WAOA Arena

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Carmen paused for a bit before sighing and stretching herself out a bit. "Good to see you being unapologetic. I loathe that in humans more than anything. I'll take a pass on the Arena, however." With that sort of disgraceful performance, I'll take a bit of time to compose myself before heading out again.

Gold nodded. "Very well. Enjoy the performance then." gold grabbed a pokeball and rifle from his locker. He then walked into the arena.

"if there's gonna be a fight i want in" said John who was sat on a stool at the bar then he stood "i guess could use some exicuse to keep me from going rusty" he said qiuckly walking into the locker grabbing his armor and staff and walks to the arena

OoC @Captain Anon Gold and Carmen were in the locker room, not the lounge.

Carmen gave Gold a small nod before walking back to her suite and laying on her back in the bed, her wings transforming into a large constrictor again. It wrapped around her body lightly as she snoozed.

Greed woke up, and after grooming, left his suite to return to the lounge. Time to see if there's anything worth taking today.

A new arival appeared in a pitch-black room. After the lights when on, they shielded their eyes from the sudden change in luminosity, following the instructions given once their eyes adjusted. The new arival was a woman, possibly in her early twenties. She wore a faded-red tunic under a deep purple robes that had a pattern of overlapping crimson stripes, grey trousers, and black leather boots of which the make suggested she was from a bygone era. Around the waist, a crimson sash was tied, with a belt over that. A leather satchel was attached to the belt, hanging at the woman's left hip. She was rather pale, had shoulder-length brown hair and sky-blue eyes.

As the woman entered what would be her suite, she looked around, knowing it wasn't the living room of her home she walked in to, despite it appearing as such. At a loss for what to do now that there were no further instructions, the woman left her suite and began wandering around the arena complex.

In the lounge, Greed would find Ness on the couch playing something on her PDA and Rex near the bar.

Carmen was on her way to the lounge when she noticed the new woman wandering about. "...Are you lost, dear?"

"Yo." Greed said as he entered the lounge, raising his left hand in the way of a greeting towards Rex. He glanced over to Ness' PDA, having not a clue what it was, but finding it interesting.

The woman turned to Carmen once she addressed her. She didn't seem to be taken aback by Carmen's apppearance. "In a way, yes. I seem to have been summoned here. Are you native to this dimension?"

Carmen shook her head lightly as she walked up a little closer to the woman. "It's been so long I'm tempted to answer that with a 'yes'. However, I was summoned here, like yourself, but I can help show you around if you'd like."

Rex downed his drink before waving toward Greed. "Sup dude."

Ness seemed into the game she was playing and barely noticed Greed's entrance. The game was spawning small holograms of the in-game sprites.

Greed made a mental note to talk to Ness about her PDA and the images it displayed at a later date, walking up to the bar and leaning against the counter next to Rex instead. "You know, I've been wondering. You transmuted that chain of yours, but didn't use a transmutation circle. There aren't a lot of people capable of that."

The woman hummed softly, seemingly in thought. I wonder. Could this be another one of those occurances? It might be a little too early to say. After a few seconds, she looked back to Carmen and nodded. "That would be appreciated, thank you."

Rex looked over toward Greed and shook his head. "No, I used one... I'm not that good enough with alchemy to be able to do that yet. Just making myself look a little more impressive than usual." He flicked his hand to show a lockpad connecting the chains. On the back of it was a small transmutaton circle.

Carmen looked toward the woman and nodded before motioning for her to follow as the demoness headed toward the lounge.. "Splendid. My name is Carmen and I'm currently ranked 2nd in this arena... or at least since they were last updated. What is your name, dear?"

"Huh... Ain't that clever." Greed mused aloud as he looked the circle on the padlock, leaning over towards Rex slightly. "Still, you didn't need to draw one one the ground, so that's a step up from most."

"I'm Erica." The woman now identifiable as Erica answered Carmen as she followed her. "So this is indeed a place where battles are held then. I had hoped it not so..."
Carmen would sense three more souls coming somewhere from Erica, although they weren't part of her, and it was difficult to determine where exactly they were held.

Rex raised an eyebrow toward what Greed had said. "Really? The norm is to draw stuff on the ground? That's... awful. All the time spent drawing it up and you'd get capped in the head like 8 times over..."

Carmen looked toward Erica and was going to respond to her when she noticed the souls she was carrying. ...She can carry souls? ...Is she a Reaper? ...No, her eyes aren't the right color. Then... a human who's gotten themselves deep in things far above them. ...No, she's not exactly... human..

The pause didn't last long before she smiled a bit. "Well met, Erica. And yes, this is an arena. However... the way things fighting requests work here, you don't need to answer the challenges. You might not be able to leave, but this place isn't all that bad..." She continued to the lounge and motioned for Erica to enter before her.

"Truly? This is odd..." Why was I brought here? It can be no coincidence. Upon entering the lounge, Erica looked at those that were gathered there, then back to Carmen. "How is one selected for a battle? Is this based on one's ranking?"

"Well, those that need to draw a transmutation circle on a surafe aren't the type to be in a situation where they'd get shot to begin with." Greed remarked as he leaned back and crossed his arms. He briefly looked towards Carmen and Erica as they entered, but looked back to Rex rather quickly. "Anyways. That necklace of yours, are you as attachted to it as you are to that chain?"

Carmen shook her head. "It's simply an open challenge sort of system. Someone who wishes to fight goes out into the Arena and others simply enter if they feel like fighting." She pointed to a monitor where Vera was stretching herself out in the Arena's open area. "Like that girl is doing right now."

Hearing Carmen, Ness looked up from her game briefly and the succubus looked back with a noticeably icy gaze for a split-second before sighing and walking toward the bar. I'm not willing to deal with this yet...

Rex held the necklace in his hand and nodded. The pendant looked a bit like an ouroboros. "A little memento from my old alchemy teacher. Not really willing to give this up."

"I see... Still, if we aren't forced to battle one another, I find it odd that I was brought here. I most certainly didn't volenteer to be a combatant." Erica mused aloud as she looked at the screen, then back to Carmen, just in time to see her glare at Ness. As she followed Carmen, Erica asked, "Would you know what the rules of this arena are? And what happens when the a champion has been chosen, which, I assume, would take a long time still, given that new combatants are summoned."

Greed frowned slightly upon hearing Rex's answer. Ugh. Well this is getting very uninterest very fast. "So you wouldn't be willing to say, wager it on a fight?"

Carmen shrugged. "All I've heard is after a set period of time, the top ranked fighter gets something. What that is, I don't know. Perhaps they'll be released back to the world they were originally in.

And yes, it's odd, but perhaps they simply expect us to be mouth breathing gorillas that thrive on fighting... No one can really know until we find the higher-ups. As for the rules, there seem to be none once inside the Arena. Simply win or forfeit to be let out. And all fights are to the death, but you'll be reincarnated if you were to die due to some machine within your suite. That and fighting in this lounge and otherwise is taboo... though I wouldn't put it behind anyone here to fight in these halls."

She calmly poured herself a drink and also offered Erica one as she sat next to Greed.

Rex gripped the pendant. "...What are you gonna put up? If this is on the line, I'm not going to lose. Period."

Clover was laying down and nursing a soda "Man this is the most content I've been, since I got a free year of Subway"
Happiness looked at Erica and shouted "NEW ARRIVAL!" He than started to sing

"A machine capable of granting new life? That is amazing..." Erica said aloud, somewhat amazed to hear this. She sat down next to Carmen and looked to the drink she was pouring herself. "A lot of things regarding this arena seem to be shrouded in mystery, it seems. I assume this "Evilington" person is in charge here? And yes, I would like a drink, thank you." She cringed as Happiness start welcoming her in his own way, finding his singing less-then pleasing to the ears. "Uhh... Thank you for the warm greeting." she said to be polite.

Greed, on the other hand, didn't take the subtle route when it came to voice what he thought of Happiness' singing. "Keep your split personality disorder in check, would you? They're annoying as hell." he said to Clover, then looked back to Carmen as she sat down next to him, giving her a smile. Finally, he looked back to Rex, smirked slightly. "Ah, not refusing outright. Well, I can offer you money. Or, I can offer things from my room in return. Gold, antiques, paintings, sculptures, you name it. Or... I can teach you some new tricks with alchemy."

"Hey I was really content with that song, thank you very much"
"I'm going to make you smile and I brighten up your daaaay!" He sang

Rex nodded. "I'll take the alchemy lessons... this is from my teacher anyway. Whenever you're ready, I am."

Carmen looked over at Happiness and contemplated draining him in the most painful way possible before deciding against it. "Ugh... such nuisances." Looking over to Erica, she nodded again as she handed Erica the drink. "Not exactly. The man is dead, his corporation is what runs this place. ...One of us will need to win in order to find out more... until then, we simply play our role as the entertainment." She smiled back at Greed before noting what Rex had said. The boy's going to get the piss beat out of him... Poor bastard. A slightly more sadistic smirk crept on to her face before she sipped a little more of her drink.


@demon: No one did anything to Happiness.

OOC: @Dot *Face desk several times!*

"Great. Let's go." Greed answered rather enthusiastically as he stood up and walked out of the lounge, equally eager to get the match started, and to get out of the lounge to get away from Happiness.

"That's... very kind of you. You can start by stopping with the singing." Erica said to Happiness, then looked back to Carmen as she accepted the drink and took a small sip. She nodded in responce to the explaination given to her. "I see. I wonder what these people gain from all this then. I can't imagine one would collect combatants from across various dimensions simply for the enjoyment of bloodsport."

@demon: lolfail. :P

"But everybody loves singing" He said signing in the last word

Carmen shrugged again as she sipped a bit more of her drink. "Odds are money. They push whatever their corporation sells and they obtain money through advertising other products. If there is one thing humans are drawn to, it's violence."

"If she asked you to stop, she obviously means she doesn't like your singing." She said bluntly as Happiness talked.

Rex followed Greed out, not sharing in his enthusiasm but having a serious look on his face for once. "The faster we get this over with, the faster you can get to teaching me."

"How can anybody not like my singing. I've never had any complaints from people. It's impossible to not like songs about smiles!" He said moving Carmen's face into a smile

Greed uttered a single laugh as he and Rex entered the locker room and stored his bracelets and shades in his locker. "Confident. This should be good." Hmm. Given that he's an alchemist, I probably shouldn't go easy on him. As he began walking to the Arena's entrance, Greed asked, "Say, wanna make this more interesting? I got a nice choice for the setting in mind."

Erica sighed in responce to Happiness. "No offence meant, but as she said, I can't say I paticularly enjoy your singing. So could you stop it, please?" Shaking her head slightly, Erica took a sip from her drink and looked back to Carmen. "This is a sad truth, far too much enjoyment is taken from inflicting harm upon another. I wish it weren--" she trailed off when Happiness touched Carmen's mouth. By the Nine, he is intrusive...

Happiness would find his head in a 6 inch crater in the wall as Carmen calmly but firmly slapped him, causing him to fly across the room into it. "Cease your idiotic bullshit before I spend all my patience tolerating your existence."

Turning to Erica, she nodded. "Please go on, Erica."

Rex looked toward him as he alchemized his chain into its gauntlet form. "Go ahead."

Happiness grinned after getting up from the crater "Your just saying that because, you haven't heard me play my piano" He got a small piano, like the one off the peanuts and started playing

Erica gasped when Carmen's slap caused Happiness to be launched into a wall. She shot up and would rush over to check the extend of his injuries, but stayed where she was upon seeing he was unharmed. What little concern she still felt quickly left her when Happiness began playing a piano that appeared out of nowhere. She grunted in annoyance. "This preformance this neither required, nor welcome. I strongly suggest you stop. Imediately." she said with a demanding tone, then looked back to Carmen. "I suppose there would be none we could call to deal with this oaf?"

Greed smirked as he entered the arena and walked towards the opposite end of it. Oh, this will be good! Once Rex entered, the arena became a giant furnace, as large as the arena's original size. "I wanted to try this out ever since learned the setting can chance just by thinking about it." Greed began, turning to Rex. "In twenty minutes, this place is gonna be filled with fire roughly 2552 degrees fahrenheit hot. Think you can beat me before this happens?" Greed asked as he hardened the skin from his hands up to his forearms and cracked his knuckles.

"Ooooooh. Your more of a clarinet fan than" He said getting a clarinet from nowhere and playing a song

Carmen simply cracked her knuckles as Happiness pulled out the clarinet. "No there isn't... but we can easily resolve this ourselves." This was met with the iconic click of a gun as Ness had digitized one and was already pointing it at Happiness. She seemed to have an annoyed look on her face as well.

Rex looked around and shrugged. ...Good thing I'm a demon, hellfire's not really a problem for me. But... best for Greedy there to not to know that. "Maybe, maybe not. Let's find out, shall we?"

He calmly rushed up to Greed and swung a hard right with his gauntlet with a lot more force than his physique qould suggest possible.

Erica breathed out heavily when the situation seemed to spiral quickly towards things becomeing violent with Ness now pointing a gun at Happiness. "There really isn't any need for anything quite that drastic." In her left hand, there was a turqouise glow, and a sickly green glow in her right. Having tried to talk Happiness out of further making a nuisance of himself without success, and knowing almost for certain things wouldn't remain peaceful for much longer, Erica held out her right hand towards Happiness and shot the green sphere at him. Once it connected, everything but his heart would be paralyzed.

Greed held out his arms infront of him, the right forearm crossed over the other, and blocked Rex's swing this way. He was suprised to find the force of the punched send him reeling back. "Well, you're stronger then you look!" Greed charged up to Rex, and feigned a straight punch, only pulling back at the last moment and stepping behind Rex, thrusting his elbow to the back of Rex's neck.

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