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As Voh was push up against the wall of the hallway, he could hear Jastis trying to contact him. Though he could offer no words at all as he choke due to the massive hand crushing his neck. With little time to think Voh grip his rifle in his hand tight as possible and slam it up against the beast face. Hitting it against the wounded eye. While he did this, a energy dagger came out of his gauntlet and he stab into the beast's wrist making him drop Voh.

While the yagh tends to his wounds at the moment to see the damage, Voh roll away and got back on his feet. Respond back to Jastis as he said "I ran into the captain I believe...though he is something I never seen yet. Bigger then the krogan and stronger too. I will need help to take down this beast."


Dorion smile as Murphy ask the question about STG while he was working. "Oh its quite alright to ask. I can at least tell you some things about the STG that the public can read about." He said as thought about what to say as he then pick up were he left off. "STG, or also known as Special Task Group are made up of Salarian intelligence field agents. Mostly working in small groups for counter-terrorism, infiltration, reconnaissance, assassination, and sabotage. " he said as he take a deep breath from talking so fast.

Dorion would then pick up were he left off. "STG are given free reign in how they like to handle the mission but sometimes some agents go a bit to far." He chuckle at the last part. "Funny though the STG is what gave the Council the idea for the Spectres program." Finishing up as he pull out the memory card. "And done. Anything else you like to know about the STG?"


"Copy that, be right there. Alpha-Leader out," Jastis said as he replied to 'Tohai and closed the comms. It was then that he realized that the prisoner was being contacted. He turned towards Kurash and the prisoner and wasted zero time getting down to the point as he couldn't waste his time with responding, however he did nod towards Kurash, hoping he understand what he wanted him to do about the contact. "You need to tell me which way to the bridge, and what exactly your 'Captain' is; be quick or else he will harm you.


"Praya? Praya, are you there? It Kelaan, where are you? I just called the port you told me you would be at and they said you never arrived! What's going on?

Answer me, you bosh'tet! I swear if you cut me out of this deal I'll feed you to the Vorcha!"

Kurash saw the Captain nod, and increased his grip on Praya's throat ever so slightly. "Tell Kelaan you've had mainframe failure, and had to reboot everything. Tell her the engines are still offline, but should be back up shortly." He spoke softly so that the console's audio pick-up wouldn't hear him.

"You need to tell me which way to the bridge, and what exactly your 'Captain' is; be quick or else he will harm you."

"Make it sound convincing, but if I think you're trying to call for help..." He'd let her imagination fill in the blanks.

"And done. Anything else you like to know about the STG?"

Murphy stopped as he began reading the docking manifests. They were updated automatically, and there terminal was listed as "not arrived".


He ran up to the control console.

"We need to put a marker on here. Goddammit, how was I so fucking stupid?"

Murphy began bringing down menus, trying to work out what how to put a note on the log.

Sarah kept an ear on thee coms "If we're done here we need to get to the bridge, now." She said before Voh finished his call for aid. "Hang on Alpha3, we'll be there shortly." Sarah replied, but thought 'What kinda of monstrosity is he fighting that he of all people, would call for back up.'

Flotsam Computer Core

Praya walked over to the computer terminal and pressed a button, with a loud *click* signalling that the receiver was active. "Cool your jets, Keleen, everything is fine. This rustbucket's just had mainframe failure, and I had to reboot everything. The engines are still offline, but should be back up shortly."

Praya clicked the receiver off and turned to Jastis. "Get out the way you came in, but turn left. Then, follow that all the way to the end of the corridor, then turn right. After the third door, turn left and it's a straight shot to the bridge. As for the captain, I have no idea who he is, I never met him. He, or the people he works for, hired the group I work with just for this job."

However, right when Praya finished speaking, another terminal flashed to life, displaying what looked to be an encyclopedia entry. At the top of the page, in bold letters, was the word "YAHG".

Flotsam Cargo Bay 2

Tau was about to start off after Sarah, but a sudden communique from the mysterious source reached him. "Your comrades will be enough to end the captain, you're needed elsewhere. Follow my directions..."

Tau did not entirely trust this entity, but decided, perhaps against his better judgement, to follow the instruction.

Flotsam Bridge

"You piece of shit!" The alien roared as he stumbled back, blood now spilling across the floor. His arm also appeared to be a bit numb, flailing about as the captain found his footing again. "I guess it wasn't such a bad idea to strap into this thing..."

The Yahg reached for a button on his armor, pressing it, and suddenly several lights across the armor flickered on. Then, a shiny liquid started to secrete from the openings in the suit. The alien quickly smeared it all over his wounds, and it was clear that whatever the substance was, it was quickly covering his wounds. "Heh, much better..."

As Murphy scanned through menus, the deck log regarding the ship flashed for a second, then new information scrolled across.

Delay: Mechanical Failure

Murphy breathed a sigh of relief. That was a close call, and one that could have brought the whole mission to its knees. Silently, Murphy thanked whoever made the change.

The adrenalin was wearing off, and the pain of his injuries was seeping back in. He keyed his mic.

"Bravo One, Bravo Three. Be advised, I am in possession of intel. Break." He took a moment to breathe. "Request full chem showers and containment protocol for all personnel on arrival to base, over."

The last thing Murphy wanted was a chemical weapon spilling out and harming the crew. Chem containment was overkill, he knew that safe was far better than sorry.


Voh slowly move backwards to give him and the beast some room. Knowing he was unable to fight it at close range due to the size and strength of his opponent. As well that his weapon seem to do only slight damage to him or none at all. He would need the whole team to bring it down.

"Copy that, be right there. Alpha-Leader out,"

"Hang on Alpha3, we'll be there shortly.

Hearing both the Captain and Sarah responding to his call made him respect the humans a bit more. He just hope he can handle the beast before him as he aim his rifle at the yagh. Looking at the counter as he was at 50% before he would have to change the battery. Cursing to himself as he knew he wouldn't be able to do that with that thing charging. Pushing that thought away as he prepare for another attack.


Before Dorion could offer any help to Murphy about the docking manifests, he saw that the problem seem to have solve it self. Smiling as everything seem fine on their end. With everything else done and over with Dorion follow Murphy out to regroup with the others.


After eliminating the last of the resistance, Erik began searching where he'd last seen Pistis; unfortunately it didn't take him long to find her. It looked like she'd vaulted into a group of five of those LOKI mechs, guns blazing. Her flashy moves had been enough to drop the dull witted 'bots, but she'd been out of position when a Turian merc popped up and opened fire at point blank; the consolation was that it looked like he got tagged by a high angle shot from Gideon. "Bravo One to all Bravos...Bravo Five is down...negitive vitals."

"Bravo One, Bravo Three. Be advised, I am in possession of Intel. Break. Request full chem showers and containment protocol for all personnel on arrival to base, over."

"Bravo Three, Bravo One copy. All Bravos wrap it up, we RTB in ten mike." Switching channels, Erik radioed the Blade. "Bravo Actual to Base. Requesting full Decon protocol."

Twenty minutes later Bravo Team was back aboard the UNSC Blade, the Flotsam's dock a shattered ruin thanks to some improvised explosives curtsey of Murphy and Dorion. After the debrief, Erik returned his armour to the Armoury for repairs, and set about writing up the After Action Report.


He stood behind Praya with his pistol trained on her, ready to clip the Quarian at the slightest sign of betrayal. Either she is a VERY good liar, or she really is keeping true. He thought as she talked to the other Quarian. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, Kurash stood quietly while Praya answered the Captain's question.

When the terminal flashed to life, it took him a moment to realize just what he was reading, but when it did click, he let out a groan. "Oh by the Void, this is fan-fucking-tastic." Re-binding Praya's hands, he sat her on the deck before turning to Jastis. "I'll save you some reading. They're built like those damned-able YMIR, about twice as ugly as me, and way to fucking quick to learn by half." Pacing back and forth, Kurash was obviously troubled. "All honesty? If I'd known there was one of those onboard, I'd have said 'fuck it' to that flashlight head, and had this junk heap shot down...that said, if Voh is fighting one of those, he's up to his neck in shit and sinking fast. We need to move."

As Erik was in his room writing a report, he heard a phantom. A voice of the recently deceased spoke. "Where is my body?" The drell's voice asked. Turning, he'd find a blue-misty recreation of his fallen commrade. She appeared perfectly fine, save for the fact her entire body seeming a bit translucent. "Please tell me you got my body out of there before the explosion." Her image said.

Amaya had meanwhile gone and locked herself in the databanks room. She wasn't handling the loss of a team mate well, even if she didn't know them all too well, it was still an unnecessary loss.

Medical bay, once again. This place was becoming all too common a sight for Murphy. He lay on the table as an HM stitched him back up. The intel bag was now being poured over by what remained of the Blade's comms and data personnel. Hopefully they would find something useful, some insight into these crime organizations. Murphy wanted to blow them to bits. He didn't like working for crooks.

The stitches went in and out, almost rhythmically. Murphy stared at the wall, unblinking, drumming his hand on the side of the table.

Gideon continued to provide long range support whilst still keeping a lookout for Pistis, he had just taken out a Turian with a shot through the back of the head when he heard something over Bravo Team's communication line courtesy of Erik. "Bravo One to all Bravos...Bravo Five is down...negative vitals." This made the ODST breathe a heavy sigh over the radio as he stopped firing. It was a couple minutes later when Erik spoke again. "Bravo Three, Bravo One copy. All Bravos wrap it up, we RTB in ten mike."

"Roger Bravo One. We should recover Miss Pistis before we leave though, wouldn't be right to leave her out here." Said Gideon as he switched off his radio and began packing everything up before making his way down to where Bravo Team would reconvene.

Twenty Five Minutes Later

After returning to the Blade and going through a standard post mission check-up, Gideon had planned to talk to Amaya, but when he tried reaching her via communicator, he couldn't get a response.

"Poor Amaya, must be a bit choked up after hearing about Pistis. I'll give her some time to herself. Still, I'll send her a message, hopefully it might make her feel better." Gideon then brought up the messaging service, and quickly typed something up.

Sarah tore down the ships halls. She'd notice Tau wasn't with her, but when she asked why he wasn't with her he said he was securing potentially vital files and that'd it'd be a little awhile before he could join up, he did how ever, giver her the directions she'd need to get to the bridge.

'Why are you pushing so hard to get to the bridge? This is the xeno filth that killed our brothers! Our father! Let the split jawed son of a whore die! Sides, no one will blame you if you arrive late, you could always say you miss read the map the walking Mag Light gave you.' One part of her mind said, a part the spoke in her own voice. 'You could, and you'd be justified to do so' a second, male voice, 'But would you really be able to live with your self for letting a squad mate die so callously? You and I both know your better then that. Another male voice said, finishing the firsts thought, these voices where her brothers, Alexander and Justin. These thoughts distracting her as she boarded a lift to take her to the deck she needed to be on, and this was just the kind of distraction she wanted to avoid.


"I will take that into account but like any enemy, they will fall before me," Jastis said with confidence towards the Krogan. "This battle will be over soon."

The Spartan turned and left the room and followed the path the Quarian had told him. Knowing full well that Kurash would kill her in a heartbeat if she lied. On the way he was met with little defense. Bracing the fire he quickly wall ran and then leapt off and slammed his leg into the head of the enemy and they flew into the wall. Turning his focus to the next enemy the Spartan ran and flipped over them and fired upon them as he flew overhead and he landed with grace.
Alone these tactics were far more viable since he didn't have to worry about his allies and he wasn't as cramped. His final enemy didn't run from the fight, an admirable trait, but foolish against a Spartan. Jastis ran and slid across the ground and hit into the legs of the enemy, however Jastis quickly got up even before his enemy hit the ground and grabbed their back and slammed them into the ground with all of the Spartan's strength.

He didn't stay long and headed down the path, according to the Quarian the bridge was just up ahead. Jastis sprinted and reached the door within seconds and it opened before he could slam into it. The first thing he spotted was the 'Captain', a large hulking beast with many eyes, a large 3 sided mouth, and large horns on the top of their head. Seeing the destruction he knew that if a Sangheili couldn't even take him down fast that this beast was surely something to fear. But fearing the enemy wasn't a thing Jastis did.

Opening up fire Jastis charged at the beast to take heat off of 'Tohai.


Erik was sitting in what passed for an office aboard a warship, writing up Bravo Team's After Action Report for the Captain. He'd considered just coming here straight from the debrief, but the room was cramped enough with him just wearing the combat skin; still in full kit, he'd have barely been able to move in here.

"Where is my body? Please tell me you got my body out of there before the explosion."

The voice that he knew was dead made him snatch up his pistol. Seeing the figure, he sighed and lowered the gun. "Must be the reptile chick's VI." He muttered, going back to his report. Narcissistic much?. "The body is on ice in the Med Bay." He said a bit louder, giving the image a 'shoo-ing' motion. A moment later he was interrupted again, this time by a knock on the door.

"Yes?" He called, trying to keep the annoyed edge out of his voice. "Warrant Officer Juarez; Sir, I've got a package here. It was address to the Drell." Came the reply. "Alright, just leave it here." Juarez opened the door, and then stopped dead at the sight of the transparent Drell.

"I think it's a virtual assistant of some kind." Erik said, answering the Warrant Officer's unspoken question. "Just drop it where ever, and I'll get to later." "Very well sir." W/O Juarez dropped the small crate out of the way as best she could before leaving. That done, he went back to his paperwork.


"I will take that into account but like any enemy, they will fall before me. This battle will be over soon."

It was all Kurash could do not to groan out loud, so he settled for just rolling his eyes inside his helmet. Not QUITE Blasto bad, but fuckin' close. As the Captain left, he called after him. "I'll head to the RV, and keep any eye on our 'friend' here." Once Jastis was out of sight, he gestured to Praya with his pistol. "C'mon suit-rat, we're heading for the main airlock...and you best hope the Captain makes it; I ain't to fond of dealing with prisoners."

"I'm about as close as you can get to an A.I as you can get with a V.I." Said the image, walking towards him and taking a seat at the desk in a chair next to him. "But i'm not dead. Well, me, in the sense that my brain is still alive." she said, letting it sink in. "The slararians as we speak are sitting me in a "dry" tube. I assume they've already switched my body to life support. And before you ask, i have nanites in my blood. they preserve the brain for a couple of days upon death, keeping it working." Pistis explained then stopped.

"However, i cannot amount the repercussions of the mental effects of essentially going blind and death with no sense of touch for any extended period of time." she finished and shook her head off. "Let's get off this topic, talking about myself is weird." the drell noted and saw the box. "Ah, the arm arrived. Do take a look at it once your paperwork is done. This specific company builds these on the species' home world and ships it out from there to assure everything works right. Meaning your arm was made on earth. It's a bit to do with quality control and the such. But all statistics i've gathered say that it's better than your current prosthetic."

Luna was in the mess, eating a snack and going over the preliminary reports left by amaya before she recluse'ed into whatever hole she did. She frowned at the mention of pistis then slammed her hand down. "Damnit... i hope Voh returns soon and safel..." she said, taking a sip of a cup of coffee.

Flotsam Bridge

Not caught entirely off guard by Jastis' arrival, thanks to the fact that the door the captain entered from was in front of him. The Yahg quickly struck a defensive pose and re-energized his strong barrier defense. Jasts' bullet ricocheted off harmlessly...until the very last moment.

Once the distance was closed, the captain dropped the shield and lunged for a haymaker blow. The cost of this being eating the last few rounds Jastis managed to fire.

Flotsam Corridors

Praya followed Kurash without showing resistance, but as they approached the rendezvous, they encountered Tau. "Agent Kurash..." The Geth's panels refocused at the sight of Praya. "...who is your captive? A combatant?"


Eirk did his best to tune out the 'VI' and keep on with his paperwork, but it just kept talking. Taking a deep breath, he set his stylus down beside the datapad he was using and looked at the projection. "Fascinating, now go the fuck away. I have a lot of work to do, and you getting your scaly ass shot up didn't help."

Going back to work, he looked at the V.I. one last time. "Oh and about the arm? Like I said, don't need it, and don't want it...now go." He said, pointing at the door.


"Agent Kurash...who is your captive? A combatant?"

"Hey there flashlight head." The Krogan replied. "This bitch sic'd a pair of YMIR on me and the Captain, back at our infil point." Motioning for the Quarina to keep moving, he fell in beside Tau. "The Captain wanted a prisoner so here she is; personally I'd just pop here and be done with it...but not my mission, so what can you do?"

"Kinda can't. I can't sleep because i don't need to and i need to observe my surroundings until i'm back. now i'll quiet down for you and let you concentrate." she said and the image faded. "Just let me know if you need any assistance with anything, i'll happily help." she said before the voice fell silent. she sat there analyzing the room and him, trying to take in info for whatever reason, she was trying to entertain herself with statistics she could draw from observing him.

The HM finished the stitches, and Murphy went back to his compartment to change. Soon enough, he was back in his normal shorts and t-shirt attire, his sidearm neatly concealed in a holster beneath his waistband. Donning his sandals, he picked up a data pad and set off to the hangar bay.

At the hangar bay, Murphy took a secluded perch and resumed his reading on the universe they were in, focusing on the geopolitical relations. He also brought up as many details on Dorian's unit that he could.

Murphy glanced over at the ropes coiled in the corner. He couldn't wait to get back to training. Sitting around wasn't his style. After he was done reading, he thought he would probably go to the shooting range.

'People die in battle all the time, why should it bother me if the alien dies as well' Sarah's inner voice said as the lift continued. 'Besides, he's destroyed other family's as well, I'd be getting revenge for them as well in letting him die. For a moment there was silence, and her hand slowly started to drift to the 'stop' button on the lift. 'Because Voh is your ally, and a squad mate. To stand back and let a follow squad mate die is not only shameful, but a slap in the face of every one that serves, and it will cost you the trust and respect of every one you serve with. a third male voice started. 'That's not even bringing up the potential legal repercussions, or the more immediate danger it would pose to the rest of your squad, not just Voh could die, your Captain could as well.' The voice sighed 'I understand your hurt, if our roles where reversed I'd feel the same, but you can not endanger your whole squad for personal reasons. The male voice said as her hand feel back to her side.

'Atta girl, just remember, you don't have to forgive him, or even like him, you just have to work with him' Sarah took a few deep breaths and re-readied her self.


Jastis watched as the beast readied their fist with full intentions of taking down the Spartan, but he wouldn't let it happen. Spartans were fast, but more importantly they could react fast to any incoming attacks. Seeing the attack the Spartan went into a slide to go beneath the attack and fired upon the Captain while their shield was off so all of the hits pierced through as far as they could through the thick skin and armor. However Jastis didn't end his assault here, but after sliding out of the way he swiftly moved to the back of the beast and recalled what he did to the YMIR.

Jumping onto the back of the beast who clearly didn't want him to be on, and also being smarted thrashed around and even slammed Jastis into the wall by running backwards into one. However Jastis was used to dealing with a lot of damage and continued to punch and fire until he was forced off by the hand of the Captain who picked up the Spartan to his dismay and tossed him into some debris.

"Certainly is a tough one, isn't he?" he said to himself as he stood back up from the debris. Jastis readied for another attack, "You know what they say... The bigger they're the harder they fall!"

Voh was surprise to see the Captain appearing already here to help him out. Giving Voh a chance to aim at the beast, but as he tries to aim, Jastis was in the way and he didn't want to take a shot and hit the Captain. Growling as he put the rifle on his back and pull out his sword. Charging at the Yahg as he flip the switch to turn on his sword. He was going to end this right now.

As he charge he heard Jastis crappy one-liners. Even if he didn't understand humans that well in their lingo he still felt like that would be something bad to say to a enemy. Seeing his chance for a open shot as Voh jump forward to plunge his sword into the beast's back to finish it off.

Flotsam Corridors

"...personally I'd just pop here and be done with it...but not my mission, so what can you do?"

"She is part of our next goal. You need to get her back in the computer core room in order to get me out...along with the information you need."

Tau's headlight blinked as he silently acknowledged the information, then moved a few steps closer to Kurash. "The ship's technical expert would be a high-value asset. Before we extract her, should we not use her to unlock the ship's database?"

Flotsam Bridge

"The bigger they're the harder they fall!"

The next onslaught was telegraphed by the Spartan's corny bravado, but along with that was the charging sound of Voh's sword. "Enough of this bullshit!" The alien reached down to his suit's belt and pulled several disc-shaped devices from it.

Then, it one quick throw, he flung the out at Jastis and Voh, the edges of the discs now glowing. Then, as they came into close range with the pair, they exploded.

"Enough of this bullshit!"

Was the last thing Voh heard before the grenades blew up right in front of him along with Jastis. Voh didn't have to much time to react as he was flung back hard against the wall. Feeling pain all over his body as he could hardly move. He thank the gods that he was still alive somehow, though as he open his eyes he notice he couldn't see out of one of them.

Looking down to take in the damage as he notice his armor was badly damage. His shields did help but it still wasn't enough. He slowly tries to get back up to fight, but couldn't. Falling back down along the wall as he was coughing up blood.

Out of his good eye he try to look for both Jastis or the yahg. If the bastard was going to finish him off, Voh will make sure to take him out with him if possible. The only weapon he had on him was the last Plasma grenade on his belt. Cursing himself for dropping his sword as he spot the handle to far for him to reach.


"Kind'a can't. I can't sleep because I don't need to and I need to observe my surroundings until I'm back. Now I'll quiet down for you and let you concentrate. Just let me know if you need any assistance with anything, I'll happily help."

"Fine." Erik muttered, clearly unimpressed at the VIs refusal. Time ticked by slowly for him as he chewed through the 'necessary' paperwork. 2-to-1 odds says the fuck'n REMFs will never even see this shit... He thought sourly.

Eventually he finished the reports, and saw a message from the 'Morgue'; his armour was fixed and ready for action. "Hot damn." He said with a smile. He was about to shut down his terminal when he remembered about the Drell. Opening a message window, he sent a note to all of the ground teams personal data pads.

To: Bravo Team
From: SPARTAN [S/Sgt] Erik Hamman

Subject: Pistis Phonoi (Status Update)

Ms. Phonoi's condition has been updated to Serious/Stable. For details consult the Salarian medical team.

Having sent the message, he actually shut down his terminal and left, leaving the VI behind. Heading down to the Morgue he strapped into his armour, and checked a pistol out of the armoury. Right...when the Krogan gets back I should ask him about that rifle I snagged. All kit showing green, he radioed the bridge, and the XO. "SPARTAN Hamman to Commander Smith; I'm stepping out to recce the station, seeing as we haven't had time to really do that." "Copy that S/Sgt, we'll keep a channel open in case you need back-up." "Understood Commander, thanks."

That done, he left the Blade and walked out of 'their' dock and into Omega.


"The ship's technical expert would be a high-value asset. Before we extract her, should we not use her to unlock the ship's database?"

What's this flashlight-head playing at? Kurash raised a bit of an eyebrow at the suggestion, but shrugged. "A clapped out can like this probably has a security system that even I could hack, but if you want the bucket head to do it, it's no skin off my ass." Grabbing the Quarian, he pushed her back the way they'd come. "You heard the tin-can, let's go." Shortly, they ended up back in the room where Kurash and the Captain hand first encountered the Quarian. "Same deal applies." He said, motioning to the console. "You try and fuck us, you die slowly."


He didn't have much time to dodge the disc, but he did manage to escape the center of the blast. He was sent flying into more debris, but soon recovered but this time he noticed his suit was starting to become a bit shaky with the HUD working but flickering. "Tohai!" he yelled out over his comms to the Sangheili who had also been hit from the explosion. However it was clear that his comms were no longer functioning.

Jastis had no time to look before the Captain rushed towards him again; Jastis taking a more defensive stance ran towards the Captain and dodged under their arm as they attacked so he was free on the other side. He looked for 'Tohai and saw him against the wall bloodied and bruised. He wanted to aid him, as any good Squad Leader would do, however with the situation on hand, there was little to no breathing room for him to aid the damaged Sangheili, however it was time he needed to admit help, however as soon as he went to open his comms he realized again that they were broken.

"Fuck!" he swore as he went back to engaging the enemy once again.

I could really use another person... but I need to draw attention from 'Tohai he thought to himself as he fired his gun and then went to reload and another deadly realization. He was out of ammo. Pulling out his secondary gun, his trusty Magnum he went back to engaging the foe. He dodged another hit from the Captain and fired his Magnum. Despite it being just a pistol, it was still quite deadly, although some have said it has gotten weaker with newer versions. Jastis didn't care so long as it did enough damage to bring down his foes.

the doors to the lift slid open and she started down the final hall way toward the bridge and tried raising Voh or the Captain to only get static. She was gonna reach out to the Krogan but she got a visual on the situation. Voh has down, hurt bad but still alive, The Captain was still up and fighting, but there was visible damage to his arm, probably what cause the coms to go down.

The beast hadn't noticed her just yet, both with a squad member down subtly wasn't in the game plan, and dropped teh remaining half magazine she had in her AR into the beasts back. "Alpha's 4 and 5, this is Alpha 2. Alpha 3 is down, but alive, and Alpha 1 has taken damage but is still fighting." She reported to the other members asshe tossed the AR aside and leveled the Plasma Rifle at the alien.


Jastis saw Sarah enter the room and realize it was his chance and broke off from his attack, he couldn't tell her over the comms so it wasn't exactly the best idea but he saw no other alternative and so he yelled out to his companion, "Alpha-Two, I am low on ammunition, you need to distract this guy so I can take 'Tohai to a safer location." He didn't wait for a response before he went to 'Tohai who was still bleeding and picked him up and held him in his arms, not exactly a tough job for a Spartan, they had to carry things far heavier than a Sangheili before.

With him in his arms Jastis broke for the entrance, the Captain did attempt to strike them however Spartan Bradford managed to take the beasts attention away just long enough for the two to exit the room and Jastis back to Kurash, he recalled the path he had taken and no new goons had filled the halls, no doubt the rest either dead or in fear. Jastis ran into the room where Kurash was last seen but to no avail, the room was empty. However he remembered that they had a rendezvous point that they needed to meet up at.

With that part of the HUD still working, Jastis moved from the room and headed there where he spotted Kurash with Tau and spoke out, "I need immediate care for 'Tohai!"

The moment the Captain moved a way she opened fire on the beast with the Plasma Rifle, not bothering to reply as The Captain hoisted Voh up and started to carry him away, the alien made an attempt to stop them but Sarah blasted it and forced it to put up its shield.

The Captain and Voh where barely past her when the energy cell in the Plasma Rifle ran dry, The beast wasted no time in charging her before she could reload, and surprised her with the speed it had for such a massive creature, leaving her with little option but to abandon the Rifle for now and just avoid the incoming shoulder change, which it changed to a back handed strike when she sided stepped him, slamming her into the wall hard enough to embed her in it before seamlessly following that up with a straight from it other arm, this attack she blocked, but even through the shields and heavy armor, she felt it. It then proceeded to rip her out of the wall, but as it did this she pull the pin on a flash bang, waited a couple seconds then flicked it up in the space between her and its face, darkening her visor and killing all out side sounds just before it went off.

This got her the desired effect of getting it to let her go and she hopped back, resetting her visor and sound buffers in her helm to normal in time to see it staggering about, flailing blindly and cussing up a storm. Sarah took this opportunity to pop the pin on her last Fragmentation grenade and tossed it at him, the grenade bounding off his chest just before exploding. The explosion wrecked everything around the alien, the lights and wiring in the walls sparked. Sarah switch other to inferred to cut through the smoke and found while it had been laid out, it was getting back up "Study son of a bitch aren't you" she said to her self as she charged it, Plasma Sword in hand, and with a mighty swing that caught the alien just below the shoulder and cleaved its head, neck and part of its collar bone from its body.

"Alpha2 to all Alpha's, Target has been silenced, securing the bridge." she reported over the coms as she started tot he bridge before noticing something on the floor, the object turned out to be Voh's Plasma Sword. Sarah knelt down to it, and very carefully picked it up and put it in her swords holster as Voh would probably want it back. She drew her side arm and entered the bridge, meting only token resistance from a couple guards that where just shot in the head.

The crew manning the different stations where much less eager to test the Spartan, surrendering immediately. Sarah had them gather in the center of the room and restraining them with a bit of wiring she ripped out of the wall. "Alpha 2 to all Alpha's, Bridge is secure. I have prisoners."

To: Bravo Team
From: SPARTAN [S/Sgt] Erik Hamman

Subject: Pistis Phonoi (Status Update)

Ms. Phonoi's condition has been updated to Serious/Stable. For details consult the Salarian medical team.

The message blinked up on Murphy's screen. He glanced at it, then discarded it. Hopping down from his perch, he headed back to the spook hole to collect his rifle. He threw his chest rig on over his t-shirt and picked up some dry mags.

By now, the ship's crew was used to seeing Murphy walking around, dressed like he was headed to a combat beach party as he headed to the firing range. At the range he filled his magazines with trainer rounds, then took to the line. Murphy almost forgot earplugs, but just before he started firing, put in a pair. He moved with machine precision, firing tight groups, and his reloads smooth. This was where Murphy was able to turn off everything else and just shoot. He sunk into the zone, time seeming to slow for him as targets popped up. There was a calm to his demeanor. More calm than any other time.

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