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When Murphy arrived at the debriefing room, he saw that their party had grown to include a robot with an Edison Bulb for a head. There was some chatter about them being in a new dimension, and Murphy couldn't decide if everyone had just taken shrooms, or if his water had been laced with acid. He decided to keep his mouth shut about that - for now.

"Here's the drive." He said, handing it to Luna. "Voh, the big guy, will see you later."

He hadn't really noticed it before, but the girl was pretty. Although Murphy was very conflicted about making moves on a chick who outdated him by two generations.

"The name's Murphy, by the way. You are?"

Sarah, having heard all this, decided to speak up "With all due respect sir, You do know how crazy that sounds right? Wouldn't it be just as possible that these aliens ran into a different 'Earth' and we're just in some deeper part of space."


He directed his eyes to Sarah, "I doubt that. The Earth I learned of looked exactly the same, down to even same locations such as North America and Britain. Sol system, Milky Way galaxy. It can't be a coincidence."

XO faced Tau, "Tau, will you provide a map of this 'Earth' you know of. To confirm the Captains assessment."

With Sarah covering the machine, Erik had positioned himself as to protect the XO if shit went sour. For the rest on it, he was just content to stand guard and listen...this was all WAAAAY beyond his pay grade.

When the CO mentioned alternate dimensions, he let out a short bark of a laugh, without realizing it, and shook his head. Well Alice...let's all see just how far the rabbit hole goes, shall we?

Tau nodded as he brought his projector back up to the table. With a flick of the wrist, a hologram covered the center of the conference room, showing an 8 planet solar system. "Sol system." Tau spoke in a matter-of-fact manner. Then, the image zoomed in, showing the third planet and its moon. Then, after one more zoom, showed the planet itself. "Earth."

Luna took the drive with her right hand, closing it around it and bringing up her omni-tool. She flew through the interfaces, eventually winding up with a massive folder of the biological information and a brief history of the past 100 years.

While looking at it, there was a beep, letting her know that she was being called. The asari quickly dumped all of the info into the drive and handed it back to Murphey. "My Name is Luna, pleasure to meet you Murphey. I'm sorry, but i need to duck out for a minute, my boss is calling, she must have used the larger antennas on the station. But, back to the drive. All of the known races biology is on here, as well as a breif hundred year history of the galaxy. I'll come back in once i'm done." She said and pardoned herself.

Amaya once again contacted Jastis. "I'm going to watch and keep an eye on her, she can't do much."

Luna went into the hall and saw the large being from before. "Um hi... I need to speak with my boss. If you give me a minute, i'll explain myself for before.." She said and walked down the hallway a tiny bit, not knowing if he understood her.

She answered the line to her boss.
"Where are you?"

"I'm on the half a ship that came into omega's space Miss Ar-" she said but was cut off.

"Well, what the hell are you doing there? you should be on your way to council space. I demand an explanation."

"I'm sorry miss aria. I lost control of my ship and slamed into-" but she was cut off again.

"Enough. I am thankful that you're safe as you're the only discreet link i have to the councilor, and i've sunken allot of money into you to make sure you don't die out there."

"Yes Miss aria, i'm thankful for everything." Luna said.

"Good. Now, i've gotten all the scum and scavengers to back off that ship. The nerds down in the scanning center have informed me that it's not registered in any sort of database. And you know what that means, right?"

"You want it?"

"Yes, so i want a meeting with its captain as soon as you're done pussyfooting around." Aria finished and ended the called.

Luna sighed while leaning against the wall. "Even if it's a funny way of showing it, atleast she cares." the asari said quietly before turning back to the elite. She walked back down the hall and stood before him. "I don't understand you're language, but i can only assume you understand my own or have a translator of some sort."

Voh watch the asari closely as she exit the room. Being close enough to hear parts of her conversation with someone. Seeming to contact her boss saying she was alright. Though the last part caught his attention. Something about wanting something, though he wasn't going to do anything about it yet. He will inform the commander or perhaps the Oni spook when he gets a chance. As he ddin't want to start something if it was nothing to worry about.

He watches as she walks up to him and starts to talk to him. As he looks down at her, he couldn't help but notice she was attractive. Though he wonders what brought that up as he nods as he starts to talk.

"I do have a translator within my helmet. I told the human to get you one for us to talk but I understand he is to busy. I apologize for trying to cut you in half earlier as well. My name is Voh'Tohai."

Though when he said it, it came out like this.

"Si tir tepoha vi swatina irsa sia nyn'said. si told wer munthrek ekess itrewic wux ir ihk udoka ekess ukris shar si kampiun jaci ui ekess busy. si apologize ihk xoalir ekess makaid wux persvek sil earlier lae algbo.Sia ominak ui Voh'Tohai."

Sarah looked the map over, it certainly LOOKED like the system she was from. She didn't believe it still, but there didn't seem to be any talking to the others about it "So, now what? How we gonna get home with half a ship?" Sarah said, crossing her arms.

Luna couldn't understand him, but Amaya chimed in for her. "I'll translate for you." She said, then translated the sangheili into English. "It was my fault to begin with. I freaked out, before my soldier instincts were able to kick in and keep me calm. However, I know it may be a bit odd for me to request this, but may I meld with you? I would like to pick up your language, learn about your culture. You are unique in this universe." She asked. She had a look of kindness, but intertwined with something that could take on a hunter then sleep like a baby that night.

Voh consider her words as he nods. He starts to take off his helmet and once fully off he holds it within his right hand. A scar over his left eye from a brute attack in a past battle. His four mandibles closing ad opening slightly as he breaths. He gets down to her eye level as he was on one knee, if any humans were nearby the sight would be quite odd to see.

As the sangheili language flows through her mind, so does other information regarding the old Covenant. About the caste order from the backstabbing prophets all the way down to the lowly grunts. Why the old Covenant was form for, and what they belief in. About the great journey and the Halo rings. Though no more info was given at this time as the memories move on to something else as Voh block that part off.

She always saw why the Covenant was broken up as the great betrayal happen and she saw the massacre of the elites in the first coming surprise attacks. How much hatred Voh had of the Prophets and the Brutes. Though as soon as those memories show up, they ended and Voh try to lock up. Not wanting to show her to much as he still doesn't trust her fully enough. Once the melding ends he felt dizzy and has a small headache. Standing back up as he looks down at her.

"Can you understand me now?" he ask simply. As he was about to put back on his helmet.

Luna gasped, she hadn't expected so much emotion from the large male. She had to keep herself up by leaning in the wall. The Asari had nearly crumpled from the fatigue and strain but was able to understand him.
"Yes, I can understand you." She said in his language, what he'd otherwise recognize as perfect as his own, given the difference in jaw structure. "No one should have to go through that. I can relate though. No betrayal, but I have had to kill some of my sisters who had been unfortunate to be born with a genetic diease; those with the disease were called arkdat yakshi. During a nasty war we had to keep the galaxy alive and destroy an enemy called the reapers, and they turned races of the galaxy into their soldiers. One of the types of soldiers were Asari in origin. The sick fucks mutated and distorted those poor arkdat yakshi, who live their lives on a secluded world. They took them and sent them against us, I still haven't completely recovered from that." She said looking down. It was clear she had suffered allot of trauma from that, her entire body language slouching and growing saddened, even beginning to slide a bit down the wall.

Murphy took a spot by the wall near the female Spartan. He leaned against the wall, listening to the discussion, the reality slowly sinking in. When bulb-head projected what was clearly Earth, felt a knot appear in his throat. He swallowed hard, regaining his composure.

"So, now what? How we gonna get home with half a ship?" said the Spartan.

"Unless you've got something that can literally break space and time, we don't get home - even if we have an entire ship."

Slipspace was one thing, this was something completely different. Murphy knew that what had happened was theoretically possible, but the odds were so extreme that the likelihood of a dimension jump was basically zero. But somehow it had happened. Murphy figured that they'd better accept it for what it was, and go from there.

He turned to the Spartan, "I hope this 'other Earth' has good beer." he said in a low tone, as to not be overheard by the rest in the room.

"Unless you've got something that can literally break space and time, we don't get home - even if we have an entire ship."

Sarah actually had an idea, she didn't know how good it was, but a place to least start looking, but until the Geth left, she wasn't going to bring it up, and from the look of it even the spook was buying this 'alternate dimension' bit, she didn't believe it, or didn't want to due to what that meant.

Then the spook leaned in to her and in a low tone so that only they would be privy to what was said.

"I hope this 'other Earth' has good beer."

Sarah was silent for a few moments "I think I need something stronger then an MGD" she replyed in the same low tone he used.

"I think I need something stronger then an MGD"

"I'll buy the first round." Murphy moved closer to facilitate the whispers.

"I have to know. Is this shit fucking real? Because this is either fucking nuts, or I am high off my ass."

Voh watch her reaction as he was not use to this. He was use to his brothers hard steel will. He help her back up to standing up as he looks down at her. Trying to think what to say on the matter as he never had to try to make other feel better.

"Killing one brethren when needed is always done with great regret. Though it is better to do so then to let them be the mindless killing machine they were. " He simply said as he remember stories of the flood from the other Sangheili and how the same they sounded like to the Reapers. How they twist and turn their warriors against them. He would have told her about their horrors though he didn't think she needed to hear such stories in her sadden state.

"I have to know. Is this shit fucking real? Because this is either fucking nuts, or I am high off my ass."

"If your high, then we all are, as for crazy, well, we all did walk into a building and tell the nice man in the snazzy uniform that 'we wanted to be throw into some of the worst places possible' for various reason, not to mention your asking some one who said 'yes' to 'incredibly painful procedures so they can be throw at even worse places', so crazy might be a little subjective here" Sarah said in a flat manner



Ignoring the chat between Murphy and Sarah, Jastis continued to speaking to the others, "If we're stuck here for the moment. We need to fix up the ship. I don't know how but there must be someone who can put us in place with something. Tau got any ideas?"

The light on Tau's head blinked and refocused as the Geth looked about the room for a moment, appearing to be searching for an answer. "An analysis of the damage to the structure of the Blade is required for possible solutions. However, both the Tashya and the Quarian-Geth Alliance are willing to lend aid."


"Captain, may I have a word in private?" the XO asked after hearing Tau's response.

Jastis nodded and they both left the room and walked to a place no one else was, "don't know how far Tau can hear, so I walked this far."

"What is it Smith?"

"Sir, I am not so sure about this. Getting involved with an alliance such as this? No doubt they will attempt to get ahold of Blade tech. It's new and different based on my understanding. Maybe we should find someone who isn't going to want us to give them tech in exchange?"

"Yeah, you're right. I'm just glad that everything is calm once again." She said and looked up at the large creature before herself. She understood him allot better and saw a warrior, not a beast before herself. "I think i understand you more now. YOu actually remind me allot of my boss. That's a good thing too." The asari said then blushed, realizing what she had just said.

AMaya opened her comm lines to Jastis and the XO, notifying the of the asari's call. "Sir, there may be another option. Somebody on the station, one whom i take to be powerful, is the reason we have not been attacked yet and picked off by scavengers. And before you ask how i learned of this, It's Luna's boss." she said to them and them only.

"I think i understand you more now. You actually remind me allot of my boss. That's a good thing too."

As voh heard this he cock his head a bit. Not fully sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. He also noted the tinted redness in her cheeks. Never fully understanding what is to be embarrass about as he simple shrug. Looking her over within his helmet as she seem human like, though has the Sangheili spirit. Something which he can respect.

"Is there anything you wish to talk about now?" he simple ask. He was never much of a talker though actually doing it now felt alright. Most of the time he talk with the other elites were either about their battles or what was going on with the war. Plus he never heard much of the humans ask him about his culture and such or finding interest in it. Which he like to boast about the Sangheili.


"Luna's boss... I do remember her mentioning contacting her. Must be why she left the debriefing room," Jastis said as he still faced the XO.

The XO shrugged, "we should go check this out."

Jastis nodded and they left and went to where Luna was, she was with Voh. Luckily they weren't fighting or anything. "Luna, I heard that your boss might hold a deal that will enable us to get parts for our ship."

"Would you be willing to train me in some free time? I may not be as large or strong as you, but i've been getting extremely rusty with my skills." Luna asked him. She had gotten soft, as was evidence of her freakout earlier. She knew she had her skills buried somewhere in her more caring heart. "I just need to get my head back into the game, sharpen everything i used to know." She sai then turned to Jastis.

"Wow... not much is private, is it?" Luna commented, moving to stand next to Voh. Each looked like they could kill someone in a number of different ways. "Well, you misheard information, or whoever listened in. My Boss want the ship, you and your crew and not to threaten as i'm only but a messenger, she owns you all already. My boss runs everything in this system, and has massive influence over a number of others. It'd be suicide to not respect her in this space." Luna explained then sighed.

"She wants to meet with you and whoever you so desire to bring. I can tell you whats probably going to happen. We'll depart from this ship, meet with her. During the meeting, your ship shall be towed into a drydock on omega and await the results of the meeting. And please don't be foolish enough to threaten her. All i can say is that you're lucky to have had me slam into the ship and not some merc crew that was drunken and trigger happy." She knew it wouldn't make the captain happy.


The Spartan sighed, "you know. Working with the Quarian-Geth alliance is looking a lot better now."

"Your right about that. We can't let a crime lord get a hold of our tech."

Jastis agreed, "More so with Forerunner tech, based on what Luna showed me. The Forerunners don't exist here. Meaning the blade has tech no one else has."

As Tau continued to sit in the briefing room, he could hear the muffled voices of those who had left through the many mediums of the ship. However, their distance made it hard to extrapolate a translation from the vibrations. With an odd silence hanging in the room, Tau decided to find out more about these extra-dimensional Humans. "Your Captain appears to not wear a standard command uniform. Is it possible to obtain an explanation for this?"

"He's a Spartan. He's a captain now but he's primarily a front or behind enemy lines solider" Sarah thought about it for a moment, then snicker "heh, maybe that's his problem" she directed to Erik "He needs to get back on to the field and out of the captain's chair"

"More data required regarding 'Spartans', are these Humans altered genetically, as the...Asari spoke of?" Tau didn't want to sell Luna out without good reason, seeing as they were all in the lion's den.

"Heh, maybe that's his problem, he needs to get back on to the field and out of the captain's chair."

"That is a distinct possibility." Erik replied. I'd just figured they'd made the crotch on his armour too snug." Reaching up he undid the seals on his helmet, and removed it. "Ahhh, my nose was itching me like crazy." He said, scratching. Turning to Tau, he shrugged. "To answer your question...yes, and we also receive cybernetic augmentation. Our Capitan is from an earlier group...they did things a bit differently early on."


"Maybe we should go back into the room, I don't think I like the sound of this boss of yours. Threatening us and we haven't even met?"

The XO nodded in agreement, "I concur."

Voh was about to answer her question when they were interrupted by the humans. Hearing that they ask if their boss could help them out. Only to hear her semi-threat about her boss already owning this ship as well as them. Voh chuckle lightly at the news of the blue female. If she truly believes that then she has no idea who she is dealing with. He kept to himself as he didn't fully believe that anyone could take on the crew. Not with a Demon, the two S-IV, a Oni Spook, a ODST, and a SpecOps elite.

"Listen... Jastis. Yes, I picked your name up during melding. But what is important is that with the Quarians and the geth, you won't have access to the resources available to someone like my boss. She can get you any tech, military grade and even stuff specters don't have access to. She may be stingy, but she'll invest allot into you. If you want me to give her another call prior to the meeting I can." Luna said. "Not to forget that I can also get you cleared with every military and access to most of citadel space..."


"Maybe Tau will sing a different, tune. You say they can't. But we have no evidence of such," the XO stated and then turned and headed back to the debriefing room. Jastis followed behind and entered the room.

As Smith and Jastis walked over to the table to sit, the XO spoke, "Tau, you think you can help. Could you go into more detail?"

"The Tashya can tow the Blade away from the vicinity of Omega, an area known for it's hostility. It can also provide fire support in case criminal elements try to seize the ship by force." Tau brought his holographic project back up and showed the group a mass of stars, with a line from one side seemingly jumping at random from star to star, eventually reaching the other side. "Once support arrives, we will be able to move to Perseus Veil. There, you and your crew will be safe, and we can assist you with repairs to your vessel."


Jastis leaned forward, "Now I do like the sound of the deal... But I have to know, what's the catch? What are you getting out of this?"

Tau refocused his lens as he considered what to say next, the hinge of his deal. Tau also added the variable that he was probably trying to outbid Luna for control of the ship and her crew. "Physical compensation is not unnecessary, but the Alliance would like to...retain any data it collects during the repairs."

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