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"You guys should seriously take a chill pill" Clover said while Happiness was merging with his body again "So you want to meet any of my other emotions"

Rex swayed back to avoid the feint but quickly shifted himself forward as he noticed Greed step behind him. The elbow whiffed as Rex took his right hand to throw Greed's elbow and hopefully Greed off balance before swinging a hard left hook toward his face. "Alchemy ain't the only thing I know, dood."

Ness raised an eyebrow at Erica's statement. "...This is a taser, I'm not about to kill someone just because they annoy me."

Carmen simply looked over toward Clover and shook her head vehemently. "Keep your emotions to yourself. We're not amused by any of them."

With Happiness disappearing, the paralysis spell hit the wall, leaving no mark.
Erica didn't know what Clover was talking about, and thus didn't say anything to him. She sighed softly and sat back down, then looked towards Ness. "My appolagies for assuming something prematurely, then. I can't differentiate those weapons, knowing little about them, and assume all are meant to do harm. To date, I haven't heard of any such weapons only stunning a target."

Being thrown slightly off-balance, Greed couldn't block the punch thrown at him, instead, he purposefully dropped to the ground and attempted to sweep Rex's legs out from under him.


"Now that's just mean. I have a nice side you know"
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Not in a position to dodge the sweep, Rex acted quickly before spinning and aiming a hard right punch to the back of Greed's head as his legs flew out from under him.

Ness nodded as she allowed her gun to digitize back into her belt. "Well, I had to design it so that it wouldn't be a fatal weapon. Though admittedly, most guns are made to kill quickly, so it's not your fault for assuming so. May I ask your name, miss?"

Carmen simply scoffed. "I really don't have a reason to care. Like I've said, keep them to yourself and we won't have problems."

@demon: -burns the capcha- "I don't take orders from sentient pieces of software."

"Guns! That what they are called. The name had slipped my mind." Erica smiled and extended a hand towards Ness. "I am Erica. A pleasure."

Greed grabbed Rex by the wrist with his right arm, then quickly rose to his feet while continuously applying more preasure to the wrist.


"Well I don't care" Appearing from his body was a woman, one who wore a long white dress and she had a single rose in her long auburn hair. "How do you do everybody"

Rex simply gave Greed an odd look as the man squeezed on his gauntlet. Not wanting it damaged for obvious reasons, the boy roared before turning himself into a makeshift Tesla coil sending a few thousand volts of electricity into Greed's body through the gauntlet.

Ness smiled back before shaking Erica's hand. "I'm Vanessa. Nice to meet you too, Ms. Erica. And guns are the only way I can defend myself and my friends. I'm not very proficient in other methods..."

Carmen looked toward the woman and raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised by her not instantly annoying her. "...A little annoyed, but fine. Yourself...?" Carmen replied begrudgingly as she tried to sound composed.

"Oh I'm wonderful, just took up knitting in fact, do you have any tools here"
"Carmen this is my Femininity, Femininity this is Carmen. Get yourselves antiquated with eachother"

"I see. I am a mage, myself. And likewise, the ussage of magic is the only way I have of defending myself or others. I have used a gun, but this was a long time ago. I would barely know how to use my old gun now, that is assuming it still works, which it most likely doesn't." Seeing the woman manifest from Clover, Erica raised an eyebrow. She made a mental note to ask about what just happened later.

Being shocked, Greed went limp, falling back down and convulsing on the ground.


Carmen blinked a bit before shaking her head. "...No I'm afraid I don't, dear. I'm not much of a knitter myself." She seemed to calm herself down a small bit as her tail began to swish a small bit.

Ness just nodded toward Erica. "Seeing you use that spell, that makes sense. I barely know any magic myself. ...Maybe we could teach each other something sometime." She offered a small smile.

Rex takes no time in switching his gauntlet into a gun and firing about four shots into Greed's body and one toward the neck/head area. A bit of blood dripped out of his mouth as he did this.

"Well that's to bad. I guess I'll just try my brownie recipe. Would you like any after I'm done dear"

"I'm not the greatest of teachers, but I could give it a try. Although I must decline taking lessons in the ussage of guns. At least when the imediate future is concerned. Becoming profficient in something takes years, and I would rather not spend such time learning how to kill more efficiently." Erica answered, then picked up her glass again and took a sip. "I only started studdying magic because enjoyed doing so. I learned to apply its more destructive side through neccessity."

Being shot in the head, Greed fell still after three more convulsions. At first, he seemed dead, but then Greed grinned, red sparks shooting out from his wounds. "Well... That was new!" Rising up to his feet with high speeds, Greed aimed to deliver an uppercut to Rex.


Seeing the sparks, Rex was on guard and managed to block the uppercut, though the force sent him flying back. "...Well, people not staying dead's new to me too..." ...So I need to keep on him before he regenerates himself...

Ness paused for a moment before nodding. "I see... Sorry about that then. It wouldn't be fair to you if I weren't able to give/teach you something in return for teaching me. We've just met, after all. I understand that feeling of learning something because you love it however. That doesn't extend to my marksmanship however." I guess I could learn a bit from her... Maybe I should-- No, I know I have to do what I need to...

"It's a shame I haven't any of my old spell tomes with me. I would be happy to lend you them to study at your leisure." Erica remarked, looking up slightly, but then looked back to Ness when she thought more on something she said. "You learned how to defend yourself out of neccessity also?"

The bullets were pushed out from Greed's wounds, after which they closed up. "Yeah... I gotta hand it to ya, kid. That hurt like a bitch." he remarked as he wiped the blood from his forehead, then rolled his shoulders. Note to self - Don't grab him. Greed then charged up to Rex, moving in zig-zaging patterns, and when in range, aimed to deliver a punch to the gut carrying rock-crushing force.


Ness nodded. "I'm not a fan of killing people... but sometimes things just can't be negotiated... It's a pain, but I need to protect dear to me." She smiled a bit toward Erica. "You're a rather nice person to just offer a stranger a tome of yours."

Carmen simply nodded, still a bit in shock at how agreeable Femininity was.

Rex smirked before swaying a bit in stance in rhythm with Greed's zig-zags before parrying the punch with his gauntlet and shoving an electrically charged left straight toward Greed's chest. "Like I said, can't afford to lose here. "

"How about you madam. Would you like some brownies" She said to Erica. Clover was sitting back looking at Carmen's expression "What are you so surprised about?... I'd like a brownie too by the way" The last part directed towards Femininity

"Yes. I wholly understand, although in recent times, there haven't been any occasion where I had to protect anyone but myself. Fortunately, I know a wide enough array of spells that I needn't always resort to lethal force. Such spells inclde calming a mind, dissuading violent behaviour, filling the mind of the afflicted with absolute dread, forcing them to flee, or one that would paralyze a target. The third one is the spell you saw me preform." Erica explained, then took another sip from her drink and chuckled lightly. "As for offering a tome. The college where I learned to master my spells believes in making knowledge accessible to anyone. I supose this philosophy has stuck with me. Plus, basic spell tomes cost little, so it wouldn't be a great loss should it be damaged, or not returned at all. That is not to say I would appreciate this, of course." Looking to Femininity, Erica raised an eyebrow. "What are brownies?"

"But how long can you keep this up?" Greed asked with a slight grunt as he twisted to the side to avoid Rex's punch, then aimed to deliver a kick to Rex's left knee. "'Cause I can keep going for a long time."

"You've never had brownies! I must fix this right away. Now sit right there while I make them, be back in a jiff" She got an apron and started to mix the batter

Ness shifted in her seat a bit to face Erica a bit more, interested. "Interesting. So you're well versed in non-lethal magic? I... could really use that... The only thing I have that could do something equivalent is a blinding flash. And I didn't know that tomes were so cheap. I'd still return it of course, no one likes people who don't return things. And your college's philosophy is a good one. The more informed everyone is, the better off we'll all be as a result." She said, smiling a small bit.

Carmen just scratched the back of her head in response to Clover. "...It's nothing."

Rex couldn't dodge the knee and took the brunt of the attack, wincing a bit at the pain, before grabbing Greed's leg and shoving another voltage into him. The electricity was now a red color and was more deadly as black blood dripped from the boy's knee. "I can keep this up just as long as I'll need to."

"So they're some manner of baked goods?" Erica asked Femininity once she saw her preparing the dough. "Where do you intend to actually bake these? I see no oven here." That said, Erica looked back to Ness. "I wouldn't call myself paticularly well versed in that school. Illusion magic, as it's called, is difficult to use without understanding how a mind works. Knowing how to cast the spells is only half the effort. The paralysis spell, on the other hand, is much more easy to preform, as it requires no additional understanding." she explained, then finished her drink. "As for the cost of basic spell tomes, they range from costing 26 to 32 Septims, last I checked. Anything more advanced then basic spells, and the costs will rise considderably, however. I believe the high-tier spells costing well over a thousand."

Greed grunted as electricity coursed through him again. Losing the ability to stand, Greed dropped to one knee, his body trembling. Knowing he needed to break Rex's grip before the electricity paralyzed him completely again, Greed aimed to jab Rex in the tendons of his hand with the sharpened finger tips.


"Are you surprised how feminine I am.... Cause I'm not!... it's not my fault my mother made me wear a dress!"
"In the oven of course... Don't tell me it doesn't have an oven, what kind of self respecting place does not have an oven"

Ness tilted her head a bit. "...Septims? I'm not sure my currency would translate to yours. And I suppose that makes sense though, people should be completely prepared to devote a lot of time into learning spells... and money is just the incentive to do it." She nodded at the Erica's other statements. "So you need to know the medium you're working with in order to use the magic effectively... I understand..." ...I wonder if I could do some sort of digital magic... not just the digitization stuff... She let out a small yawn before giving Erica a small bow.

"Sorry... I'm a little tired at the moment... I'll head off to bed. It was very nice to meet you, Ms. Erica. Hopefully, we can talk more later." The fedora girl gave Erica and Carmen a wave before heading off to sleep.

Carmen would get her brownie before heading off to sleep herself.

Rex noted Greed jabbing at him and pulled away his hand in time. While he usually wouldn't mind getting hurt, getting stabbed in the hand was a no-no. He needed his hands to punch stuff... and stuff. As such, he launched a hard right straight toward Greed's face and it threatened to send another stream of voltage into the man as the gauntlet seemed to brim with electricity.

"Good night then, miss." Erica said to Ness, bowing her head slightly. She retrieved a notebook from her satchel and opening it. Grabbing a piece of charcoal that was kept between the pages, she began writing down the things that were said during her and Ness' conversation. As she wrote, Erica shifted on the stool, turning to Femininity. "This place. Perhaps you could find an oven elsewhere. I wouldn't know."

Once Rex released him and swung an electricity-charged punch towards his face, Greed bended to the side to evade it. Rising up slightly, Greed pushed against the arm whith which Rex punched in an effort to throw Rex off-balance, while with his free hand aimed to jab Rex in the throat.


"Are you sure there is no oven. The batter would dry up if I don't finish by tonight"

"You're asking the wrong person, miss. I only arived a few minutes ago." Erica answered. After finishing writing down various notes, she closed the notebook and stored it back in her satchel, then stood up. "Either way, I think I will retire for the night. Good luck with finding an oven." With that, Erica left the lounge and returned to her suite.

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Tophat stood in its room, and raised one hand. He looked at it, and with great concentration a spell orb appeared. It was white and seemed quite cold. It pushed it's hand out and launched a cone of cold at the wall. Tophat smiled a bit as it summoned another spell and continued to train up it's magic, using the tomes it had memorised from it's time in Winterhold.

With Greed pushing on the arm and then aiming at his throat, Rex shifted himself in the direction Greed had shoved him to fall over and avoid not having vocal cords. As he fell, he grabbed Greed's outstretched arm near the hand and swung a charged knee toward the man's elbow, aiming to break it. ...This isn't going to get me anywhere... I've got to buy enough time to charge my gun...

The Meta strode back and forth, then headed to the locker room. He took his bruteshot and sharpened it, sliding the whetstone over the curved blade.

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