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Those not currently engaging the robot or the spook fell back to the entrance of the ship, hurriedly forming makeshift barricades with whatever they could. Unfortunately for them Erik was moving towards them at top speed. Using some smaller stacked crates to gain height, he easily vaulted over the impromptu fortifications, landing feet first on the chest of an unarmoured dockworker...with a predictably messy result.

The four armoured hostiles, three Turians and one Human, who were inside the barricade stood in stunned silence for a moment. "Drop you weapons." Eirk commanded. As if on cue the Turians attacked as one, hoping to overwhelm the intruder. Unfortunately Turian martial traditions where no match for several hundred kilos of genetic augmentation, cybernetic enhancements, powered armour, and combat experience.

As they rushed to point blank, Erik launched into action. Diving left, he drove his shoulder hard into one Turian, while opening fire on the one that was attacking from the right. A stream of penetrators stripped the targets shields, before boring though his faceplate, and shattering his skull. The one that Erik dove into was forced into a crate with such violence, and at such an angle, that his neck snapped before he even realized what was happening. The third and final Turian, in a fit of rage attempted to dive onto the Spartan as he fell to the decking, only to have a large boot catch him in the chest. With a powerful push Erik kicked the final attacker away, launching him back into the barricade, and finished him with another burst of gunfire.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Don't kill me!" The surviving human pleaded as he cowered as far away from Erik as he could. Not bothering to respond, Erik snatched up a discarded tie-down strap, and used it to hogtie the survivor. "Tau. Murphy. Clear and rendezvous at my location. Gideon stay on over watch, and engage any hostiles at your discretion." He commed to his team. Switching channels, he radioed the Capitan. "Entrance secured sir, one prisoner."

Luna nods, hearing the comms as well. "Well jastis... i guess it's time for us to do our thing." she said to Jastis and fell into the room. keeping her gun drawn at the gangway of the ship. "On your command." she said, being rather serious and controlled over the mission.

Amaya flew her drone up to the same ledge as Gideon, silent and still, as an over watch as well.

The shooting around Murphy stopped as Tau's drones took down the OPFOR around him.

"Tau. Murphy. Clear and rendezvous at my location." Erik's voice cracked over the comm.

"Roger" Murphy replied.

He kept his weapon at the ready as he moved to the entrance of the ship, careful to keep an eye on any other ways those inside could escape from. He joined Erik and moved without pause to cover his six, keeping in tandem with him.

"Gideon stay on over watch, and engage any hostiles at your discretion." Erik said over the radio as he, Murphy and Tau were all converging near the entrance to the ship.

"Roger that sir." Gideon said as he loaded a fresh magazine into his sniper rifle, and was already scanning the area, when he could hear a quiet humming noise. Turning to his right, he could see that Amaya's new drone had flown up onto the ledge next to him, silently sitting there, watching everything happen through that orange coloured eye.

"Hey Amaya, glad to see that you've finally shown up. How has controlling that drone working out for you?"

As Tau approached Erik's position, he noticed that the hatch leading up into the ship was sealed, no doubt because of the noise the group made as they sized the hangar. A quick scan revealed the ship's wireless communications were still broadcasting, Tau could make do with that.

"Activating intrusion protocols..." Tau spoke before his body froze in place, the lights on the frame growing dim. The Geth had left his platform and transmitted himself onto the ship's computer, quickly disabling the pathetic security systems before getting to work on the ship's controls.

Mere moments after abandoning his body, Tau returned to it, the hatch of the ship unlocking and lowering at the same time.


"Alright Alpha team, it now our time to shine," Jastis spoke to them on the comm, "Hamman, keep a watch out on the
prisoner. Once we're done with the ship, we will 'talk' to him. Everyone on Beta team, just keep a watch out in case anyone comes."

They entered into the hanger and began up the ramp into the ship. At the top, Jastis hugged the wall and motioned for the rest to do the same. However Luna was already there when they arrived having fell into the room before. Entering the room, it was just as the map stated, three path ways. Briefly bringing up the map again he made his plan:

"Luna and 'Tohai, go to the left into the Starboard Dormitory, if no one is there, move onto the Garage and then to the Engine Room. I and Bradford will go to the Main hold room, and then make our way to the Port Dormitory, and the Cargo Hold. Take out any of the smaller rooms on the way. Once you're done, we will meet back up and all of us will siege the Communications and Cockpit. Any questions?"

"None" Sarah said, shot gun in hand, and ready to begin.

"None from me Demon." Voh said as he then follows luna down the path. Keeping as quiet as he can as he holds his sword hilt within his hands tightly. Ready for some action as he keep his eyes open for trouble. Letting his Sangheili training kick in as he cloak and turn invisible. "Let me ahead luna. So I can scout ahead." He whisper as he goes ahead of her. Making sure up ahead was clear of enemies.

Luna nodded and followed Voh. She stopped just around the bend, letting the invisible one enter the room. Voh entered the starbort dormatory ad found a few sleeping salerians. They seemed passed out. Luna waited for voh to check in with her over the comms. "Anything?"

Voh was a bit surprise to see them sleeping. Though that didn't slow him down to much as he answers Luna "Some sleeping salerians. Demon should I kill or take them as prisoners?" he ask, though normally he and his kind would just kill them on the spot but he knew better as he knows humans like to take prisoners for questioning.

Luna came into the room and noticed they were sleeping. pointing her gun at one of them, she gently nudged him awake and he opened his eyes. Luna put a finger to her mouth, as to shush him. He nodded understandingly than sat up. "what do you want with me, i've done all you've asked." he said, his mind simply ignoring the Sangheili as his life was focused on the gun barrel pointing at him.
"Who else is on the ship." she asked.

"Oh... you're not from them... thank you..." he said feeling relieved. "As far as i know, the boss." he said.

"The boss?" luna said, not letting up her gun.

"Yes. krogan battlemaster. biotics expert. Very dangerous, very lethal. Already killed four of my friends for passing out due to exhaustion." he explained to them softly. "The one next to me is my wife. The one over there is my son." he explained.

Amaya smiled behind the eye. "I love it. i can move about freely and actually see the world. I just wish i could interact with it apart from blowing it to shreds or making holes in it." she said.


The squad split and they headed their ways, they turned to go into the Main Hold and stepped in as the door slid opened and Jastis rushed in and looked around, the room was empty.

Could it be a trap? Thought Jastis as he moved into the room.

"Main hold is empty," he said over the comms, so even Luna and 'Tohai could hear. "Moving onto the Port Dormitory."

They moved past the room and went down the hall and then turned to the Port Dorm. Both stood at each side of the door to the Port Dorm and then entered in, only to see beds with servants but only two. No guns and no enemies yet, "Starting to think any fighters were outside," he stated as they turned and left the room.

He went on the comms again, "Port Dorm appear to have civilians, or at least servants. Moving onto the Cargo Hold."

They went back down the hall and turned to a curved hall and then found the cargo hold. Once again they got to the side of the door and let it slide open and then entered. Jastis held up his gun and aimed when he finally saw an enemy, a Krogan if he recalled. Before going straight into battle he decided to see if they could surrender.

"Surrender, and we will let you live. So long as you comply."

Sarah shadowed Jastis as they swept the ship, only speaking to confirm things where clear, she was usually quite on missions with new teams, she had been with her old crew, but then, her old crew had been a lot more 'welcoming' of her then this one so far, she found it funny the 'spook' and AI where the only ones to socialize with her really.

Then they found the 'boss' a Krogan, she thought, not totally sure though, she hadn't totally memorized the look and names of all the new aliens yet. She kept her shotgun trained on where she figured the head was, finger on the trigger.

The battlemaster krogan put his arms arcoss his chest. "So... it seems that Aria has finally discovered this leg of the operation... Looks like i'll need to kill you all." He said and threw out his right arm at the group, sending a biotic wave at them, this one was powerful enough to even knock the Spartans off of their feet.

"Voh, we need to check the garage before we can help the others." Luna said to her sangheili friend. Then she turned and looked salerians. "Stay here, we'll get you off the ship." she said and moved over to the garage with Voh in tow. She stopped outside the doorway and gestured for voh to go in first.

Voh nods as he follows his asari friend. Switching to his Carbine as he didn't know how many of them would be in the garage or how large it would be. Cloaking as he open the door and goes inside. Ducking behind any cover that was close by as he looks around at his surroundings. Getting a count on everyone inside if there is anyone to report back to Luna.

Sarah was surprised by the sudden shock wave from a simple hand gesture, but reigned that in quickly as she hit the floor, roll back wards and sprung back up, firing four shots from her shot gun before her feet where touching the ground again. "Gonna monolog on how your gonna 'take over the world' next? Seriously, I've heard Saturday morning cartoon villains with better threats" she snarked back as she fired her shot gun till it was empty, the remaining shots all aimed squarely at the Krogan's head

"I love it. I can move about freely and actually see the world. I just wish I could interact with it apart from blowing it to shreds or making holes in it." Amaya said with happiness, feeling relieved to finally stretch her legs, or whatever the equivalent was for her.

"Don't you worry Amaya, once we find you that body, I'm sure you'll be able to feel a much greater sense of freedom; the ability to interact with people as a person rather than as a computer generated artificial construct." Gideon said as he looked through the scope of his rifle, and thought he could see some shadows moving off in the distance. Whilst a part of him thought it was nothing, he decided to call it in to be on the safe side.

"Erik, you and the others might want to be on your guard; I thought I could see something off in the distance, it might be a counter-attack."


Jastis was lifted up from the biotic wave but was able to keep his composure and landed on the ground without falling over. As he landed he began to fire at the Krogan with his assault rifle which didn't appear to be doing much as the shields and armor took most of the damage. Even from both Sarah's and Jastis fire the Krogan simply roared and stood its ground. It rushed at Jastis and slammed right into him with the biotic energy surrounding the Krogan. Jastis was sent into the wall and continued to fire. "Bradford- get this guy off of me!" he commanded as the Krogan kept his attention on the Spartan-II.

Sarah had switched to her Assault Rifle and began firing on the Krogan with that when it picked the Captain as its primary target. With fire arms doing little to nothing she holstered the rifle to he back and switched to her 'last resort' in many situations, her Plasma Sword, while not great with it in a stand up fight, she really only need the Krogan distracted long enough for a sneak attack, fortunately it seemed to be totally focused on the captain.

Sarah was already moving her self in to position when he called out for help, which seemed to remind the Krogan of her presence, all be it to late, she was already committed to a swing as he turned to face her, reflexively bringing his arm up to block, the long energy blade ignoring the Krogan's shields, armor and flesh as it went right through the arm, and down through the torso diagonally, that left a cut on the floor. With out pausing, she used her forward momentum to finish the job, a horizontal slash to about the center of the torso, not deep enough to fully cut the Krogan in two but enough to sever its spine, dropping it like a sack of bricks.

With the Krogan down "You ok Captain?" Sarah asked before getting on the com to the rest of the group, "Cargo hold secured" she said as she deactivated and put her sword back in it's resting place.

There was nobody inside the garage. "Good, let's see what they were working on." Luna said, entering the room.
It was a room full of scientific instruments and a series of odd looking pods laying on their sides on the garage tables

"what in the world is are these things..." Luna asked, approaching the side of one. "voh, come here, i've never seen these things, not that i expect you to know what they are, but another perspective wouldn't hurt." Luma commented.
i'm patient. considering i only have 6 or seven years to live.... eight if i'm lucky..." she said, he thought process leading her to an unhappy conclusion.

As sarah turned around there was a silent symphony of repair going on. Hearing something behind her, she turned around and found a biotic boot to the face. Her visor shattered and she was sent flying through the wall into the hallway. "ah... that one burn a little."

"I am the pinnacle of evolution!" shouted the reaper husk, under his own control. He let loose another biotic blast, strong enough for even the spartans armor to be dented, if not broken by it.

"I'm patient. Considering I only have 6 or seven years to live.... eight if I'm lucky..." Amaya said, the obvious depressed tone of her voice reflecting the grim realization of the limited lifespan of a 'Smart' A.I. Gideon lowered his rifle so he could remove his helmet, and turned to the drone so he could give Amaya a smile.

"Please don't cry Amaya, I can't stand to see a lady in distress, even if they aren't physically real. Look, I know you 'Smart' A.I's only have a limited amount of time on the clock; I guess the thing you gotta do is to forge a strong bond with those you work with, so when the time comes, you'll still be remembered, hell, that is what I'm going to do, I'll remember." Gideon said with a continued smile as he put his helmet back on, making a mental note to look into something later.

"You know Amaya, you remind me of my older sister back when we were children. She always had that sense of boundless energy, and a innate sense of curiosity and creativity; I mean it was certainly creative of you to re-purpose that fighter ship into the drone your currently using, and you've had a positive attitude up until now; for that I respect you."


Jastis watched as Sarah stabbed the Krogan only for it to come back and send her flying, "What the hell is this thing?" Jastis yelled out as he began to fire at the Krogan. It sent out another biotic wave and Jastis slammed into the wall and his HUD began to go on the fritz but then stabilized again. Moving behind a crate that had been sent flying, he pulled out his Battle Rifle and began to fire bursts at the Krogan while strafing.

Voh wonder up beside Luna, taking off his cloaking as he didn't think he would need it now since the place seem empty. Wondering what they were as well as he never seen them. "I do not know either luna. Never seen these things before. Should radio in the Demon and let him know of these things."

"Erik, you and the others might want to be on your guard; I thought I could see something off in the distance, it might be a counter-attack."

"Copy that." Erik replied. Easily moving the dead bodies aside, he then tossed his prisoner into the airlock of the ship, and out of any direct line of fire from a counter attack. Jumping on the comms, he rapidly began issuing orders. "Murphy, I need you down on the firing line riky tik. Tau, see if your drone can get us any more details on the incoming, but don't tip them off if you can help it. Gideon if they do appear hostile, engage at will...do not wait for my order."

Once he'd moved behind cover he froze, watching the motion tracker on his HUD, for any signs of movement.

Sarah bounced off a wall, and she noticed her face felt hot, and there was a 'wet' feeling on it to. "The hell ..." Was all she could mutter out for a few moments while she collected her self. She felt like she'd been hit with a Gravity Hammer, never a good sign for a mission, "Correction, Cargo hold not secured"

Murphy moved to counter any attacks that might be incoming. He was careful to cross fire lanes with Erik, ensuring full security.

"Correction, Cargo hold not secured"

Sarah's voice came over the comms. She sounded as if something had gone terribly wrong. Murphy shifted uncomfortably, wanting to go and find out what was wrong. He was typically cool and professional in situations such as that. He watched friends die slow and painful deaths, staying on mission. But this was different. His grip tightened on his rifle, and he steadied his breathing.

"Stay on task, Ryan." He muttered to himself.

Sarah picked her self off the floor and drew her Magnum, Her Assault Rifle having been knock loose during her 'flying lesson' and took a few pot shots at the 'alien cyborg zombie' threw the hole in the wall she made, all shots aimed high, ether at its head or in the general area, before popping back into cover and looked for her other gun.

The combined force of both lanes of fire took off the krogan's arm. However, he shrugged off the hit. "HA! like i need that to wipe you off this plane of existence!" The krogan shouted at them. Picking up his right leg, he slammed his foot down. Biotics enveloped the entire room and caused it to go zero gravity. Most everybody was now floating, enveloped in the aura, even the krogan himself. He kicked off the ground and then rebounded off the ceiling, aiming to tackle jastis as a high speed.

The aura also had the unfortunate effect of distorting comms, making communication difficult, but not impossible.

Luna nodded. "Yeah, we should, i'll radio him." She said and pulled up her communications equipment. "Jastis, come in! you there?" she said, but only got back a weird static sound.
That's when her skin began to feel tingly after a wave of something hit her. "Biotics... powerful too." Luna said, recognizing the feeling. "Voh, lets go, they may need out help!" luna said to him, and took off for the door on the other side of the room. However as soon as she crossed infront of the pod, a trap sprang. Her reaction time caught the activation of the pod, allowing her to turn to face it, just before the spike extending out and impaled through her. She grabbed the spike, stopping it from getting any wider parts into her. Luna coughed up blood. "Fuck..." she said, years of self control stopping her from screaming, but the pain was there, as well as a strange tingling feeling.


Amaya let out a robotic sigh. "Thanks gideon, but i don't want to be remembered... i don't want to die." she said, her holographic form being projected next to the robot. "I want to be seen, spoken to, interacted with. I don't want to be remembered, i want to be visited." she said, sitting down with the holorgraphic form, but still scanning the area and actively looking for threats with the robot.
"Do you know what it's like to want to have a family, but knowing that you'll never be able to? I was given a second chance at life... but it's also a form of hell..." she said to him.

"Thanks Gideon, but I don't want to be remembered... I don't want to die." Amaya said with a heavy sigh as her holographic form shimmered into existence next to the drone. "I want to be seen, spoken to, interacted with. I don't want to be remembered, I want to be visited." She then sat down in her holographic state. "Do you know what it's like to want to have a family... I was given a second chance at life... but it's also a form of hell..."

"Wouldn't we all like to have that, the ability to not die, to halt the sands of time in all their grains. Hmm, perhaps we'll find a way whilst we are stuck here to at least help you avoid it. And to answer your question, no, I guess I've never really thought about it like that, though I could imagine to someone like you, it must be like a never ending loneliness.

Actually, that has given me an idea, feel free to voice your opinions. But what if you treated the Blade's crew as like a family. Granted, some of them may not seem like 'Grade A' family material, but perhaps over time as we strive to survive in this new universe, the bonds that tie us together as a military outfit, will strengthen as we get to know each other better."

Voh nods as he takes a last look at the strange machines before leaving and following her out. Though before they got out one of the machines was activates and impales luna. Worry and fear spike through Voh as he rushes forward "Luna!" He yells as he pulls her off.

Putting pressure on the wound as he looks at her. He really doesn't care any medical supplies due to how they hate doctors and medics on the battlefield. "Do you carry anything to heal you?" He ask, not really introduce to medi-gel yet as he hopes she has something.


He was surprised when they lost gravity and saw the Krogan rushing to tackle him, so he quickly used his magnetic boots to slam into the ground below and dodge out of the way. "Bradford, use your magnetic boots!" He yelled out as he shot the Krogan who was still in the air.

Sarah found her Rifle as the Gravity suddenly dropped and the Cyborg Zombie, has she was referring to it lunged at the Captain who told her to use her Mag Boots, like she was still a raw recruit, it annoyed her but she had a better idea. Sarah grabbed her AR then taking advantage of he low gravity, used her Mag Boot on the ceiling and resumed fire on the Cyborg Zombie with her Assault rifle in one hand and her Magnum in the other, her position giving her target little in the way of cover to take advantage of.

By some stroke of dumb luck, the rounds from Jastis and Sarah managed to tear into the creatures spine. Being immobilized from the waist down, the room returned to normal gravity. HE slammed into the floor and came to a stop. "Fuck..." he said and tried to repair himself, but to no avail. "This isn't the last you've seen of us..." he said before his corpse became immolated in blue flames and he was burnt to a crisp.

"Yes..." luna said, then coughed up purple blood. "Get me to the salarians after you apply it... just put it in the hole..." she said to Voh, the wound being a hole the size of a small dinner plate that he could see through. he could see specks of blue light in the hole before they disappeared from view.

"thanks i guess...." she said looking up at him. "But i want to have kids... i'm just a bunch of code... i could just sort of make them, but i'd never know what it was like to raise them, touch them, feel them... kiss their cuts when they get hurt to try and comfort them..." she said, bringing her knee's up to her chest and burying her head in them. Anyone who has ever dealt with A.I.'s would have known that this was far from anything that should have been on their minds. "it truly is a hell when you think of it..."

Sarah felt the pull of normal gravity once more and disengaged her Mag Boots and flipped off the ceiling and back to the floor with enough force to put a pretty good sized dent in the floor. "hmm, on fire, that can't be a health sign for a cyborg alien zombie thing." she commented as she reloaded or Rifle and Magnum. "Think it's really dead this time?"

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