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"I don't know! I was asleep when the operation was done"

Carmen watched Gold leave with a sigh before looking over toward Rex kicking Love off of him. "...I don't swing that way dude!"

Heh... Cute... She then turned her attention to Greed and Clover.

"Why don't you love me!" Cartoonish waterfalls of tears came from his eyes

"Right." Greed remarked in responce to Clover's answer, obviously losing all interest in an instant. He glanced over at Gold as he stormed out of the lounge. What's up with him? Failing to ignore the display Love was putting up, Greed frowned. "Ugh... Would you shut up?"

Shuddering, Gold loaded the pistol. He pulled back the hammer. He recalled all the things he'd done to prepare his home for the arrival of that monster. The rocket killings. The slow push into a police state. The hunting and killings of the gods themselves... Shuddering, he put the gun against his head. you are a monster that will always be remembered for his actions that all could see. Wonder only which sins they'll etch on your grave. They only have so much room, after all.
With a dull pounding in his head, gold's finger settled on the trigger, and he let out a roar, and shifted the gun from his head to pull the trigger, shooting the wall to his left. The shot would probably be heard by anyone in the building.

Rex sighed at Love's display. "Because 1. I just met you, and 2. Because I don't swing that way."

Carmen picked up on the shot being fired before floating off to see what was amiss, happily ignoring the scene in the lounge.

Love merged with the body of Clover. Instead he summoned a man in ninja style clothes and katana. "What in Phorcys's name was that!"
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"That's what you'd call a gunshot." Greed dryly commented upon hearing Clover, slightly raising an eyebrow at Love merging with Clover, and being replaced by the ninja. Standing up, Greed stretched. I should probably see if someone didn't try to break into my room or something... When done stretching, Greed left the lounge and walked towards the quarters.

Gold stared at the wall, disgusted with himself. He lobbed the pistol at the wall, and sat there on one of the benches, wondering what he should do now.
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Carmen floated in to see the wall and Gold sitting on the bench, looking like a sad sack. She held back the urge to immediately drain the poor bastard since it had darkened considerably and simply walked toward a bench a bit away from him. "...You're angry with something, aren't you?"

Rex shrugged before heading to his suite, unphased by the gunshot.

Clover Burst his way into the locker room. The ninja standing behind him "What happened! Who ever did it has the right to remain silent! Also I'm technically a cop"
OOC: @FPS His change to melancholy was really random though

Once he reached the door of his suite, Greed found the door to be closed still, and the lock intacted. Satisfied his possessions weren't in danger, Greed began walking back towards the lounge, spotting Rex going to his own suite on the way there. "Not being too lazy to walk now?" he asked.

Weizoth, disturbed from sitting in his room and sharpening his sword by the gunshot, stood up. With his blade already out and at the ready, he stalked around the halls of the coliseum facility to find the source of the noise. After searching everywhere where a gunshot sound would be out of place and finding no threats, he took in a breath to simply sigh, then sat down in the Lounge, lacking anything better to do.

Rex shrugged toward Greed. "It comes and goes, dude."

Gold looked at Carmen, his eyes no longer glowing. He rubbed his head, and glanced at the gunshot in the wall again. "Just remembering what I can never hope to have or ever get a chance to do." his finger ran along one of his scars, recalling the sensation of a knife being ran across his face. "Figure you should know, before this gets out of hand and you... Shit, I don't even know how to say it." Gold sat there, staring at the wall. "I'm going to assume Rex told you something about how I got all scarred up right?"

"I'd be lying if I said I understood." Greed said, scratching the back of his head, then leaning against a wall. "So, what's your name?"

"Well he didn't tell me"

"Rex. You?" He simply replied back.

Carmen looked at his various scars and shook her head. "He told me nothing of them. But I assume they are from battles you fought. With the sheer number of them, you've been fighting for a long time... your whole life essentially. Am I correct to assume that?"

"Like that kid with the scars mentioned, name's Greed." Greed answered as he tilted his head upwards slightly so that his shades better covered his eyes. Then began looking Rex over to see if he had anything of interest visibly on his person.

Rex smiled faintly before extending a hand toward Greed. "Nice to meet you then, Greed. Nice name by the way."

The most noticeable thing on Rex has the large silver chain wrapped around his arm. Other than that, the large headphones and a shiny necklace might be the only things of worth to Greed.

Gold nodded. "Since I was ten years old. I got these when some sadistic bastards burned my town down. I tried to fight them. They cut me bad. I can never have kids, don't have hands anymore, not real ones... But ever since, I hunt the bastards and all their kind. Those that would call themselves rockets just to scare people. And some nights, I wonder if I made the right calls." Gold rubbed his eyes. He looked at the bullet hole again, with a look alot like bewilderment. "there was this guy. Some snot nosed kid, 12 or so. Ran around saying he was a rocket. I caught him terrorizing travelers that were walking through mount moon. I remember staring at him, and hes just fucking snickering over nearly killing people, killing for sure their protecting pokemon. And I remember thinking 'I need to wipe that fucking grin off his face'. So, I knocked him over, told him killing a 'mon had the death penalty attached to it. And he just fucking laughs, cuz he can get away with it. So, I blow both his knees out with my pistol, drag him into the cave, and let him feel the fear he made those others feel before he killed them. Let him sit their sniveling and sobbing for a few minutes before I performed a field trial."
Gold drinks from his canteen. "I was 14. I can't help but wonder at nights like these, whether I'm just as bad as the rockets. Wonder whether it even matters. Is there a circle in hell for killers Carmen? Could you see if you can get a circle made just for me?."

Greed curled up the corners of his mouth slightly and shook Rex's hand. lowing his head again having seen the objects of interest. "Yeah. And in case you're wondering, no, I wasn't named that just for the hell of it. I'm the living incarnation of greed."

"... So you mean Pokemon, Pokemon. The thing that has five generations of games. Incredibly finicky about whether it lives in the real world or not"

Carmen looked toward Gold and shook her head lightly. "Well, you'd be most fit for the Circle of Anger by that account. Though I don't see why you seem so worried about it now." She simply leaned back against the wall, with her hands behind her head. "If you already know you're irredeemable, you may as well just live your life to the fullest. Mortal lives are much too short, and an eternity of sorrow awaits you. Unless, of course, you wish to change that..."

Rex shook the hand back, chuckling a bit at what Greed had said. "Really? The living incarnation? Interesting... I'm kinda broke though, not much I have on me that's worth anything."

"Yep. My sibblings and I are all the incarnation of one of the deadly sins. Which, in all honesty, can be a real pain." Greed remarked as he pulled his hand back, then slid his hands into the pockets of his pants. "As for things of vallue. How 'bout that chain of yours? It's seems to be silver, so it's gotta be worth something."

Rex tightened his right hand into a fist before the chain glowed for a moment and transmuted into a gauntlet. Greed might feel accustomed to the energy used to alchemize the gauntlet. Rex calmly stuck his non-gauntlet hand into his pockets before looking toward Greed. "Sorry, this thing's worth my life."

Greed looked over the rim of his glasses when the chain began to glow, and became more curious once it was changed into the gauntlet, recogsising it as alchemy, even if it differed from the kind he knew. "Well, that's a shame. Normally I'd try to steal it or something, but given that we're all pretty much stuck here, that wouldn't be pretty smart. So you don't have to worry about things inexplicibly going missing." he remarked with a slight grin. "Anyways. That little trick you did there, that was alchemy, wasn't it?"

Rex tilted his head a bit before switching the chain back to normal, still a bit wary. "Glad to hear that then. And yeah, that was alchemy... How'd you know?"

Greed chuckled slightly. "Even if I'm not an alchemist myself, I know alchemy when I see it. In fact, you could say I live and breathe alchemy. You see, I'm a Homonculus." he explained, pulling his right hand out of his pocket and holding it up, presenting the tatoo.

Rex tilted his head a bit before things began to click for him. "...A homonculus and the ouroboros proves it... Well, that does make a lot of sense in hindsight. This is also the first time I've actually seen a live homonculus." He let out a small yawn. "Aw... looks like the lazy is coming back... and I just found that out too... We'll talk later, Greed."

The boy headed off to sleep in his suite, firmly locking the door after walking inside.

"Laters." Greed said to Rex as he walked off and entered his suite. Greed then entered his own suite and dropped down on the bed. I'll get around to seeing what that necklace's worth next time then.

OoC: And I'm off.

John wakes up and walks into the lounge "morning everyone"

"ah, now there's an idea. Living with a devil may care attitude." Gold said, smirking. He stared at the wall for a moment, before standing up and approaching Carmen.

Carmen simply looked up toward Gold as he approached, looking a little bored. "And here I thought you'd act like most others I tell that to, spouting nonsense about how they can change before they're judged."

Gold laughed. "A liepard hardly changes its spots. I suspect I'll die long before I turn into a caring soul that can actually give a shit beyond myself for a rocket. Now, how do you feel about entering the Arena and turning that losing streak around?" as he spoke he reached out and pulled the gun from the far side of the room, slipping it back into his holster.

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