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Sarah snicked at Erik's comment, but other then that remained silent, she had concerns, mostly about weather Murphy was really up for this or not. Other then that, her only other objection was to being teamed with Voh, but at this point she didn't see any benefit to bringing it up.

She did however have another question "Do we know if these are the same guys as before? Cause I'm not gonna get caught off guard by another damned Husk."


"However, there is the question of what you want me on, since I am rather efficient with any weapon."

"I understand that Amaya." He replied. "But I want you hanging back because we are very shorthanded for an Op like this; you are our tactical reserve...such as it is. I want you to hang back to support Luna if they try and bring in reinforcements, but I still need to be able to call on you if we need the fire power...that, and if they manage to take you out we lose significant capabilities for the Blade, and I will not risk the safety and security of the ship if I can help it."

"Just don't be too long with that airlock; vacsuits only give about four hours breathing time. One more thing, can we expect there to be personnel on the outside of the station, or will Dorian and I be able to hack shit up in peace?"

Turning to Murphy, Erik tapped at a pad. "Well if you're out there long enough to worry about air, we're all probably dead, and not dying in pretty high on my to-do list...Anyways, Intel shows no more than 20 or so foot mobiles...but we don't have a fixed number. They also seem to have synthetics, not Geth though." Scrolling through the data, he shook his head. "There doesn't appear to be any sort of physical patrols space-side, but watch yourselves as there maybe scanners or maintenance/dock personnel about...deal with those at your discretion."

Amaya listened to Erik's reasoning, but when he got to part where he was concerned they'd lose a part of the ship and it was for the ship's security and sake, she lost it. The geth unit turned to Gideon, clearly not happy. "See Gideon, it's exactly as I said. Only you actually have any consideration for me." She said and turned around, beginning to walk to the exit. "I'm removing myself from the op list until further notice, I need time to think about this." She said to the group before exiting the room and heading for the engineering department. Halfway there, she stopped, cursing them and slammed her fist into the wall, denting it.

Luna meanwhile shrugged. "Not much I can do besides agree. If I start bitching then kurash will get his panties up in a bunch. Then I'll have an annoyed krogan to deal with and I'm really not in the mood to take him out for an ice cream so he'll stop the temper tantrum." She said, seeking a bit distracted.


Jastis first addressed Pistis and had to respectively decline, "I'm sorry but no. The whole idea of our team was to be very... tanky if you will. I, Bradford, Kurash, and 'Tohai, are all capable of taking a lot of hits, whereas Team B isn't as much with only Hamman being the heavily armored one in his MJOLNIR armor. They're in far more danger of being severely injured than we are."

He then turned his direction to 'Tohai, "I believe Tau can give you a bit of better details on that. I'm leading the mission but if not for Tau here it wouldn't be possible. So I'll let him give you that detail."


As Amaya had her fit, Erik pinched the bridge of his nose and groaned.Whoever thought turning a CHILD into an AI was a good idea should be beaten severely. "Alright folks." He finally said with a sigh. "That's the rough draft. We've got two days before kick off so if you have any ideas, by all means run through them, and let me know." Nodding to Jastis as he left, Erik stepped into the corridor and went in search of her.

A couple of crew sent him in the right direction, and shortly he found himself in Engineering. Once there, he quickly spotted the Geth platform sitting out of the way. "CLEAR THE DECK!" He shouted, as he walked over to Amaya. At once, the few crew members that were there stopped what they were doing and left. Finally standing before the AI, he glared down at her.

"ON YOUR FEET!" He barked; once she was standing, he stared at her with his miss-matched eyes. "Just what the fuck do you think you are doing?" He said his voice flat. "Like it or not you are important to how well this ship runs. We lose you, the Blade might never get home, and a whole pile of people will never get to see their families again...but that's not important to you is it? All that matters is that you get what YOU want right?"

Grabbing a wrist, he spun her about before pinning the other one. "You want to be treated like a real person? Fine; I'm placing you under arrest for insubordination, and for disobeying the lawful orders of a superior officer in a time of conflict. You will be confined to the Brig at all times unless your specific skills are required. You will be under armed escort at all times you are out of your cell, and will not be allowed any visitors unless they are approved by Captain Jastis or the XO. At such time that we are not longer in a threat situation, a 'Captain's Mast' will be called and you will be allowed to defend yourself against the charges. If you are found innocent, you will be returned to duty; if you are found guilty you WILL be confined to the Brig for the duration of the voyage, and turned over to ONI when we return to base."

Relaxing his grip, he turned Amaya about and looked her in the 'eye'. "I'd rather not have to throw you in the Brig though." He said, the hard look in his eyes fading. "I know you don't like being thought of as 'just a machine', but you have to face the facts. What you are, and what you know represent a significant threat to everyone aboard the Blade if something bad where to happen to you. If you keep pulling stunts like this, the Captain may decide you are too much of a risk and do something and we both know how that will end...your call Firefly."

"I understand what you're saying. Like it or not, i'm fucked. But i guarantee we're never getting home if i'm killed or forced into a cell." she said, turning and walking back over to the bench that she was sitting on before and hopped back up, playing with the rubix cube again.

Not taking her attention off of the thing, she continued to speak to him. "I don't want to be military, i don't like killing people. I killed before to protect gideon. I was willing to use the ship's defenses to protect myself. But i no longer am needed to kill. The drones are inoperable in my current state, and to everyone but gideon, i'm just an expensive piece of tech throwing a tantrum. And i know i am to a point, but it's still a reasonable request, right? to be called what i am at heart?" she asked, finally looking up at him. From the way the plates were she was truly saddened.

"I'm sorry for my bouts... it's not rampancy... i just get angry when i'm powerless." she explained to him, the head of the geth unit lowered to represent her mood. "i don't know how much you actually recognize your emotions and identify with them after the spartan transformation... but put yourself in my shoes... you don't know who you are, you have a bunch of large men yelling at you and ordering you around most of the time... you can't even remember when your birthday is without pulling it up on a file and you don't even remember what a birthday looks like or feels like..." she said, he could tell she was spiraling into more sadness by the tone of her voice becoming worse and more shakey.
"i can't remember what my parents looked like, and when i asked to see them, i was told they didn't want me and later that they were dead." she said, now fully in tears virtually.

"erik... i hate my life. i don't want to end it, but i want to get away from this damned prison..." she sobbed.

Voh growl as he was a bit tired of the back talk a good bit of the crew was doing. If this was a Sangheili ship none of this would happen. But it wasn't his call as he watch some of the crew leave, mostly just Amaya and Erik. Hoping Erik will deal with that machine so they can get down to business. "So...machine." he looks at Tau. "What sort of forces are we going to see?"

"What sort of forces are we going to see?"

"If both parties followed the plan set out in the information that has been collected..." Tau's headlight spun around and refocused as the Geth pulled up the relevant data. "The mercenary group should have around twenty personnel on-site, with their numbers augmented by mechanical forces, specifically from the Hahne-Kedar manufacturer. As for the crew of the freighter, expect a crew of around fifteen, but they will also be augmented by outside variables."

Tau paused for a moment as he seemed to sort through several files at once, trying to find more information. "What kind of variables, it is difficult to explain. It mainly depends on how willing the crew of the Flotsam are on activating their cargo."

"What kind of variables, it is difficult to explain. It mainly depends on how willing the crew of the Flotsam are on activating their cargo."

Murphy started to move from his typical place at the back of the room towards the holopad.

"Hold on a fucking second. What do you mean, 'activate their cargo'." He was now standing next to Voh, arms crossed. "What the hell are we going into?"

Gideon listened as Erik highlighted two possible locations to set up a sniper nest. One was a catwalk that ran opposite to the dock along the left hand side; given it's position it would net him the widest field of view, giving him a bigger range of targets. The second was a supervisors office along the back of the dock; whilst the field of view was narrower, it would provide him with better cover. There was always the opportunity to use both, and move when necessary.

However, it appeared that Amaya wasn't so hot on what Erik was saying about her and how the ship would lose something important if she happened to get taken down by the enemy. Whilst Gideon had to silently commend Erik for potentially showing some concern for Amaya, it was perhaps a poor choices of words that made her lose it.

"See Gideon, it's exactly as I said. Only you actually have any consideration for me." Amaya said in anger as she stood up and headed for the door, stopping for a moment to turn to the group. "I'm removing myself from the op list until further notice, I need time to think about this." She then exited the briefing room. A moment later the sound of a dent being made could be heard. He wanted to say something, but Gideon wasn't risking the possibility of getting into trouble.

"Alright folks." Erik said with a sigh, clearly he wasn't in a good mood. "That's the rough draft. We've got two days before kick off so if you have any ideas, by all means run through them, and let me know." He then added, before nodding to Jastis and left the room, Gideon could imagine where he was going, or rather who he was going to see.

"Hold on a fucking second. What do you mean, 'activate their cargo'?" Murphy asked in shock after Tau was informing Voh of the potential number of hostile combatants. He stood next to Voh with his arms crossed. "What the hell are we going into?"

"Pardon me for interrupting guys, but it seems as though Tau here isn't giving us the whole story; and whilst I may not be on the team that's headed for the ship assault, I'm still concerned as to what the score is on this one. I'd imagine Murphy that it is something that could be potentially big trouble; possibly both for us and Omega as a whole."

"What kind of variables, it is difficult to explain. It mainly depends on how willing the crew of the Flotsam are on activating their cargo."

Sarah didn't like the sound of that, at all "So what's carrying, cause I'm not walking into a death trap just so you and Smurfette over there can fight over who gets what from the Blade easier." she said, not even trying to hide her dislike of this rapidly deteriorating situation, or that's who she saw it anyway.


"We all have our crosses to bear Firefly." He said finally. "Mind you, no offence, but I for one am okay with you not wanting to take a life." Leaning against the table, Erik watched Amaya work on the cube. "You don't want to fight? Fine, but I still need you on jamming detail." After a moment of mutual silence, he went on. "If you want to stop feeling trapped, the first thing you have to do is let that little girl go. I know it's hard, but if you keep clinging to a past that was never yours it'll bring you nothing but grief. You need to figure out who you are."

"On a different topic...I've been reading up on what they call a 'VI', is there any chance of uploading a couple of those into those drones? It'd be a shame to lose their capabilities."

"I don't know, but i don't trust those puny things with out heavy machinery. I'd put a geth in them before a V.I." she said, trying to control herself.
"But i'm not letting go of my humanity... I'll try to make me, me... but i'm the most human of us all on this ship, ironically enough..." Amaya said to erik. She stopped fooling around with the cube in her hands, letting them fade. "Erik... i'll create a small jammer that can jam their singals trying to reach one another, but i'm not heading out there. My primary operating priorities were protecting the ship and navigating. This body is now my ship, so by all logical routes that my programing wants me to take, i should be sitting in a corner somewhere with ordered guard around myself to keep me safe... but i beat my programming." she finished then stood up, walking over to erik and hugging him.

"Thank you... i think you, of all people should know that.." she said, and took a deep virtual breath. He could tell that the A.I. was contemplating this hard, as she stood hugging him for ten seconds, an eternity in an A.I.'s time.
"My failsafe to wipe my higher thought functions is no longer working... it was an unpredictable side effect of leaving the chip and inhabiting this synthetic platform. So a bullet will be the only way to... end... me... God forbid anything happens to me..."she said, then stood back. "tell the captain, tell whoever, i'm going to tell Gideon when i can. but please, if nothing, take it as a sign of trust that i told you this..."


Erik just stood and listened while Amaya vented. "Can't say I like the thought of more alien machines...especially with heavy weapons, kicking about." He said finally. "And I'm not saying you need to abandon that 'humanity', just stop trying to be that little girl, just try and be you...as for the most human, well you've still got Gid and the ship's crew to contend with." He added with a smirk. "I'd still like you on the jammer though, even if it's just via a remote link. If they have an adaptive system, I'd prefer their VI to try and out think you as opposed to me...it'd probably win in my case."

The hug was surprising, and a touch un-nerving, but Erik did his best not to let it show. "I can't say I'm overly enthusiastic about that." He said, referring to the disabled fail-safe. "But that's just my own prejudices talking." Leaning back slightly, he looked down at the array of lights that made up Amaya's 'face'. "At some point we either need to give this chassis an overhaul, or find you a new one. All this talk of your humanity, and that very 'human' voice coming out of this body is just...unsettling. Hate to say it Firefly, but you're getting pretty deep into the 'Uncanny Valley' right now."

"As the human say Machine. What is within the cargo that we need to worry about. I would also like to know what sort of crew is within the ship. Race wise, so we do not get surprise by whats inside." He said, remembering about the Krogan team B had to deal with while he and Luna were finding out about those Dragon's Teeth.

Tau paused as the group battered him with questions regarding mission details, not seeming to understand that the Geth was trying to pull up the relevant information they requested. He was about to prompt them that details they were asking for were buried in files upon files of rosters and shipping manifests, and he couldn't answer them on the spot. However, before he did, he found the data needed.

"The crew is an assortment of Asari, Salarian and Human, it is specifically mentioned that the Asari on-board have had commando training, but the other crew-members do not have information available regarding their combat expertise. As for the cargo, there is a large compliment of drones, of Hahne-Kedar design, numbering 30 LOKI models, 15 YMIR models, and 20 FENRIS models. Other cargo holds contain psychoactive drugs that can inhibit combat performanc eot differing degrees if released into the air. Also, one cargohold...has no data available. Whatever stored within is an unknown, but from an analysis the weight of the crates during an unloading procedure, something akin to heavy machinery can be expected."

Sarah pull out her data pad and set it to looking up information on the drones Tau mentioned "These Asari, do they have Biotic capability and if so, what power tier would they be in?" she asked while she waited, and while she waited, she had another idea "How hard would it be for you to hack into and take over these drones? Cause I'm thinking we could secure a few of those to clear the ship faster if you think you can get into one fast enough"

Voh listen to the information as it was given to them. Wondering about it as he hum out loud. Salarians and Humans wouldn't be much of a problem. He wouldn't give them to much doubt but they wouldn't be able to keep up with him. Unless they have those Biotic powers.

Though the Asari are a different problem. Having seen Luna memories he knows they are a force to heed. Their commando training and being able to use Biotics are a deadly combo. They will have to take them out first and quickly if they wish to gain a good foothold over their foes. Though Voh didn't have any doubt his team. They were a hammer that would crush their enemies defenses with ease.

The drones were another matter. He never consider machines to be worthy foes though the numbers they have might slow them down. That is, if Sarah plan wouldn't able to work. Letting their AI hack into the drones and turning them against their controllers sounds reasonable enough.

Though Voh biggest concern was whats inside the crate. He didn't like not fully knowing something, or at least when something dangerous is left out of mission details. "We should make sure whatever in the crate is not actived then. Though incase it is we should bring heavy weapons with us." Thinking of some of the Covenant Weaponry that was brought on board the blade. "Hmmm I would need to double check to see if we still have Fuel Rod guns with the armory, that should make quick work of whatever inside the crate if it becomes a problem."

"Commando training... it's tough and produce some of the best warriors in the galaxy. they will all have heavy biotic capabilities, something i'm heavily experienced with. you'll need to have some sort of counter to them, or your heavy armor will be a chunk of metal to chew through before their rounds start eating flesh and bone with you suspended in the air." she explained to the group remaining at the table.

"i know of my injury and the concern surrounding it, but i assure you i will be 100% functional. And i would like to request a place on the ship team, these are my kind of people and we would practice on one another in mock battles in the academy. I am the most knowledgeable on how to deal with them and the most effective out of us gathered, to take them out." she said to the group, the entire gathered portion of the crew seeing Luna the most serious she has been since they met her.

"I take what i can get..." Amaya shrugged. "But a human like body is something i strive for, i've been trying to work out how to construct one and have not been able to figure out how. It's been too... cluttered.... with other things on my mind." the A.I. explained to erik,taking some steps back from him and leaning on the bench and crossing her arms. Her voice still sounded a bit shakey, but rather calmed compared to before. "and yes. the jammer will be possible. should be done sometime tomorrow..."


"Very well." He said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "If you get a chance, maybe you could build us a couple of 'smart' VIs for the drones? Like I said, I'd rather not be trusting such heavy weapons too something we can't control."


He'd been standing quietly the past little bit, watching how these human interacted. Bloody machines. He thought as their AI seemed to have a bit of a freak out. I'm not a fan of Geth, but at least they seem more stable.

"Commando training... it's tough and produces some of the best warriors in the galaxy. They will all have heavy biotic capabilities, something I'm heavily experienced with. You'll need to have some sort of counter to them, or your heavy armour will be a chunk of metal to chew through before their rounds start eating flesh and bone with you suspended in the air."

Ignoring the little verbal jab from Luna, he finally spoke up. "There's an old Turian saying "The Asari are the finest warriors in the galaxy. Fortunately, there are not many of them." Though not many Krogan would say such a thing, I have to agree. A squad of Commandos is a dangerous thing, but that power can also make them very arrogant at times." As he spoke, he looked at Luna and raised an eyebrow. "If you're careful, you can use that to your advantage."

Tapping a few things on his omni-tool, it projected images of three mechs. "Since you lot aren't from around here I'll give you a rundown on these, should the opposition deploy them." Manipulating the controls, he enlarged the first image, a roughly humanoid machine. "This is a LOKI unit; slow, fairly fragile, and usually only armed with a pistol or a submachine gun. They're only really good for security and crowd control in more...'civilized' areas."

Hitting a few more buttons, he brought up a thick set, quadrupedal mech. "This is a FENRIS unit; tough, and fast, but not that manoeuvrable, and only equipped with non-lethal stunners. They're generally deployed in 'packs' and can be a pain in the ass if you're trying to stay in cover."

Finally, he brought up the last one. "This is a YMIR unit, these are a real terror. Heavily armoured, and armed; it has a twin barrel machine gun in the right arm, and a rocket launcher in the left. About the only saving grace is that they aren't very fast. One of these is a problem, two is a threat, three or more...you get the picture."

Murphy listened to the breakdown of potential threats. He brought out his data pad and opened up a secure channel with Erik.

New intel. All teams need to be prepped for a chemical attack. P.S. Requesting to be moved to breach team.

Amaya's breakdown had Murphy worried about her combat ability. And the information made him uncomfortable. Murphy had operated in chem zones and knew it was nasty shit.

Gideon paid attention as the combined force of Tau, Luna, and the Krogan known as Kurash dispensed with all sorts of new information; which was more so for the benefit of the breaching team that anything else, but he found it useful nonetheless, he never knew when something like this may come in handy. The mech units were certainly interesting, as they looked more sleek and shiny than what he had seen of Omega, which was more uncouth in some areas.

"Hmm, from what research I've done, it appears that Biotic abilities require concentration for proper and more effective use; if the breaching team would permit me to make a suggestion, but perhaps if you were to find some way of making them lose focus, it might give you some small advantage." Remarked Gideon as he adjusted the collar on his shirt.

"As for the mechs, whoever was put in charge of naming them must of had a thing for Norse mythology, given how one is named after the god of lies tricks and mischief, another being named after a ferocious wolf, and the third being named after a large frost giant. The second two fit their namesakes more so than the Loki Mech does, unless it can change its appearance or something."


Jastis listened over the data, being silent but was absorbing everything that was going on. He was a little concerned about Amaya, considering she had run off and only Hamman had gone after her but he needed to focus on the mission planning or else things could go from bad to worse. "If this is the case that the ship has these forces then the plan is clear, it's a difficult one but we need to move fast enough, enough so that the mercenaries have no time to. Or... If we think we won't be able to take control of the ship, maybe we should plan to blow it up and escape? That is if you can't hack into them." He spoke directing the last bit to Tau who hadn't yet said he could take control of the machines through hacking.

"However when it comes to the Asari, outside learning their moves, I think it would be safe to say that we just need to make sure we can take them out as well in a quick fashion. Because that's the name of the game, with such dangerous cargo we can't afford to take this slow, we need to get in and get out."

Tau decided to answer the questions in the turn they were given. "It is possible to hack the drone's through their wireless coordination. However, I lack the capacity to operate all of them at once. Also, recent black market programmers have developed operating systems that are reactive to unregistered intrusion. If these drones are running the software, I will only be able to hack a fraction of their number before the systems register the source of the intrusion and shut down their wireless capabilities. Regarding your plan, Captain Jastis, it would only be advisable if our situation becomes untenable. The Flotsam is part of a larger organization, and is meant to be a temporary base of operations for them on Omega should their plan succeed. If there is any more information to be retrieved regarding their group, the ship should have the data."

Tau paused for a moment as he ran several scenarios through his head. "I can begin extracting the data once a control node is found, which should be of minimal difficulty. However, while this retrieval would make destruction of the ship a more feasible option, I will be unable to hack the drones or otherwise assist you."

"Jastis, even if you catch these commandos off guard, which is highly unlikely since this is the time they'd most be expecting an attack, they don't need weapons to work as a functioning unit. Not to forget, they'll most likely be operating in pairs so they can maximize the damage they can cause, with minimizing any damage they might take." Luna explained then took a few steps back from the table.

"This is most likely the tactic they'll use." She said and held a hand up, creating a small blue dome over herself. "This is essentially a shield, they can shoot and unleash biotic attacks from inside while your bullets bounce off. Try to get close to this and they'll stasis you, freezing you body movements and then take care of you with a shotgun shortly after." She explained, dropping the dome and walking back to to the table. "Your best bet is if you take out one of the pair before they can throw up a biotic shield. That way you'll force the one to either hold off and fight you normally, or retreat. However, if you let the two get up a defensive field, it's going to be a slug fest with you hunkered down behind cover and them flinging biotic attacks from behind the hardest wall you've ever come across." Luna finished explaining.

"If I accompany the team on the ship, I can provide similar assistance to the team."

Sarah simply sighed at Luna's comments about Asari Commandos 'They are the only ones that are 'possibly' arrogant' she though as she looked over the drone data the Krogan provided, only one causing her to ponder being the Ymir. "Do you have an extra Plasma Rifles, or any other Covie tech the squad could barrow besides the Type-50 and your Plasma Sword?" Sarah asked Voh, what ever animosity she held from him was totally absent from her tone, if anything she sounded like the Captain in how she spoke to him.

Voh wasn' sure which opinion he should have of Luna. On one hand, having a experince person fighting against the Asari commandos would be good for the squad. Though her wounds he didn't fully believe would heal in time and she might relapse into the painful state he saw before.

While he thinks this over, he heard Sarah ask him a question about the state of his weapons. Looking over at her as he said "You would never be allow to borrow the Plasma sword." He said as he then mentions, "The rifles you may use. I have only three rifles, which I will be using one."

"That's fine, the Rifles should be enough to deal with those things" she said, flicking the 'head' of the Ymir hologram. "The Asari will be more problematic, but we have some time to research there tactics and come up with work arounds of our own, and if they really are as arrogant as suggested then they will die that much easier."


"Notion still denied, Kurash has no doubt fought Asari commando's before and we're good at taking on a large number of trained foes, and adapting to the situation. Plus you're still not fully healed and with you on our squad, that leaves one less person on the other team, more so the team with the medic would be best on the team with the person who isn't even fully healed," Jastis retorted back.

"Kurash, haven't you fought then before? You seem like a veteran of many battles," he then spoke to the Krogan.

Luna closed her eyes and crossed her arms with a deep breath. This guys seriously needs to get laid... she thought to herself, smirking a bit at the thought. "Alright, i'll agree there. On the prerequisite that i can sit down with you and discuss all of the tactics i was taught in commando school, so you'll atleast have some personal idea as to what you're getting into." she said looking at the captain.
"But i'll need to talk to hamman about my detail on the dockside as i'll need to try and formulate something new." she explained to him before finishing. "That's all."

"I don't know if i can make V.I.'s. But i should be able to make at least some program for the smaller drone based to uplink to your helmet, so you'll have full control." Amaya responded to Erik, letting him know what she could do.


He was happy he finally talked her down but he knew there wouldn't be much he could do to deny her second request. "Alright then, after this you can show us your methods you were taught. Which anyway... I do believe we're finished here. Not much else to go on. So with that meeting is adjourned."

Now with the meeting over he turned towards Luna, "Do you wish to show us now or wish to talk to Hamman first?"


Erik was a bit surprised when the pad in his pocket beeped at him. Opening the message, he found a note from Murphy.

New Intel. All teams need to be prepped for a chemical attack. P.S. Requesting to be moved to breach team.

A few moments later, he sent back a reply.

Copy new Intel. The station side will equip for hostile environment work, EVA team will attempt to rig the dock for manual decompression. Request for re-assignment denied.

"I don't know if I can make V.I.'s. But I should be able to make at least some program for the smaller drone based to uplink to your helmet, so you'll have full control."

"That'll work." He said, after he sent his message. "Having even one of the drones will significantly increase our combat capabilities. That said, I should get back to briefing...keep me up to date on your progress okay Firefly?" With that he left Engineering and jogged back to the briefing room. "Sorry for the delay sir, I think we're okay now."


"That's fine, the Rifles should be enough to deal with those things."

"Don't be to dismissive." He said to the Human woman. "I've seen one of these things tear through a squad in a flash, so be careful."

"Kurash, haven't you fought them before? You seem like a veteran of many battles."

Kurash favour the Captain with a grin. "Oh you could say that." He said. "Best way, especially with our limited numbers, is stealth and aggression. Been reading up, or as much as I can at least, on your people; send Voh in first. With his cloak he can secure the bridge, prevent them from signalling the station, and prevent them from activating either the mechs or whatever is in that blank section."

"As for the three of us? While biotics are not to be taken lightly, they do take a fair bit of concentration...especially with tactics like what Luna described. We go in fast and loud; pop flashbangs as we go, shoot anything that moves. Most Asari I've worked with, or fought against, seem to prefer no helmet; most I've talked to say helmets make'em feel too 'confined' and that's bad for concentration." As he spoke a holo-image of the freighter displayed his plan; shutting the image down, he nodded to Jastis. "Just my suggestion..sir."

"Don't be to dismissive."

"Same to you" Sarah replied, then just listened as the Krogan spoke of possible weaknesses they could exploit

"While we shouldn't misjudge our enemies combat skills." Saying to both Kurash and Sarah, "We have a advantage they do not. They would expect one of their own enemies or perhaps something from their own universe to be attacking them. They have no information of our weaknesses. While we already know about them and have ways to get to know their tactics before hand."

"If I am sent in first, like Kurash suggested then I can easily get into the bridged without them knowing and make sure all who in there are silence. Then I shall work my way back to the main group to help out in clearing the rest of the ship if need be." Voh's words were filled with confidence. Being in the Covenant SpecOps he was use to mission like this. Getting into enemy territory and wiping out the chain of command.

Murphy's datapad beeped, and the message from Erik popped up on the screen.

Copy new Intel. The station side will equip for hostile environment work, EVA team will attempt to rig the dock for manual decompression. Request for re-assignment denied.

Murphy typed a quick reply.

Roger. Will grab tools to perform decompression. Meet you in the hangar bay.

Murphy listened to the discussion of Asari tactics for a bit, but then decided it was best if he started getting ready to do his part in the mission. Ducking out of the briefing room, Murphy made his way back to his compartment to pick up his gear. It took a little digging, but Murphy pulled a vacsuit out of one of his boxes. He changed into a comfortable set of cold-weather thermals. Despite all the hype, vacsuits never quite cut the chill enough for Murphy.

He was quite a sight on his way to the hangar bay, in thermal underwear, chest rig draped over his shoulders, rifle loosely hung, and a vacsuit draped like a scarf. To top it all off, Murphy was wearing his sandals with socks. Once he was in the hangar, he ran a pressure test on the vacsuit to check for leaks before actually putting it to the test. One that was complete, he went around to different maintenance stations to barter with the crew to get the tools he needed.

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