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Murphy listened to the negotiations, and wondered what had been said on the other side of the door. He opened a ghost channel with Amaya. Flipping open his map pouch, Murphy typed in a message.

"What's up with the blue chick?"

He sent it, making sure his earpiece was snugly in place so that he could hear the response. These aliens made Murphy nervous. He didn't know to what end they were playing, and he was very uncomfortable with that. Shifting his weight, Murphy signaled his discomfort, and hoped the Sarah and Erik picked up on the message.

Amaya responded to Murphey rather quickly. "She is part of a monogendered race called the Asari. They have the ability to "meld" with others for amny different purposes. So far she has used it to learn the sangheili language from Voh. She's been co-operative the entire time. I feel bad for her, Captain seemed rather unhappy with her boss's proposal and the woman, seems not to be happy with his response." The A.I. responded.

Luna sighed. "Voh, You've been the most understanding of me on this ship. Thanks for that." She said smiling weakly up at him. "But i can understand the caution around me, from everyone. This isn't the first time i felt this way either... If you're to beleive in the human horoscopes for your birth time, i was born around march 12th, earth time. It means i'm a Pieces." She said and closed her eyes for a moment to think.

"We get good or bad luck in droves. They com all bundled up and stick with us for a while. My life has been ok, but so much has happened to me in it that's bad, it's a miracle i'm still here." The asari said then gazed off as if she was seeing memories again. A quick shiver shook her before she cleared her mind of them. "another time..." the blue woman said quietly.

"Thanks" He replied to Amaya.

Turning his attention to Tau, Murphy looked at him, brows furrowed.

"Physical compensation is not unnecessary, but the Alliance would like to...retain any data it collects during the repairs."

"Can you make that sound any more like you're trying to buy hookers? " He gestured to the Spartans, "Now I don't know about the roid freaks, but my mom and dad passed on some very firm values when they conceived me during drunken trailer park sex. And I have stayed exactly the same as I was when I was born, with the exception of the tramp stamp that was passed on genetically - I had that removed. And I have added some ink, and some other fuckers and bad choices have added some scars." Murphy took a breath, preparing for the final blow. "The point is, I was raised to not put out unless I get nice and boozed up, and I don't see any cheap beer on the table."

"Roid freak am I?" Sarah says as she starts to pulled her helmet off "Well, aren't you just a sweet talker" she said sarcastically "So I should expect only the finest of back alley dives then? or would Mc Donalds be to high class"

Gideon had been listening in on what snippets of the conversation he could gather, given that several of the key players, mainly Jastis and Luna had been talking outside of the debriefing room, obviously they were discussing something rather important, no doubt how they were going to get the Blade back to fighting condition.

It appeared that whatever Luna had told Jastis about her boss, it rubbed him the long way, he seemed very angry about it. Whilst the offer that Tau proposed sounded to fair a bit better with the captain; if Gideon had to make the decision that determined who they would get help from, he'd side with the Quarian-Geth Alliance. Then again, maybe they should hear Luna's boss out first, perhaps Jastis is just over exaggerating.

Gideon noticed that Erik was keeping an eye on Tau, no doubt ready to strike if things got out of hand. Thinking that they may be waiting a while longer for a decision, Gideon decided to make some conversation with the Spartan, hoping it would pass the time. He walked over to Erik and stood next to him with his arms crossed.

"So, what do you make of the situation? Who do you trust more, the Asari or the Geth?"

Amaya had been searching through the signals around the blade, finding an Internet somewhat similar to the one back home. She began to poke around, not being able to get very far but she was able to pick up a few stories on Luna and this geth quarien alliance. She began to sort through the stories, reading up on them.

The A.I. Appeared on the table once more and looked around at those gathered.
"Sir, I've been doing a bit of research off of the signals I could reach. The very quarien alliance could no doubt repair our ship easily, as the quarien migrant fleet survived with some of the worst ships available and whatever limited resources they had. On the other hand, Luna has become buddies and guard to possibly the two most powerful people in the galaxy. On both far sides of the legal spectrum. One being the "crime boss" or "queen of omega", Aria. She's also an official assistant to the Asari councilor." Amaya noted. She then gestured to geth. "If you're interested in knowing more about the council, I'm sure our geth friend here could help explain."

Voh continue to remain silent not sure how to take all this news at once. On one hand they getting told flat out that will be belong to someone name Aria. While on the other they are getting help for "free" he really didn't like the sound of that. Their was always a price to these sort of things.

"Voh, You've been the most understanding of me on this ship. Thanks for that."

Thinking that was a bit odd to say to him. He was just chatting with her and such and treating her like a soldier she is. Though he never really converse with another species that much. He also found the understanding part to be a bit laughable.

' You wouldn't think I was understanding if you knew what the Covenant did to the humans.'

As the group talk more about which of the two parties to go to, Voh thought about his own choice. Deciding to keep it to himself unless he was ask for his opinion.

Tau found himself caught in a moment of confusion. Murphy's argument regarding "hookers" and "cheap beer" were probably meant to me metaphors for the ship and her crew, but Tau couldn't make heads or tails of what the man was trying to say.

Thankfully, Amaya appeared on the conference table, and gave the Geth something else to think about. "Synthetic construct...expressing eccentricities uncommon with a VI." Tau leaned in closer, inspecting the hologram. "This unit inquires, are you an AI?"

Amaya turned to Tau, who was studying her. "Yes, I am an A.I. A powerful one as well." She said rather proudly. The ai had a rather weird complex going on. She was proud of being strong, yet she didn't like being refered to as artificial intelligence. She's sentient, not really fake. "Call me Amaya, if you wouldn't mind." She requested.


"Data..." Jastis spoke to himself, "I am conflicted," he then spoke aloud, "what would you use some of the data for? War? Conquering?"

Putting his helmet back on, Erik saw Murphy's shift, and gave him a slight nod to show he understood. Under the guise of a stretch, he tapped the butt of his pistol with a finger...a simple message, Ready.

"So, what do you make of the situation? Who do you trust more, the Asari or the Geth?"

At the new voice Erik turned slightly, still keeping an eye on Tau, and acknowledged the ODST. "Truthfully? Neither. I'd be much happier if we could have them both contained in the brig...but since that vanished with the rest of the stern, that's not an option."

"Truthfully? Neither. I'd be much happier if we could have them both contained in the brig...but since that vanished with the rest of the stern, that's not an option." Erik said as Gideon noticed him tapping the but of his pistol, obviously in case something happened.

"Yeah, if we had the brig, this whole question and answer session might have gone a whole lot more smoother; inside of a relatively contained and controlled environment. But with only half a ship, it leaves us with limited options. We know very little of this universe and its inhabitants, and what we do know is sketchy at best. Looks like whatever Luna was discussing with Jastis certainly ruffled up his feathers a little."

"So, what were you before you became a Spartan then? You look like you've seen your fair share of combat."

"Very well, Amaya, I would like to inquire more about you if I can." Tau nodded as he saw his attention was called elsewhere, to answer Jastis. "The Geth, nor the Creators, are interested in fighting a war, especially given our history. Currently, the galaxy is undergoing a recovery phase, many destroyed things are being rebuilt. The tech that we would uncover during the repairs, materials, power generation, and...AI interfacing would be used to increase the rate of repair. Along with giving a foundation we can use to return to prosperity."


He had to admit, he liked the answer. The Q-G alliance thus far had been showing a better bargin then the crime lord. However considering their current position, they might have to meet with Luna's boss anyway.

"Tau, before I can accept this deal. I know we have to deal with the current situation. Not the ship itself, but where we're located. Based on what I know, Omega, is home to Luna's boss. I don't think we will be able to leave until we meet with her. I rather not have the Q-G Alliance get hurt trying to help us."

Jastis spoke to the Geth. The XO looked surprised, "I actually hadn't thought about that... We're in their territory after all..."

"That is ill-advised." Tau spoke up almost too quickly, but he factored that the risk of distrust was less than that of losing the Blade to the forces of Omega. "If you go to Omega, there is only a 21% chance of returning, 4% chance of returning unharmed, and 0.02% chance of returning if you dock with the Blade."

Tau blinked for a moment as he tried to give the crew something else to chew on. "This unit will not impede your decision. However, regardless of your proceeding actions, I recommend leaving the vessel here, where criminal elements are less likely to seize it."

Luna looked up at Voh, she had some sort of understanding of him. Probably better than any of the crew despite their short time in contact. "I say thank you because you didn't alienate me Voh. Most of the crew did and will do so until I earn my place fighting along side them." The Asari said to the sangheili. "I think we should head back into the meeting. You should join us there, I don't think the geth would jump at your sight." She explained. "See you in there." Then the Asari headed back into the room.

She came into the room just in time to hear the geth's explanation of their chances of returning. "Listen, I know the geth like to crunch numbers and tell you the odds, no offense. However, they don't know Aria like I do. If anyone could have a chance of convincing her otherwise, it'd be me." She noted.

Yes, I'd enjoy that, speaking with others like myself. That is ofcourse, if I have permission from the captain to do so." Amaya added onto it then looked at Jastis rather expectantly.

"So, what were you before you became a Spartan then? You look like you've seen your fair share of combat."

"More than really bears thinking about." He replied after a moment. "But to answer your first question, way back in the day I was an ODST as well." Holding up his left hand, he wiggled the fingers back and forth. "Nearly didn't even make it that far though. You can't tell in this tin skin, but during my first deployment as just a regular jarhead, I got jumped by a cloaked Sangheili. Thanks to a bit of dumb luck, mostly, he only got my forearm and left me with a bitchin' scar, and he got four loads of 8 gauge buck from my buddy...so, what your story?"


"Tau, I can hold my own and plus how would you ensure our safety? If anything a blood bath will erupt trying to get us out of here. I can go alone to Omega and talk to Aria and then return back. Everyone can stay here and protect the ship. I doubt some low life mercenaries will get through our well-trained soldiers," Jastis explained, "and if Luna is leading me into a trap unlikely as it seems, Smith is here."

Listening to the Geth give the odds almost made Murphy laugh. He settled for a smirk instead.

"Look, I don't wanna be rude, but in my book, those are pretty good numbers." He gestured to his companions, "And if things do go south, look at these fuckers. All of us are career soldiers who thrive in situations that would kill the average person. If we walk into this place, we will walk out."

After being rebutted twice regarding the effectiveness of the soldiers gathered before him, Tau conceded. "Prior estimates based on previously recorded Human variables. This unit will observe and adjust according force multipliers. However, caution is still recommended, regardless."

"It has been a pleasure." he simple stated as she ask him to join her with the rest of the crew. Nodding as he follows her. Once close enough to hear the commander talking about going to Omega to talk to Aria.

"Demon you shouldn't go alone. We know nothing of this place or its locals. I shall join you in talking with this..Aria" He said as he look downward at the spartan. Not doubting his skills but doesn't want to lose a valuable warrior. "With the two of us we can easily take on anything they throw at us." Boasting about their skills a bit but he truely thinks nothing can stand up to the Demon or a SpecOps Sangheili.

"What say you Demon?" he ask, hoping to get off this ship a bit to see what this universe has to offer for warriors. As well as to see what so great about this Aria is.

Sarah just scratched her head and put her Helmet back on, then waited for the plan to settle

"More than really bears thinking about." Erik replied after a moment of thought. "But to answer your first question, way back in the day I was an ODST as well." Gideon was smiling underneath his helmet as Erik said that, somewhat glad that there was another ODST on board, even if they had gone up in the world. Erik then wiggled the fingers of his left hand back and forth.

"Nearly didn't even make it that far though. You can't tell in this tin skin, but during my first deployment as just a regular jar head, I got jumped by a cloaked Sangheili...so, what your story?" Erik asked after finishing his brief story.

"Never would of thought I would hear a Spartan curse like that. Anyway, as for 'my story'; back when I was a regular marine about eight or nine years ago, I learned to respect the Sangheili as proud and noble warriors, reminding me of the legendary samurai of old. Even though they might of looked savage to many, I saw them fight with honour and distinction; couldn't find a better a opponent to face off in if I tried.

One day however, back when I was a Corporal if I recall, me and my squad were ambushed en-route back to base by a pack of Jackals lead by a Sangheili Major. The fire-fight was intense, and I was brash and foolhardy enough to engage the Elite in hand to hand, which many thought was suicide, and I'd have to agree with them. Although eventually I managed to take him down, I didn't come off unscathed, there is a scar across my right eye from where he hit me with the butt of his Energy Sword, though I got him back by stabbing him in the sides with my knives.

After the fight was over, we were pretty much all injured in some way, so we all went back to get patched up. During treatment however, folks started telling others of my duel; just so happens that one such person to overhear the story was a recruiter for the ODST, looking for potential amongst the regiment, turns out I was just such a person they were looking for. My superior was already thinking of putting me forward for selection on the counts of my skill with a sniper rifle, but the battle was enough to put me in for not only a recommendation, but also a promotion.

In the closing months of the war, around that time of that Great Schism event that happened for the Elites, I was back on Earth, first time in a few years, helping out with relief efforts for both Marines and other ODST squads who were stuck behind Loyalists lines. Even got a chance or two to save some Separatist forces from their old allies." After finishing his story, Gideon removed his helmet, feeling the base of his neck itch a little.

"So, how did you get picked to become a Spartan then?"


In his helmet he listened to what Amaya had to say about the Q-G Alliance and Omega. Speaking in his helmet so Tau couldn't hear, "well considering that, we have more reason to attempt to meet with Aria."

Jastis stood in his chair and faced the Elite, "'Tohai, you may accompany me. But make sure to listen to my orders in case anything goes down. Everyone else you will stay in the Blade. If anyone is to attack, I want you to eliminate. Smith you will stay in charge. Hopefully I and 'Tohai will be back soon enough with things settled."

He moved away from the table, "Luna, do you think you can arrange for a ride. I rather we not take our only working pelican and lose it to some thieves."

"This unit would provide transport, if you allow it." Tau stood up from his seat and looked over to Jastis. "This will allow me to contact the Tashya and keep them up-to-date on the situation. Provided shuttle also has several defense mechanisms installed to prevent unwanted seizures."

Voh nods as he chuckle lightly. "Good and you do not have to worry demon. I am under your command." He was already fully ready from before this mess happen Having his sword hilt at the side of his waist, plasma grenades, and as well as his Carbine on his back.

If anything got to out of control he has his cloaking to help sneak behind any enemies that try to cut them off. Though he then remembers no one will hardly understand him. Though he wouldn't have a problem as long as he sticks to either the Demon or Luna. One of them would have to translate for him.

"So, how did you get picked to become a Spartan then?"

He had to laugh a bit and shake his head. "I was crazy enough to volunteer for the first round of this lunacy." He said. "Nearly didn't get in though...go a few black marks on my record. Fortunately my combat scores were good enough that they accepted me... eventually."

"--nk you can arrange for a ride. I rather we not take our only working pelican and lose it to some thieves."

Catching the last bit of the CO's words, Erik turned towards him. "With all due respect sir, that's a bad call. If they decide to screw you two, you'll be stuck, and there's no guarantee that a Pelican could get through their point defences. If I may make a suggestion, I'm qualified to fly one of those birds, so why don't I fly you three over. While you got talk with this 'Aria' I'll make sure you've got a way out."


He looked over at the IV, "denied. We need you here to help defend the ship. What if while we were out a large number of mercenaries bust in? Rather have you here defending than guarding the sole pelican. Plus if Tau can give us a ride, I see no benefit from sticking us on Omega. Even if they did in attempt to get to the Blade, then they would have to go through you all."

Erik frowned at Jastis' response. "Understood sir." He replied unhappily. Like most of the S-IVs, he didn't really like the S-IIs, they always seemed insulted that others had been allowed to join their exclusive little club without having their lives completely messed with. Even during training he'd noticed the resentment, though most of the S-II instructors tried to hide it. Still as an S-IV, he always felt that the S-IIs didn't trust him to actually do the job right.

Taking a couple of deep breathes he pushed those thoughts aside. This isn't about a Spartan pissing match, this was about the safety of a superior officer. "With your permission though I'd like to keep the 'Can hot...just in case you two do need to evac."

"Thank you Tau, but i'd rather not risk being taken hostage or shot down." Luna said to the geth unit, then pulled up her omni tool. She sent a message quickly. There was a quick response and now the shuttle was on the way. "The mercs know better than to mess with any shuttle baring omega's symbol." She said as the little shuttle flew out to the ship. "Should be a minute or two now. Small, fast little ship."


The Captain sighed, "Fine, you can keep the pelican ready for an evac if needed," and then turned back to Luna, "alright well if it's on its way then let's meet up with it."

The XO got a message about the small shuttle coming close to the Blade, and replied that it was a pick up and not be harmed. Jastis led the way, knowing it would most likely arrive in the ruins of the hanger. They arrived at the hanger and shortly after a shuttle landed in, but Jastis waited for Luna to clear with the pilot before getting in it.

Tau followed the group out before they had a chance to leave him behind. "I request to go with you. My knowledge of this universe can be used effectively on-site, and the Asari is biased as she is a representative of the other party." Tau looked at his own shuttle, still parked in the hangar. "Recommended acquiring weapons, for defensive purposes."

Sarah watched the back and forth be between Erik and the ODST, 'Staying the hell out of that one' she thought, then between Erik and the Captain, but didn't add anything, the Captian was right anyway, they couldn't leave the ship undefended, and with the Sangheili there she figured things where well in hand.

After the boarding party left, she turned to the XO "So where do you want me?"

Luna opened up a communications channel from her helmet with the group, on open wave frequency. "Just be careful and keep your guard up. Until we get to afterlife, Aria's operations center and night club." Luna said then talked with the Pilot, finishing up details. She came back out and saw the geth standing there.

Luna pointed at the synthetic. "Tau, grab your weapons from your ship if you have them. I expect a bit of attention on the way because of our guests. More firepower never hurts in omega." She said and gestured for them to come along. "We're ready to leave when you are."


Jastis looked at his armors stats and gear, "I'm ready, 'Tohai, how about you?"

XO Smith

Smith stood up from the table and directed his attention to the Spartan, "For now stay in combat phase. In case of any incoming attacks, and Amaya, keep our cyber defenses up."

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