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Jastis nodded, "Well good to hear that you will be up soon. However for the drinking and sex... I couldn't care less," he said as he shrugged.

"However for the drinking and sex... I couldn't care less"

Jastis shrugged as he said this, which made Murphy laugh.

"You know Jastis, one of these days we're gonna be too old to go and shoot shit. What are you gonna do then, sit on a beach and eat ice cream in your Spartan suit? Do you really wanna die saying that all you did was kill people? There's a hell of a lot more you can do than just this."

Murphy chuckled wistfully.

"But where are guys like you and me gonna fucking go, huh? I'm an operator, you're a Spartan. Imagine your ass at a nursing home." He said, laughing.

Murphy slid back to being 'Murphy T Wise Ass' and had started talking about taking the captain out to get him drunk and laid, then there was the mental image of him sitting on a beach with gray hair eating ice cream in his suit, then the nursing home line, and she lost the ability to restrain then laugh she'd been holding in. "Hehehe, ahh ... Ryan is right Captain, sooner or later you not going to be able to do this anymore, It wouldn't be a bad idea to take some of the down time we'll be having and think about a life beyond the military, or pick up a hobby, pretty sure no one will hold it against you if you took up model building or something" Sarah added, then had this look on her face like she remembered something "Speaking of, I'm a need a need guitar. I left mine back home in storage."


Jastis simply shrugged again, "It will be many years before I am to retire, I don't worry about such things. No need to ponder."

Amaya was listening into the conversation, she always passively did. The conversation sort of shifted to Jastis being less human than anything. "Well." She chimed in. "Many studies in each universe has suggested shown "getting laid" as they put it, reduces stress greatly. I would suggest it to keep yourself at mental peak." She said in a sort of half jokingly half serious way. However, she shifted into a completely serious tone. "But Jastis, I would like to speak with you on a more serious note." She said to him.

"I don't get angry or upset unless I am treated like an object or tool:" she said to Erik. "If i was treated like a human, I'd get along with everyone so much better."

"I don't get angry or upset unless I am treated like an object or tool. If I was treated like a human, I'd get along with everyone so much better."

"Fair enough." Erik replied. "I promise I'll try to be less of an asshole....don't know how much luck I'll have at it, but I'll give it a shot." Cocking his head to the side he gave her a lopsided, but genuine, smile. "Nice going with my medical file by the way. As pranks go that was a solid 9 out of 10, you would've got a perfect score if I didn't have a verifiable back up copy."

Amaya's voice came over the ship's speakers.

"Many studies in each universe has suggested shown "getting laid" as they put it, reduces stress greatly. I would suggest it to keep yourself at mental peak."

Murphy pointed at the ceiling and shook his finger, a firm tone in his voice.

"Once again kid, I am NOT allowing you to become a sexbot. The drones you have are just fine. If you're not okay with those, we can talk about getting you something like what our resident walking lightbulb has. But no child under my watch is going to become a walking cum bucket. Are we clear?"

Murphy couldn't explain why, but he had a very clear, almost fatherly instinct to keep Amaya at least somewhat safe. He didn't see her like the rest of the crew. To him, she was a kid, trapped in a machine, just acting out like any other teenager. The only thing that Murphy really did worry about was that her acting out could get every last one of them killed.


Jastis just gave Murphy a strange look under his helmet, "Alright then..." he said as he stepped out of the room and into the hall where he could speak to Amaya alone. Truthfully things like sex don't matter to him; all that does is surviving and continuing the fight. Nothing more and nothing less.

"What is it?" he said speaking to Amaya.

"i've been communicating with Tau." She began, knowing he wouldn't be happy too much if she was communicating behind his back. "I'm not happy about being being stuck in my bod-" she began but stopped herself. "It's not fun to be disassembled part by part until you're stuck ina bunch of circits. But i've been speaking to tau and found out that there is an empty geth unit in his possession, one that with a bit of effort, i should be able to transfer into." she said and her voice got rather excited, but still controlled.

"It would free up the ship's databanks to be wiped if you so desire, and you wouldn't have to worry about anyone having access to me, as i'd control who did, it'd also provide another tactical option for you in missions. The only conditions are that we cannot let it fall into enemy hands, reverse engineer it and i cannot attempt to probe into the other geth." she said to him.

"Well, depending on if he has a decent mood, and it's the third tuesay in january and the local corgi has eater whipped cream with a cherry ontop, i might be "Miss flashlightface" from now on." she said to Murphy. A bit of happiness and hope in her voice that the two in the room could identify.

Amaya sort of smiled at him complimenting her and agree'ing to try and hold his tongue. "Thanks, you're an asshole, but atleast you're a bit of an understanding asshole." she said smiling a bit back at him. "would you mind if i change my form? into something more comfortable?" she asked him, knowing she was completely going porno on him, but she was truly innocent in just wanting to change her appearance.

Voh and luna were already a good wars into Omega, Luna was showing him around a bit, so if he needed to, he could venture out alone. "There's the Chinese food place, then the local veterinarian, then the local fur store. Odd things to have grouped together... all owned by the same guy as well... oh well. Ah, here's the place i was looking for." she said and stopped infront of a place called "tiny arms".

Walking inside, through what looked like 80's glass bead doors, the weapons shop opened up infront of them. it looked to be roughly the size of a shipping container. The guy working it was a turian and he had what looked like a joint in his mouth. "suuupp dudett and duuuuuuuuude......"
"Hey Tor!" Luna said in greeting, giving him a bit of a wave.

Voh was listening and looking at the sights Luna was showing him. Nodding as he didn't say much about the place. It all seem human to him and he wasn't use to human or for the matter other alien culture. Being raise on the belief that his kind was the best thing ever. Though looking forward to a few weapon upgrades as they finally got to the store she was looking for.

As he walks in he would see one of the Turians, as well as something he was smoking and his odd way of talking. "Why is he talking like that? Is he a moron or something?" He ask in Sangheili. Wondering why he was refer to as 'dude' and wonders what it means.

"Well, depending on if he has a decent mood, and it's the third tuesay in january and the local corgi has eater whipped cream with a cherry ontop, i might be "Miss flashlightface" from now on."

Murphy wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but he took it to mean that it was going to pretty tough for Amaya to procure a Geth platform.

"Okay, I'll talk to him and see what I can do. Sound good, kid?"


He thought about it for a moment, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with this. At least he hoped this wouldn't be a further extension of earlier argument. "Fine- as long as you do exactly that and not anything else, and just remember. You're not one with the ship, at a moment's notice you could be pulled out. Not like we would let you go down with the ship."

"Jastis. It's not going down with the ship I'm worried about. I just don't want to be inside of her when she's being disassembled. It's like if you sat there and slowly, one by one, somebody pulled out your eyes, ripped off your ears, then your nose, your fingers, toes, skin, muscles, bones until you're a brain left in a tank. I just didn't want to be that." She said, then her mood improved."thank you Jastis I think this will be a great help." She said.

Opening a private link to Tau, she spoke to him. "we're good. Jastis has given the body transfer an O.K. Whenever you see fit, we can go and put me inside of the geth body." She said, the geth telling she was definitely happier.

"Actually, I just got his permission to be put into one. But thank you for the offer anyway." She said happily to him. Amaya waited a minute, thinking then spoke. "Think I could put breasts on it?" She asked, jokingly as she knew it might get a laugh out of the spook.

"Voh, you'll never find a person who is better with weapons than this guy. His name is Tor and while he does grow and smoke a human drug called weed, he can disassemble and reassemble a rifle in under two minutes can is one of the best shots this side of the galaxy." she explained to Voh. The Asari walked over to the counter and smiled at the Turian.

"Sup dudett... Whatcha lookin for?" He asked, taking a drag on the joint.

"I'm looking for an omni lads upgrade to my omnitool. Maybe spear a few enemies." She said. The Turian looked at her for a minute before looking at Voh. "And what do you want big man?" He asked, his voice smooth and flowing.

Voh was looking at some of the weapons and such within the area. Not really looking forward to using any other weapon but his own but he might have to pick something if his carbine runs out of ammo one day. Though as Voh looks around he hears the odd Turian a question.

"I am looking for a weapon that has a high rate of fire, is very accurate, and is reliable. Do you have anything like that?" He ask, sort of wondering why this Turian isn't giving him odd looks. Perhaps it was this human 'drug' that made him more relax or some such.

Tau, back on board the Blade, nodded as he heard Amaya through the channel. "Acknowledged, the transfer can take place shortly, if you're ready." At the same time, Tau made his way to the medical bay, finding just the man he was looking for. "Operative Murphy, have your functions been restored?"

"Think I could put breasts on it?" Amaya asked jokingly.

Murphy laughed, then grew stoic.


Just then, Tau entered the medical bay.

"Operative Murphy, have your functions been restored?" The Geth asked.

"Hey lightbulb." Murphy replied cheerfully. "I'm getting back around, I'l be on my feet soon. No combat for a little bit, but I'll be alright." Murphy wrinkled his brow, concern on his face. He lowered his voice, worry resonating through his words.

"One thing though. My shit is glowing in the dark. Is that normal here?"

"One thing though. My shit is glowing in the dark. Is that normal here?"

"This unit possesses no data about such an abnormal event, though its information regarding Humans it limited in general." Tau spoke as he tried to calculate what recent trauma would cause such a odd phenomena, but his soon stopped the calculations when he realized that, from what he's seen of Murphy's personality, he was probably just jesting.

"Regardless, when your condition is nominal, I require your...special skills of discretion for the good of our continued habitation aboard this station."

"Regardless, when your condition is nominal, I require your...special skills of discretion for the good of our continued habitation aboard this station."

Murphy could tell that Tau was talking business. He pushed the "call" button on his hospital bed, and an HM2 was quickly prepping Murphy to be put into a wheelchair. A few minutes later, Murphy sat in the wheelchair, a mess of bandages, monitors, and IV's. He looked at Tau.

"Push me somewhere we can talk privately."

"Yes, i'd like to immediately. Quicker is better in this case." Amaya said to Tau, both her excitement and knowing that gideon is still in the rifle range was getting to her. Therefore, she only sent a short message to tau in hopes he'd be able to get her situated in a body quickly.

"hmmm.... so let me get this straight? you want something fast.... but can shoot a vorcha out at a hundred meters? and you want it reliable, like my quality pot...." he said then thought for a minute, stroking his chin plate. "OK... ok... a tall order, but i think i got you man." he said and walked into the back of the shop, through another set of bead doors.

a few minutes later, he came back with two rifles in his hands. He set them down on the counter and explained them to him. "Ok, this one on my left and your right, she's a vindicator assault rifle. This little momma is a spicy one. She likes to spurt out rounds in bursts, she's highly accurate at all ranges and fires considerably fast when you just pump that trigger." he explained then moved onto the next one.

"This one on my right, your left, is the M-8 avenger, don't ask me how i got ahold of it, she's a military grade assault rifle, used b the alliance. The little girl will just continue to spit out rounds until she's hacking up nothing. She's a bit less pinpoint with her bullet dancing at medium and long range, but she'll spit more rounds down range than the vindicator.." he finished explaining to voh, and took another drag on the join in his mouth.

"Both of these are easy to maintain and extremely reliable, like the old Ak's back on earth. LEt me just give you a demonstration of how each breaks down." he said, then proceeded to disassemble each rifle with amazing speed, then reassemble them again in under three minutes. "and voila, your choice big man." he said, clearly not caring that Voh was some species he's never seen before.

"but all of those videos i've found you searching make breasts look like they're fun Uncle Murphey!" she protested, joking around with the man as he was put into the wheelchair.

Tau nodded and his connected his arms to Murphy's mobility apparatus and wheeled him a short trip down a hallway and into a room the Geth had been storing specific pieces of the ship he didn't want to lose in a big pile during the rebuild. "I will move shortly Amaya, but this current business takes precedence."

Now alone, Tau took it upon him to give an overview of the mission he had in mind. "In our galaxy, there is a network of information brokers under the coordination of a 'Shadow Broker'. They deal in secretive information that is difficult to acquire otherwise. Recently, I have been told that such a broker is on board this station, and I would like to purchase information from this agent."

From seemingly nowhere, Tau pulled out a small rectangular device, a credit chit storing a rather surprising amount of credits. "However, within this platform, I can not moved through Omega unnoticed. This is where you come in." Tau gestured the chit at Murphy.

"However, in this platform, I can not moved through Omega unnoticed. This is where you come in."

Murphy pointed to the rectangle in Tau's hand.

"Firstly, what is that? Now let's go over the fun stuff. Who, what where, when and why?"

Despite his outwardly jesting appearing tone, Murphy was all business.

"I need to know everything I can before walking in. That gives me the best chance of walking out. Who is this person. Do we have a name, an alias, a callsign, anything? What does this person look like? Do we have a clear photo? Do I need to get a clear photo of this person? Where is this person? Where do I find him or her? When do you need this information? And why do you need this information? And what am I supposed to say when asked why I want the information?"

Voh was thinking as he watch the drug up Turian. Liking the sound of the Vindicator rifle more then the Avenger. "The Vindicator sounds most impressive. But for now I shall stick with my Type-51 Carbine." he said as he pulls it out to show him, but not letting him touch it. "semi-automatic with a eighteen round clip that fires 8mm caseless radioactive projectile. A perfect weapon for a Sangheili." He said as he puts it back on his back and it clips on.

"Thanks, you're an asshole, but at least you're a bit of an understanding asshole. Would you mind if I change my form, into something more comfortable?"

"Well at least we're on the same page now." He replied. "If you want to change go for it, but you did choose to look like jail bait." Pulling a pair of sweat pant on over his PT shorts, he looked back at the holographic form still on his bunk. "Hey Firefly; two questions. One, do you know if the spook is up yet? And two, where's Voh? I want to ask him something."

Tau paused for a moment after Murphy asked his questions, probably taking something along the lines of a deep breath. "This is a credit chit, it contains the funds required to pay the broker for her services, though it itself is not the actual currency. The broker goes by the name of Ms. Pla'ice..." Tau's hologram projector turned on, displaying a female Turian in a rather revealing and slender outfit. "Her 'cover' is that of a bar owner in what one might call the outskirts of the station. I have the coordinates, but you will need to use a shuttle to get there within a nominal timeframe. Once you get to the bar, approach the bartender and ask for the house special. Then, get your drink, take a sip and spit it out, exclaiming that it tastes like 'Hanar spit' and you want to see the owner. You'll be escorted right to her."

Tau paused again as his hologram shifted to a view of the bar, Crimson Highlight, entrance, and then showed the fastest route to get there using local transportation. "Once you are presented to 'Ms. Pla'ice', simply give her the chit and ask what information she has regarding the 'Twilight Sun'. Remember what she says, then you will be free to leave, no questions asked."

The Geth blinked as he tried to recall if he answered all of the questions, then remembered one near the end left unanswered. "It is difficult to explain why I require the information until it has been acquired. That question will have to wait until you return."

The Geth came into the Room and shortly there after he and Murphy left to discuss something, Sarah, to left and headed back to her quarters, she wanted to do more research on these new races, as well as find out what blind sided her and the chances of running into one again. "Amaya? you there?"

Kowloon class freighter MSV Thasis

As the freighter dropped into the system, on its way to Omega, a boot kicked heavily into Kurash's side as he slept. "Huh...wazzat?" He muttered, still half asleep. "Wake up fat-ass, Aria wants to talk to you." The batarian crewman, who'd kicked him, responded. Getting to his feet, Kurash shouldered past the batarian, on his way to the ships flight deck. "You kick like a salarian by the way." He said as the door closed behind him.

Trading places with the Thasis' comm. tech, he punched up the waiting channel. "Took you long enough Kurash." Aria said, looking slightly annoyed. "Hey." He responded. "It's a long flight from Noveria, and you know how much a pain in the quad those guys can be. Anyways, what's up?" Aria actually smiled a bit at that and rolled her eyes...there were very few in her organization that would stand up to her, but Kurash had been around long enough to earn that right.

"I'll send you the gory detail for you to read over, but short version, is I need you to head over and keep an eye on some new and rather interesting arrivals." She said. "I've got Luna in with them at the moment, but they've also struck a deal with the suit rats and flashlight heads, so..." "You want me there just to make extra sure they don't try anything?" He finished. "Exactly."

An hour later.

Stepping out of an aircar, he made his way towards the hanger that Aria had stuck the new arrivals into. As he approached, he saw the door was being guarded by two humans in armour, and with weapons, he'd never seen before. Stopping short, he called out. "I was sent by Aria." "We already have a liaison from her." One of the humans responded. "Well she sent another...call your boss, she must of sent word by now." At that, one of the guards got on his radio. "Gate to Captain Jastis, Gate to Captain Jastis. We've got a...krogan here, who says he was sent by Aria? Can you confirm?" "Oh to hell with this." Kurash muttered, opening a channel on his omni-tool. "Hey Luna! You hearing me kid? Boss said I was to join you with these guys...you know how she can be...anyways, can you tell the guards outside to let me in?"

"Nice weapon my man. Wish i could get my hands on her body to take a look around if you know what i mean." said the turian stoner. He was a generally nice and well liked guy on the station, one of the very few to stay and be welcomed. "Either way, i can respect your choice on the weapon." he commented.

That's when Luna's omnitool rang. "Give me a minute Voh." she said and walked to the other side of the store. "Hello? Holy shit from the goddess herself, why if it isn't the weakest sack of shit this side of the terminus systems," she said, happily insulting the krogan. "and they're not letting you in? just put me on speaker." she said.

The asari waited until she was on the speaker with the guards. "BOTH OF YOU ARE GOING TO LET THIS PIECE OF SHIT IN OR YOU'LL BE BED RIDDEN WITH RUPTURED COLONS FROM TAKING MY FOOT UP YOUR ASS!" she shouted at them, then waited till she was off speaker. "Have fun Bones!" She happily chimed in.

Walking back over to Voh, she explained herself. "Sorry, we have a new addition to the crew." she happily said.

"Yes? i'm here Sarah. What is it you need?" she asked, a bit curious as to what the spartan wanted. At the same time, she was also responding to Erik. "The ONI member is currently busy and Voh is on shore leave with the Asari, luna." she said as her form flickered and she re-appeared on the bed.

While she was still blue, her clothing could actually be seen in color with a blue tint to them.

"I was just wondering what made you change your mind about a Geth body. You seemed to be pretty dead set against it when I mentioned it before" Sarah said as she scrolled down the page she was reading, looking rather bored with it already, but since she wasn't keen on getting punted through a wall again she kept reading.


Jastis had received a message from Aria about the Krogan that was arriving. He wasn't sure he liked the idea of another one of Aria's goons on her ship. The Spartan wasn't fond of Luna and so he feared this... Jorgal Kurash would be similar, at least in the sense that they cared little for order and did things only on personal feelings. Just as he was thinking about it he was told that the very Krogan had arrived and was outside. Having nothing else to do the Spartan walked towards the exit.

The exit opened and the Spartan stepped down the steps towards the two guards and Kurash. "I am Captain Jastis- I welcome you to our ship."


"Thanks Firefly." He said. "If I don't see him first can you give me a heads up when he gets back? Like the new look by the way." After making a few notes to himself on the console in his quarters, he headed for the door. "I'm going to head down to the range for a bit if anyone needs me."

Getting to the range in short order, he grabbed his M6D and a few targets, taking the lane next to Gideon. "Hey Gid. How's your day been?"



He was impressed; these humans barely flinched when Luna's voice exploded out of his omni-tool. Must be losing your touch Azzie He thought. Anything else was disrupted, as the biggest human Kurash had ever seen walked through the door.

"I am Captain Jastis- I welcome you to our ship."

"Good to meet you Captain." He replied. "I've got to say, I did not know you humans came so big...sorry, never mind. I'm Jorgal Kurash; I know Aria already stuck Luna in with you, but she doesn't trust the suit rats and flashlight heads...also since I know Luna, I expect Aria sent me to stop you from strangling, or spacing her. Not that I'd blame you if you did." That last line was delivered with a short bark of laughter, and a broad grin.

"It is difficult to explain why I require the information until it has been acquired. That question will have to wait until you return."

Murphy didn't say anything for a bit as he mulled over the last line. He didn't like not knowing the full reason for doing things. Any time he had gone on a mission, there was always a clear-cut reason for it. That allowed Murphy to go extreme measures to complete the mission and never feel guilt for what he had done. This was different. Here, he was going in blind.

"I tell you what," he said at last, his voice measured, "I'll go get the information. Give me 24 hours and I'll be walking. That's when I'll go."

He turned his head and looked directly at Tau, his demeanor and voice cold as ice.

"If you are using me to further some plan for yourself, and your own gain, and are leaving me and my crew out to dry, I will turn you into nothing more than a charred pile of scrap metal."

A darkness came over Murphy - something he rarely let anyone see, as it was truly terrifying.

"If what I bring back to you causes my crew to come to any harm, I will not stop with you. I will hunt down and destroy anything and everyone that was ever connected to you. If one person on this ship dies because of what I'm doing for you, blood will run in the streets with your name attached to the bodies. Do not fuck me, Tau. Are we clear?"

"Hey Gid. How's your day been?" Erik asked as he entered the driving range and took up a lane next to Gideon.

"Eh, been mostly uneventful, did a little background research into the native races of this universe; so I figured I'd come down here for some target practice. I'll admit, I did crack a smile and laugh when Amaya made that announcement earlier; either she was being honest, or you did something really stupid to upset her like that." Gideon said with a smirk as he reloaded his pistol before lining up another set of targets.

"So, what happened?"

"Do not fuck me, Tau. Are we clear?"

If Tau was an organic, this might have been the point where he would utter a laugh. Beyond some cosmetic identification, the platform he resided in could easily be vacated at any sign of danger. As for killing of his "connections", the best Murphy could do is simply guess at that, since the Geth thus far had only spoke in long distance communiques, the records of which would be destroyed should Murphy fulfilled the former promise to destroy the platform.

On top of that, Tau was a synthetic entity, and thus pretty much impossible to intimidate. However, for the sake of cohesion, he responded with a simple confirmation.


Voh was about to reply to the hippie Turian before he heard Luna yelling into her omni-tool. Listening to her curse and insult the person on the other line though it seem like friendly banter. Watching her return and said that they have a new member. "This is good news. More allies on our side is always helpful." he looks back at the Turian "That would be all for now for me. I shall wait outside until you are done Luna." he said as he walks out. Standing by the door as he waits for her to be finish. Looking around the area as he watch some of the locals do their living. Some giving him a fearful look, while others try to glare at him.


"Yes..." he said, "Well let's just say I am not very trusting of anyone here either. Between Aria, the crime syndicate leader, and a political alliance, I don't feel we're in a very good position. If I had my way I would have tried to make no deals- however Aria made sure that she would destroy our ship if we didn't comply and with a ship in half- not the best situation."

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