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Luna just sat down and sighed. she couldn't understand why she was the only one with some sort of emotional linked sense of morals. Walking over to the door of the room, the asari closed and locked it. Then the woman headed back to her bed. she got undressed to her undergarments and laid down in the bed, quickly dozing off.

The Drell nodded at the idea. She took her slate, tapped a few buttons and handed the slate to Jastis. "The interface is self explanatory and all of the files on it are unlocked. It contains any and all information on me you could possibly need." she explained to him. The drell then turned to murphey. "I have an idea. How about you go and get some pants, and i'll follow you to medical then to the mess hall. Decency is a thing i do appreciate." she giggled.

"I guess i'll go wait in your room until you're done. i don't have much to do." Amaya responded to Gideon. She returned the gun to the armoury then stopped by. "No rush, i can entertain myself." she said to him before departing.


He took the tablet from her stretched out hand and began to go over it. Everything seemed in order, at least based on the little knowledge he knew. She didn't seem like a spy, not that he suspected but it was at the back of his mind. Jastis also had to admit her records were impressive and she would be great assets to the crew. The Spartan could only hope that it was the last of the aliens to join, less complications in the long run.

"Your record is impressive Ms. Phonoi, just to make it official I authorize your access to the ship, just be wary of where you go. Some areas are off limits and some are in the process of being torn apart," he spoke as he handed the tablet back to the female Drell.


The trip back to the Captain was pretty short, but the sight that greeted him was...unplesant. Well there goes my appitite. He thought to himself, seeing Murphy's bare ass hanging out of the hospital gown. "Little breezy back there?" He said as he stumped past the human.

" 'scuse me." He said reaching over and scanning the data pad, in Jastis' hand, with his omni-tool. A few moments later, he huffed at the information it showed him. "Yeah, Aria's people confirm who she is, but I'll go have a word with the salarians before they try and bring anyone else along." Shutting down his omni-tool, Kurash sighed. "As for Luna....well she's as stubborn as I remember her, but I know she does mean well. I'll keep an eye on her, try and keep her out of your hair Captain."

"I guess I'll go wait in your room until you're done. I don't have much to do." Amaya said to Gideon, before returning the gun to the armoury rack. "No rush, I can entertain myself." She then added before leaving the weapons range.

"Okay then, guess I'll see you in a bit Amaya." Gideon said with a slightly confused look on his face, feeling slightly unsure about what had just occurred. He shook of this feeling of unease, and continued firing on the targets down the range. It was another ten minutes when he decided that he had enough shooting practice for now, after having switched to moving targets. He unloaded the final few rounds in a target before holstering his gun.

"Well, I think that is enough for me at the moment, guess I better go see what Amaya wanted to talk to me about. See you around Sarah." Gideon said with a smile before leaving the counter and exiting the weapons range entirely. He soon made his way to his room, and the door opened automatically; before him stood Amaya in the corner of the room with her arms crossed.

"You know you could have just sat down Amaya, I wouldn't of minded. So, what was it you wanted to talk about?"

"Later Gideon" Sarah replied as he left, and then returned to her own target practice. She emptied her clips one by one, inspecting the targets between reloading, her grouping on the target was about average for her really, and as normal for her, centered mostly on the 'neck' of the target, how ever the results where satisfactory for now.

After stowing her firearm she made her way to the mess hall, having noticed she was a little hungry. As she entered she saw Voh sipping a drink of some kind but simply ignored him and got a tray of food and sat down to eat in silence.

As Voh was about to finish his tea, he seen Sarah wonder into the Mess Hall. Keeping a eye on her just in case she tries to attack. Wouldn't blame her if she did, though wonders why she hasn't. If she was a Sangheili, then she would have probably already challenge him to a duel. Though he let her do whatever she wants at the moment. Finishing up as she sat down to enjoy her meal.

He take his leave and heads back to his room for a bit of a nap. Didn't get much sleep due to everything happening in the past day. Once in his room he would remove his armor and hang it up. Looking it over as he sigh, this room was the only thing left that remind him of home. Putting his hand on the chest piece as he remembers some of the good time back within the Covenant. Back when things made sense and everything was unified. He then heads to his bed and lays down on it. Closing his eyes as he drift off to sleep.

Jastis seemed to have no issues with the hulking Krogan who now stood among their company. Based on their brief dialogue, Murphy deducted that he was one of Aria's foot soldiers.

Murphy turned to Phonoi.

"Let's just head back to sick bay. But first," He looked up at Kurash, "who the fuck are you"

This was the second new face Murphy had seen in a very short time. He began to sincerely hope that he wasn't hallucinating due to the medications.


Jastis turned to the Krogan, "If you can do that, it would be appreciated. I rather not have to watch out for Luna myself, if you can do that. Well you're a bit more trust worthy than some of the other aliens I have met here."

He then spoke to Murphy, "Well Murphy, this is Kurash. He works for Aria."

"Well, i've never walked around before... so this is sort of... i don't know... i've yet to figure out how to do it effectively..." Amaya said embarrassed. but the plates on her face clicked while they moved a few times, she was subconsciously doing this, but she ended up getting off the wall and walking over to Gideon. The robot stopped just infront of him. "i really don't know how to do this, but i want to try." she said and slowly brough her arms up and closed them around Gideon, slow enough that it took a minute or two to actually do it because she didn't want to crush him.

With the hug done, she rested her flashlight on his shoulder. "Thank you, for being there to talk to me. I can feel it, but you're helping me keep insanity off of me. You're just so calming to be around and talk to. So, thank you. I don't think 'll be able to thank you enough." she said to him.

The Drell took her slate back from jastis. "Thank you, i'll try my best to help the team." she said to him before Pisti turned back to murphey. "No issue, i' not in a rush."she said to the "only ass" naked man.

"Well, I've never walked around before... so this is sort of... I don't know... I've yet to figure out how to do it effectively..." Amaya said with a small hint of embarrassment; Gideon imagined that if she was either a real person, or in her holographic form, that she would be blushing about now. He noticed a few parts of the so say 'face' area move slightly as Amaya began to slowly move over towards him. Amaya then stopped just in-front of Gideon.

"I really don't know how to do this, but I want to try." Amaya then said, before slowly bringing the arms of the Geth body up, and she slowly closed them around Gideon, imitating a hug. Gideon thought about returning the hug, but for now he smiled. A moment or so later, Amaya let go, and resting the 'head' of the platform on his shoulder.

"Thank you, for being there to talk to me. I can feel it, but you're helping me keep insanity off of me... I don't think 'll be able to thank you enough." Amaya then said, at that point, Gideon had momentarily had an arm around Amaya, giving a hug in return.

"No need to thank me Amaya, it's simply what friends do, they help each other in times of need. If I can make someone feel better, or help them to be happy, then that is enough for me. Like I said Amaya, we're friends, I hope we remain that way for a long time to come."

"Well Murphy, this is Kurash. He works for Aria."

Murphy considered this information. He was still very distrustful, but that was the nature of someone like Murphy. Even drugged and wounded, he had a mission to protect the secrets of of the UNSC at all costs, and would accomplish that mission or die trying.

But Jastis was okay with Krogan, and Phonoi's credentials checked out. Murphy would accept that. He tilted his head, motioning for Phonoi to follow.

"I know you're pissed," He said, walking slowly, "but considering the circumstances, I have to be overly cautious."

He continued on, looking straight ahead.

"My name is Murphy. I work in intelligence. AKA, I do the dirty deeds no one is allowed to talk about."

Pistis seemed a bit confused at what he said. "I'm not angry at you, a bit offended by the language, but i have no reason to be upset." the drell explained to Murphey. "and it's a pleasure to meet you Murphey. to properly introduce myself Pistis Phonoi. " she said, taking strides to be next to him and not have to stare at his rear.

"Sorry, i may be a medical staff member, but looking at asses is only in my job description when i need to cure something, or cut someone open. i see them enough that i don't need to see them in my spare time." she joked around with the operative.

"Sorry Gideon... i needed to thank you. I can't let myself slip into rampancy. i don't want to hurt those around me, and you pulled me together back there, i can't just go an not thank you. I owe you Gideon, allot." the Robot said to him.

"Sorry Gideon... I needed to thank you. I can't let myself slip into rampancy. I don't want to hurt those around me, and you pulled me together back there, I can't just go an not thank you. I owe you Gideon, allot." Amaya spoke, her voice showing hints of both sorrow at her situation, but relief in the sense that someone cares about her.

"Fair enough Amaya, and I appreciate it; shows that I'm capable of things other than shooting people. But you know, I may not always be there to pull you back from the brink, we're strangers in a strange land, who knows what might happen to me. If only there was something that allowed some form of me to be with you, in the event where I'm not physically there."

"Sorry, i may be a medical staff member, but looking at asses is only in my job description when i need to cure something, or cut someone open. i see them enough that i don't need to see them in my spare time."

"But mine is sexy." Murphy joked back. "I see you checking it out."

They took another turn and were back in the sick bay. Murphy stopped and picked up his smiley face patch, showing it to Pistis.

"Think you can get me stickers that look like this?"

"Sure, it should be possible." Pistis replied to Murphy. "And to think i'm checking you out is a joke in itself." she chuckled back at him, bringing up her omnitool and scanning the patch. Took about a minute to scan it, but when it was done, it was stored in her tool.
"Ofcourse, pants pending that is." she smiled to him.

"I don't know if that's possible gideon. I know i can give you a peice of myself to carry around, but i don't think human consciousness works the same way as i do. It'd be like breaking off a piece of a candybar and giving it to you. It's still me, but not all of me." she explained to him, somewhat in a thoughtful tone. Removing her "head" from his shoulder, she took a few step back to give him a bit of room.

"I don't know if that's possible Gideon. I know I can give you a piece of myself to carry around, but I don't think human consciousness works the same way as I do. It'd be like breaking off a piece of a candy bar and giving it to you. It's still me, but not all of me." Amaya remarked in a somewhat thoughtful tone. She then removed her head from Gideon's shoulder, and stood back a bit to give himself some space.

"I didn't mean it like that Amaya. What I meant was something more along the lines of a memento or keepsake, something to remember me by; so that, if you started to act rampant, or just feeling sad, it would cheer you up."


1700 Hours

Nothing big happened in the hours following. They still hadn't gotten their mission and therefore outside Murphy's Intel gathering, there wasn't much else to look forward to unless Aria beeps in. He found himself in his Captain's Cabin sitting alone with not much going on outside looking at dossiers and updates on the ships progress. It was going slow but it was getting somewhere.

It was still going to be sometime before they got a full ship up and going and even more so time to actually get back home.


After tracking down Murphy, and thanking him for his rather 'enthusiastic' actions earlier, he took care of a couple of other minor housekeeping duties before retiring to his cabin to study the ground teams personnel files. He of course didn't have the rank to look at the Captain's file, and Murphy's was covered in so much black ink that he wondered why the Brass had even bothered to send it.

Gideon's was pretty good. No real problems, a few minor disciplinary citations here and there, but anybody who's file doesn't have at least a few of those is a fucking clerk. Range score were impressive as hell. Well he IS a sniper...but still, no range score betting against him. Getting to Sarah's file he leafed through it looking for anything he'd missed when he'd skimmed it before they'd left...on their original mission.

Hmm....seems she's a bit of a prodigy...interesting. Smiling as a thought seemed into his head, he closed the file and got up from where he was sitting. Heading down to the ships training room, he grabbed two sets of sparring gloves, before making his way back to Accommodations; as he walking he put one set on.

Getting to the door he wanted, he pounded on the door. "HEY NEW BLOOD! Up and at 'em!" The door slid open to reveal an annoyed Sarah Bradford. "I was asleep...what do you want." She snapped. Erik simply shoved the second set of sparring gloves into her chest. "Get you PT kit on and follow me." He replied, taking a half-step back and crossing his arms; it was obvious he wasn't going away. "Fine." She closed the door, but reappeared a minute later in PT gear, and wearing the gloves. With that Erik walked briskly back the way he'd come.

"So, what's this all about?" She asked as they stepped onto the mat. Erik's response was to whip about suddenly, and try to flatten her with a haymaker. Throwing up a quick block, she parried and ducked the punch. Erik was impressed by how quick and smooth Sarah's evasion had been. Ain't going to be that easy though... He thought. Before Sarah could get her footing, Erik pressed the attack, throwing kicks and punches at her in rapid succession. Bit-by-bit, he forced her to give ground until she got a reversal. As Erik threw a jab, Sarah parried it with an almost insulting ease, before landing a solid body shot; from there the roles reversed.

As the pair fought they began to draw a crowd, men and women from the Blade's crew who had nothing to do now that the ship as essentially 'dry docked'. During the next reversal, as Erik was pressing Sarah, he saw a fault. As she gave ground, she let one foot get a little too close to him; lashing out he pinned her foot with his own, then struck the side of her knee with a light hammer fist, just enough to really hurt without serious damage. Crying out in pain, Sarah attacked with a re-doubled fury, forcing Erik back so fast his footing slipped. As his guard dropped, in an attempt to save his balance, Sarah exploited the hole and booted him in the chest. Wind knocked out of him, Erik landed on the mat to the cheers of several of the crew. "So? How was that?" Sarah asked with a smile, extending a hand to Erik.

Grabbing her forearm, Erik began to hoist himself up. As soon as he had his feet under him, he pulled as hard as he could, yanking Sarah off balance towards him. Being caught unprepared there was nothing she could do as Erik buried his free fist into her abdomen. Letting out an explosive wheeze she fell to the mat, while Erik stood. "Not too bad for someone with little combat experience." He replied. "You failed to exploit a couple of openings though, like your opponent did with that knee strike, and when your opponent was down you failed to finish him; other than that you do show real potential."

Sarah just glared at Erik while she was sucking air 'That rotten cheating son of a bitch!! He was down and has the gall to lecture me about how I need to improve?! Who the fuck does he think he is' she thought, as her breath returned to her "Preach to me about how I need to improve when you can beat me with out resorting to a cheap shot after you already been downed" She finally managed to get out, now back on her feet, though visibly tense, and even though her hands where at her sides she was ready to react if he tried anything, and if he did she wasn't going to be nice about her counter strike.

"Preach to me about how I need to improve when you can beat me without resorting to a cheap shot after you already been downed"

Water bottle in hand, Erik rolled his eyes. "Cheap shot? Oh grow the fuck up Bradford." He shot back. "This isn't some Hollywood bullshit where the Hero wins because he 'plays fair'. This is the real shit, you do whatever is necessary to win; if that means jamming your thumb into your opponent's eye, you keep pushing until your elbow is wet."

Pacing the mat in annoyance he took another drink. "That's the biggest flaw I see with turning civvies into SPARTANS; you didn't have that starry-eyed 'noble warrior' crap pounded out of you in Boot. Now I have to do it...because out here that kind of thinking can and will get you or somebody in your squad killed."

Tossing another water bottle to Sarah, he headed for a shower. "You aren't some white knight out committing heroic deeds, you're just another savage in the mud...get used to it."

Sarah caught the bottle and grinned, a fairly dark grin. "Really? Your telling some one who choose to have her armor color mostly black that she's not a 'noble hero'?" She chuckled as she took a sip "My file really must not have everything in it then." she said then took a sip

"My file really must not have everything in it then."

He stopped mid-stride, and turned back towards Sarah, rolling his eyes. "I've read you file, it has everything but wither or not you prefer women to men." With a bit of a sigh, he cocked any eyebrow. "I've been a member of the UNSC since I left high school. There is nothing in your file that I haven't done a dozen times myself." He said levelly. Then with a bit of a shake of his head he resumed his exit towards the showers. "We'll pick this up again tomorrow Bradford."

Sarah shrugged, she'd seen all she needed to from him. He was standard issue UNSC, nothing new there and nothing she couldn't deal with. Though, she couldn't help but smile as she walked away to a separate shower. 'Guess he's in for an unpleasant surprise tomorrow, he wants to be treated like a covie that's what he's gonna get I guess.'

Murphy had slept for a few hours after Erik had come in and thanked him. The gesture had thrown him off guard. It had been so long since he had operated on any kind of team aside from an occasional two-man wrecking crew that interactions with crew members beyond intel and ops briefs were odd to Murphy.

When he slept, the dreams returned, and once again, Murphy found himself walking the corridors of the Broken Destiny. This time he stopped by his room and donned shorts (he figured they were close enough to pants to satisfy Pistis, and a t-shirt sporting a "Bigfoot for President" logo. His ever-present hemp sandals found their way back on his feet, and once again, he looked like just another guy from San Diego.

He wandered, and found himself in the training room, where Sarah and Erik were sparring. Sarah was good. Very good. She would have won the fight had Erik not "cheated". Murphy remained unnoticed in the crowd, quietly observing. He left without saying anything, but made another stop by his room. This time he placed his sidearm in a concealed carry holster and placed some extra mags in discreet pockets.

After a moment, Murphy pulled out his baseball and placed it on the bed. He scrawled a quick note on a piece of paper.

"In the event of EOD1 Ryan Murphy's passing, please give this baseball to Spartan Sarah Bradford. To Sarah: It's a Major League ball. Take care of it. -Murphy"

With that, Murphy walked out of the ship and into the cold streets. He walked the path set forth by Tau and boarded the transport. Within minutes, Murphy was at the bar, ordering the "House Special". It felt like a shame to spit it out, because it was a delicious drink. But Murphy spewed the drink over bar and declared it tasted like "Hanar spit" and demanded to see the owner.

He soon found himself in front of a Turian. He showed her the chit.

"Tell me about Twilight Sun." He said, voice even and neutral.

Voh awoke after a few hours of sleep, not needing much to recharge himself for a new day. Reapplying his armor back on to himself in case their was a mission ready to be given out and he was pick to help complete it. The last piece of armor he puts on was his helmet. Sliding it over his face as he locks it into place.

Walking out of his room as he walks around the ship, wondering if Luna or Kurash was around. That was until he heard a commotion going on and follow the noise. Once he enter the room he saw the crowd watching Erik and Sarah having a sparing match. Walking up to the crowd, he didn't need to get to far within the crowd to see as he stood over most of the humans there.

Watching as he kept up with the fight as he was impress with the two. Sarah more as he heard she was new edition to the Spartan program. When it came to a end and watch Sarah extend a hand to Erik to help him up. Only for Erik to do a cheap shot and bring her down while he gets up. Shaking his head at the two of them. For Sarah not expecting such a thing to happen and for Erik for doing so.

After the fight was fully over Voh left the area and went to the weight room. Wishing he could practiced his sword but having no one else to train with, beside Sarah but he would never do so, he would at least exercise his body. Looking over at one of the human machines as he sits down on it, looking a bit odd from anyone watching due to the Sangheili body shape compare to a humans. He reach up and grab the grips. Pulling them down as he felt the weights pull at his muscles. Continue to do so as he get his work out.

"I guess i can carry that. I'm not used to thinking in the physical realm Gideon. But i don't want to take up your time. Thanks again for everything." she said giving him another quick hug. "I'll be somewhere on the ship, i really don't know where to go considering of all things i'm a robot that requires a quick charge and i'm good to go." she said and waved bye as she left the room. The robot finally decided she'd help out a bit and made her way down to engineering to work on the drones.

"I guess I can carry that. I'm not used to thinking in the physical realm Gideon. But I don't want to take up your time. Thanks again for everything." Amaya said, giving Gideon another hug before heading for the door, stopping briefly to speak again. "I'll be somewhere on the ship, I really don't know where to go considering of all things I'm a robot that requires a quick charge and I'm good to go." Amaya then gave Gideon a quick wave before leaving the room.

"Don't mention it Amaya... just happy to help is all." Was all Gideon said. For the next few hours, aside from getting a little shut eye, there wasn't much that Gideon did. Whilst he appreciated the down time, a part of him wanted there to be always something going on.

After waking up, Gideon decided to wonder about the ship; as he passed the training room, Gideon could hear quite a commotion, and popped his head in the door to see what the problem was; turns out it was both Sarah and Erik having a sparring match. He saw when Erik was on the floor, and Sarah offered him a hand up, that Erik resorted to a cheap shot move to turn the tables. Whilst Gideon generally wasn't in favor of using dirty tricks, he would admit to using them on occasions for a quick exit.

Feeling a little bit hungry after seeing the two fight it out, Gideon made his way down to the Mess Hall.

Ms. Pla'ice sat across from Murphy, leaning over her desk to grab the chit from his hand. Silently, she scanned it to make sure the funds for her information were sufficient. After seeing that they were, the Turian nodded and gestured to the chair on Murphy's side of the desk. "Would you like to sit before I begin, maybe a drink?" The broker spoke with an odd air of "dirty sophistication", and seemed to use the standard Turian reverberation in her voice to add to her vocal flair. "One that I promise won't taste like Hanar spit." Ms. Pla'ice chuckled to herself as she waited for Murphy's response.


Kurash had spent the intervening hours since his arrival getting himself set up. After have a few words with the salarians Luna had picked up, he got a few spare dockhands to help him set up an office of sorts outside the Blade; his apartment wasn't too far from the dock so he didn't need to bunk on board. Heading over to his place, he grabbed a few things before making a final stop at the kennel where he'd left Gaz.

After getting his varren, he walked back to the Blade, amusing himself (and Gaz), by throwing an old piece of landing strut that was her favourite toy. Returning to his 'office' he dropped off most of his stuff, then dug out a pair of cups and a bottle of ryncol. "Gaz. Stay!" He said as he stepped back out to go find Voh. Gaz barked a couple of times before shaking herself and lying down. "Good girl, I'll be back in a moment."

Lumbering as krogan do, through the ship, he once again silently cursed the human designed vessel as he bumped into things. "Sand and slag...." He muttered after awhile. "Where is that blasted alien?" Spying a member of the ship's crew he called out. "You there..Tanhouser...do you know where I can find Voh?" He asked. The crewman blanched a bit as the huge, almost saurian looking, alien walked up to him. "I-its 'Tanhauser' sir...an-and I think I saw him heading for the training room." The man stammered. "Oh sorry...and thank you." Kurash replied moving off.

He arrived just in time to catch the crowd filtering out after the match. Sounds like I missed something fun....damn. He thought. The crew's opinions of the fight seemed decidedly mixed. Getting though the crowd, he finally found Voh at a weight machine, and got a real look at him. "Shit." He said by way of introduction. "You look like the mutant offspring of a vorcha and a thresher maw..." Chuckling at his own joke, he stuck out a thick three fingered hand and beckoned. "C'mon, I figure since we've got a free moment we could swap some stories." Voh merely nodded and stood to join Kurash.

The trip back was much quicker, and a minute or so later, the pair stood before the packing containers Kurash had appropriated for his office. There were three of them stacked in a rough u-shape; the two on the sides were full of various bits of small ordinance that he figured they might have need of at some point, while the one across the back had been converted into a sparse living area, for when he needed to stick close to the ship. The center area was paneled over to provide a little privacy; it had a propped up rifle crate for a desk, and a couple of large chairs.

As they approached, Gaz leapt to her feet and began barking happily. "Don't worry, she's friendly..ish." He said with a smile. "Gaz, come!" The varren rushed over excitedly, bouncing up and down in front of the krogan, until he gave her a scratch. That done, she rushed over to Voh and began to sniff him thoroughly; satisfied, she went and grabbed her 'toy' from where she'd been lying, and dropped it at Voh's feet. Kurash let out a loud bark of a laugh. "HA! She likes you. Anyways, grab a seat and I'll pour us a drink."

Voh was finishing up his weight lifting when he saw Kurash walking up towards him. Stopping as wonders what brings the alien here. Waiting until he got here as he heard Kurash speak.

"Shit.You look like the mutant offspring of a vorcha and a thresher maw..."

He didn't know what a Thresher maw was, but he would think it it was something ugly. "Speak for yourself hump back.." He comment as he gets up and follows Kurash to where ever he was taking him. Even though he did trust the new crewmate, he still has his hand hover his sword handle. He couldn't be to careless, that's what got a lot of Sangheili killed during the Civil war within the Covenant.

Not to long after that, they would get to Kurash office. As he walk in he saw the strange looking creatures leaps towards Kurash looking excited. Watching the Krogan scratch the creature head until she calm down. It was then the strange four legged thing headed towards Voh. Watching her closely as she sniff him up and then left to grab her toy and drop it down in front of him. Looking at her oddly as he heard Kurash laughing.

"HA! She likes you. Anyways, grab a seat and I'll pour us a drink."

Grabbing the toy and tossing it towards the other side of the room as he grabs a seat and sits down. Making sure it was close enough to set his glass on the table, even though it will be hard as the glasses here were not meant for his kind. "So Kurash, which one of us should start? I assume since it is your place you should be the first one to share."

"Would you like to sit before I begin, maybe a drink? One that I promise won't taste like Hanar spit."

Pla'ice chuckled softly as she said this.

Murphy sat and cocked a smirk at the Turian.

"Well, as long as you're offering, I'll take a bottle of beer."

While the house special at the bar was wonderful, Murphy knew he needed a slightly lower alcohol content in his bloodstream if shit ever hit the fan. ONI did make their operators train while stone drunk, and even drugged, to prepare for times such as these, so Murphy knew he could do it - but preferred not to.

He glanced around the office, noting the hidden weapons and cameras.

"You have a nice place here." He commented.

"Well, as long as you're offering, I'll take a bottle of beer."

The Turian nodded and keyed a command into a nearby console. A moment later, a small canister rose up an elevator on a wall near Ms. Pla'ice's desk. "I must admit I have a taste for my own bar, so I had this installed to get express service." The broker smiled a friendly smile, at least as best as a Turian could, as she grabbed a glass from a nearby counter and filled it with the liquid from the canister. Once she was finished, she placed both on the desk, in front of Murphy, and walked back over to her side.

"You have a nice place here."

Ms. Pla'ice tried to smile again. "You must appreciate how hard it is to keep a place like this running smoothly on a station like Omega. While most places just have to deal with customers who've had too many, we have to deal with mercenary gangs with an axe to grind and an Asari who loves to shove her fingers into everyone's pies." Flexing her facial features into something close to a grimace, Ms Pla'ice pulled out another canister from under her desk and a shot glass. She quickly filled it and took a swig, apparently wanting to burn away whatever feeling had soured her mood.

"But anyway, listen to me prattle on, you came here wanting information about the Twilight Sun. Was there something in particular you wanted to know?"

Sarah finished her shower, and left the gym the crowd having returned to their duty's. With nothing to do at the moment she headed back to her room, grabbed a data pad and headed out into the hanger to watch the crews work on the ship.


His shower done, Erik stepped out just in time to see Sarah leave the Training Room. He thought about going to talk to her, but decided not to...give her a bit more time to cool down. Shaking those thoughts from his head, he made his way back to his quarters to continue reading up on Omega and her inhabitants.


Reaching behind himself, he decoupled his Graal from the small of his back and tossed it on the floor beside the chair the Voh wasn't in. Looking back, he saw Voh throw the strut for Gaz. "Oh you're in for now man." He said with a hint of humour to his voice. "She'll never let you be now." Sure enough Gaz was back in moments, dropping the strut at Voh's feet again and barking for him to throw it.

While Voh dealt with the varren, he rummaged around until he found what he was looking for. "Ah, good old fashioned ryncol." He said, producing a bottle and a pair of cups. "Good for de-greasing Tomka parts, fire bombs, killin' brain cells, and setting off rad alarms." Popping the bottle open, the air filled with a smell a kin to industrial solvents and battery acid. "Mmm, smells like a good batch." Kurash poured a generous amount into both cups before handing Voh one.

"So Kurash, which one of us should start? I assume since it is your place you should be the first one to share."

"Actually Voh, if you don't mind, I'd like to hear your thoughts on fighting the humans." He said. "I've fought human mercs before, but from the background info Aria got from Luna you and yours were fighting on a military level for some years."

Pistis walked down to the Training room, she was in a skintight bodysuit, over that was a robe and along with her. she carried two wooden swords and her omnitool with her, only getting lost once. Getting down there, she took off the robe and folded it and left it sitting neatly on a nearby bench along with a sword. Walking out into the middle of the training mats, taking the sword and holding it out infront of her, both hands on the hilt. She could feel the weight of it in her hands and it felt good, just about how heavy her omni-katana felt, it comforted her.

The bodysuit, despite being skintight had just the right amount of thickness to it, that she had decency and didn't give a slutty vibe. It was just a body suit. The Drell held up a hand and created a practice drone. it came in the form of a disembodied staff, mimicking movements to several different styles of fighting. Phonoi got into a ready stance and nodded her head, showing she was ready for this challenge.

The two opponents were now circling each other, waiting for the other to make a move and a mistake. The two would move, only mere milliseconds reaction time between the two of them reacting to one another. There'd be a series of violent but short clashes, neither the drell, nor the disembodied stick making progress. This pattern would repeat and continue, eventually getting a watcher or two, but nothing compared to the fight from earlier. She was new and not well known, so this was expected by her. Pistis didn't care though, she was involved and focused on the stick before her, launching into another series of brutal attacks and defenses.

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