WAOA Arena

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Gold fell upon Weizoth's sword, managing one desperate gasp of air before dying there, body going limp and shedding blood onto Weizoth.

Weizoth stumbling back and fell over as Gold landed on him. Noticing that his opponents body was completely limp, he unhurriedly pushed the body off of himself and stood up.

"Winner, Weizoth of Karrnath!" The announcer AI exclaimed in the wake of one contestant still remaining after two forfeits and one death.

While still in the arena, Weizoth cleaned the blood off his sword and sheathed it. He then attended to his wounds, opening his book and making a cloud of black energy form around his other hand, which he placed upon his chest. The energy flowed through him and healed his wounds, fixing every crack in his armor and stopping the blood flow from those wounds that pierced through it. He made his exit from the arena, his wraith following closely behind him, its form billowing similarly to his own cloak. For the moment, he returned to his room to clean off the blood that was drying upon his armor.

Gold woke in his rebirth tank screaming, in his confusion believing himself being buried alive again. He spasmed several times, until the tank let him flop to the floor of his room, where he lay shaking for several minutes, unable to move due to his overriding panic. It slowly subsided, and he stood up, leading himself to his limb station. There, his cyber arms and eyes were reattached.

Ethan walked into the lounge, wearing a magicians outfit "I feel like an idiot! I swear next time Espeon loses a bet, I'm going to skin him alive!" Metagross left a large hole where the door is, he tried to patch it up, which lead to even more damage to the wall "I'm not paying for that"

Gold wandered into the lounge, still pale from his reviving. "ah, come to repay your debt I see. I don't suppose you're trying to sneasel out of it with that magic show, are you?"

"Did I mention that Espeon bet more than I had!" Espeon was laying on a counter *To Everybody* Not like I have to do work

Gold smirked, feeling quite angry at the Espeon. His eyes glowing red, he sauntered over to it, and picked the Espeon up. "oh no, you will pay off the debt yourself. Your trainer can't stop you making bets, but I can teach you a lesson. So, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Gold's eyes grew a darker shade of red as he stared into Espeon's jewel. "You can either accept my demand, or try to fight me and suffer for it. Your call."

Espeon tried to stare down Gold for a second before running off *To Gold* You can't make me pay! I'm a free a spirit, today's weather is sunny with a zero percent chance of rain Espeon tended to rattle off weather when he was nervous. He ran for the door

Espeon's tail was pinned to the floor by Gold's psychic powers, and he walked towards Espeon, knife flicking out from his hand. "Now come on, this won't be all that bad. Just 5 minutes, a massive amount of embarassment, and we're done. Running'll just have me cut your tail off, so I suggest you calm down, shut up about the weather, and do what I say for the least amount of pain." he said, irritated.

Espeon tried to struggle *To Gold* Not my tail! It's my favorite part of my body! Ethan tried to stop Gold "We don't want to do anything drastic here. I just need some extra money" A crashing noise was made next to the door. Metagross was still trying to fix the wall "Which is likely not going to be made with a wall repairing business"

"Have the Espeon hold still and there won't be drastic damages." Gold said, going on a knee to sit next to Espeon, knife extended.

"Your not going to take his jewel right" Ethan gave a nervous laugh "Cause you know, I heard Espeon fur is incredibly expensive. It's soft as velvet you know"

"I was mostly planning to cut off some fur to make it patchy and force him to wear a dunce cap. I suppose I could cut the fur and sell it, though that kind of rubs me the wrong way, being a ranger and all..."

"You mean they still have dunce caps. I don't think those things have been made since like the twenties! Even then I don't they were used often"

Gold began cutting of Espeon's fur, making it look clumpy and disheveled. "Well no, but I can make one without much difficulty."

Espeon cringed several times My beautiful fur! Ethan grinned slightly, amused that Espeon was finally getting his just desserts

Gold finished his work, leaving Espeon furless but for his head and tail. "I'd say thats an even trade. Thank you for the courtesy. Goodnight!" laughing, Gold went back into his room and slept, his fears forgotten.

Espeon stood there shivering "Oh this is to good. After all these years, of you trying to see the future to win bets and you finally get payback" Espeon tried to curl up to warm himself. There was another crash sound from Metagross "Just use your psychic powers for Arceus's sake"

John went back to his room and went to bed

Greed watched the Meta storm out of the Arena after the match had been declared a draw and spat out some blood, then wiped his mouth clean with his arm. "Well, this was a waste of time..." Returning his skin to normal, Greed healed the injuries he had sustained as he went over and put on his tanktop, then left the arena, returning to the lounge after retrieving his belongings from the locker.

Greed would see Carmen at the bar, downing a small glass of wine and seemingly staring into space. He'd also see Rex snoring on the couch with his chained arm on the floor.

A draw...? God, that's embarrassing.

Greed glanced over at Rex as he walked over to the bar. Wierd place to choose to crash. With a slight shrug, Greed walked behind the counter and began looking for a glass, picking out a pint glass. "What're you thinking about?" he asked Carmen as he walked over to a sink and filled the glass with water.

Gold slipped out of his room, left arm dented with claw marks. He wandered into the lounge.

Carmen looked over toward Greed with a small sigh. "My performance against that pool-eyed... thing. It was pathetic to draw it out to a tie..." She took another small swig before noticing Gold and giving him a small wave.

"No idea who you're referring to, but I can relate to not being happy with a match being called a draw." Greed remarked as he turned around and took a sip, then cracked his neck. Seeing Gold enter the lounge, Greed tilted his head backwards slightly as he looked towards him. "I haven't seen you around here."

Gold smiled when he saw Carmen and settled in next to her and Greed. "And I haven't seen you around here, so I guess we're even. Name's Gold." he then settled into the seat and began drinking from his canteen.

OoC: Captcha = Cor blimey... that reminds me, I need to hear Hatchy talk.

Carmen just nodded toward Greed before taking another swig, not wanting to get in the way of introductions.

"Name's Greed." Greed answer as he walked out from behind the bar counter. "Two questions, how long've you been here, and do either of you know that guy over there?" he asked as he walked, directing the first question to Gold, and the second to no one in paticular, pointing over towards the sleeping Rex.

moved down.

"Shit, its been about a month at this point I think. Maybe a month and a half. Honestly, don't keep too much track of the time here." he glanced over at Rex, and sighed. "he's a friend of mine. Here, let me wake him up." Gold walked over to Rex, glanced over him twice, and removed his left hand with his right. He held it over his head, about to rap Rex on the head with his hand.

Carmen looked over blankly before nodding. "Yes, I know him. In fact, he used to be my pupil for a period of time." She glanced over at Gold blankly.

Rex subconsciously punched out toward Gold's chest as the man had his hand raised.

"A month, and no winner has been declared? I wonder how long whoever runs the show here plans on keeping this thing going." Greed remarked in responce to Gold's answer as he sat down. He raised an eyebrow at Gold removing his hand, but didn't think much on it, instead looking to Carmen. "Your pupil? Didn't think you were the teaching type."

Gold sucked in his stomach and shifted back, avoiding the punch. he then swung out and rapped Rex on his arm.

Carmen smirked a bit. "I'm not really. I promised to train him and I did so by beating his ass repeatedly. He was able to pick up a few things while we fought again and again, as I expected. "

Rex blinked a bit as the arm hit him before sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "....eh...?"

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