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"I don't know where you're from, but the war is over, here. there's no need to fight to stop extinction. The galactic threat is over. We're helping one another and rebuilding is going on." Pistis said, seeing the man underneath. "You say you're a monster, but i see a man before me, someone who has paid their dues seven fold. I don't see a monster, i don't see someone who has given up their humanity." she said, being completely serious.

"And you have a proud history yes, you may have accepted measures that needed to be taken at the time, people may not understand you, but you're still a person who has emotions. Hell, my old job was to create genetic abominations to help people cure diseases. "Hey! i helped cure a life threatening plague!" and then they'd all cheer until someone asked how i did it. "Experimented with people." and then they'd start screaming at me. Next time around i'd try testing animals, and they'd scream. so i stopped helping people. No ones complaining so long as they don't know where it's coming from. Just like whatever job you must have been working before you arrived here." she said, shoulder slumping down into a far more depressed stance.

Then Pistis looked up at him. "I've sat down and told people that something might possibly work to cure them of an ailment, or remove a tumor. They'd smile at me with hope in their eyes. Then i would give them the injection, next thing i know i have a dieing asari in my hands puking up her own lungs. i've seen an elcor's body rot from the inside out, hell, i've seen a bartarians eyeballs keep growing until they pop out of their eyesockets and their skull explosively crack open and splatter brain matter everywhere. All because i wanted to help them." she said, then sighed and closed her eyes. HE could tell the drell was having a hard time saying these things.

"i would watch their hope drain away once they start to hurt. Some of them kept strong and hoped until something went wrong. I could see the disappointment in their eyes, the fact i had failed them." she said then looked up at him once more. "I wanted to stop feeling that; So i left the career. Success was few and far between. Now i'm just a simple doctor to help the injured, I feel better now. I live with myself, despite being what i and many others labeled a monster, i only knew hours upon hours in the labs with no social interaction... i didn't know how to behave in society. But i learned." The drell said, placing a reptillian hand on his shoulder. "The moral of my story is, you may be a monster now, but you can learn how to rejoin society, even after the things you've done. How can you tell your kids what your story is if you have no kids to tell?" she finished.

"that reminds me, i'll need to take the fukishima slip space drive." The A.I. said, then quickly added to cal any fears. " and before you comment, i know the things inside and out, i have them all inside my head as i'd have fun taking them apart and rebuilding them virtually..." she said, a depressed tone coming to her voice as well as her light getting a bit dimmer. "I mean, i've never actually felt what metal feels like, and i can't really grasp what it feels like from description because i have nothing to base it off of... Gideon? what does it feel like to eat?" she asked him, her tangents leading her to places.

Voh's call went unanswered, but a passing marine gave him the answer. "Oh, blue chick? she's down the hall, two lefts then the third right." said the man. Meanwhile, voh could see luna wincing in her sleep, probably from the pain. He could tell that she definitly had some sort of feelings toward him, what type, what they were and their extent were rather out of reach for the sangheili.

Voh growl as he wonder where the damn machine went to. Not sure what to do at the moment until a marine told him where her room was. Though slightly annoyed when he said 'blue chick'. "her name is Luna. Remember that..." He said as he easily lift luna up within his arms. Seeing her wincing in pain a bit as well as hurries up to her room. Wondering what her feelings were for him as he could tell from the look she gave him at times.

Though he wouldn't say anything until she was ready to come to him about it. After walking for a few moments he reach her room. Opening it up as he walks in and puts her into the bed. Covering her up with the covers as he hopes she will feel better with proper rest. Wondering what he should do as of now. Believing he should stay here incase she needs help with something.

Deciding that would be the best option until he was call for something important. He look around the room until he found a small area to meditate at. Getting on his knees as he close his eyes and sat their in silence.

Luna had woken into a sort of half unconscious/half sleepy state. She groaned a good bit after he put her in bed, wakening into this state. "voh.... come here bed... please?" she groaned out and reached an arm out of the bed, her eyes still closed. "i... i need the... the painkillers.... drell... reptile lady..." she finished.

Voh open an eye as he heard luna groaning in pain. Getting up and walking over to see what she needs. Hearing her speak in short sentences as if she in to much pain to really say much. "I understand. I shall try and hurry with your pain killers." Walking out as he head back to the mess hall. Once there, he walk over to the drell not caring if she was talking or Erik was. "I require more painkillers for Luna." he said.

Pistis simple turns to him and says "Oh, Luna? Here's the prescription for her drugs. Take them to the salarians at the medical station outside. They should fill it and give you a bag with a bottle. Take with water and only two pills from it." He nods as he then leaves. Following the direction Pistis gave him to get to the salarians. Giving them a glare as he tells them what he needs. Hoping that will make them work faster since it was a 9 foot tall Sangheili staring them down.

After waiting a few minutes of them getting the drugs ready Voh finally gets them. Walking back out and heading to the ship and finally back towards Luna room. Getting two pills out for her as he gets a glass of water. Walking over to her bed as he said "Luna I got you the pain killers. Sit up if you can to take them."

Luna groaned sitting up. Her eyes were still closed, but was thankful he slid the glass into her hand and the pills into the other. She gulped them down and handed off the cup. She lowered herself back down and slid over in the bed as well. "Voh.. please lay next to me..." she said, sorta muttered/whispered out loud. "i want to cuddle... atleast until the painkillers kick in..." she said to the sangheili.


Erik sat quietly, lost in his own thoughts, while Pistis spoke. Memories, thoughts, and emotions he'd tried to keep long buried began to rise. She can talk all she likes, but she doesn't know what I've seen...what I've done! Anger became fuel for the fire, the sound of blood rushed through his ears, roaring like a tidal wave, both his fists clenched tight. Somewhere in the back of his mind he noticed Voh's arrival, and subsequent departure. As soon as the Sangheili left, he stood abruptly and left the mess as well; it was taking considerable self control not to lash out and smash the first thing he saw.

As he stormed into the locker room for the training area, the few crew that were in there quickly vacated...nobody wanted to incur the wrath of a pissed off SPARTAN. He was removing some sparring gloves from his own locker, when his control finally slipped. "FUUUCCKK!" He roared, putting his metallic left hand through the locker door. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" He shouted repeatedly, as he struck his locker, before tearing said door free. By the time the anger was spent, blood dripped from his right hand; where the knuckles had split after many repeated blows against the locker, and the torn off door was nothing more than a crumpled lump of steel.

Slumped against a wall, he just stared blankly at the havoc he'd done.

Pistis had let him get ahead of herself and then followed the spartan. Waiting for him to finish his outburst, then a few minutes, she slowly walked in. "I'm not here to lecture you, just to patch you up." She said, calmly and slowly moving towards him. Once close bough, she took. Is hand, put some antibiotic cream on it, then wrapped the knuckles in bandages. She left a cold pack next to him before getting up and walking to the door. But before she did, she took out a scauple and cut the palm of her hand open with it. "But you still bleed like the rest of us." She said, squeezing her hand before a few drops of blood hit the floor. "I'll be in the mess still if you want to continue talking. You're an interesting person Erik, and I'd like to get to know you a bit more if you don't mind." She did before leaving and slapping a bit of medigel on her wound and heading back to the mess hall.

Voh was glad that she took the painkillers without to much trouble. Though was still worried as she look like she was in a lot of pain. Was about to let her rest while he go back to his little area until she ask him to join her in the bed. Wishing to cuddle until the painkillers kick in.

A few thoughts went through his head at this request. One he didn't know what she saw in him that he was cuddly. Next was how he was even going to fit onto the bed due to his size. Though he sigh, not wishing to leave Luna alone in her time of need. Sliding into the bed as he tries to get comfy and not to be annoyance to Luna while she tries to rest.

"That reminds me, I'll need to take the Fukishima Slip Space Drive." Amaya said as they carried on walking towards the Mess Hall. She then made a sudden addition to her statement. "And before you comment, I know the things inside and out, I have them all inside my head as I'd have fun taking them apart and rebuilding them virtually..." Her voice sounded a little sadder this time as well as the light on the Geth body growing fainter. Gideon stopped to raise his arms in mock surrender, a small smirk on his lips.

"Hey now, I wasn't about to say anything Amaya, I know your more than capable of doing that sort of thing, your clever like that." He remarked, his smirk changing into a smile.

"I mean, I've never actually felt what metal feels like, and I can't really grasp what it feels like from description because I have nothing to base it off of... Gideon? what does it feel like to eat?" Amaya asked, the question confused Gideon somewhat, never having to think on such a subject before.

"Hmm, that is a tough one Amaya, give me a moment to think about it." Gideon said, scratching the back of his head slightly trying to think of an answer. It was as they were reaching the Mess Hall entrance, that Erik burst out from it, obviously he was angry about something, or something sent him over the edge.

"Huh, wonder what his problem was, he looked... very not happy. Best leave him be for now, wouldn't want to cross paths with an angry Spartan." Gideon remarked to Amaya, as a moment or two later, what appeared to be a Drell in a doctor's outfit exited the Mess Hall, going in the same direction as Erik; Gideon didn't think much of it for now. They soon entered the room and found a table alongside the opposite facing wall to the entrance. Amaya had waited whilst Gideon got himself a pot of coffee and soon joined her.

"Now then, that question you asked 'What does it feel like to eat?' I guess there isn't a single right answer for that one, as there are many reasons why we do that. We eat to grow, to evolve or to adapt to our environments or to the resources at hand; we eat to help replenish energy we lose from performing tasks; we even eat as part of a celebration like someone's birthday or a festival. And sometimes we just eat when we are feeling happy or sad, helping to convey an emotion." Gideon started to say, before stopping to take a sip of coffee from the mug he just poured.

"In short, eating is a part of us and the world we live in, though like everything in the world, eating is something that is best taken in moderation to help keep balance; sure, there are those who over eat or don't eat enough, if anything at all; whether it's to conform to some trend of the time, or simply because it's the easy way out I don't know. I hoped that has helped in some way."


Someone came and spoke to him while he sat, but the words were just so much unintelligible noise, their face a greenish blur. Memories of old missions haunted him; glimpses of horrors he'd both seen, and committed, against human and Covenant alike. The faces of dead friends filtered passed, some had died in his arms, others just vanished...and the stares, the uneasiness of his family after he'd become an S-IV, the stares of civilians as he walked through his hometown.

Erik was unsure as to how long he'd sat there, but when he snapped out of it, he saw CPO Willis picking up the crumpled remains of his locker door. "Sorry 'bout that Chief." He muttered. Willis gave him a laugh and a nod. "No worries sir, but next time your door gets stuck...call somebody. You SPARTANS can be bloody hard on the gear." Laughing, Erik got to his feet. "I'll keep that in mind." He said, leaving the locker room, for the range. It wasn't until he took his MA37 from the rack, that he noticed his bandaged hand. Setting up for some shooting, he quickly put together who'd patched him up. She doesn't even know me, why would she care?

Amaya listened to gideon as he explained why they ate. She didn't have the heart (lol) to stop him mid explanation. so she just walked and listened as he sorted himself out. "Thank you for the explanation to why you eat. I meant, the actual experiance of eating, like, actually consuming the food. I have no recollection of anything but pain. a pain in my arm and a series of spots riddled throughout my body." she said to him, taking a seat after staring at it for half a second. "It's weird... i need to run a simulation sitting down a couple of times to actually program the body to do it." she said to the man.

Luna cuddled into the nook of voh's arm. she enjoyed the fact he was willing to do this for her. She stayed snuggling him, loving the feeling of being protected by him. As time went on, the drugs dissolved into her system, she sort of became drunk, or high with them. She snugglled him and let out a rather happy sigh. "Voh.. you're such a good guy..." she said.
and before he realized what was happening.

He was swimming in her head. it was a rather odd experiance as he felt the numbed down pain coursing through her body, but also the loopyness that they brought with them. In the mist of the drugs, he felt compassion and love towards him. however, if it was the drugs creating the feeling or her own emotions, was indeterminable.


As Voh lay on the bed with Luna, he felt her cuddled right up against him at his side. He never had the chance to cuddle with any of the other females within his race. Never really the cuddling type, even by his race standards, but he sort of enjoy it. Though he heard let out a sigh of happiness and whisper to him. The next thing he knew he was inside her mind as they seem join once more.

Feeling the slight pain that she was feeling but it didn't bother him to much. As he wonder within her head he felt her feelings towards him, the love and compassion that he felt before for someone that she was hiding from him. Though was this a side effect of the drugs making her loopy? or were these things what she truly felt. He did not know for sure but he now must found out. If he doesn't while in here, he would simple ask about it.

Heading off within her mind as he searches for answers. Not fully sure if this was the right way, but it will not stop him from founding out. He just hopes that she wasn't in his mind. Their are much worst things to be seen then him watching the planet being burn to the crisp.


Dorion finally made it outside after a bit of exploring around. True to his word he didn't do anything to ship. Not that he couldn't but to many eyes were watching him and to be quiet honest with himself he didn't fully understand this Tech. He will need to study it more before he can actually hack into it. While thinking things over, he was look around for that Varren that appear when he arrive.

As voh swam about in her mind, she simply was content to follow him around in there. he flew past many memories, including ones with kurash while she was in bed with him. voh could feel a massive feeling of disappointment emanating from those memories, along with the term "had to fake it" originating from them as well.

However, when he arrived at adoration, a massive amount of warm pink surrounded him. he could feel this love gathering at him before something read him, or rather his body and ran off with the data to some other part of herself. but he could feel a massive wave of adoration, love and respect coming from her and aimed at him. Just after that, he was snapped back into his own head. luna had her arm over his chest and was pressed up tight against him.

As Voh walk within her mind, he felt like he was being follow though he didn't know why. On his journey he walk pass her memories, some which he didn't see as he saw her mating with Kurash. Though others were with Aria, he was confuse by such a thing. Though some of the sights he seen did make his cock his head to the left a bit. Not sure how such a feat was done. Shaking his head out of such sights as he continue on his way.

Once he left the memories he felt massive wave of pink surround him. Feeling such love, adoration, and respect towards him. Though their was something else that he felt. He wasn't sure what it read on his body but he was to busy with what was happening now. Snapping back to his head he could see he was again in the room. When that happen, he felt her arm over his chest and was press up against him. Not saying a word as he felt action would be better. Moving his arm carefully around her as he holds her within one of his arms up close.

"Thank you for the explanation to why you eat. I meant, the actual experience of eating, like, actually consuming the food. I have no recollection of anything but pain. a pain in my arm and a series of spots riddled throughout my body." Amaya said to Gideon, sitting down opposite him after staring blankly at the seat for a moment. "It's weird... I need to run a simulation sitting down a couple of times to actually program the body to do it."

"Odd, you'd think with the mechanics it would be a simple thing to do. Actually I did a little research into the Geth earlier when I was in my room. It mentioned something about them being a race of networked artificial intelligences; could be that a Geth platform works better when there are multiple occupants in it, since the platform is more like a shell than anything else. Might be something you need to talk to Tau about, just thought I'd throw in my two cents as well." Gideon said as he took another sip of coffee.

"Anyway, back to your original question. As for the actual experience of eating food; I guess it would be the opportunity to try out a new flavour or to experience a different style of cooking for the first time, as there are multiple ways of cooking the same thing, each giving a different taste or texture to one another, and from that determine whether or not you like the food. But don't quote me on that, the experience may be different to other people who have different tastes."


The rifle roared in short bursts, the smell of sweat and gunsmoke hung in the air. He was calm again, the demons in his head pushed back to the dark corners of his mind, where they belonged. After a few mags, he swapped over to his pistol.


Kurash was idly scanning through the latest Hahne-Kedar catalogue, his feet on his desk, and Gaz at his feet; when the varran jumped up with a low growl. Immediately turning his attention to the console on his desk, he flicked through various security feeds until he saw the Salarian from before, standing just outside the ship. A few short barks of command in his own tongue sent the varren on her way.

Gaz bounded out the door, and within moments was to the Salarian. Circling around him, she placed herself between him and the dock exit, barking and bluff charging; obviously trying to force him towards a stacked group of crates.

"Yeah, it's weird... i haven't controlled a body... well in this life..." she said, looking at him, as much as a geth body could. "if tau turns out to be a dry well, do you mind helping me learn to walk?" she asked him, which was an odd question for her to ask as she has been walking with him the entire time.

"Again, i've been running simulations to get the needed controls for walking and jsut creating subroutines to actually walk. I haven't actually been controlling the body directly." she explained to him.

Luna enjoyed the feeling of being close to him. Little did she know what her drug addled state would bring to her life. Her clueless little form soon passed out against voh's body. it was no secret to the elite that she loved him, how he would act on it was another thing for him to decide. He could tell her shyness and reluctance about letting anyone close to anyone was the source of her nervousness to admit much to him. to tell the truth, he was the closest that anyone had gotten to her in a long, long time.


understood Luna feelings towards though he wasn't sure how to fully react to it. On one hand he was starting to feel the same way towards her as well. Though on the other, he wasn't fully sure how long they will be staying here, or worst if their deal with Aria will hold up. He doesn't believe the Demon would be working with her for to much longer.

Sighing as he didn't know what to do. He was train and put to use for one thing, fighting. Now it seems in this universe the fighting is mostly done. Their just merc gangs to fight and that's nothing for a warrior like him. He didn't know what his purpose would be now. Though as he look upon Luna as she slept he starts to think perhaps he could change it around to protecting her. Even if he knew she didn't need protecting and could defend herself. He has seen her past and felt her true feelings. She didn't deserve that kind of treatment. Now with him here, he seen how much happier she has been. His hands lightly rub up against her back as he hope she slept well while he stay there for her.


While Dorion was looking around, the varren came up out of no where barking and trying to get him to go somewhere. Normally he would probably shoot the creature, but this belong to a 'teammate' krogan. He didn't need a piss off krogan after him. Letting the creature control where he went as he head towards the crates.


"Well there isn't much to disagree with that, the plan seems sound. I too will most likely be going on the boarding team. I just hope that the team Amaya is with that she doesn't screw with them... Not exactly the most trustful at the moment in my opinion..." he spoke and continued to look at the data. "But I'm getting off topic. I will set up the rest of the teams shortly; you continue to make the other preparations for the assault."

Overall the plan was sound; he just hopes it can go as well. Sure the last mission went fairly decent but this was a different style. There was no way to support each other; the two teams would essentially have to work on their own. Hamman lead the other team last mission... I may put him on the lead again for this one... he thought to himself.

He then turned back to Tau, "Now... Is there any further details you wish to discuss or are we done for now?"


He was still reading the catalogue, when the sounds of Gaz's barking got close; making sure his Graal was close at hand, Kurash set his reading down and waited. Moments later the salarian, followed by Gaz, entered his 'office'. Clapping his hands, and pointing, Gaz huffed one last time at the salarian before moving over to Kurash.

"Have a seat." He said, gesturing to a chair. "I'll be blunt, I know you're working for the Shadow broker, but the Boss says to leave you be so I'm not going to kill you...yet; but fair warning, try and screw over Aria, I'll have Gaz here chew out your spine."

Murphy glanced up as Sarah returned; she looked distressed.

"Somebody take your lunch money?" He joked, setting the datapad aside and smoothing out a place on the bed for her.

Murphy was worried about the morale on the ship. People seemed far too depressed. In his experience, depressed soldiers were extremely dangerous - to themselves. He had embedded with far too many Marines and Sailors who had let the combat get to them. Something needed to be done with this team, and quickly. They needed to go blow off steam.

"Have a seat, game's about to start."

As Dorion enter the 'office' he seen the Krogan who own the annoying varren. Taking a seat after it was offer to him as he listen to the Krogan. Hearing how he will kill him if he gets in the way which he did a little chuckle. "I assure you, Krogan, that I will not get in the way of Aria. I'm mostly here just to..." thinking of how to put it into words. "get information about our strange new guest." He said

"Though do know that if you get in our way, things will end badly for you and the crew. Though if everything goes alright. You and Aria get what you want, and the Shadow Broker gets what they want." he said, he wasn't fully sure if the Shadow Broker was male or female but didn't matter. "So lets just put aside our differences and work together."


After a moment, Kurash gave the salarian a smile. "Glad we can come to an agreement Dorion, but I'd be a bit more cautious about making threats to any of Aria's people...most of them would've already splattered you across the walls for a comment like that." He chuckled a bit as Dorion twitched at the use of his name...without having given it to Kurash. "Don't be so surprised, this is Aria's home turf after all."

After another moment of silence, he laughed. "HA! Well that's enough posturing for today, I'm Jorgal Kurash." Sitting back, he reached out and scratched Gaz's head.

He twitch a bit, though it should have been easy to know he knew his name. If the krogan knew he was already a agent of the Broker, then he knew his name as well. Though keeping up his smile as he listen. "Very True. I'm sure...my handy work came up a few times within her reports."

Then after a tense moment, he heard Kurash laugh and told him his name. "Well I would say the same but it seems you already know my name. So..Kurash anything I should be wary of? You have been here longer then I and if we are working together it might as well start now."

Sarah smiled at Murphy's joke and took a sea to the bed next to him after handing him his plate. "Nah, even if they did the list of people on this ship who can do that is pretty short." She said intending to leave it at that but continued anyway "There's a Drell that was talking to Erik, which got a reply from him about how 'he'll never be normal ' and he's 'just an attack dog in power armor', that combined with this" lifting the lid off her plate, with the black and bold 'SPARTAN' lettering on it "I told them I needed two plates of Nachos to watch a Baseball game and they still had to go out of their way to ...." Sarah stopped when she notice she'd taco'd the cover, sighed, and tried to fix it "That whole trip to the mess ended up being one big 'HI! your a monster now, in case you forgot, and you totally DID ruin your life for a revenge your never gonna get cause they guy your after is on your side now."

She sighed again "Sorry" she simply said after she'd realized she been ranting to him through the first half of the first inning.


"So...Kurash anything I should be wary of? You have been here longer then I and if we are working together it might as well start now."

"Heh, honestly I haven't been here too long myself, but here's the rundown. These humans've also struck some sort of deal with the Quarians, so there's a Geth about somewhere, the Asari is another rep. for Aria, their Captain seems to be thoroughly humourless fellow, and there is definitely something...artificial about him and a couple of the other humans; they call themselves SPARTANS. There's also Voh, warrior type, the way I understand it his people and the humans have been at war for awhile, but have recently made peace....OH and they have a self-aware AI."

"Yeah, it's weird... I haven't controlled a body... well in this life..." Amaya said, with the head of the Geth platform shifting slightly to it appeared to be looking more directly at Gideon. "If Tau turns out to be a dry well, do you mind helping me learn to walk?" She then asked, which sounded like an odd thing to be needing help with, as she had been walking just fine earlier.

"Again, I've been running simulations to get the needed controls for walking and just creating subroutines to actually walk. I haven't actually been controlling the body directly." She then added; regardless the whole situation made Gideon think, every so often he'd have another sip from his coffee, he then began to slowly compose his answer.

"I guess I could help if Tau doesn't provide anything of value, though I'm not exactly sure how useful I would be in this instance." Gideon said, sounding a little unsure of himself. The silence hanged in the air for a few moments before he decided to change subjects.

"So, what do you think of these other beings that have been coming aboard ever since our arrival? Can we trust any of them?"

"Now... Is there any further details you wish to discuss or are we done for now?"

"I hold that enough information has been disseminated for a proper briefing. This unit must contact the Tashya to project the best course of action for our boarding. If you will excuse me." With a courteous nod, Tau left Jastis to his business.

At the same time, the Geth contacted the Tashya. "Captain Gar'vosh, are you receiving?"

"I am receiving...Operative Tau, what do you require?"

"A full inventory of the ship, and the preparation of the crew for engagement."

"An engagement? What are we-I mean, I request clarification of orders. What inventory are you looking for, and what kind of engagement should I be preparing the ship for?"

"I require boarding-action modules and the crew to be prepared for...a militarized salvage operation."

There was a moment of silence as Gar'vosh processed the orders, a loud "hmmm" coming across the communications channel. "All right, I'll have the inventory for you in a couple hours."

"Roger. Operative Tau, ending transmission."

As Dorion listen to Kurash he brought up a keyboard on his Omni tool and writes down notes. Though stop a few times to let some of the information sink in. "their Captain seems to be thoroughly humourless fellow, and there is definitely something...artificial about him and a couple of the other humans; they call themselves SPARTANS. " Dorion nodded as he said "yes yes...something very odd about him. I didn't believe humans get that big. Plus the armor doesn't seem like anything I have seen from before."

There's also Voh, warrior type, the way I understand it his people and the humans have been at war for awhile, but have recently made peace.. "I haven't met this 'Voh' yet, so I'm assuming he a alien from the way you speak about him. Should get around to talking to him." He said as he quickly type things down for a small report to his boss.

OH and they have a self-aware AI." Dorion stop typing and look up at Kurash. "Really now..very interesting. Care to tell me more? Or is that all?" He knew Ai's were allow now but besides Geth, their weren't much of them around.

Not too long after she had disappeared, the drell came into the shooting range. she definitly wasn't the most stable person right now, as she staggered ever so slightly every number of steps. In her hand was a flask, a small silver one. Making her way over to erik's stall, she leaned on it.

"I...." she began but stopped for a minute.
"I'm sorry about earlier..." she continued on.
"You... i... i could see a good man in you..." she said. "No... a good father...." she continued on. "You would know how to bring up a tolerant child. the looks and avoidance you got... you'd know to not let your kid do that to people..." she continued, then held out the flask to erik. "good ol, earth wiskey. nothing says amazing like a bit of a burn at the back of your throat when the strong stuff hits ya." she said, offering him a splash. "Take a sip, god knows how long you've been dry."

"I'll tell you i can trust the geth. i can sense personal motives from them getting this technology, but outside of them i'm not too sure. The poor volus that came aboard the ship has been catching allot of flak from the crew and doesn't necessarily want to be here, but he seems trustable as well." amaya admitted to him. "i'd go talk to him if you'd like to get your hands on something."


His world was nothing more than noise and the smell of burnt powder. Closing his eyes he breathed deeply, the smells calming him further. Opening his eyes, he removed the hearing protectors, and realized he wasn't alone.

"Take a sip; god knows how long you've been dry."

Turning he was the Drell, though she seemed a bit intoxicated. "Thanks, but no...side effect of the program means unless it's been tailored for SPARTAN physiology, my body'll burn through that like O2 on a fire." Setting the rifle aside, he pushed a button on the side of the stall to retrieve his target; while the shipboard range wasn't huge, but it was still big enough to provide a challenge to the regular crew. Being a SPARTAN on the other hand meant he'd been shoot marksman level groupings with a fully automatic, un-scoped weapon, at maximum combat range.

Setting the target aside, he turned his attention back to Pistis. "I'd like to apologise for the way I acted, I know you were just trying to help...and thanks." He said, flexing his bandaged hand.


"Really now..very interesting. Care to tell me more? Or is that all?"

"Nope, that's everything I know." He replied. "These human's are playing things pretty tight understandably, but I'm sure someone as....resourceful as yourself might find out more; if that's the case, or if the reverse is true, then I'm sure our prospective employers wouldn't begrudge a little trade here and there."

Rummaging around, he pulled out a bottle of salarain gin. "Care for a drink? This stuff's tasty, but no kick."

"I'll tell you I can trust the Geth. I can sense personal motives from them getting this technology, but outside of them I'm not too sure. The poor Volus that came aboard the ship has been catching allot of flak from the crew and doesn't necessarily want to be here, but he seems trust-able as well." Amaya said to Gideon, showing a bit of sympathy towards the Volus. "I'd go talk to him if you'd like to get your hands on something."

"Ah, so he is a trader then. Guess he'll be the one we're in contact with, in regards to getting supplies and making sure that the Blade is flight worthy again I take it?" Gideon asked, before taking a moment to think through the information about the Geth.

"I presume you know that the Geth were created by the Quarians, and from what I can gather from the info I've read on them, they are quite knowledgeable in the technological sense; granted their desire to have the Geth perform more complex tasks did eventually lead to war that lasted roughly three hundred years, and most of the time the Quarians spent that on their Migrant Fleet. Quite the impressive group of ships if I do say so myself." Gideon remarked, going off track slightly.

"No doubt everyone is going to be coming after our tech one way or another; I mean some of the stuff is going to be rather appealing to them, what with it being more advanced in some areas than others, you yourself included Amaya. Let's just say their A.I technology isn't as sophisticated, or as human as you are."

Dorion sigh a bit, hearing that was all about his newest 'allies'. "These human's are playing things pretty tight understandably, but I'm sure someone as....resourceful as yourself might find out more; if that's the case, or if the reverse is true, then I'm sure our prospective employers wouldn't begrudge a little trade here and there."

"Of course, though it will take sometime for me to...understand their tech to even attempt to hack into it. Plus if that Ai is around in the system will make my job even harder." He said as he thinks things over a bit. "No thank you, never really drink on the job. Though if you have coffee or tea I would love some."

"Yeah, I'm sorry for pushing you earlier. You're just such a nice guy buried in that skull that's been fogged up with haunting memories." The drell said to Erik. She wait down on the floor with her back leaned against the separators for the range. She took another swig of her flask and looked up at the ceiling. "I'll try my best to avoid poking around in your head. But please promise me something. Please promise me you'll face whatever it is you're burying in your head, try to accept it. And don't be afraid of the real you, the guy who I know would make a kick ass father." She asked, almost begged him.

"Yeah, I figured I'd be a target. I do however have an advantage with this one. I'm in a geth body, so I could play myself off as a geth." She explained to Gideon. "I am hopeful that the geth might be able to help me in terms of... My... "You know what" issues. For the moment, you seem to be able to help stabilize me, or atleast keep it at bay." Amaya said to the man, hoping he got the rampancy she was implying.

Murphy listened to Sarah's rant thoughtfully. He saw her hand crumple the SPARTAN labeled plate, but didn't acknowledge it.

"It's war. We all lose our humanity in some way. Doesn't mean we're hopeless, or can't get it back. In the mean time," he said, gesturing to the game, "take your mind off your troubles."

The game was already in the bottom of the first. Murphy turned his attention to it, and its absurd hilarity.

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