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It looks like a Grunt... thought Smith as he looked at the Volus, he had been informed about him before but hadn't actually seen it.

Jastis turned to Tau, "All I want to know is if we can keep our slip space drive. It's very valuable and were ever we go- it follows suit. We need something that can support it as it's quite the power hog."

"That's right," Smith said. "I will say I like the idea of the jack of all trades ship. Most similar to the Blade."

However before he let Tau respond, Jastis turned to the Volus, "Volus, may I inquire why you're on the bridge?"

Voh looks over at Luna as she eats. He was eating his rations as his jaws grip each bit of food and slide it down his throat. "Something wrong?" he ask as he eat another bit of food. Not caring at the other crew of the ship staring at him eat. Getting a look like they are going to throw up since they could see him chew his food essentially.

Tau nodded again after Jastis and Smith agreed on an overall design. "I shall coordinate my drones efforts accordingly." With that, the Geth left the bridge, now taking the opportunity to answer Amaya. "Your input on the requested configuration...and private discourse, are appreciated."

After getting back to the Blade, Gideon had spent his time researching more of the races that inhabited this different universe. He figured that if they was going to be stuck here for the long run, might as well get to know the locals; both for social benefits and for tactical purposes, as it could help him discover where the best places to strike them were in the event of a fight. Gideon was also drawing some comparisons between the different races and the various species that made up the Covenant back home.

Throughout the remainder of the day, there had been points where he was going to talk with Amaya, but figured that after everything that had happened, she needed some alone time. In the later hours of the evening, he dropped off his armour and weapons, acquiring some extra ammunition magazines from the quartermaster to replace the spent cartridges. Eventually though, sleep had gotten the better of him, and he dragged himself to his room to settle down and get some rest.

It was around the early hours of the morning, around 0900 if the clock was to be believed, which made Gideon think 'Do people around here use the 24 hour system for time, or something else entirely?'. But anyway, he was on his way down to the shooting range with his trusty M6C/SOCOM pistol to make up for not using it during yesterday's conflict. He arrived to a mostly empty range; only people here were a couple of technicians doing some routine maintenance. Gideon gave a pilot nod to signify their presence, and set up the first round of targets.


"Make sure Tau's drones know how to move the drive, but don't let him get hold of any data," Jastis said to Smith. "Get a couple of Huragok's and Engineers down there when it goes down." The Spartan then went back to wanting to hear the Volus speak.

"I... i know what stabbed me, the troops nicknamed them dragons teeth, because they'd impale people on them and transform them into.... things... by circulating nanites though their systems. I... it scares me voh..." she said looking up at him. he could see fear in her eyes for the first time.

"Thanks Tau. I need to ask a favor from you... do you have any more geth platforms with you? i would like to obtain and use one from you if possible, with an enhanced communications package on it if possible." she asked the fellow A.I. via back channels and sheilded conversation. "And as to the new design, i would appreciate it if there were many sensors aboard the ship, both camera and the other multitude of them spread out so i could have a 360* view of the outside of the ship. That and a rather large computer bank to house myself." she requested.

Viel responded with a breath in. "I am the financial head of you and your crew, and as such i have come to discuss resource options with Mr. Smith of the earth clan." he calmly explained to Jastis, the proceeded to the XO. "We have a number of choices here, some of the resources are more expensive than other, but they come at a close distance, while others are much farther away, but by the same token cheaper." he explained, using his omni-tool to help show the facts.

Voh stop eating at the moment and looks at her. Seeing and sensing the fear coming from her for the first time since they chat. True fear, not the time when he scare her when he appear out of no where. Thinking of what to say as he put his hand on her shoulder.

He takes a look at her to see if she was changing at all like she said. "It has been a few hours since you got stabbed...you don't seem to be changing yet. Do you feel any different? How long does it normally took for the victom to be change?" he ask as he thinks of something to help her out. "Perhaps we can talk with those salarens to see if they can run some test."

After they'd returned to the Blade, Erik deposited his full armour (including the under-suit) in the armoury, and flaked out in a bunk. At 0830 he awoke, and dressed just in PT shorts he made his way to the ships training room. All last night, and through his workout, he kept thinking about their last Op. Not the actual fight, it was about as 'routine' as combat could get, but his interactions with the AI...with Amaya; the more he thought about what he'd said, the more it bugged him.

A little after 0900 his train of thought was disrupted when Sarah came in and began working the heavy bag. After finishing the set he was on, he made his way over to her, bracing the bag as she hit it. "C'mon little girl!" He taunted good naturedly. "My grandma can hit harder than that!"

Sarah smirked at Erik's taunts "Yeah? Well mine's a better shot then you." she jabbed back, before striking the bag both hard enough and low enough to lift the Spartan up a little, then resumed her normal exercise."If you ran into some one, some one whom did massive and permanent to harm to your family, some one who is now 'an ally', what would you do?" Sarah asked, fishing for an answer to her 'Voh problem'

He was impressed. Spartan or not, it took a hell of a hit to shift him.

"If you ran into some one, someone whom did massive and permanent to harm to your family, someone who is now 'an ally', what would you do?"

Erik thought for a moment before answering. "Personally or professionally?" He asked finally. "Professionally, so long as they didn't pull some asshole type shit and taunt me about it or anything, I'd put my feelings aside and do my job...I might not like it, but I'd do it." Shifting ever so slightly, so Sarah could see his prosthetic forearm, he gave her a less than wholesome smile. "Personally though, I'd punch through the assholes guts and beat whatever was left of him to death with his own spine...why do you ask?"

Sarah stopped hitting the bag and thought a moment "Voh knew the faces of my father and brothers in the family photo I carry with me, and since they died at the end of the war, only way that's possible is if he was there when they died, or as he claims, killed them" She finally said.

Erik stood up straight, and blinked at Sarah's response. "Well...I'm honestly not sure how to handle that." He said after a bit. "Best I can say is keep your distance, and explain what's going on to the Capitan. Just so he knows." He looked like he was about to say something else, but then just shook his head.

"On a different note." He said, looking at Sarah's face. "How's the head? Do you know how our resident cloak and dagger man is doing?"

"Best I can say is keep your distance, and explain what's going on to the Capitan. Just so he knows."

"Assuming he hasn't heard from Voh already" Sarah replied "Ether way, I guess it can't hurt, anymore then me blowing up in Voh's face and less then calmly stating I want him dead"

She replied as Erik changed topics, which was probably for the best "Despite being used as a wrecking ball It's fine, didn't lose the eye but the doctors said to wear the eye patch while it heals to keep the stress on it from bright lights and such down. Honestly, did he miss the 'Spartan IV' part of my file or what" Sarah said then switched over to Murphy "As to Ryan, they where still working on him when I was getting checked out, I left a not telling them to let me know when he was fit enough for visitors, haven't heard anything yet though."

"I already did.... that's why i'm scared..." She said in response to his suggestion. her hands were shaking, but she put them on the table to force them to stop. "he said that he used the nanites to repair damage in my body, but only half of those in me were actually responding to his commands. The rest are an unknown factor..." Luna explained to the sangheili.

Then Amaya chimed in. "i might be able to help..." she said rather depressed.

Voh was about to answer Luna to at least help he calm down when Amaya chimed in offering her help. Not sure if he should trust the machine. Though she was part of the crew and they trust her enough. He look at Luna and then ask. "What can you help with machine?" He ask as he kept his hand on Luna shoulder. Trying to show he would help out anyway he could. It was the least he could do for a friend.

"I could try and broadcast a signal through her body to neutralize the nanites." Amaya explained. Luna looked up at the ship like she was adressing some greater being. "Do it, i don't care the outcome. anything." she said, slamming her fist on the table.

"Ok." the a.i. responded. A high pitched noise rang out in the messhall. when i hit the nanites, Luna began to grit her teeth and clench her fists. the pain from it was tolerable, but still hurt. After a few minutes, it stopped. "A few more treatments and they should be gone."

This did a bit to put Luna at ease. atleast her hands stopped shaking.

Tau responded to Amaya's suggestions with a simple "Acknowledged.", before leaving the Blade completely. The Geth did actually bring a spare, standard-model platform with him, in case his first contact did not end well. He even considered using it to house Amaya, in case she had to be moved off the Blade during the repairs.

However, he did not expect her to want one of her own accord; and coupled with the things he had gleaned from the combat logs while he was incapacitated, he had to give thought as to what Amaya would do in a Geth body. Especially one with enhanced communications equipment.

Eventually, Tau found himself in front of one of his crates, specifically the one housing the spare platform. He stood there for what seemed like hours, but his internal clock had only measured mere minutes in change. I believe the humans would call this...a 'gamble'. Tau admitted that fact to himself before re-opening the secure line to Amaya. "Amaya, all specialized Geth platforms nearby are currently on the Tashya and in-use. However, I do have a standard platform here in the hangar. Would it suffice?"

"Yes, that is plenty. i'm not too sure how the captain will react to it, but i can assure you that if you're willing to permanently give me the platform, i can make any necessary upgrades to it independently." she reassured him. The A.i. debated on telling the captain immediately, but decided against it.
I must ask a few more things tau, does this platform have the ability for me to use it as a drone, or do i need to inhabit it to control it? and what is it like inside a platform?" she asked him, wanting to know what it was to have a body you could actually control.

Tau's panels moved as he thought about Amaya's question. "Full habitation is required for optimal use of the platform's capabilities. However, it is possible to command a platform without inhabiting it, though its use in combat is...questionable. As for the platform's interior architecture, it is...difficult to describe. Certainly the most streamlined of any architecture in the known galaxy. Though, given your extra-universal origins, I have little data to discern how different a platform would 'feel' from the Blade."

"I don't expect you to know how the inside feels, but i am rather curious to the outside world. How the platform interacts with it and how it "feels" from inside the platform." she said to Tau, a bit of emotion of all things coming through her voice. Tau could tell she was anticipating this, hoping for the body. But yes, i would very much appreciate it if you would let myself use or have the platform." she said to him. "I would just need it near my computer banks and assistance hooking up to it. But i wouldn't want to put you at risk for anything, so unless you'd want to help me out, i think i can get assistance from someone. but there are some other things i'd like to ask you, but i'm not too sure you're keen on assisting me with." the A.I. finished explaining.

"Either way, I guess it can't hurt, anymore then me blowing up in Voh's face and less then calmly stating I want him dead"

"Ooooh." He said with a bit of a grimace. "Well that fact that you're here, and not dead or in lockup, means you at least showed some self control...not sure I could've."

"As to Ryan, they were still working on him when I was getting checked out, I left a note telling them to let me know when he was fit enough for visitors, haven't heard anything yet though."

Erik raised an eyebrow, without realizing it, as Sarah said Murphy's first name. That seems rather famil...no, she's smarter than that. He thought, dismissing the idea. "Well I was going to stick my head in and see him in a bit, but I guess not." He replied, after a moment. "Let me know when you hear something."

"Sure" Sarah replied "I'm the meantime, I guess I'll go get yelled at by the Captain for not being able to put my feelings a side" her tone some what joking, even if she did think that was going to be the actual outcome, but regardless she was out the door not long after. Sarah figured he was on the bridge, and sure enough, that's where she found him, and a walking beach ball, "Bummer, meeting" she thought, and just waited for a moment to talk to the Captain.


"Alright then..." he spoke not very trusting of the Volus but he continued. "Smith, would you mind taking over again? You talk with him; I think I am going to visit the crew. Plus you talked to Tau for longer about this."

Smith nodded, "Fine... Not my ideal situation but it can't be helped."

He turned to leave but then saw Sarah standing there, "Bradford, I was actually about to go down and see how everyone is doing."

"Bradford, I was actually about to go down and see how everyone is doing."

"Well, despite being kicked through a wall I'm ok, the eye will be fine, it just needs a bit of time to heal" She said tapping the eye patch, and a smirk, but that faded "Anyway, I came up here to speak with you and about a personal matter that could pose problematic later on, can we talk in privet?" she asked.


Jastis turned his head to look around and then shrugged, "Sure, why not. Let's go to the hall outside, should be fine there." He said as he led her outside to a secluded part of the hall. "So, what's going on?"

"It's Voh, I don't think I can work with him." Sarah started "As your probably aware from my file, my Father and Brothers where killed while visiting a base to secure a military contract, and if what Voh said on the ship we took is true, he killed them." she said, rubbing her neck a bit "The only reason I'm giving this any credibility at all is because he knew their faces in a family photo I carry with me."


The Captain mulled over this new information, "Well that is quite unfortunate... If you believe it will be a large problem I will make sure to not place you on the same squad. However... If a situation arises that you need to work together- I want no complaints."

Voh was about to say something though was a bit taken back by Luna sudden shout and slamming her hands on the table. Keeping his mouth shut while the machine helps out Luna by sending a signal out to help destroy the nanites. Once it was done she seem alright for now. She wasn't shaking as much "How do you feel now?" He ask.

"eh.... it hurt and i don't feel much different. However, it has given me a bit of reassurance that i'll be fine. and i doubt my body would react in such a way that it would cause me pain if i didn't have anything in me." she explained to voh then looked about. "We still have a bunch of free time. want to do something?" she asked him, finishing her drink.

Voh thought about it as he finish his meal. Though he didn't mind hanging out with Luna, he should be training more. "Depend on what you are planning. I should go and train some more. Keep my skills up to date for more mission that are to come." He said as he picks his drink and drowns it. Making a face as he hates the human beverage.

"I wouldn't have brought it up if I didn't think it'd be an issue sooner or later. Rather the issue be known now and have potentially questionable judgement calls avoided." Sarah said, then switched topics to another question that had popped into her mind as she headed to the bridge "There is one other question I had, less 'team breaking' and more 'Supply' related. Where there any plans on securing the fire arms tech used here for our use in the field? I know Amaya is using it in her drones but I was wondering if we where going to to solve the eventual problem of ammunition."

Tau left his crate in the hangar and boarded the Blade once more, recounted the locations of several posts in his memory. "I lack reference to describe the relation between the platform and the outside world, as I have ever only used the platforms. Perspective suggests that the inhabiting program identifies the platform as the 'self' when operating, rather than the platform being housing. The Geth have adopted identifying the difference between themselves and the platforms with the subjects 'I' and 'this unit', in order to better facilitate the difference between what the Geth can do and what the platform can do."

Tau found himself detailing semantics to Amaya, knowing that wasn't what she wanted. So, he moved onto another subject. "Regardless, I offer the platform to you, but with conditions. You must not allow the body to fall into control outside of yourself or the Geth. Our technology is advanced here, above the technical standard, an edge I prefer the Quarian-Geth Alliance maintains. Also, you must not use the platform to connect to other Geth programs. I can not substanially predict how the others would react to an intimate probe. If you agree to follow these terms, the platform is yours to use."

"I usually relax. While i agree it's necessary to keep your skills up to date, that always falls second to relaxation and stress free environments. I was brought up in a commando school and have known what it's like to have that need. But there's more to life than just the next mission Voh." The asari said with a concerned look on her face. She liked voh, he was a great person, but he really needed to just let his mind relax a little.

Amaya considered the terms for a minute. "I will accept, but i'll need some help with accepting them." The A.i. said to the geth. She thought about it for another minute before speaking. "I will need you, or a number of geth to virtually "operate" on myself. I have a number of so called "fail-safes" in myself that the organic humans built into me. They're in place to control me and eradicate me if i get too unruly or i would fall into enemy hands. I would need those removed in order to agree to your terms." she explained. Her voice would register as sort of sad when she spoke of the falesafes."I can't take them out myself, but would it be possible for you or another of your race to do this?" she asked, almost with a pleading tone.

Murphy sat up in his bed in post-op, eating ice cream and watching baseball. His hat sat next to him on a table, and the patches from his vest had been pulled, washed, and were now resting near the hat.

"Oh come the fuck on!" Murphy yelled at the screen. It was the Rays versus the Red Sox, and the Rays had just put a man on base with a dropped third strike. It was a recorded game from the last season, but it was one that Murphy hadn't seen, so he was very interested in the outcome.

Murphy kept very few ties to his past, but baseball was one of them. He loved baseball. If he hadn't joined the military, he probably would have played ball. The nurses loved listening to his rants about games and players, made even longer by any remaining filters being removed by medication.

"Holy Fuck! Holy Fuck!" He cried, putting his hands on his head. The Rays had just hit a double.

"I have nothing else plan in my life Luna. Sangheili are born and raise as fighters. We hardly ever did anything else within the Covenant. Anything else was a merely hobby and not many took those up. Now its coming to bite us as many of my kin do not know how to grow food and such. All of my skills relay on fighting and killing. I just don't see why something else should matter for a past time." he said.

Not trying to put Luna down as he was taught to be the needs of others way before himself. That the glory of fighting was all the Sangheili strife for. They rarely took any past time to relax. As fighting in the human-covenant war and then the sepertist and loyalist, and finally within his own race. Fighting is all he and his people know.

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