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"Why don't you go first, sure yours will be better, since I've only been on the field less then a year" Sarah said, pausing a moment "with several spent in training..."

"Oh, I know training, believe me." Murphy replied, his mind going back to the time he spent training for both EOD and ONI. His mind was spinning though his deployments, trying to find a good story to tell.

"Alright," he said, finally settling on one, "Back when I was EOD, we got a scramble call from inside the Green Zone. We all flipped the fuck out because a Green Zone scramble typically means ordinance is being dropped, or there's a suicide truck or something. But anyways, we got this call, we haul ass to the location it came from. We should have known it was going to be crazy because it came from the Marine Infantry barracks.

We get to the barracks, and find out that this fucking Marine had gotten shitfaced drunk, and decided to shove a grenade up his ass, then pull the pin. How the fuck he got it up there, I don't know. It didn't detonate because the spoon was still on the grenade. His buddies were holding him down because he had realized just how fucking stupid the was, so he was freaking out. I drew the short straw and had to try to remove the explosive from the ass. The grenade wouldn't come out. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't come out. So we had to send a runner to the PX to get lube. They didn't have any. So we sent the guy to the red light district of the base town to get some fucking lube. The guy we sent out finally comes back with this bottle of lube, and I'm able to get the grenade out, but at this point, it's slick as fuck. I was able to put a cotter pin into the spoon to keep it from flying off, then took it outside and put it in a blast bubble and set it off."

He thought about the memory. That deployment had been a wild one.

"Fucking Marines, man."

"Good, the job I need you to do is head down to the engineering room below the hangar, we're going to make something new out of the damaged bird." Amaya then when quiet for a moment, as another contact was added to the call, this time Erik.

"Ok boys, we're going to be giving that damaged Pelican new life... Gideon, I need you to go and scavenge off of the ship that crashed into our ship. A small glowing core along with the ships barrier generator and propulsion method too. You should just be able to bundle the items together and climb up into the hangar above. Understood you two?" Amaya said as she was handing out the orders to both men.

"Yes Ma'am. Clear as crystal. On my way now." Gideon said as he steadily made his way from the spaced hallway, and back onto more stable ground. Looking at the map information that Amaya was sending him through his VISR, the derelict vessel was down in the Cryo Chamber Hallway. It was a good thing Gideon was awoken when he was, otherwise he'd either be drifting off into outer space, or more unfortunately get skewered by the ship.

"Okay Amaya, I'm at the Cryo Chamber Hallway. Man did Luna create a right mess upon entry, though I can't exactly blame her, I mean a reasonably large ship did just appear out of nowhere. From the looks of things, its going to take me a little while to cut through all this debris and metal. I call in again once I'm up on the Hangar with the ship." Gideon said before he closed communications, and set about getting the ship out of the situation it was in.

Aria nodded to Jastis. "Yes, but you work for me now, so a Ma'am would be appreciated soldier. Either that or Miss Aria. though i think you're a bit more used to ma'am in whatever army you came from." she said and gestured to Luna. "Luna will take care of you and get you set up here." she finished and dismissed them.

"OK Gideon, take your time. We're floating in space with not much else to do. And i'm serious about this, no sarcasm." she said to him, sincerity in her voice. "That's actually a good idea, taking the whole ship. Nice work." she complimented him.

Sarah broke into full a snicker fit.

"Oh, so THOSE kinda story's, god my first squad was full of crap like that" she said as a smile crept across her face. "That squad, just for a frame of reference was mostly sent to break into covie bases, ether to demolish them, or steal something, or kill some one or a combination of those, you know, the fun stuff, anyway just keep mind that all this usually happened in an enemy base"

"Lemme see, there was the time Jackson hacked a security system, one we'd triggered, and instead of shutting it totally down, he flooded the Covenant com lines and PA system with really bad J-pop" giggling a little she spoke "If you've never seen a Brute or Sangheilli rip their helmet off and open fire on the walls in disgust and frustration to make 'the horrible sounds stop' you've missed out. Was totally worth the Base commander yelling at us to"

Sarah perked up a bit "There was this other time this one Brute base actually asked 'what are you doing here human?' to which the Captain Anderson replied and with out missing a beat 'Thought we'd come in, have a look around maybe set up a summer home, what the fuck do you think we're here for'" Sarah said, then paused a moment "Can't for the life of me under stand why the Brute was so pissed off after that."

Tau took the initiative and left before Jastis and Luna could off the couch. He had to update the Tashya of recent events, and allow Gar'vosh to relay them to Alliance Command. His offer was one practically made under duress, now was the chance to get what he needed from the Blade before it ended up in a hangar on the station, and practically out of reach.

When Tau was outside the club, he found a clean signal and immediately sent off as much encoded data as he could, about the ship, the crew, what had transpired, and requested instructions about what to do next. If there was a window of opportunity, it was shrinking fast.


"Fine, Ma'am, we shall take our leave," he spoke as he got off the couch, and moved towards 'Tohai and Luna to which he then looked confused, "where did Tau go? It's time to move out."

"The machine left while you chatted. He most likely outside of the club." He then added "Let us go. I don't like having these weird looks those aliens are giving me." He said as he starts to follow Jastis. He then switch to the radio so only Jastis will hear "So, what shall we do in the mean time? Can we trust this machine and this Aria?"

Murphy couldn't help but laugh at that.

"None of my deployments were that glamorous or fun. I do miss working with a squad. As an operator, it's typically just me - maybe one other person."

Something about Sarah confused Murphy. She could have easily been a model or an actress back on earth, but here she was - a Spartan.

"Okay, I have to know." He asked, "Why Spartan?"

"On it Amaya." Erik replied, after listening to the A.I., and resealing his armour. Back in the hanger, he made his way to the damaged Pelican to get to work. His first attempts to move the ship were fruitless until he discovered that one mooring clamp still held it in place, but was badly damaged. One trip below to Maintenance for a cutter later, he had the 'Can free.

After some grunting, sweating, and more than a little profanity, he managed to break the inertia on the wrecked craft, and get it slowly drifting towards the lift. Reversing, and then repeating the process, Erik managed to get the dropship down into Maintenance, and shackled in place. Going limp with fatigue, he left himself floating just off the deck. "Bloody hell....I...I got that Pelican squared away Amaya." He finally commed, breathing heavily.

"Okay, I have to know." Murphy asked "Why Spartan?"

Sarah just sat there a moment "Revenge" she finally said "When I joined the Military at first I was just planing on doing a 'short stint' five or six years and move on, I caught all kinda of hell from my Drill Instructor for it to." Sarah sighed "Then the Covenant attacked Earth and shortly after I found out my dad and both my brother where killed in an attack, and about the same time I started getting word of my friends getting hurt or killed. In the span of two weeks I lost almost every one I cared about. My family? really just my Mother and my two sisters now, and one of my sisters lost a leg in an attack. Friends? out of the ten close friends I had, only two 'survived', one is in a coma the other suffered brain damage and has to have some one take care of them." She didn't know why she was telling him all this, but she was, and he was a spook so she'd hope he'd keep it to him self.

"I started really applying my self, and in a very short span of time I was able to get well above 'except-able standards', which in my 'classes' case, ment I just caught up, that, coupled with the fact my Drill Instructor couldn't beat me in CQC, got the attention of the scouts for the S-IV program, who where looking at some one else at the time. Anyway they ran some blood work, I assume because they suspected drug usage, and came back and said I have genetic coding that is highly desirable for the Spartan program, and I said yes, because I knew that if I got through that, I would be in the best position to murder as many of those Covenant sons of bitches as I could." her hands wrapping tighter around her helmet, before taking a deep breath "Anyway, that's why Spartan, nothing more then a desire for a revenge as brutal as I can dish out." Sarah eased her grip on her helm

"Mom doesn't approve of it though, and I guess I understand why, but it's something I feel I have to do"


Before he answered he led Voh and Luna outside the nightclub and stood at the corner and spoke to Voh in private, "You know. Truthfully, I don't trust either of them. Been here less than a day and already people are fighting over us... All I will say is keep frosty and let's watch all of their moves. If you see someone of their sides acting suspicious, tell me immediately. Understand?"

Voh nods "Will do Demon. I shall be your eyes and ears on the the two forces." As they start to head back to the ship. Keeping a eye out incase any of this scumbags try anything. Finding it a bit disgusting how some of them seem so high on drugs. "Such a filthy place." He comments "Not sure why anyone would want to live here."

"OK Gideon, take your time. We're floating in space with not much else to do. And I'm serious about this, no sarcasm." Amaya said to Gideon with a voice of sincerity and seriousness. "That's actually a good idea, taking the whole ship. Nice work." She then said, her tone sounding more friendly.

Gideon would have responded to her, were it not for the challenge that moving a ship in zero gravity posed. He had to pushed down hard on the front end of what looked like a large fighter craft style ship in order to pry it loose from the wedge it created. At some point however, Gideon had to stop and grab a cutting tool from the maintenance deck, as some of the metal rebar that helped give the ship its strength was sticking out; and with but a single careless push, could potentially damage the components he was sent to collect.

As the fighter craft slowly made its way up the shaft, Gideon had to negotiate around it to avoid any oncoming debris, and cut away anything that it might get stuck on; it was like he was in some sort of maze. Eventually he managed to navigate the ship up to the hangar, where he managed to get another look of the outside world, and almost losing his grip on the ship. After much floating about in zero gravity, Gideon managed to plant his feet on solid ground, and began guiding the craft towards the maintenance lift, where he could see Erik had managed to get the Pelican inside.

Seeing that there wouldn't be enough room for both vessels, Gideon grabbed some mooring clamps which would stop it floating away. He then patched into Amaya's communication feed, wishing he could wipe the sweat from off his head.

"Amaya, Gideon here. I managed to dredge the ship that Luna came in up from the Cryo Hall, and I now have it sitting in the Hangar. Looks like we'll have to make two trips thought, given the size of both craft. And I forget to mention this earlier, but thanks." Gideon said with a smile underneath his helmet.

"You know Amaya, call me old fashioned, or clichéd given what I'm about to say; but I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Murphy listened as Sarah told him why she had volunteered to go Spartan. His hand drifted to a long scar that ran on the inside of his left forearm. Though it was an older wound, the scar was still red.

"Mom doesn't approve of it though, and I guess I understand why, but it's something I feel I have to do"

A long silence filled the space between then.

"Just don't let it consume you."

He looked off, gathering his thoughts.

"War, uhm, war does things to people. You kind of have to detach who you are as a person from who you are a soldier if you want to get out of this without being a wreck. A lot of people don't do that, though."

He brought his arm close to him, hiding it from view. The scar was one of several on his arm, but this one he generally hid. Many who saw it assumed that it was a self-inflicted wound, but the actually story behind it was worse than what Murphy could have ever done to himself.

"So, do you like baseball?" He asked, changing the topic.

"I'm still only ten, don't get any ideas about going steady or even dating me." She said, teasing Gideon. "But about the ships, nice job. I should design something for you and something for Erik, because i know that moving those ships wasn't easy." The Girl said to them and brought both of them on the line. "Ok, Move the pelican off to the side, bring the other ship down and move it off the lift as well. I need it up in order to re-pressurize the area. And name me your favorite small arms weapons, i'll see if i can't make any improvements to its design." she said to them.

"The Geth must have ran off to take a private call or something. Must have been important if he left Aria's presence. Lucky the maglight didn't get shot on the way out..." She said then pulled up her omni tool, mucking around a bit with it. "The Funds are already deposited into an account, enough for parts and a lease for a temporary base of operations. Should i go about looking for a place? I know this station better than you or your crew, so it would only make sense Jastis." she said to the spartan.

Tau rejoined the group as they made there way back to the shuttle, overhearing the last details regarding the down payment of funds being transmitted. "This unit would like to inspect the facilities on Omega, to find a proper place to bring the Blade in for repairs. If I am only allowed to use this platform and my own faculties, then a place must be found to allow me to execute them with proper efficiency."

Sarah just listened to Murphy as he handed out advice, most of which she'd heard before, but she listened none the less, she even noticed him 'hiding' his arm, but decided to not ask about it.

"So, do you like baseball?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Not really, never really sat down and watched it much though, I always had other things to do" Sarah said with a light shrug at the end.

"I'm still only ten; don't get any ideas about going steady or even dating me." Amaya said to Gideon over the comm link, sounding like she was teasing him. "But about the ships, nice job. I should design something for you and something for Erik, because I know that moving those ships wasn't easy." She then brought Erik into the conversation as well. Gideon was busy going over some final checks on the fighter craft, making sure it stayed still, before joining Erik in the lift with the Pelican "Ok, Move the pelican off to the side, bring the other ship down and move it off the lift as well. I need it up in order to re-pressurize the area. And name me your favorite small arms weapons, I'll see if i can't make any improvements to its design."

"That is very kind of you Amaya, I wasn't expecting that. Do you mind if I think about it first?" Gideon asked as he leaned back on the interior of the lift.

"By the way Amaya, have you heard any news from Jastis and the others? Have they come to an agreement with Luna's boss?"

"Not really, never really sat down and watched it much though, I always had other things to do"

"Yeah, killing covvies all day really takes up your time." Murphy kidded. "But give baseball a go. You might enjoy men slinging their wood at balls."


Luna chipped in after Jastis and Voh finished speaking in private but before he could respond, Tau arrived on scene and added his two cents in, "Hm... Tau, go with Luna and you both check out the places. If you don't mind," and then he turned to Voh, "'Tohai, would you rather come back to the ship with me or go with Luna and Tau?"

"Yeah, killing covvies all day really takes up your time." Murphy kidded.

"Well yeah, it's that or sit around being pretty all day" Sarah joked back.

"But give baseball a go. You might enjoy men slinging their wood at balls."

Sarah snickered at this "Way to make it sound like gay porn, now I'm really gonna go watch it" she said sarcasticly

"Way to make it sound like gay porn, now I'm really gonna go watch it"

Murphy raised his eyebrows dramatically. "Oh what, you're not into that? What are you into? Sports, and otherwise."

Voh thinks it over as he look at the two. They seem capable enough to handle themselves though he want to make sure. "I shall join the two. To make sure everything is done as plan and make sure no one stupid enough to try and attack our group." He turns to the two, the machine and Luna. "I am ready when you two are."

Sarah giggled at Murphy's reaction. "Not really into sports, partly cause I never found on I liked that much and partly asshole jock ex's, as for what I do like, a good friendly brawl now and again is funny, strange how much you can bond with some one by beating the crap out of them." smirking slightly as she said it "But I really love music, I can kinda play guitar, and sing alright, plus its good for the soul I hear. There's a bunch of other stuff, but those are the main two."

"Ok, lets go then." She said and led the three of them off towards the hallways. She got her omni tool up and interacted with it for a minute before nodding about the destination.

"OK, there's a few places we'll be checking out, but they might be inhabited already by freeloaders, we might need to clean house." She said as they walked, pulling out her rifle and checking the mass effect fields on it, thermal clips on herself and made sure it unfolded properly. "It's only a short walk away, so make sure you're ready." the commando ordered them.

Tau drew his pistol and unlocked it from it compacted form. "Perhaps it is wiser to scout the area ahead instead of a direct assault on the complex." Tau shrugged and one of his scout drones unhinged from his back, lighting up and taking up a holding pattern behind the Geth. "Drone is lightly armed, but shielded. It should provide proper data for tactical assessment without risk to ourselves."

"Sounds like a good plan machine. Then I can sneak in and finish them off." He growls as he follows them. Wondering what kind of enemies they will run in to. "By the way, will we be close range or long?" He was deciding which weapon he will be using. His Energy sword or his Carbine. Hoping it will be close so he can use his sword. Though deciding he will wait to see how large the enemy force will be before picking a weapon.

Luna looked at the schematics again. "I'm mid to close range effective and depending on whats inside the warehouse, it might be extreme CQB corner to corner fighting or very open in terms of massive open floor space. It's a roll of the dice." she said as they neared the first one. "Just make sure to keep the drone quiet as we don't want to let them know we're coming in, I'd like to keep the surprise advantage on our side."

The building they arrived infront of was fairly large warehouse, a large garage door out front along with a smaller door to the side.

"Nothing much Gideon." Amaya replied to the soldier.

After shifting the Pelican some more, Erik replied to the A.I. "You think you could get me some larger mags, and an adjustable scope for my AR?" He asked. "I've got the trigger dialled in nicely, but a bit more zoom on the scope would be handy at times...and you can never have too much ammo. So, what are you planning to do with these wrecks?"

Tau nodded as he dispatched the drone to investigate the warehouse. It slipped low through the large front opening, but then immediately lifted itself to hide in the shadows of the rafters. Through the drone's senses, Tau was able to see the status of the warehouse. "The space is filled with a large number of high-volume containers. Armed Vorcha are working between the crates while several Krogan delegate from the tops of the stacks. Combining factors of combat readiness and apparent high adrenaline levels indicate illicit activity." Tau blinked his light as the drone returned from the warehouse. "Hierarchy structure suggests there is a leader to these operations, but the drone was unable to detect who without risking revealing its presence. To preserve stealth advantage, I had it recalled instead."

"I'll draw up some schematics for your improvements Erik. i'm also going to send over blueprints for the projects." she said to him and about the wrecks, she quickly sent the schematics to his hud, as well as final appearances of them.

"Theses are drone, which will expand my operating perimeters from statistics and hacking to actually being able to support you and the rest of the team on a mission." She explained to him.

Luna thought for a minute or two. "Voh, you're the stealthiest from what you've said, i've heard and what i've seen. Take the lower portions of the crates. Me and Tau here will take care of krogans up top." She said then thought about the vorcha. "The vorcha are weak, but they're numerous. they swarm, so be ready to take large numbers out almost constantly." the blue alien woman explained to them.

"But I really love music, I can kinda play guitar, and sing alright, plus its good for the soul I hear. There's a bunch of other stuff, but those are the main two."

"Really?" Murphy replied, curious. "I would have never taken you for the musical type."

He shifted his legs, keeping the blood circulating.

"When's the last time you were on earth?" He asked, slightly distant.

"I would have never taken you for the musical type." Murphy replied, clearly not expecting that from her

"Yeah, that was my Brother Alexander. He was in a band in high school, never went anywhere , but I got into it, so he taught me to play, made for a great release valve." Sarah said, then smirked "Captain Anderson found out about that to, started calling me 'Siren' for my call sign in Mission" she added.

"When's the last time you were on earth?"

"Not since I finished Spartan training and augmentation, so almost two years now, makes me sad I might never see it again." she said "What about you? when was the last time you where on Earth?"

Gideon was busy thinking about what weapon he would like Amaya to upgrade, so he didn't respond to her saying that there wasn't much news from Jastis. He began looking over his weapons, his SMG in particular, eventually seeing what needed to be improved upon it. Sure, it was an all around good weapon, and had saved his life on several occasions, but there was always something that could be done to make it better.

"Actually Amaya, I've done some thinking, and I know what I would like improved. Would it be possible to lengthen the barrel of my SMG to help increase muzzle velocity so it can hit harder?" Gideon asked, showing the weapon in question. "Also, if its not too much for you, perhaps some sort of infrared or thermal imaging scope to help pick out targets for night time operations or in dark places, as I occasionally have trouble seeing them. Finally, perhaps a compensator to help lower the recoil on it?"

Voh nods as he click his cloaking unit and he slowly fades away from sight. "Good, let see how well these Vorcha handle a Sangheili warrior." he said as he starts to head off. A light shimmer moving as he runs ahead within their sight. Then it was gone and Voh was off hunting.

Sneaking in the front as it was open. Making sure no one spots him as he doesn't stay in one place for long. Checking out the area for himself to plan out a form of attack. Keep silent as he didn't know how good of a hearing this Vorcha or Krogan have. As he spot the Vorcha, Voh would have snorted if he was a human. They seem better then grunts, but still a weak species none of the less. He looks up at the Krogan and smiles a bit. Now there was a worthy fighter but atlast he was order to deal with this lesser creatures.

He shall follow his current leader order, he does not want to give the Sangheili a bad name. He was ready for combat as he waits for Luna and Tau to get in position or at least tell him to attack to give them some cover.

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