WAOA Arena

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"...dude, there's a lizard guy, some elves, and a talking tophat here. Just don't question it."

Lambda was sent flying, but recovored in mid-air, landing on her feet. She opened a rift along the ground to the Meta, sending a buzzsaw-like energy blade down it's length.

Rex calmly rolled himself out of the way of Greed's stomp. Though he was thinking of sweeping the dude, seeing the dent, he decided against it, opting to take a few steps back and switch to his gun, squeezing the trigger with subtlety. With the damage to his knee, he limped a bit as he took a few steps back.

Charge at 20%...

Carmen eventually floated her way into the lounge, giving Erica a small wave before sitting down at the bar.

The Meta jumped over the rift, making a volt in the air. He landed behind Lambda, turning around and unleashing a barrage of punches. They were quite quick, but still carried the force of a heavy punch from any ordinary boxer.

@Berk: Ohai! :D

He died, did he not? The statue... He is identical to it. While she registered Laguna waving at her, she didn't imediately return the greeting. Perhaps I am making another premature conclusion here. This could be just an uncanny coincidence. Shaking her head slightly, Erica walked further into the lounge. "Greetings." she said, addressing both Logan and Laguna, raising her hand as a way of a greeting. Once Carmen entered, Erica smiled slightly. "A good day to you too."

Missing his mark, Greed turned around to face Rex, rex sparks shooting from his broken elbow as he did, indicating he was regenerating the broken bones. Kid's not making it easy. Still, shouldn't be much longer before he's turned to ash. Greed charged towards the right side of Rex, but half way there, changed direction and rushed at him in a beeline. When in range, Greed leapt up and aimed to deliver a kick towards Rex's stomach.

Logan just stared at Laguna on hearing this.
"Wha... wait, lizard man?" He merely grunted in responce to Erica's greeting, as he had done with Laguna.

Meanwhile, one of the doors into the room opened, and Drayven walked in, holding the large leather-bound tome he had been writing in last time tucked under his arm. Glancing around, he strolled over to Laguna and Logan.

"Ah! Mister Loire, there you are. If you are not too preoccupied, I had hoped I could ask for some clarification on the magic that you demonstrated when we first met."

Laguna looked at Logan with his best "I wish I could make this up" face. "Yes, really." He noticed Erica seemed to be a bit unresponsive. "Hey, you doing ok?" Just then Drayven burst in. Laguna stood. "Oh, you mean this?" He stood and held out his hannd, and the machine gun appeared in a flash of blue.

Lambda blocked and dodged as best she could, but she was taking hits. Eventually her guard weakened enough for the Meta to get a clean hit in, sending her sprawling.

OOC: @Gear He didn't burst in. More like glided in, considering that he's a High Elf of fairly advanced age.

"Yes, that was it." Drayven responded, opening his book and balancing an inkwell on it. "Remind me, you said that you could produce a number of such weapons? Is it the same spell, or process that you use each time?"

"Is he... what do you mean a lizard man, exactly? Is it a mutation?" Logan pressed.

Rex grunted a bit as he brought up his arms to block the kick, though the force sent him sliding pretty far back. He rolled a bit and got back onto his feet, a little shaky as he continued to charge up his gun, doing his best to hide the small ball of red energy in front of the barrel.

Charge at 40%... Shit... c'mon load faster....

Carmen simply smiled a bit toward Erica. "I'm guessing that you're doing well, miss?"

The Meta quickly marched up Lambda and placed one boot on her chest, the weight nearly enough to break her ribs. He grabbed her left arm by the elbow, then punched her full force in the upper arm.

OoC: @Berk: Burst is funnier. And I like the mental image of this old, wise spellcaster just suddenly kicking a door down.
@Kirke There's a typo in that post.

Laguna looked at Drayven. "It's, uh... it's hard to explain. I don't really know how. I just make sure I'm empty handed, think of what I need, focus, and bamf. There it is." He looked at Logan. "I don't really know. He doesn't talk much. From what I can gather though, he was just born with it. I think he's a different race entirley."

Lambda tried getting up, but the meta knocked her back when he punched her arm. She cried out in pain, the lights on that arm dimming.

Erica walked over to Carmen and sat down next to her. "Lack of sleep not withstanding, I'm well, thank you. I hope you're well also?" Once Drayen entered, Erica briefly looked over to him. An Altmer? I'm not the only person from Tamriel here then. Nodded lightly in responce to Laguna's question, but was vissibly conflicted when she noticed him manifest a gun. If I recall, he did this too... Or am I remembering thing incorrectly here? Damn this unreliable memory. "Yes... I just have this odd feeling I know you, or know of you. Might I ask you name?" She asked Laguna.

His elbow healed, Greed moved his arm up and down as he approached Rex. Why aren't you firing that thing? After cracking his knuckles, Greed picked up the pace and aimed a strong left hook at Rex's temple when in range.


Laguna looked at Erica, making sure to keep the gun lowered. "Sure. I'm Laguna. You?"

OOC: @Gear Even if he was the sort to get excited enough to do that, he's only looking for a clarification for his research. Hardly door-shattering importance.

Drayven nodded and wrote a quick note with his quill.
"I see. Yes... it sounds like a conjuration spell for a bound weapon in its effects, but I have never heard of one that could be cast with so little knowledge on the part of the user. This bears special mention, I think."

"Another species? Huh. I've met some... weird people before, but nevr an entirely new species."

The Meta punched Lambda's arm again, this time causing a audible, and revolting, snap. He tugged at her arm twice, and on the third time the fabric covering her arm ribbed along with the skin. He held up the dismembered limb and examined the blade on it, then looked back down on Lambda.
OoC: @Gear: So there is. Fixed it now.

Rex simply ducked under the path of Greed's hook, wincing to himself at the knee injury ailing him. In retaliation, he stepped in and launched a hard shocked-up uppercut toward Greed's chin, using his left hand. He still kept his gun charging, the ball getting slightly more volatile. A bit of blood started to drip from his mouth as he did this.

Charge... at 60%...

Carmen nodded toward Erica, then tilted her head a bit. "I'm doing well myself, but you having problems sleeping isn't a good thing. Thoughts of home keeping you up, dear?"

Laguna looked at Drayven. "You doing some research?" He turned to Logan. "See? New, interesting people."

The lights on the severed limb flickered off. Lambda screamed and tried covering the wound with her remaining hand, blood and sparks flying from it.

"Yes, this is a project that I have been working on for some time now. It is a study on the arts of magic and their applications in warfare, particularly the use of Alteration and Illusion as offensive weapons on the battlefield. These are my areas of expertise of course, and I have pioneered tactics that involve them. But as long as I am here, I feel that it is worthwhile to include some writing on the magics I have encountered that are vastly different to those of our world. Any scholar would leap at such a chance."

Logan shook his head.
"Yeah, just because someone has scales and a forked tongue doesn't make them someone I care to meet. Like I said, I've seen plenty in my time. Nothing that made me want to hang around."

The Meta knelt down, pressing one knee against Lambda's chest. He pinned her other arm to the ground using the blade on the dismembered limb. He grabbed her by the throat, tightening the grip enough to shut her up. The AI continued their assault, trying to convert Lambda.

Laguna shrugged at Logan. "Understandable. Exploration isn't for everyone." He looked at Drayven. "Yeah, but as I understand it, we all come from different worlds, right? What if you can't use the magic that people from other worlds do? It's all well and good to know about it, but it kinda stings if you can't actually do it."

@Kirke: What are the AI's really trying to do? Brainwash her, steal data, copy her, what?

Logan happened to be watching the screen as the Meta tormented Lambda. He got to his feet.

"What the hell is that bastard doing?" He growled, face twisting up in anger. "He's won, what's she done to deserve that treatment?"

"I have no doubt that I cannot use it." Drayven replied mildly as he wrote. "But sometimes it is good to pursue such knowledge simply out of academic interest. Whether it can be used if conflict ever arises between two cultures and knowledge of their ways of warfare is needed, or if a concept of their magic can be adapted to cure disease or similarly advance our own powers, there is never a good reason to willingly forsake mortal knowledge when it is freely given."

OoC: @Gear: Take the AI part of her, and merge with it. If there isn't a part that they could take, then they will stop.

Laguna looked at Drayven. "Makes sense."

@Kirke: Well, there's a lot of info in her databanks, and she does have routines that allow her to function and make choices without orders or an active mission. Those count?

OoC: @Gear: Yeah, sure. That could be counted as a partial AI.

Logan would hear a man speak. "She lost. The weak die. That's the way of life."

Lambda was struggling to breath, her vision fading. She felt data being pulled out of her. She tried atacking one last time, trying to slash the Meta with her remaining armblade.

"Not quite. I have just been pondering things, and this kepts me from sleeping." Erica answered Carmen. Once Laguna stated his name, Erica gasped softly. This can be no coincidence... It is him. I don't understand... "I'm Erica... And... I definitely know of you. There is a statue of you that I visited frequently. We may even have spoken at one point, but of this, I'm not as certain."

With Rex's more slugish movement, Greed sidestepped the uppercut, then grabbed Rex's arm in which he held the gun, having seen the glow coming from the barrel, and not being paticularly eager to find out what this meant. Acting quickly to reduce the chances of being shocked again, Greed attempted to twist the arm backwards to dislocate the shoulder.


Logan scowled and turned towards the source of the voice.
"Oh? And who the hell are you to condemn anyone who can't fight you?" He growled. As Lambda struggled weakly against the Meta, he began to move towards the door, sniffing out a path to the arena.

The voice belonged to a man in a black robe. A pipe in his mouth and a small saucer of Sake at his seat at the bar. A 150 Centimeter long sword leaning at his side.
"I'm strong." Was all he replied.

Laguna looked at Erica, and was quiet for a second. "...what? I have a statue? And I don't remember talking to you, but..." He put a hand on his chin. "You do seem kinda familiar..."

"Lots of people like to claim that." Logan said to the man as he stormed past him towards the door.

Drayven watched as Logan left.
"Rash." He noted. "Does anyone know what will happen if he attempts to interfere in the arena?"

Though he was still sluggish, he knew well that Greed twisting his arm wouldn't let him work well. Pouring all his strength into it, he quickly took his left arm and twisted his right to counteract Greed twisting it the wrong way. As he did, he let out another shock into Greed, still potent due to the damage Rex had taken. However, this action had interrupted his charge, leaving it at 70%. Shitshitshit....

Carmen simply nodded toward Erica's statement before hearing the voice and shrugging in indifference. She had been paying attention to Drayven speak, since he said that he was a master of Illusion magic. Seeing Logan leave, she simply shook her head. "The Arena is locked out once a match begins. The only way for the entrance to an active Arena to be opened again is for the match to end."

"Others may claim it. I back it up." The man replied as he blew out a stream of smoke. "He'll be killed. Sooner or later. The weak are always like that." The man responded as Logan left. It was questionable whether he was responding to Drayven or not.

Seeing how riled up Logan was getting, Erica looked up at the screen to see what was going on, whincing at what she saw and diverting her eyes fairly quickly. She had no intention to stop the Meta, however. Having no answer to Drayven's question, she made no reply, insead looking back to Laguna and nodding. "Yes. A statue of you was build at the college that I attended. What puzzles me, however, is that this statue is meant to commemorate the fallen. And yet, here you stand, alive and well."

Greed moaned once another surge of electricity was sent through him, this making him release his grip and once again fall to one knee. His right arm convulsing uncontrolably, he used his more stable left arm to attempt to deliver another blow to Rex's damaged knee, putting a good deal of strength into the blow, even if the electricity surging through him meant that he couldn't use his full strength.


The Meta grabbed Lambda's remaining arm with one hand, but not before the blade struck in his side. He growled at Lambda and tightened his grip on both arm and throat. He twisted the arm around to break it, but this meant the blade twisted in his side. He screamed in anger and pain and greatly increased pressure on her throat, enough to crush her windpipe.

"Ah. Well then at least he can do no damage to himself." Drayven nodded, finishing his entry in the book. "Though none here were chosen for their weakness, I suspect. And a warrior never judges his enemy's worth based on those that he has already defeated if he wishes to win continuously." This was for the benefit of the man with the longsword. To Carmen he nodded respectfully.

"I must commend you, by the way, on your victory over my son. It was a very well fought match. I wonder, would you be interested in giving an account of your own magic, at some point?"

Logan soon reached the heavy steel door and searched for an opening mechanism, but couldn't find one. The scent of blood was strong on the other side and he snarled with fury before striking the door with a fist. It rang like a gong and ripped open the flesh on his knuckles, but he paid no attention.

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