WAOA Arena

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The man nodded and walked into the preparation room, leaving Barbas to stew in his own anger for a while. Once there, he grabbed a halberd and a dagger from the locker, strapping the dagger to his belt while simply carrying the halberd for the time being.

Short looked up and saw the man.
"Hey, you got wrapped up in this too?"

"For the moment, yes." The man replied to Short. He swung his halberd around in a more open area of the room a few times to get a feel for how it moved and weighed. "Are you to be my opponent for this time?"

Short slapped in a clip into her pulse rifle, then stood up.
"Sure seems like it. Name's corporal Short, pleasure to meet you."

"Please enter the arena"

She glanced up at one of the cameras in the room.
"Yeah, yeah. I know."

Tahril removed his gauntlet and looked at his hand. The dark veins were beginning to show beneath his degrading skin. He would have to feed again shorty. He wondered if any fights were currently ongoing.

"Balxephon Rahms, 2nd highest Knight Commander of the Dark Knights Loslorien." The man now identifiable as Balxephon replied to Short. Hearing the prompt, he walked into the arena. It is unfortunate for that woman that Barbas failed in his battle if she is the only other participant. Someone must be made a painful example of to show those who watch why the Dark Knights are to be feared.

Leaving his helmet off once more Tahril headed to the gallery

Short entered the arena, which turned out to be some old castle ruins. She headed to one side of the arena and readied her rifle.

"This match; Corporal Holly Short against Knight Commander Balxephon Rahms. Ready, fight!"

An odd weapon she has. Appears almost to be a fusil of some sort. Best to take caution, even a fool is dangerous with one of those. Balxephon took cover upon entering the arena. He glanced around for a source of water, and upon locating the water being held off by the dam, began to feel lucky. He started moving his way towards Short's position, only making himself visible for long enough to quickly dart between pieces of cover when he had to.

Short tracked Belxephon as he ran and when he got into cover the second time she launched a grenade at him. Then she knelt down and followed up with a burst of bullets, not really seeing him through the cloud of dust.
The other three marines sat up on the gallery, watching the fight.
"She goes straight for the grenade? Damn, she really wants to win..."
"She's always like that, though."

Tahril folded his arms. More Mon-Keigh. He sneered. No sport here.

Balxephon dove away from Short's grenade, understanding that projectiles were a thing to avoid. In doing so, he avoided most of the shrapnel, either outright or by it deflecting off his armor, but a few shards managed to pierce through areas where they hit head on, giving him a few wounds on the back of his legs. In diving, he also managed to avoided Short's pulse rifle fire, which he was very glad for as he heard it exploding as it hit the scenery behind him. He grunted as he got back to his feet behind a wall. "Swaying rise ye watery fist, with fury flow, crush bone and flesh!" He chanted as he swung his halberd at the air in front of him. Seemingly in response to his chant, a jet of water rose up out of the lake next to the ruins, then surged towards Short's general position like an angry snake.

Barbas was the only other Dark Knight awake. He alone watched the fight, feeling nothing but quiet indignation.

"You've gotta be shitting me!"
Short shouted as she saw the water jet before she rolled behind cover, hoping that the old rock would against the water.
OoC: @Drak: It's a launched grenade, that explodes on impact. Also forgot to mention that the pulse rifle has explosive rounds, so that wound is likely pretty messy. Sorry for forgetting.

Balxephon was grateful enough that his spell had forced his opponent into cover, giving him an opportunity to truly take the offensive. While she was in cover, Balxephon charged her position, occasionally grunting at the pain in his legs, but managing to ignore it enough to function for now, ending the torrent of water in time to leap over her cover and get in close to her. He thrust the spike of his halberd towards Short, aiming to stab her in the arm she used to fire her rifle with.

Tahril watched, his features a mask while he plotted. He was no fool and realised he was trapped here. In the short term it was no worry but eventually his rivals in Commorragh would start to undermine his absent position. His dark eyes darted around and his ears and nose twitched. Centuries in the Dark City had made him extremely paranoid and he constantly expected danger, even when not fighting.

Short glanced up when the stream of water stopped, and thereby saw Balxephon leap towards her. She rolled to the side, coming up in a kneeling position. However, she had been forced to drop her rifle to roll away. Deciding that she didn't have a better shot than this, she grabbed her knife and moved in to stab, shouting out a expletive.
The Meta sat in the locker room, sharpening the blade on his brute-shot while observing the battle through a TV.

OoC: @Drakmorg: The explosive round aren't really that powerful, but they blast out pretty big holes in aliens in the movie. No need to edit anything, just saying for future reference.

Balxephon was irritated to find that his stab has struck stone instead of flesh. Seeing Short quickly roll off to the side and come back charging at him, he had no time to use his halberd, and was quite thankful that he had brought along a dagger. Quickly drawing his secondary weapon from his belt, he blocked the Corporals stab with his own knife, then retaliated by kicking at her gut with his sabatons.

Tahril was waiting for blood to be spilled and as the violence intensified his smile creeped onto his face once more.

Short was pushed down on her back by the kick, though it had done no serious damage since she had a chest plate on. She pulled out her pistol and fired a few shots while crawling backwards, away from Balxephon.
OoC: Can't find a source for it right now, but I'm pretty sure the pistol has regular bullets, not exploding.

Seeing Short land on her back, Balxephon took his chance. Having quickly readied his halberd after knocking her back, he pounced on her like a predatory animal, aiming to stab her through the chest with the spike of his weapon. His zealous attack had resulted in him not being able to avoid her shots. While none had struck him in any immediately fatal areas, he was beginning to fade fast.

OOC: That is correct @Kirke since it one of the weapons alongside the shotgun that the marines are permitted to use beneath the reactor in Aliens.

Short gasped as the spike dented the closefitting armour, causing some of her ribs to be cracked and broken. She tried to stab Balxephon with her knife, aiming for the side of the neck.

Balxephon halted Short's stab by meeting her wrist with his own and holding her arm back. His blood loss was causing his strength to falter, so he resolved to use what was left of it to end the battle in his favor. Letting go of his halberd and allowing it to fall aside, he took his dagger in his main hand and laid into Short with an almost savage series of stabs.

Short screamed in pain as she was stabbed, then one stab went through her throat. She looked shocked, but it quickly turned into a somewhat manic and taunting grin as she held a grenade in between their faces. She pressed the button, and after a moment it would explode together with the rather large amount of other explosives she was carrying.
"She seems to kill herself a lot..."
"No shit..."
The sergeant looked a bit concerned as he scratched his chin.
"Yes... I'll have to talk to her about that."

Again the same result. The knowledge that one would come back from death lead to suicide attacks once again and while the pain was exquisite, Tahril was dissapointed. There was nothing more enraging to him than someone taking their own life, taking it before he could and denying him his prize. He turned swiftly and headed to the exit.

Balxephon was blown to pieces, having neither any defense against a massive, point-blank explosion, nor the strength left to get up and try to run. His final act was to twist his knife while it remained in Short's throat and pull it out violently to the side, intending to, at the very least, have the satisfaction of ending her life before she did.

Barbas simply continued to watch the battle, not having made so much as a peep the entire time he was watching. He silently awaited to hear the verdict of the fight.

"The battle is a draw, but I must urge Corporal Short to be a bit more cautious with her explosives."
Said the announcer, with some humour in her voice.
OoC: I'm gonna get lunch, back in 40 min or something like that.

Balxephon awoke, unsettled but not surprised at that fact, and quickly exited the tank he had woken up in. Falling onto the floor, he panted heavily for several moments until he was capable of regaining the poise and composure that had come to be expected of him. He cared not for what the verdict of the fight held, as a wave of exhaustion washed over his body, despite it having just recently been rebuilt. He laid himself to rest for the night, resolving to find out the verdict of his fight and deal with the consequences of it tomorrow.

Barbas had no words for what he had just witnessed, not that he had anyone to share them with if he had any. Though Balxephon hadn't won, he also hadn't lost, meaning he technically did better than Barbas did. He also died in a way much more befitting a Dark Knight of Lodis, while ending the life of another. Barbas accepted his shame for the time being, intending to overturn it at the first chance he had.

Tahril paced around his obsidian sanctum for a few moments before placing his helmet on and heading to the locker room to see if anyone was there.

The Meta sat waiting, wanting another fight. He glanced at Tahril as he entered the room, then went back to preparing his brute-shot.

Tahril grinned beneath his helmet and pulled a dagger from his belt. He sat and carved the Eldar rune for "1" into his arm after dislodging the gauntlet segment of his armour. The underside of the armour piece was hooked and spiked, having left evenly placed scars over his flesh. He then looked at the Meta before sheathing his dagger, still boody and re-afixing his armour with a gasp as the hooks dug in once more.

The Meta growled menacingly, then looked up at the speaker as the AI spoke.
"Greetings, gentlemen. Do wish to fight?"
The Meta nodded and stood up, sheathing the brute-shot on his back and cracking his fingers.

Tahril simply said "Gladly" and headed to his locker. He replaced his Shadowfield with a Clonefield and took a second power sword. There was a collection of combat drugs and he grasped a syringe and held it up to his neck.

OOC: Gonna roll a dice to see which drug he gets.

OoC: @Ven: I've got no ideas on what kind of arena it should be, do you?

OOC: @kirke an ever changing terrain thing, like the pyramid off aliens vs predator or something. I got a 2 as well so the drug was Serpentin, increasing Tahril's reactions and skill with a blade.

Tahril tossed the empty syringe aside and rolled his head around his shoulder before turning towards the gate, his two swords drawn and ready.

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