I'll get set up." Gideon then triggered his active camouflage, before moving quietly along the catwalks, making sure not to attract any attention that might screw up the mission. A minute or two later, the camouflage faded and Gideon appeared to be crouching with the bipod of his sniper rifle resting on a nearby crate.

"Locked and loaded sir. Target is in my sights, just waiting for the trigger pull." Gideon said quietly and calmly over comm link.

As the rest of his team signalled their 'ready' status, Erik took a breath to steady himself. "Alright, on my go. 3...2...1...GO! GO! GO!" Weapon up, he broke from cover at a run, covering the ground between Beta's start point and the entrance to the hanger in short order. "Tau, stay with me and cover my six."

The first contact he had with the OpFor was what looked like two human dockworkers. "Hey buddy you ca-" One of them said as he saw Erik, stopping when he realized the approaching man was in full armour. He and his friend then made a fatal mistake and went for their guns. Erik's MA37 barked twice, as he fired two short bursts into the center mass of both hostiles. "Two Tango down."

"Alright, on my go. 3...2...1...GO! GO! GO!"

On Erik's go, Murphy peeked out of cover and fired four shots, two for each sniper's head.

Keying is radio, Murphy called Erik.

"Erik, Murphy. Catwalks are clear. Coming down."

Murphy transitioned to his primary, running past the bodies of the snipers. Below, he saw that Eric had breached the facility. Murphy gave him cover fire from the catwalk as he moved, but soon found himself under heavy fire from those below. Having no cover where he was, Murphy backed up and flung himself off the catwalk, landing on the hull of the ship.

"Fuck..." he groaned in pain.

More bullets whizzing past his head sprung him into action once more, and Murphy jumped off the ship and into a stack of crates, sending them flying. He ran to cover, finally resting behind a pretty solid crate.

"Good news," He said, keying his radio, "they're all shooting at me." A pause as he realized that the crate was deteriorating rapidly. "Bad news, they're all shooting at me."

Once Erik started to close the distance with the hangar, Tau did as he was told and kept his aim at the pair's back. However, Murphy's fall into poor cover was also not ignored by the Geth. "Dispatching covering fire for Agent Murphy..."

With his own gun covering Erik, Tau sent his three armed drones to their own position further into the hangar. From their vantage point, the drones were able to easily pick off those who were attacking Murphy.

Unfortunately, the ruckus had caught the attention of the Elcor, who turned his heavy weapon on the drones. They were able to move behind some strong crates, but the cover wouldn't last. "Trooper Gideon, covering fire is requested!"

"Alright, on my go. 3...2...1...GO! GO! GO!" Erik said to the whole group. Gideon could faintly here the sound of two bodies dropping on the catwalks, it seems Murphy managed to hit his marks. Then came the sound of gunfire and Gideon watched through his sniper scope as Murphy flung himself over the railing and onto the hull of their target vessel.

Watching it all play out had meant Gideon had been distracted and so missed his original mark by about an inch, the bullet pinging off the side of the ship. He then heard another voice in his comm link, this time from Tau.

"Trooper Gideon, covering fire is requested!"

"On it!" Gideon said as he readjusted his sights, as he tried lining up with what looked like the support base for the Elcor's cannon and soon pulled the trigger. After a moment to move the gun half an inch, he then lined up another shot for the head and pulled the trigger again.

Sarah monitored the com lines, listening in on the combat chatter, everything seemed to be going well enough thus far, which meant Team A's turn to move was soon. She took a quick glance at the ships interior schematic again. "Who's securing the bridge and who's securing the cargo." she asked the captain


He turned to the Spartan-Four, "Considering the layout of the ship, it may not be as easy as just securing both sides. So once we're in I will divulge the full details."

The shots from Gideon didn't down the Elcor, the shot to its "head" landing shallow of anything vital. However, it gave Tau the chance he needed to clear his targets. With the heavy turret not leveled at him or his drones, Tau broke from cover and brought his construction drone to bear.

The flying mechanical squid opened its arms wide and wrapped them around the Elcor as it rammed into him. The two flew back into a large container behind them, making a large dent in its wall. With the Elcor still trapped, the drone activated the welders it had at the end of its tendrils, driving them into the Elcor's flesh. A loud groan came from the dying alien as it thrashed, trying to break free. Soon, it lay still.

As this occured, the Asari, momentarily distracted by the attack on her comrade, was surprisingly adaptive when Tau opened fire on her. She used her biotics to lift him into the air, in an attempt to expose him, but Tau had expected this eventuality. Grabbing one of his scout drones he ordered to fly by, Tau flew out of the Asari's view. As she searched for him, she was open to flanking fire from Tau' remaining drones, bringing her down.

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