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Tau nodded a entered his own shuttle for a moment, unsealing his crate and picking out which weapons he calculated would be of the greatest benefit to have in a firefight. In the end, he chose his standard sidearm, with two heavy drones and a scout drone as support. Now equipped, Tau returned to the escort shuttle, quietly scanning for perceived threats.

"A Sangheili is always ready for combat" he reply as he already has all his gear and weapons. He climbs in once everyone was ready to go. "night club? what is that?" Voh ask. Never heard such a thing as he was always either in combat or traveling to combat. He hardly ever rested, no need if their are enemies to be slain to keep Sangheili and the their allies safe.

Though now he expect to not be in his glorious combat as of late in this universe. From what he heard, it was a time of peace. The thought never came across his mind until now. If they couldn't get back home, what will he do now?

While everyone was planning who would go where, Murphy quietly left. He went to the armory and stuffed his pack full of explosives. After that, he went through the ship, carefully placing the charges near every port to the outside, remotely linking the detonators to his map pad. In a large, winding circle, Murphy placed charges all through the ship. Should a boarding party attempt to breach, it would be a very costly venture. Murphy had been sure to rig the charges to cause minimal damage to the ship. The last thing it needed was another hole.

Now sitting in the darkness once again, Murphy opened up a secure channel with Amaya.

"Amaya, can you please chart a secondary course to the nearest start, then lock it?"

Sarah made her way to the hanger, she could be on alter status anywhere in the ship, which wasn't that big before it lost a major chunk. So for now she decided to help Erik get the Pelican ready

As he sat, Murphy took out his map pad and synced the locations of the explosives to the battlenet. He marked the explosives so that they would appear as green triangles on the HUDs of everyone. He also added a message,

"Don't get blown up :)"

He waited patiently, hoping that it would be a boring few hours.

As Sarah headed to the Hanger, in no real hurry, when her HUD lit up and the message "Don't get blown up :)" popped up on her display, she couldn't help but laugh at that.

The small cautionary joke, brightened her a bit, truth be told, she really wanted to go to Omega as well, if for no other reason then to get off the ship.

As the other s made their preparations to leave, Erik swung by the armoury and grabbed himself an AR, before heading back to the truncated hanger bay. Arriving there, he boarded the Pelican, and was glad to see that Sarah had done a thorough job of pre-flighting the craft earlier. With it ready to fly, and having loaded the ordinance the last time he was there, he set about checking the weapons.

Figuring it would be a pretty boring time, Murphy took out his communicator and scanned through until he found the female Spartan. Opening a secure line with her, Murphy settled back into the wall and got comfortable.

"Hey, it's the spook. I didn't catch your name earlier. My name's Murphy, by the way."

"Hey, it's the spook. I didn't catch your name earlier. My name's Murphy, by the way."

Sarah heard over the com "You didn't ask would be why, It's Sarah Brandford" she said as she approached the hanger to see Erik beat her there, so she jogged of the the aircraft "So what can I do for you?" she asked over the com as she then asked Erik what all needed doing to prep the Pelican still.

The barterian pilot and krogan guard immediately huddled towards the front of the shuttle at the sight of the elite boarding. The krogan was a bit intimidated by the other large being, a new feeling for him. Once everyone was aboard the shuttle, it took off towards the docks of omega.

Luna chuckled at Voh having never heard of a nightclub. "Well Voh, a nightclub is a place of entertainment. Loud music, flashing lights and in the case of Afterlife, A decent number of Asari dancers. It's a place to go to, to just have fun." She explained to him. "From what you showed me, your society and culture really didn't have fun in the ways this universe or dimension does. So I don't know if you'll like it in there." The finished, the whole explanation is sangheili.

Gideon was mostly patrolling the decks of the blade, keeping an eye out for any signs of intruders or other hostile elements, when suddenly a series of green triangles appeared on his VISR's HUD, along with a message, "Don't get blown up :)", Gideon could only guess who had sent the message, which caused him to chuckle to himself.

"Well what do you know, the spook has a sense of humour. Still, a single misstep, and we could have a series of lovely new holes appearing in our already broken ship." Gideon said sarcastically to himself. Thinking that there wasn't much going on where he was at the moment, he decided to see if there was anywhere else that could do with assistance. He soon patched a line through to Amaya.

"Amaya at Command, its Kerrigan here. Listen you wouldn't happen to know if there is anywhere on board that needs help, or if there are any odd jobs that need doing?"

As Voh climb aboard the ship he notice the two guards getting close to the front of the shuttle. Seeming a bit afraid of the new alien as Voh found it amusing. Good to know that even here a Sanghili is still rightly fear.' He stands beside luna as she tell him what Afterlife was like. He was now wishing he stay on the ship. Though to late now as the shuttle was on its way to Omega.

"I'm going to greatly dislike this place." he simple states. As he look back at the two aliens, he starts to wonder what they were called. Also wondering how well they can handle themselves in combat. Though if this 'aria' trusted them enough to guard Luna then they should be good.

Though something about the four-eye one bothers him. He didn't like that alien one bit. While the other one look like he can handle himself in a fight, though Voh was sure he could still handle himself. "What are they?" he ask Luna as he nudge his head at the two. While he ask, out of the corner of his eye the two seem to try to understand what he is saying.

"The large one is a krogan. Toughest species in the galaxy. One if them is my grandfather, so that probably explains part of my spirit. The one piloting is a barterian, they're not really the most respected race, but they're decent mercs and ok pilots. But I think you'll like the krogans, allot of their time is spend having wars between clans on their home planet. It has lessened now, but they still happen." She said to Voh.

"Though, on the subject of my boss, she'll like you. Miss Aria is very no nonsense and get shit done now and quickly, type of person." The Asari said, trying to find something to interest him.

Amaya quickly responded to Kerrigan, having some stuff that needed be done. "Yes, do you mind checking our weapons systems? The missiles are the only things I can control right now. If you could check the point defense batteries and try to get me linked to them, that'd be amazing.

He listen to her talk about the two races. Nodding as she talks as he said "I see. I shall take your word about them. Though waring with one kin is not always grand, but good to know that I may find some kinship here." Then the topic of her boss was brought up. Hearing she doesn't take shit and like to get things done now and quickly gave him some hope about this galaxy. "Well your boss sounds like she has a true spirit of a Sangheili. Perhaps this trip won't be as bad as I thought."

He chuckles lightly as he look over at the Spartan. Seeming to remain slient the whole time. Wondering what the Demon was thinking. "What is on your mind Demon?" he ask, hoping to get something out of the other warrior. Voh has respect for the humans, but mostly to the Spartans. How they would take down massive numbers of their soldiers and give up their lives for their kin. They were worthy of a Sangheili respect. Unlike some of the members of the old Covenant.


He too listened to Luna as she spoke, even though he had gained knowledge from her, it was still hard to piece all of it together. Jastis only truly understood what he needed to know about this dimensions Earth. Tohai broke his train of thought when he asked, "What is on your mind Demon?"

It still felt weird to be called Demon even after the war, but knowing the Sangheili it was more of a title of honor or respect than an insult. "Well. Never been to a night club before... Krogan remind me of the Brutes, but more lizard than guerrilla. Can't say but about the Batarian, only thing I can say is that we truly aren't in our own dimension. This is sure becoming more than I had initially thought."

"Yes, do you mind checking our weapons systems? The missiles are the only things I can control right now. If you could check the point defense batteries and try to get me linked to them, that'd be amazing." Amaya said as the order came through the headset. As she was talking, Gideon was already en-route to the weapon battery systems. He soon entered the room and walked up to the console that provided Amaya control to the Blade's point defense weaponry. Gideon then patched himself back into Amaya.

"Okay Amaya, I am at the controls. You'll have to guide me through the process of getting them linked with you though, as this is something I haven't actually done before." Gideon remarked as he looked over the command screen that gave access.

"Night Clubs: noise above acceptable hearing extremes, patrons purposely intoxicating themselves, and solicitation of physiological bonding, sometimes with those infected with transmittable diseases; organics appear to hold little regard to the fragile state of their mortality." Tau looked out a window to the shuttle as the thick habitation pillars of the outer districts passed by. The acts require more observation to be properly cataloged, visit to "Afterlife" will provide data-collecting opportunity.

"So what can I do for you?"

Murphy laughed a bit. She might not like or trust him, but at least she was talking.

"Just making conversation." He said, "It's going to be a boring few hours as we wait."

Murphy was very curious as to why he was assigned this particular ship. There hadn't been a dossier attached to it, no target, no rhyme or reason. If they truly were in another world, it would be completely irrelevant anyways.

"So, before we were rerouted to the anomaly, do you know what the ship's orders were?"

"Just making conversation." He said, "It's going to be a boring few hours as we wait."

Sarah smirked a little at that 'A personable spook? That's different, least so I'd been told anyway'

"So, before we were rerouted to the anomaly, do you know what the ship's orders were?"

"Far as I was told? Covie hunting, which was handy cause it's what I wanted to be doing, apart from that, wasn't told and didn't ask." she said as she checked around the outside of the Pelican, everything seeming to be in order from earlier.

"Far as I was told? Covie hunting, which was handy cause it's what I wanted to be doing, apart from that, wasn't told and didn't ask."

Murphy took in this information. Hunting Covenant wasn't a typically operation for Murphy. More than likely, a message was being lost in space for Murphy to don a Vacsuit and step step out into the void of space to be picked up by a stealth ship. But that message would never arrive.

Maybe this universe would be different. Murphy wondered if his "skill set" would be utilized in this universe. If it were revealed, the answer would be "yes". Not too many people had the nature to do what he did. That was a large reason that Murphy took things in stride and never really fell into the "oorah baddass" mentality. He would come for them like the Reaper, and eventually the Reaper would come for him. For a moment, Ryan Murphy thought that this might be a chance to create a new identity, a new person who wasn't so violent. But then his finger slid over the cold plastic of the detonator, and he realized that it was too late. He was who he was, and that was that.

"Where are you from?" he asked Sarah.

The shuttle ducked and weaved through a myriad of ships reparing to dock with omega. the sights were normal for the asari leaning against the wall of the shuttle, but for the others, the designs were new and unseen. It wasn't longh before the shuttle flew into an airlock and the room pressurized.

The side of the shuttle opened and the bartarian turned to the group. He was a bit nervous as there was a number of highly armed warriors in his shuttle. "Ok.. you're here. I may work for aria, but i need to do my own jobs as well." He said rubbing his together.

Luna gave him a glare as she disembarked from the shuttlwe, causing him to drop eyes to the floor. "Welcome to omega, please don't feed the vorcha and follow me. People aren't afraid to shoot you here and with Voh, we'll most likely draw more attention than anything else. Let's go." She said and began to lead the group towards afterlife.

"Where are you from?" Murphy asked.

"The Great North West, Washington State to be exact, land of trees and 'nerds' and more trees" She said, with a giggle "My family has a good sized chunk of land there, though they work on the east coast for the most part, or did anyway" Sarah's tone dropped a little at the end, some unpleasant memory's where attached to that answer, the death of her father and brothers, where naturally a downer, but her mother and here had gotten into a long shouting match over Sarah becoming a Spartan. Sarah had been trying to mend that fence for a while with no real luck "What about you? Where you from? Or am I not allowed to asked that Mr Spook"

Voh disembark after Luna, looking around the area as he sighs. He was already getting looks from some of the locals. "I promise I will not cause trouble. Though if someone threaten me or the Demon then I will end their life on my blade." he said as he follows her to Afterlife. Keeping a eye out incase someone was foolish enough to cause trouble with them. He was not use to be the center of attention and here he was getting all kinds of looks.


Omega was reminiscent of Insurrection cities, dark, dirty, and damp. Shady characters walked the streets, weapons on their backs and arms, each of them ready to fire if anyone looks at them funny and the Spartan and Voh were getting funny looks. They were unique among the Omegan's, Voh was the only Sangheili in the galaxy, and Jastis was not like any Human outside the Spartan-IV's in the galaxy.

They were deep in, surrounded by thugs, rapists, and psychopaths and if he needed to, Jastis wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who threatened them. He continued to follow Luna as they led them to Afterlife.

"What about you? Where you from? Or am I not allowed to asked that Mr Spook"

This made Murphy laugh. It was a common misconception that all ONI Operators had abandoned all life besides the clandestine world.

"Spooks aren't that crazy. I'm from Oklahoma originally. But I haven't been back to Earth in a really long time."

He honestly hadn't been able to speak to his family in years. Occasionally, he would send them messages, just letting them know that he was still alive.

"What you can't know about me is what I've done as an Operator. That shit is sealed up tighter than an MRE package."

"Spooks aren't that crazy. I'm from Oklahoma originally. But I haven't been back to Earth in a really long time. What you can't know about me is what I've done as an Operator. That shit is sealed up tighter than an MRE package."

"Well that's no fun, how we supposed to 'swap story's' if all yours are all secret" Sarah teased. "But I get it" she followed to make sure he knew she was joking "Not that I have many story's to swap anyway" said with an audible shrug. "Anyway, never been to Oklahoma, flew over it a bunch of times though, but that's about as close as I got"

"Ok, while there are merc here and just shady people in general, there's also just normal civilians living here and trying to survive." She said as they rounded a corner, then a Salarian passed them. When they got to the end of the corridor and the doors opened, they were greeted with they club's entrance.

There were holo's of an asari dancing, what they could only guess were live streams from inside the club itself. "This station is large, and this club sits in its core."

Amaya responded to Kerigan. "Give the consoles a reboot, then head into systems, then networking, then see if you can turn on the wireless adapters. If not, then we're going to have to do some wiring." She said to him over the comms.

Erik let out a muffled curse. While Sarah had done a fine job prepping the flight controls, the weapons onboard the Pelican were a complete mess. There was some damage, from whatever the hell to the Blade, but most of it was from some jackass back at spacedock being lazy and cutting corners.

As the system once again refused to do what he was trying to do, Erik smashed an armoured fist onto the console, inadvertently opening a channel to all hands. This was unfortunate because the next words out for his mouth were a string of profanity so vulgar it would make a dockworker blush.

Voh kept a look out incase someone did something very stupid. As well as listen to Luna, not wanting to ruin someone day unless he truly has to. As they went through the doors they finally saw the nightclub, Afterlife. It was odd to say the least, Sangheili never had this kind of "entertainment".

"It is odd that your females would allow this to happen." He comment "Or rather to say enjoy having a job like this."

"Voh,all asari are female in terms of biology from any other race's perspective. And we go through stages of life, which have a more profound effect on our personalities. Our Matron stage of life begins when we hit puberty and gives us a drive to be exploring and to experience things. That's the stage that most of the asari working in bars and as mercs are in. As to why we let ourself do it and enjoy it? Our race is considered oneof the mosty beautiful in citadel space, asari's are proud and we enjoy showing and sharing our beauty with the rest of the galaxy. We'recomfortable with ourselves is what i mean." she explained to the elite. "We also have our whole lives ahead of us,so what is a decade of dancing in a thousand years?" she asked, trying to get them to think.

Several plates around Tau's eye moved out of place and tilted slightly forward, along with the eye itself refocusing. "An entire period of the 'Maiden' phase for the Asari lasts approximately 350 standard years, and is mostly spent with the Asari in exploration of possible paths to dedicate their faculties. However, this time is inefficiently spent in places such as this. If the Asari were to devote this wasted energy to the sciences, their technology would be as advanced as the Protheans, if archaeological surveys are accurate in the species technical ability before they were rendered extinct."

He listen both to Luna and the machine, still didn't know what to make of it. Though he let it go as another "alien" thing to him. He still didn't see the point of the public display of almost, or nude dancing. "To answer your question Luna. To a Sangheili, it is wasted years. "

He then pause and starts talking again. "To much is going on within the Sangheili race. As well before that, while the Sangheili were still part of the Covenant we didn't waste on 'fun'. To much work to do." Before he lets her bring up a question in whats going on currently or what was life like in the Covenant he said "Lets us proceed. We should not remain on this station longer then we have to."

"This coming from the robots that only just gained singular being sentience using code from the reapers." Luna commented to Tau. Then she nodded to Voh. "Different cultures, but you're right, we should be moving along." she finished and brought the group to the door, walking past the line and giving a nod to the bouncers.

The group made their way down a red lit hallway and through another set of doors. Then the club's size became apparent, being large with lots of dancers, lights and music. "This is Afterlife. We'll be at Miss Aria shortly." she said and brought them through a bit of the club, eventually winding up at the serious looking asari.

"Miss Aria." Luna said giving a shallow bow, more of a nod than anything.

"Well, decent job Luna." Aria said and luna took her place next to the couch. Looking at the spartan and elite, almost looking over the Geth, she made quick observations. "Ok, I need names along with ranks. And take your helmets off if you're going to conversing with me." the asari commanded with a gesture of her hand that was rather precise.

"Give the consoles a reboot, then head into systems, then networking, then see if you can turn on the wireless adapters. If not, then we're going to have to do some wiring." Amaya said over the comm link. Gideon pressed the reset key, causing all three of the command consoles, one for each of the ship sections went dark for a few moments, before the screens flashed back into the life with the UNSC logo spinning on them.

"Okay Amaya, just reset the consoles, going into the network ports now." Gideon then went silent for a few moments as he went through the networking process. He soon found the notification for the wireless adapters blinking. Pushing the icons, another notification popped up saying it would take a minute.

"Amaya, just activated the wireless adapters. It says its going to take a minute to reactivate all three sections though."

Tau was stuck in an evaluation circuit over the dig Luna served him before the crowd entered Afterlife. Everytime he ran the analysis, he couldn't link the two situations regarding the Geth not achieving independent sentience until very recently, and the Asari wasting centuries danceing topless at bars.

It wasn't until he dismissed the assertion as flawed logic that Tau was consciously aware of the fact that the group was being presented to Aria, who already came off as a worthless function. "Concealing identity would provide bargaining advantage, recommend maintaining all valuable information for sale."

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