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"Most sangheili also have tough biology than I do and are raised differently as well. And most don't suffer massive holes in their chest due to large spikes being impaled through them. But I'll take the compliment Voh." she said with a smile on her slightly bloody face. Through the numbed pain, she was sort of happy that Voh was with her. "Hey, what does the moon mean to sangheili culture?" She asked him.

Sarah had, mostly followed Jastis to the ships exit, before remembering the Asari was hurt but getting looked at, and after telling the captain where she was going, headed to the bay where she and there resident Sangheili where residing, partly to check on them, and partly to see about her eye.

Sarah rounded the corner and entered the room "So how she doing?" she asked as she walked up next to Voh, as she tried, and failed to remove her helmet, the kick from the Krogan had bent the seals into place "Oh for the love of ..." she grumbled partly from the helmet and partly her eye.

"Blah, excuses." he said with half a smirk, or at least that is what it looks like with his split jaw. "Also the moon? It has a different meaning to each Sangheili. We Sangheili had two near our home planet. A few battle poems were made in honor of them as they let the light shine down to help the hunters in the dark stalk their prey. Why do you ask?" He looks at her though before she could answer Sarah would walk in and ask were things.

"She is doing better. Though she will need her rest." He said as watch her trying to pull her helmet off that was busted from a fight. "Let me." he said as he grip her helmet with both and and help her try to remove it. Thinking with both their strength that they could remove it.

"Needing rest is better then needing a body bag any day of the week" Sarah said as Voh helped pull the helmet off, though further broke the suit's ability to be sealed for space walks, not that it matter with the hole in the visor "Thanks" then looked at the broken and dented helmet before setting it down and wiping a bit of blood off her face "So who are they?" Sarah asked in reference to the Salarians working on Luna.

"Not dead yet." Luna said to sarah from her horizontal position on the table. "But i asked because MY name is Luna, and is another name for the earth's Moon, i thought it'd be interesting to see what the sangheili thought of their moons and their significance." she finished with him.

"And this is a salarian, they're friendly." she explained as he did something that caused her to scream in pain. "FUCK! what was THAT?" she screamed/asked.

"Re-attaching parts of your spine." he calmly responded.

Sarah nodded, then something popped into her head and could not stop her self from saying it "Yeah well, it its all the same to you, I'm going to keep my eye on them" she said, tapping just below her good eye, all while maintaining a straight face, for a few seconds anyway, the stupid grin came back in short order. "So what did this?" her bad pun out of the way, now she wanted to know what had happened.

He listen to luna reasons of why she ask him. Perhaps it was a way to see what he thinks of the moon which might what what he thinks of her. Though perhaps it was just a simple question due to having been name after the moon. He wasn't sure, he was knew with talking with other species about this.

He was brought out of his thinking when luna scream in pain. Giving the doctor a evil glare that would make a Korgon back away. Though back off when he heard the doctor reasons. "Be more careful..." He said as he looks back at Luna. "And if you must know what I think of my home planet moons, they are a lovely orbital pieces of rock..."

"Beta One, this is Beta Three reporting in and requesting further orders. Should myself and Amaya remain up here for the time being for clean up and reconnaissance; or should we group up with the rest of you?"

"Beta Three, we're clear here. Regroup at the vessel; the drone can head back to HQ." Erik said, as he watched the retreating Pelican for a moment.

"Beta-One, seems your team did quite well for itself outside Murphy, but an injury is better than a death. Although honestly, ONI agents aren't really known for their combat prowess."

"Yes sir though to be fair, this was all his doing." He said, motioning to the blast wreckage that littered the dock. "He effectively broke their counter-attack with a single strike." Standing, he shifted slightly towards Jastis. "And sir?" He said, grinning under his helmet. "While I will deny this until the end times if he says anything...I think he did well."

Straightening up, he switched from the open mike to their dedicated radio channel. "On a serious note sir, I'm becoming worried about the AI. During the fight, it disobeyed an order because it didn't 'feel' like it. I know it's a prototype for the new models, could it be early on-set rampancy?"

Luna frowned. "Two peices of orbital rock? heh, i'd take it you don't appreciate the actually beauty of the scenery as much as someone raised outside of a combat oriented lifestyle does." she commented to him, a smile still on her face. "My earliest memory is that of my mothers and myself on earth, on a vacation from what i remember. We were in the Caribbean, the waters so crystal clear and tinted blue, you could see the bottom for what seemed like ever, going deeper and deeper. The earth's moon reflected off of the water and it matched perfectly with my skin. I think that's where they got my name from. And Just being out there, the moon in the sky being like a beacon of hope in the darkness, it's really something beautiful to see." she said, gazing off into the distance, as she remembered the moments.

"you should be majorly fixed up Asari, but do not stress yourself, or do anything rigorous, you could tear your insides out, literally." He warned her, then went to wash up his hands from the little work they did.


Erik received text across his visor's lower boundary.
'Negative. Odds in favor of survival of crew increased if drone is accompanying group/ Cannot comply.'

Voh listen to her tale about how she got her name and her time on earth. Hearing how beautiful everything was and how she loved it. "Hmph..I never gotten the time to enjoy the scenery Luna. I was bred for war and been fighting ever since. The last time I visited earth was when the Covenant attack it. Destroying everything in sight and thinking we won the war. My last mission was when my kin and I invaded this one army base. It was right before we heard news of the Prophets betrayal and how the brutes was trying to kill my entire race."

He stands there as he looks off to the side. Deep in thought as he thinks about that mission again. How everything just change so fast. How they pull back, how confusing everything was and how everything just change so sudden. "Is it odd that I think about the last three humans I killed? How it seem fate would have me do it right before the true enemy face was shown to us Sangheili.

Looking over at Sarah as he wonders if she could understand them without the helmet on. Though he didn't know her to well, he didn't want any bad blood between the two races.

'Negative. Odds in favour of survival of crew increased if drone is accompanying group/ Cannot comply.'

He was about to start swearing up a storm, when he realized that the AIs refusal made sense, if they were exfiltrating via the interior airways, which they weren't. Opening a channel to the drone, he replied. "Understand your reasoning, but we are leaving via the commandeered freighter. If we are attacked outside of the station your capabilities would be moot."

Erik got a visor full this time, all in neat and organized paragraph form.

This unit is equipped with adjustable payload anitship missiles,
usefulness and range of loadout identified with the missile
that had saved your life. Due to repeat history of negligence
of reading reports and schematics along with any general info
given to your personnel, the unit does not hol you accountable
for your laziness and failure to read the report as it is now
expected of you each time any information is given out.

Would you appreciate an audio aid for future information
so you can rest your oh so overly worked eyes?'

it read across the inside of his visor.

Sarah looked at the Asari, then Voh and back as they spoke, and didn't understand a word of it, so she just sighed and kept an ear on the coms for them moment, though for some reason listening to the two go back and forth reminded her of some of the conversations between her mother and father this earned a light giggle from her.

Voh looks at Sarah as her eyes look back and forth between the two of them. He then heard her gigglingly lightly and he starts to look at her funny. "What are you laughing at Imp?" he ask, given her a small title, something to work towards better since she wasn't a true 'Demon' yet.

"Well, one of these days i'll need to take you to earth, peacefully on some sort of a vacation, it truly is beautiful there." she said to him, when the spartan giggled.
Though, she was more distracted why he called her imp. "Why are you calling her a demonic entity from numerous earthly religions?" she asked him in english.

Voh look at luna and would have thought she sort of knew already by reading his mind. "We Sangheili hold naming highly honored among our race. Only the truely worthy of things gets named. Such are the fable soldiers the human use. They were name Demons. As they were true worthy of our soldiers to fight and die within battled!" he said as he gets into telling about this.

"The reason I call her Imp is due to her being a slightly weaker version of the fable Demon. Like our Commander Jastis. He is the original soldier that fought my kind across the galaxy. Holding our forces at bay just to buy little more time before we burn their world with fire." he said as he look at the room. Seeing he got into telling about more of his race. "Though that was another time and now we are on the same side...at least most of kind are."

'Imp' earned Voh another giggle "My old squad referred to me as a 'Siren', for reasons only they, and our Oni Operator are keen to at the moment, first of all. As Secondly, you back and forthing reminded me of some of the conversations I listed to at the dinner table when I was little, only they spoke English, though the result was the same, didn't understand a damn thing they said ether" Sarah said with a smirk, that faded quickly. "Though, those kinds of dinners aren't going to happen anymore." Sarah said, pulling photo out of a compartment in her armor "Not that I expect you to care, with all the humans I'm sure you where more then happy to kill" She said giving them both of them a look, it was a family picture, Sarah was noticeably shorter and less muscular then she was now. Her and her sister where next to each-other, behind them, mom and dad, and to the sides, her brothers. "But my dad and brothers died near the end of the war."

He looks at the photo in disbelieve. Gripping it within his hands but not to tightly to ruin it. "I do not believe it." he said as he looks at Sarah then back at the photo. Seeing the last three humans he killed on the mission. He look at Sarah as he wonder what to say. It was true, he didn't care as he was a soldier. It was his job to kill the enemy and make sure his brethen stay alive.

"I know these humans. At least the one you call brothers and father. For I kill them on my last mission." He simple said. Not going to sugar coated it or try to dodge it.

"That's not even close to being funny Voh" Sarah said bitterly before getting a good look at Voh's reaction to the picture. "Your fucking kidding me ... You?!" Sarah whole body language shifted from 'casual' to 'barely restrained rage', she didn't care if there was a war going and her family where just 'casualty's' in it, it was her father, her brothers, they weren't soldiers, they where civilian, and Sarah was shaking a little "Well, take a good long look then, I hope your proud of your self. I managed to get in to the Spartan program thanks you murdering my family" Sarah 'said', her words wrapped around pure hate and rage "Isn't amazing just how far some one can go motivated by a desire for revenge" taking the picture back, hand shaking out of anger, both at Voh and the treaty that protected him from her wrath "You, are so fucking lucky, if it wasn't for that treaty, one of us would be dead right now" her tone devolving to something resembling a growl.

Luna had to but in now. "Sarah... calm down... he may have done it, but he was under orders to. i can vouch for him, not that it matters too much. A soldier's order is an order, but please, come over to me, i want to show you something. It's something from my own memories." she asked of the spartan, her pain being too much to get up.

"Beta Three, we're clear here. Regroup at the vessel; the drone can head back to HQ." Erik said over the radio.

"Roger that sir, estimated time for rendezvous, approximately five minutes sir. Over and out." Gideon replied in response, turning off the radio for now and standing up to stretch his arms and legs. After holstering his sniper rifle, Gideon turned to Amaya.

"Well then Amaya, I guess we're done here for the day. Whilst I return to the others, the drone has been ordered to return to base." Gideon said as he slowly proceeded to traverse the catwalk again.

Amaya shook her head to gideon as he walked along with him. "Actually, i'm staying with you, and i'm flying outside the ship as we transfer hangars. I have anti fighter capabilities in this little drone surprisingly." she said, floating along side the odst. "And please retrieve me as soon as possible. I'd rather not be in the blade when the work is being done to her." she explained to him.

Erik raised an eyebrow at the AIs response. He was well aware of the drone's capabilities; he just didn't want it and its defective AI anywhere near them. The personal insults did manage to amuse him though. Really? It can dig up my entire service record, and that's the best it can do? My DI had better insults on the first day of Basic. Although the insults meant nothing to him, the fact that there were insults troubled him.

Patching into Jastis again, he sent the Capitan a copy of the message. "I think you should see this sir. I tried to dismiss the drone, and this was the response I got. I'm fully aware of what the drone can do...and correctly the AI told me it was still mission capable; but the insults sir? Like I said before, I think this AI is becoming unglued...rapidly." Taking off his helmet, he ran a gauntleted hand across his face. "I'd like to go on record, and say that we should switch both drones over to manual backup, and isolate the AI from the main computer core on the Blade. The last thing we need is it going homicidal and triggering the slipspace drive while we're docked."

Amaya chimed in calmly and controlled on Jastis's comm units. "Sir, i have no intentions of harming any of the crew aboard the blade, even if Spartan Hamman here thinks other wise. The blade's crew is the only family i have, and i don't want to lose them." she said,

n a sigh came across the comms unit. "I a not like other A.I.'s, my neural network is based upon one of a living girl, who was still thinking up until the second she was flash scanned and digitalized to create me. I am not just a fancy computer program, and i am not as Erik described me:" she said then played the comments from before.

"So it thinks it's people? You're nothing but a copy of some dead kid, a ghost in the machine. You are just fancy machine, nothing more..."

"I am not a human, but i still think, i still have emotions and i have desires as well. If you want one of your greatest minds aboard the ship to go rampant, then go ahead, thrust me into some computer.
Throw me into a memory store somewhere, it'll guarantee and has proven to drive us rampant.." she said to her captain.

"But i'd like to make a request sir. If it makes everyone feel safer, then let me ride in Gideon's helmet." she said.


The Captain sighed at the childish nature of the two people, well person and thing... "Stop it you two," he stated to the two of them. "Amaya, when Hamman gives you an order, you do it. You're not in a position to judge someone else's actions and do something else, as that is disobeying orders which is an offense. Also you're not the first, the famous Cortana, was also a flash clone of a brain, illegally if I may add, yet she never on record ever disobeyed orders and went on her own feelings. You acting like this is worrisome, rarely do we have problems with our Smart AIs. We give them respect and they give it back, but disobeying orders is not something you do. Erik wouldn't have given the order if his people weren't capable."

"Also request denied, for now you will stay in those drones. However... If you disobey orders again, I won't let you off so easy. Lucky for you I like to give people second chances. Even if not everyone agrees."

"Sir, with all due respect, the team was dealing with those already inside the hangar, i was stopping the flow into the hangar. it would have been irrational to remove myself from the entrance and put the rest of the team at risk for more injuries by allowing more combatants into the room." she explained her reasoning to disobey the orders to him.

"And without trying to cause another issue, i would like to bring to you the behavior of Spartan Erik Hammand. While he has disobeyed an order in the past, the rather angry responses and irrational order i've received not too long ago have shown signs of PTSD. At the very least, i would recommend him being checked out by a doctor with at the least a one or two day mandatory leave. The situation we are in, with our chain of command being where we came from and completely separated can cause even the most experienced soldiers to crack under the stress." she suggested to the captain.

"and as to staying in the blade, even being equipped to a soft electronics package attached to a person would be safer for myself. The way the ship is going to be stripped down worries me about even accidental damage to myself during the course of reconstruction. it would put me at ease to know i wasn't going to be exposed to it." she asked him.


"I already have read his file. Also you're brining up another issue- don't' sugar coat it. Now go back to your job because we're done here. Just know this, you're our support, you're not in command, I am," Jastis said ending the conversation; he wasn't fond of how she was trying to take control of things here. He wouldn't answer the last part yet, he just wanted it to end.

Voh watch her angry burst out from her as she wanted him dead. He could clearly see it within her eyes. The only thing holding her back was the treaty between the two races. He growls once she took the picture from him and was almost ready to attack on sight, treaty or no treaty.

He stares her down as he said "Not soldiers? They were the base were I and my team were task to eliminate. They were defending their people from my race. They died like warriors to hold us off. IF you ever want to avenge them. Do it." he simple tells her to her face. Ready for a fight if she chooses it. He didn't see a problem with her wanting him dead.

Sarah glared at him, then straitened her self, her hands clenched in tight fists. "Not while you are still an 'ally', and until that changes I can not touch you." She said, in a much calmer tone then she really was "But that doesn't mean I have to work with you" She said as headed for the door and left.

Sarah went back to the cargo hold and started rummaging for some water and bandages. She did find what she looking for and started rinsing her eye out in an effort to get the visor fragment out of her eye, it took a few tries but she did get it out and rinsed most the blood off as well. After that she bandaged her eye and returned to the bridge to wait till they moved out.

The medics started prepping Murphy for surgery as soon as they were away. An IV in each arm, one with Morphine and Saline, the other with a blood transfusion. Both were cold going in. By the time the Pelican reached the Blade, Murphy was almost completely knocked out by the morphine. Anesthetic was applied on the way to surgery, but before Murphy slipped fully under, he grabbed a doctor's jacket and whispered,

Where's Sarah?

The doctor looked down at him. "She's coming." The doctor had no idea who Murphy was talking about, but made a mental note to remember the name.

Murphy smiled, knowing he was almost under.

"If I don't wake up," he said, a little more strongly, "she can have my baseball."

Murphy relaxed and let himself drift off to sleep. As he slept, he dreamt about how he and his father had been at a baseball game when Murphy was just a kid. A foul ball had been hit and had come straight towards Murphy's face. His father reached out and snagged the ball, keeping his son safe. He gave Murphy the ball, and the ball had traveled with him everywhere since.

The operating room was a far cry from Murphy's idyllic dream. The young man lay on the table, totally exposed as the doctors rushed to stabilize his wounds and stop the bleeding. In the harsh light and frantic "organized chaos" of combat medicine, one would never guess that the man they were working on was a happy, fun person. He was a just a patient, a number. The only clues about Ryan Murphy were his hat and combat vest carelessly tossed on a table near the door.

The smiley face patch on his vest was now stained with blood, and the vest was a lost cause. Aside from a few frays, Murphy's hat still looked okay.

"I just want to be recognized as a person, an individual." Was all Amaya said in a hurt tone before she flew off, away from Gideon, to escort the ship. Her comms fell quite after that, to everyone.


0900 Hours

Hours went by since they finished their mission; he had suggested to the teams that they get a rest as they had been up for a while. He was used to it, but if it could be helped, it was better to get some rest than not. Typically he was used to just going back into cryo when a mission was over, but being the Captain he actually rested in his own personal chambers with a bed and all. It took some time getting used to it but eventually he considered it a guilty pleasure.

He awoke and checked the time, 0902 hours, in big red letters. Standing up he went over and began to put back on his MJOLNIR armor he had taken off before. Although he had slept in the suit underneath, so technically he hadn't taken the whole thing off. After getting suited back up he decided to head to the bridge where Smith was no doubt.

When Jastis arrived, he found Smith and Tau in the middle of a conversation, with a hologram of several different ships floating between them. "Primary concerns about versatility are addressed in these possible configurations, but most cost the Blade a key feature. For example.." Tau pointed to one of the ships, with large engines attached to the back. "...this one would require the main weapon to be dismantled, but enhance acceleration."

Tau waved a hand through the cloud of ships and pulled one into focus. "This configuration maintains a 'jack of all trades' specialty, but requires the most space dedicated to power and electronic components out of all other configurations."

It was then that Tau noticed Jastis, taking a short bow of his neck to acknowledge his presence. "Captain Jastis, I was just providing possible configurations for the rebuilt Blade to Officer Smith. Would you like to give input?"

"Tau, would i be able to express input, as it will be my main body we're talking about?" She asked the fellow A.I. However, Amaya also opened up a private, shielded line to the A.I. It was at this moment that the little fella, Veil Petunk walked onto he bridge.

"GREETINGS EARTH CLAN AND CYBER BORN!" the volus said rather loudly, cheerily and contently.

Contacting him Privately, Amaya spoke to the geth. "Tau, are you there? I have a few things i'd like to talk to you about." she asked him, hoping the line was secure and strong.

Luna was sitting in the mess, a number of bandages around her midsection. "How could i have been so stupid..." she said, eating some sort of nutrient shake, to go easy on her new innards.

In the hours after returning to the blade Sarah spent them mostly alone. She did got to Medical to get her eye checked out by some one who knows what they're looking at and had a few more Visor fragments pulled out of her face that she couldn't reach earlier. She'd get to keep her eye but she'd need to wear an eye patch for a while due to the damage done. She also found out about Murphy and the severity of his injury's, they where still working on him when she got there, but told them to inform her when he was ready for visitors.

After that she dropped her armor off, under suit and all, to be repaired, the engineer was less then thrilled by the added damage from her removing the helm, but it would have happened anyway so she wasn't to irate. After that, she returned to her quarters for a bit of a nap, waking up at about 0905 and decided to go get a work out in with the punching bag.

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