WAOA Arena

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The Meta entered the arena, which was dominated by a large flat-topped pyramid. He walked up the steps, eventually reaching the top. The pyramid was 15 meters high, and the top was 20*20 meters in size.
OoC: @Ven: Haven't seen that movie, but alright.

OOC: Basically the interior of the pyramid changes every 15 mins or so, walls open, stairs collapse and tunnels close etc.

Tahril walked up the stairs also, his long and confident stride not broken by the incline. At the top he flourishes both swords in a blur of movement before coming to a resting position, with his right sword held back and pointing towards the Meta while his left sword was held in a reverse grip infront of him.

The Meta takes out his brute-shot and snarls, awaiting the start signal.
"The next match; The Meta against Tahril. Ready, fight!"
The Meta launches three grenades, one after another, aimed at the ground where Tahril stands.

Tahril darts to the right, without a shadowfield to protect him he had to rely on speed. After doing an acrobatic flip he changes direction in an instant to charge the Meta. As he does so his Clonefield activates and the holo projectors create 3 clones of himself beside him which began to criss-cross with one another as he charged.

OOC: @Kirke you still here?

@Ven: Sorry, I was in class and unable to post. I'll post again in 10 minutes.

OOC: @Kirke no problem, I just don't have long.

OoC: Hey guys, back. What's up? Anyone here? And... is that Holly Short?

The Meta slowed down time, so for everyone else it would seem he moved twice as fast, yet for him everyone else appeared to be moving in slow motion. He flipped his brute-shot and made a horisontal swing, attempting to cleave all the copies by their mid.
OoC: Back. @Gearhead mk2: Kinda, but not exactly. She's a colonial marine, and doesn't mind killing as much, but it is the same personality otherwise.

OOC: @Gear Hi, @Kirke is absent at the moment so the fight is kinda frozen.

Tahril blinked briefly. He had enough time to bring his weapons up to block the hit after it passed through two of his clones, causing the clones to feign death and vanish. The blade connected with his two blades and he began to move one upwards and one downwards to divert and unsettle the steadiness of the attack.

OoC: @Kirke Ah, right. An alt-verse version like what @Wacky suggested.

@Gear: I didn't know he suggested such a thing. And its not really an alternate universe thing and more of an retelling. I did the same thing in mass effect.
The Meta snarled as the time went back to normal, and he kicked Tahril away with a strong kick.

OOC: I edited Tahril's response into my post.

Tahril grunted, righted himself mid-air and landed off the top of the pyramid. 2 more clones appeared and one of them leapt up to charge the Meta while Tahril circled the pyramid.

The clone would find nothing to charge, as the Meta hadd cloaked when Tahril disappeared off the edge.

Tahril vaulted up onto the top once more. His adrenaline was up and this was augmented by the serpentin in his veins. He began to pace around the top, idily spinning his sword around. "A proper hunt, just how I like it!"

Meanwhile another Tahril remained off the edge of the stage but within leaping distance, his blades held ready to strike.

The third Tahril had abandoned its charge and leapt down to begin scouring the slopes of the pyramid.

The final Tahril was sitting on the steps of the pyramid.

OOC: Hmm...Tempted to join, since I have nothing else to do...

OOC: @Outis Should be fine.

The Meta sneaked up on the Tahril that had spoken, and reappeared just as he let loose a heavy punch against Tahril,s head.

OoC: @Outis Heya man.

Tahril took the punch and his helmet split. Dizzy he fell to the floor twitching.

The Tahril on the stairs grinned.

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: @Outis Heya man.

Howdy. Can there only be one fight going on at one time?

OoC: @Outis I think so, but you can still set your character up, make their suite and have them get ready for the next fight in the meantime.

The Meta took a step forward and smashed down his boot on Tahril's chest. Then he took out his brute-shot while turning around and launched a pair of grenades at the one by the top of the stairs.
OoC: @Outis: Nah, there could be two. Though the arena would need to rearrange itself slightly.

OoC: @Kirk is Hellosh out of his tube now?

@Dirty: Yes.

The Tahril by the stairs had already moved. The second that the Meta stomped down the Tahril on the floor vanished and his foot smashed into the ground instead as Tahril leapt up from behind the Meta and lauched a flurry of sword attacks with blinding speed.

OOC: @Gear: So you doing anything?

Tanner finds himself in the dark place. Cautiously, he moves forward.

The sword attacks were quick, and would have killed any ordinary man. However, the Meta was extremely resilient and was wearing good armour, so the attacks did little more than scratch and anger the Meta, who turned around and launched his series of attacks, though not at all as quickly as Tahril.
"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
In the lounge sat the marine squad, joking to eachother and watching the match.

OoC: What room is Hellosh on now?

@Dirty: Likely in his own room.

"...What? Okay...okay..." Tanner says as he continues on and finds himself in a suit. The room was sparsely furnished. In fact, there was hardly anything in the room despite a largish couch, a comfortable looking chair, a queen sized bed, and bookshelves. Lots of bookshelves, full of books all around the walls, making the place look like a library. "...So...Okay..." he mutters to himself as he enters.

"This is the suite we created based on a quick brain scan, and I must say, you have exellent taste."

The serpentin augmented Tahril's already insane marshall prowess and is insane speed allowed him to see most attacks coming, deflecting punchs with his swords. He flourished in a storm of blades before pressing a rune on each sword to activate the Power fields on the weapons. They now trailed crackling arcs of energy as Tahril renewed his attack. He was too high on serpentin to try to come up with another strategy now and simply began laughing as he continued his grim dance of swords.

OOC: Powerfields evaporate the armour of something before they strike. They can cut through all but the thickest armour. The Meta's shields will be unaffected however.

OoC: @Outis Sorry, I didn't see that for ages. I guess I could come on, though not sure if I should be Radec or someone else.

OoC: @Kirk I heard room are free to customization, is this true?

Anyhow, I'm going for now. Be back later.

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